Veer Cruiser Toddler Comfort Seat

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Veer?s Comfort Seat for Toddlers easily inserts into the Cruiser?s standard seat to provide cushioned comfort and support. It is designed for children from 6 months up to 35 lbs. It includes a 5-point harness for safety. Soft, padded fabric creates an ultra-comfortable seat and head rest. Hidden magnets on the side wings ensure an easy, snug fit with the side walls. Two Comfort Seats can be used simultaneously (one on each seat). Cruiser will fold when using one Toddler Seat. Comfort Seats can also be used with Veer?s Retractable Canopies.
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Baltimore, MD
Verified Buyer
April 19, 2024
A must have
  • They say you can
Best Uses
  • All times small ones; very bumpy rides for older
Deridder, LA
Verified Buyer
So Comfy for our LO
February 25, 2024
This item, in my personal opinion, is a MUST HAVE for your wagon. Our two year old is comfortable the entire time she's in the wagon. Another plus, is it helps keep your little ones warmer if you live in a colder climate.
Customer Images
  • Easy install.
Austin, Texas
Verified Buyer
Must have for younger babies too
September 9, 2023
This was perfect for my baby who could sit up on his own but helped ease my mind with the extra shoulder straps. It definitely seems a lot more comfortable than the hard back seat on its own.
Buffalo, New York
Verified Buyer
Easy and Comfortable
July 21, 2023
Easy to use, makes the wagon more comfortable for our 6 month old. Makes it a better ride then having the car seat attachment in our toddlers face.
South Portland, ME
Verified Buyer
Highly recommended
June 10, 2023
Very comfortable and it makes a big difference with it’s cushion. Easy to install it
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Must Have for Infants & Toddlers
May 29, 2023
A Great seat for infants & toddlers. My son is very comfortable in this seat and will sit longer than in the original wagon seat. The straps help keep him from climbing out.
Ridge, NY
Verified Buyer
Definitely needed for the wagon
December 2, 2022
Great comfy seat for my toddler. I have not figured out how to clean it properly yet thou. I leave my wagon out on the front porch, and it definitely has gotten discolored.
Whitestone, New York
Verified Buyer
Comfort in style
October 10, 2022
The original wagon seat is made of hard plastic so this seat insert definitely ups the luxury and makes it a much more comfortable ride. It's especially nice when you have younger children so they can more cushioning.
New Cumberland pa
Verified Buyer
Love it! Must have
July 27, 2022
This is a must need for the veer! Shipping was so fast!
Findlay, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Perfect Addition!
April 14, 2022
At first I wasn't convinced I needed this seat for my 14 month old, but my friend recommended it. We got it and love it! It provides extra cushion for my toddler and the 5 point harness is great to have!
Dallas texas
Verified Buyer
Looked very comfortable
December 27, 2021
We enjoyed this seat
New York
Verified Buyer
Perfect for older infants/young toddler
November 13, 2021
Provides extra support and comfort for the Veer's younger passengers! Really like the 5 point harness, and the cushion adds a lot of padding to the plastic seat.
Gloucester ma
Verified Buyer
Must have for infants
October 18, 2021
Must have for infants! My son kept hitting his head on the hard seat when we move so this was very helpful
Southern California
Verified Buyer
Perfect for baby
September 2, 2021
So happy I got the comfort seat for my 6month old who just started sitting up on her own. She even falls asleep in on she so comfy. The harness is amazing and the seat is easy to install.
Verified Buyer
Great but wish it could fold with wagon
August 5, 2021
Great materials, secures your VIPs. I see this as a must-buy even though you have to disconnect the harness to collapse the wagon.
  • Install is pretty fast once you do it once.
  • Have to disconnect to fold the wagon, then reinstall.
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
A lot nicer than I expected!
July 2, 2021
I was noy so thrilled about spending so much on an accessory, but I really needed the 5 point harness. My kid is 21mo but we live in a city where he needs to be contained sometimes, and we have another on the way so it will definitely be used in the future. It looks very comfortable and high quality. I'm glad I bought this instead of buying a knockoff or trying to make my own cushion! I do wish the wagon folded down with the toddler seat installed on the bench closer to the handle of the wagon (son prefers forward facing in push mode) but oh well.
