Valco Zee Single Stroller - Jet Black

This item is discontinued.
    The latest in design and innovation from Valco Baby, the Zee delivers a super smooth ride on a stroller that is both lightweight and compact. The Zee refashions the conventional belief of a lightweight stroller by including a infant compatible full recline, adjustable footrest, EX-tended hood and roomy basket. Perfect for transporting kids around the neighborhood, shopping in and out of car and travelling cross country.
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Southern California
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As good as people say it is...
February 19, 2013
My wife and I did not get a chance to try this stroller in person. As cautious people, we desperately tried to find a place that carried this stroller so that we could test-push it, only to come up empty-handed. So we relied on the online stroller reviews and videos to make the best decision we could.So let me just start by saying that the Valco Zee is as good as people say it is. The push is buttery smooth. For those of you who can't try it in person, It's noticeably smoother than a B-agile or a City Mini. Having just gone to a crowded mall, my wife had to zip in and out of foot traffic to get to her stores. I kept up with her while pushing the stroller--a testament to its maneuverability and ease of push. The tires are huge--I feel like I can push this stroller over any terrain. Let me put it this way--the stroller is so easy to push, it dares you to run an obstacle course.Having used other strollers, the Zee immediately stood out in terms of build quality. It fit together just right. The fold is pretty easy (as long as you remember to put the bumper bar down). The standing fold is really helpful and I like that the seat itself is not exposed. The recline is nearly flat and it has full canopy coverage. The fabric is also nice--comfortable, sturdy, and still easy to clean. I also like the color--black with some grey highlights. Though it is a little more expensive than most strollers out there, you can find sales and discounts that make the Zee within a budget. We were able to purchase a Zee for about the same price as a City Mini 2012 (retail).
  • - compact fold,
  • - the ease of push,
  • - the big canopy,
  • - the brake,
  • - the footrest,
  • - the recline
  • - the fabric
  • Basically, we like everything about it.
  • If there WAS something to change, it would be:
  • - make the storage basket bigger (but this is hard given the design).
  • - add some sort of small pocket on the back for the parents.
  • - include more accessories (parent cup holder, snack tray)
  • - wish it was cheaper (but isn't that true of ANYTHING?)
  • But again, these are relatively minor things, not deal-breakers.
Boulder, CO
Verified Buyer
Not what I had hoped.
December 17, 2012
I was trying to find a light weight stroller with a good recline, sun coverage and compact fold. This stroller has, for me, a very shallow seat. Although I know that have the seatbelt on every time is ideal, I felt like my son was going to fall out without it. I also didn't like the fixed bumper bar-it's not convenient to pop it out so you have to put the child through it every time-and it's high. Being used to umbrella strollers with the long fold, the large square package (although it stands when folded) seemed a little strange. The stroller DOES push like a dream and I know a lot of people like it-I just hasn't read anyone talk about the seat, which was a deal-breaker for me since my four year old still likes to jump in and he fell out when I stopped quickly (in our kitchen). Also, when the child sits firmly in the seat I was unable to get the leg support to lock in the lowest position.
  • Easy steering, light weight, nice fabric, stands when folded
  • Shallow seat, fixed bumper bar, bulky fold
Love it
May 7, 2012
This stroller is cute, compact, durable, safe and easy to manage.
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