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The Britax® B-Free Stroller

Meet the Premium Britax B-Free Stroller, the three-wheeled stroller designed for ultimate maneuverability on any terrain. Lightweight design. Infinite stroller seat recline. Premium Fabric. Travel System Ready. Flip-Up Calf Rest. Adjustable handlebar. Seven storage pockets. Huge storage basket. UV50. All-terrain rubber tires. Adjustable handlebar. One-hand fold design. Available with High-Performance Fabrics.

Why Parents Target the B-Free Stroller

This stroller is a marvel. It adjusts to your height. It’s easy to maneuver. It’s dripping style and sophistication. But most importantly, it’s lightweight. For parents looking for a stroller that does everything yet still is easy to get around with, the B-Free really does set parents free to concentrate on other things.

Why We Stand Behind the Britax B-Free Stroller

When it comes to convenience, the B-Free does a fantastic job at accommodating parents. The adjustable handlebar makes it a perfect stroller for a 5-foot mom or a 6-foot-5-inch father. The extra storage space makes it great to take out on a larger family outing. It’s not an off-roading jogger, but it’s great at doing what it was built to do best--the everyday trips to the shopping malls and visits to the local park. It’s strong, durable, lightweight, and ready to help you have an easy outing every time.