  • High quality materials, five point harness
Best Uses
  • infant 6+mo or toddler that might need the extra support/rcontainment/comfort
  • Cannot fold wagon as compactly
Zachary, La
Verified Buyer
May 22, 2021
My 1 year old loves the toddler comfort seat. It’s a must in my opinion for long rides and if the child is going to be in the wagon for long periods of time.
  • Comfortable and easy to attach to the wagon.
  • Have to remove if you have two toddler seats to fold the wagon closed.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Verified Buyer
Comfort Seat
April 2, 2021
The comfort seat is a must for your toddler. The extra padding makes the seat very comfortable.
El Paso, Texas
Verified Buyer
A must have
March 31, 2021
Definitely a must have for your beer cruiser! Our little one looks so comfy with the seat cushion! Plus we prefer the five point harness!
Sacramento, California
Verified Buyer
Cozy ride!
February 5, 2021
This is great extra padding for our little one, makes long wagon adventures that much more comfortable!
Verified Buyer
Must Have Accessory
November 4, 2020
Comfortable padding, must need for babe. Great material as well. Fits over seat nicely.
Verified Buyer
Toddler seat
October 7, 2020
Love this seat! It made it where my 7 month old can sit in the wagon like his big brother. He can sit in it for long walks and is perfectly content. Easy to install, super comfy feeling.
Jennifer H.
Troy, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Toddler seat or thrown?
September 27, 2020
This toddler seat insert seriously makes this wagon even more luxurious than it already is. It’s so soft, has amazing cushion, and is so well made!!! The 5 point harness helps keep your toddler safe and put. It also helps block any flying unwanted bites coming in.

Don’t skip this upgrade!
Customer Images
  • Soft
  • Safe
  • Great cushion
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean!
Best Uses
  • Best uses include every time we go for a walk or adventure!
  • Honestly there isn?t a con.
Rochester, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Necessary for Baby/Young Toddler
June 12, 2020
This is absolutely necessary for an older infant riding in the Veer. It does its job, but it’s not as high quality as I expected given the price point.
Coxs Mills, West Virginia
Verified Buyer
Must Have
May 26, 2020
This is a must have if you are planning on using the wagon for a baby. When I bought, the Veer Cruiser my son was still a supportive sitter and needed a five point harness for extra support. The comfort seat is also extremely soft and has a decent amount of padding. It provides enough comfort that my son can take cat naps while on the go.
Customer Images
  • Nice harness
  • Soft
  • Great quality
Verified Buyer
May 22, 2020
I love this wagon! And this seat is a must have, I have 1 & 2 yo boys. I only bought one of the padded seats and they fight over it! It was easy to install, if you have this wagon and a kid under 2 this is a must
  • Soft and secure
  • Cost
Verified Buyer
April 4, 2020
If you have a veer i suggest getting this it makes the seat more conftable and if you have a child make it more secure with the harness
St Louis
Verified Buyer
Great seat
March 26, 2020
This seat is great. It allows my baby to take a ride with my older child. Definitely recommend if you have multiple kids and one is young.
Londonderry, New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
March 5, 2020
Perfect for my 4.5 month old. She can now ride with her big sister !
Cleveland, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Great wagon addition for the little one
December 3, 2019
This is a great little seat to add to the Veer for younger kids. My 2 year old does fine in the normal veer seat but my 6 mos old is just starting to sit up by himself and needs that additional support and comfort.
New York NY
Verified Buyer
Must have for Veer Wagon
December 2, 2019
This is definitively a must have for the veer wagon. Love our veer wagon, but without the comfort seat, the ride is pretty rough for the little one. Wish these came with the wagon itself.
Queen Creek, Az
Verified Buyer
Works great
September 15, 2019
Works great to keep a busy baby in the wagon. It is also supportive enough for a baby (able to sit with support). It can stay on the wagon once folded.
