UPPAbaby MINU TravelSafe Travel Bag

This item is discontinued.
UPPAbaby MINU TravelSafe Travel Bag
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Saint Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Perfect fit
September 29, 2022
Used for one trip so far but protected my stroller when checked in. Was nice that it fit so perfectly!
Verified Buyer
Amazing travel bag
April 15, 2022
So happy with this bag for my Minu! I went back and forth as to how to gate check my stroller and in the end I went with this bag. Total piece of mind and super comfortable straps to carry once I put my LO in the carrier. Yes it’s snug, but taking the wheels off is a cinch.
  • Good protection, comfortable straps
Best Uses
  • Checking
  • A little too snug for quick stow away at the gate
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Great travel bag
July 16, 2021
I love that uppababy offers the travel protection program and also find it really helpful they have a image printed inside the bag to help ensure you put the stroller in correctly
Verified Buyer
Great Travel Bag
June 29, 2021
We opted to get the travel bag for air travel - backpack is really easy to carry when you have lots of other bags, fits a bit more than the stroller itself without being bulky, and protects the stroller when its tossed around by cargo movers.
Sunnyvale, California
Verified Buyer
Must have
December 1, 2020
I say this is a must have because it covers your stroller under warranty if you use this travel bag. The bag keeps the stroller clean and prevents damage as it is nicely padded. Again with all their products the biggest downside would be the exorbitant price for such a product.
Raleigh, NC
Verified Buyer
Perfect for Travel
September 28, 2020
This bag is perfect for airline travel and helps protect your stroller and your warranty. I keep my Minu in this travel bag in the trunk of my car to keep a stroller protected when not in use. Definitely a must have!
Destin, FL
Verified Buyer
Love the travel safe insurance
September 23, 2020
Having spent a bit of money on our travel stroller, I wanted to make sure we were covered if the airlines damaged it in any way and this fit the bill! It’s a very nicely padded bag with comfortable backpack straps that have come in handy multiple times allowing us to remain hands free when at luggage claim etc. The Minu fits quite snugly inside and there is a little pouch to place the larger wheels which keeps the stroller from getting dirty. My one complaint would be the cost, but I’d rather have this (and the assurance of a new stroller/parts of mine gets damaged) than just using the joke of a travel bag the Minu comes with. That original bag works better as a dust bag for storage. I wish more stroller brands would offer travel safe protection bags and am surprised more haven’t started doing this - though I also wish the travel safe guarantee lasted longer than it does since I intend to use this with future kids as well. But then, I’m sure this bag will do the trick if I have to check the stroller even after the guarantee no longer applies.
  • Great padding, comfortable backpack straps, travel safe protection guaranteed (for the duration of your stroller?s warranty), pouch for dirty large wheels
Best Uses
  • Travel insurance for your Minu (IF your stroller falls under its warranty). Also just great for ease of travel with a stroller on the airlines as it will do a good job protecting it even without the travel safe guarantee.
  • I wish the travel safe guarantee applied for the entire time you own the bag as opposed to just the duration of your stroller?s warranty.
Bronx, New York
Verified Buyer
Perfect for traveling
June 11, 2020
It’s absolutely must have travel case, good quality, sturdy, will keep you stroller clean, easy to carry as a backpack. Absolutely loving it . Also you can put in overhead bin depending of course on plane type . Recommending to my friends. Also Have little bag for back wheels.
  • Everything
Best Uses
  • Traveling
  • N/A
Verified Buyer
Worth it!
June 9, 2020
This made traveling with an infant so much easier. Knowing our stroller is safe makes traveling stress-free.
Hanover, NH
Verified Buyer
Peace of mind for our stroller
September 21, 2019
I appreciate having this bag with the guarantee from Uppababy that our stroller is protected in case of any damage (make sure you register it with them.) It fits extremely tight and snug, but you get the hang of it. We've been on five flights with it so far, but only gate checked our Minu in it. Still, the stroller is intact and it's convenient to carry as a backpack if you don't need the stroller unfolded right away. I am very pleased we purchased this stroller bag.
Customer Q&A
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from California asked:
May 15, 2018
What is the back of the bag like? Is it like a back pack? Or just handles?
As per Uppababy it has straps, more like a backpack.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on May 15, 2018