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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Grey
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Black
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Slate Blue
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Rosewood
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Sandstone
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Sage
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mamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™

The mamaRoo baby swing will likely become one of the most memorable items you’ll own throughout the early years of your child’s life. Baby bouncers and swings are cherished by parents because they have an almost magic ability to calm and soothe newborns and infants. Beyond laying on your chest, your baby will finally have a place to relax and calm down. This will be worth its weight in gold to you, newly exhausted parent. Now you can actually get the dishes done, reply to those emails, check in with work, paint your nails, and pump for tomorrow. 

The mamaRoo is an infant seat that moves and sways just like moms and dads do when holding their babies. You can choose different speeds, different ambient sounds, and even different motion patterns with the mamaRoo. 

The most recent mamaRoo models incorporate technology in new and wonderful ways. The mamaRoo is already a leader in the baby swing industry, so you might think that it is impossible to improve on such a great swing/rocker. But lo and behold, the new mamaRoos offer bluetooth capabilities that allow you to change settings or stream music to the mamaRoo and wifi connectivity that allows the mamaRoo to work with Amazon Alexa and other services.

What Features Do the New mamaRoo Baby Swings Have?

The newest models can pair with the mamaRoo baby app and actually learn to mimic just how you, as a mom or dad, rocks and sways with your baby. The mamaRoo will then do its best to replicate the actual movements of the parent, bringing the most comforting experience possible to your child via an infant rocker.

Is the mamaRoo a Good Baby Swing?

In the world of baby swings and rockers, the mamaRoo is most appropriate for those who love to have all of the best high-tech gear. In so many ways, it’s not like the other baby swings and rockers on the market. It takes up a lot less space than other swings, so for those living in apartments and other small spaces, this is ideal. 

It’s also a great swing for those who have had c-sections, are pumping, or may otherwise be unable to get up to adjust settings. It’s a great place to “get an extra set of hands” and being able to control the mamaRoo from the app means that you can stay right where you are and still make adjustments to the mamaRoo.

The mamaRoo Color Selections

The mamaRoo Baby Swing Color Selections Include:

  • Black

  • Classic Black

  • Classic Grey

  • Dark Grey Cool Mesh

  • Grey

  • Multi Plush

  • Silver Plush

Product Specifications for the 4moms mamaRoo:


  • 26.25" x 23.5" x 35.5"

  • Weight: 15lbs

Age & Weight Limit

  • The MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™ is intended for use until your little one reaches a maximum of 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) or attempts to climb out (approximately 9 months), whichever comes first.

  • Always use the restraint system. Adjust to fit snugly. The restraint can be configured with the 3-point harness or 5-point harness.

  • If using the 3-point harness, must transition to use of the5-point harness when baby can sit up unassisted.

Why We Stand behind the 4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing

The mamaRoo was selected as an Innovation Award honoree from the The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has earned The National Parenting Center's prestigious Seal of Approval, and 4moms is an Edison Award winning company. 

The mamaRoo is a great, space-saving lifesaver for any parent who needs a few moments. The seat is not designed for overnight sleeping, but the mamaRoo bassinet is. The seat, however, is the perfect table-top solution for that extra time needed for cooking dinner, checking homework, or just browsing Tik Tok and taking a moment for oneself.