Lacey, WA
Verified Buyer
So cozy
May 22, 2019
Perfect for my 2.5 year old! So cozy she didn’t want to get out. Easy to attach and I love that the wagon can close with it still on.
Verified Buyer
Good for my 9 month old
May 19, 2019
I bought this for my 9 month old daughter. She can securely sit on Veer thanks to this seat, but I wish there were another version with a breathable fabric for Summer.
Rogue River, Oregon
Verified Buyer
Well worth the money!
April 11, 2019
Like everything else Veer makes, this toddler comfort seat is extremely well made. Very good attention to detail and well worth the cost. My little guy is 20 months old, but he will be able to fit in this seat for a long, long time, and he will really benefit from the extra comfort and support it offers. Of the Veer accessories, I would consider this one optional for older babies/children, but it is definitely nice to have.
Des Moines, Washington
Verified Buyer
No regrets on the toddler seat
April 1, 2019
My little guy can almost sit up independently, he is so close!! I definitely wanted the safety of the five point harness. We tried him in it just for a minute, he loves it. I’m sure he will be sitting up independently in no time and we will be taking full advantage of this insert. The padding is a definite plus!
  • Safety of the 5 point harness
  • Soft cushioned seat
  • One fits easily into the foot well when veer is folded
  • Can only fold one down with veer
Verified Buyer
Great for babies!
December 1, 2018
This seat is great for little ones! I love the 5 point harness. It stops my 16 month old from bouncing around too much
Baton Rouge
Verified Buyer
Must have for comfort
November 14, 2018
This comfort seat is a must have. It provides a more comfortable ride for your little. It also helps block the draft when the weather is chilly!
Customer Images
  • Blocks draft. Provides extra cushion.
Best Uses
  • Rides in rough terrain.
  • N/A
Chicago, Il
Verified Buyer
I love it, just not the price. Has one main drawback.
August 18, 2018
We purchased the canopy as well as this seat for our toddler and the combination makes the wagon really stand out IMO. Its unfortunate that they must be purchased separately, because the wagon is already so much money and these accessories are super expensive too. I actually felt underwhelmed by the wagon by itself- it wasnt until I added this seat and canopy that I finally felt like it was everything we needed. Now I’m obsessed with it. Just about the seat itself: its padded and comfortable. Its probably more padded than a high end stroller seat. I also like the 5 point harness feature. My toddler is pretty good about staying seated and there is a basic 3 point harness on the wagons seats themselves. So it wasnt the main reason I bought it. But I do like having her strapped in with shoulder straps- she seems more secure, especially in situations where its bumpy or uneven, like going down a step or high curb. She doesnt get nervous that she has to hang on. Both her and I know shes snug. If I introduced the wagon any younger (prior to 1), I think the 5 point harness would be even more needed with a child who can’t compensate as easy with bumps and may need the upper body support. The main drawback for me is that it doesn't fold up with the wagon. From my experience (I don’t see another way) it has to be taken off to fold the wagon and it definitely does not fit in the travel bag. As someone who wants to travel with it and I see the seat as a necessity, it bums me out that its not easier to travel with. On the flip side, I can say it is simple to take on and off. So atleast there is that.
  • Comfortable cushions, 5 point harness/added security in bumpy/uneven conditions, high quality, makes the wagon stand out as luxurious, Is simple to attach and detach
Best Uses
  • Whenever you use the wagon with a toddler. Might be better in dry conditions vs wet conditions.
  • Expensive, doesnt fold up with he wagon, doesnt fit in the travel bag
Kara L.
Verified Buyer
A definite for safety and comfort
May 25, 2018
I am so glad that I decided to purchase the toddler comfort seat. This seat adds so much to the existing seat. The existing seat is plastic and cold and doesn't offer much comfort or support. The toddler seat adds that extra padding to make your toddler want to sit much longer and not to mention the plastic seat can get cold depending on the time of year you are using your wagon. I love the double harness that holds my son securely over any bumps we might go over. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Stylish
  • Expensive
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