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Supporting all developmental skills, this playful and fashionable baby gym includes 20 creative activities. The double-padded soft activity mat is made of premium fabrics and combined with a natural wooden play arch fitted with a selection of adorable hanging toys. The Boho Chic Collection’s trendy design and unique color palette will complement your home’s interior and create a peaceful, well-moderated environment that will support exploration. The gymini comes with a set of month-by-month milestone cards, which offers a wonderful way of creating adorable keepsakes that celebrate your baby’s growth. Simply flip the card to discover a useful tip that will help you learn more about your baby’s development at that stage.

Modes of use:

Lying - While on their backs, babies will enjoy the toys hanging on the wooden arch and practice their motor skills.

Tummy Time - Engaging plant toy with bead-ball and crinkly leaves will help extend tummy time and encourage gross motor skills.

Sit & Play - Once baby is sitting up, she can continue exploring the toys and enjoy their more complex features.

Age Tips:

0-3+ months: Stimulating Senses & Practicing Motor Skills

The Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini’s earthy colors, fun textures and engaging sounds stimulate babies’ senses from the very first days. The wonderful collection of activities and toys will inspire your baby to practice skills and spend more time in tummy time. While lying on their backs, let your baby practice hand-eye coordination by trying to reach out and touch the eucalyptus mobile and wooden ring trio. 

2+ months: Extending Tummy Time

Use the engaging activities and textures to encourage your baby to spend more time in tummy time, strengthening muscles in preparation for the developmental milestones ahead. Draw your baby’s attention to the various textures of the crinkly plant toy or let them gaze at their reflection in the mirror.

6+ months: Understanding Cause & Effect

When your baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the Gymini’s various features in a more sophisticated way, activating the electronic sloth toy, enjoying the peek-a-boo game, etc. This more sophisticated playtime will advance your little one’s cognitive development.

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Perfect for the bebes
July 21, 2021
Gifted this to my sister and my niece loves it.
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Houston, TX
Playful and Organic
July 11, 2021
This product was a big hit with my 6mo old cousin. He loves the interaction with the toys and it keeps him smiling while I am busy. Then because the pad is super soft, when he gets tired he goes right to sleep. This is strong and sturdy and because is wood it makes it organic and easy to clean. I like the progression of the numbers to let you know how he is recognizing and learning. Compared to the other similar toys like this that is plastic and holds a bunch of germs I will choose this one each time. I would buy this over any thing fisher price offers that is similar.
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Florida, USA
Love this Gymini!!
July 10, 2021
This Tiny Love Boho Gymini is seriously so cute! It definitely seems much sturdier than the mostly plastic one I had at first. My daughter could grab the toys and the plastic bar would bend. This one has solid wooden legs and toy bar. They do wiggle a little because the elastic to hold the pad to the legs but not remotely close to how the plastic ones shift and bend.
I will say it is larger. I have a big living room but if you have a smaller home, it might need its own corner. It is very easy to fold up. I pop out the end caps, take the legs off and lay it flat to slide under the crib or couch leaveing the mat attached.
The toys are so cute and definitely seem stitched well. My 4 year old was taking them and playing with them for a few days and they still look new. The sloth plays music and the eucalyptus rattle has so many crinkle leaves around it, both can easily become carseat toys too.
I did receive this free from Bzzagent but would totally have put this on my registry if I knew about it before I had my daughter.
If you want a sturdy, easily put together activity mat with lots of adorable toys, then this is totally for you! I have not tried machine washing everything yet but so far it definitely seems like the mat will hold up extremely well.
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Perfect for the new bundle of joy
July 5, 2021
The Tiny Boho Chic Collection Luxe Gymini is exactly what I needed. The main material is super soft. And the toys are safe and easy to play with. Amazing!
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Absolutely love it
July 5, 2021
This is the cutest thing ever!! It's entertaining and I love the wood! My baby lays under it for hours just staring and playing with the little toys.
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Caro, MI
Highly Recommended
July 3, 2021
I instantly fell in love with this Tiny Love Boho Chic Collection Luxe Gymini the moment I took it out of the box. As for baby, well, it took a few times to get comfortable with it, but once he did, he absolutely adored it too. The very first thing I appreciated about it is the more earthy, muted colors. It's visually pleasing for adults, and not over stimulating for the little ones as some of the bright colored ones can be. The bottom mat is super soft and comfortable for baby when laying on both back and stomach. The soothing nature sounds and melodies are enjoyable and calming for baby rather than startling as some other play sets can be. The plush dolls are adorable friends, and I love the overall organic feel of the wood construction. The included 12 developmental milestone cards are a great bonus. Overall I highly recommend this for anyone who is having or just had a baby.
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Great play mat!
June 19, 2021
I have a newborn so we have been using this mat for brief amounts of tummy time, as well as lying on the mat looking at all the toys. It was very easy to put together and I love the wooden arch and sweet, muted colors of the toys. The mat is very soft and cushy and I love that it's machine washable. Can't wait to see my baby grow and interact with all the toys further.
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A great baby addition!
June 19, 2021
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this. My little one started rolling shortly before I received this, and I figured he would be a little too old for it. I was SO, SO WRONG. He really, really loved it! I love that the toys are low enough that he can actually reach them. He could hold the little monkey's hand forever! It's been great as he tries to figure out cause and effect. His big sister shows him how to make the monkey sing, and watching him try to figure out how to make it happen is wonderful. I also love that to make the monkey sing, it's not a little button impossible for little hands to press. Even when he does roll over, there are still things to keep him busy. He loves the mirror and crinkly leaf, and I love that I can just throw the mat in the washer when he spits up all over it, which happens often. I would give this ten stars if I could!
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Greensboro, NC
Quality, Plush, & Engaging
June 18, 2021
I was very excited about receiving this complimentary product in exchange for a review. I have a now 2-month-old. He is not the happiest baby of the three we have had. He sleeps a lot, so keeping him awake and happy has been trying; however, he simply loves this playmat. I easily put it together with a broken wrist all by myself. It is sturdy, yet the machine-washable mat padding has the perfect plushness. It allows your child to lay on tummy on a hard-like surface yet when his head bobs down you don't have to fear that it may be too hard because it is perfectly plush. He loves the mirror, and I love that I can move it easily so he can see himself on tummy or back. The removable take along koala rattle plush toy is the best! He is obsessed with it! I will say as fabulous as all of the elements of this playmat are, I do have one complaint that I hope that they fix. The musical sloth is adorable and the on off switch is easily accessible; however, in order for it to come on it must be hit by the child or parent. The issue is that the force needed to actually activate the music is very hard. My child has yanked on it n hit it and it doesn't activate. I have to hit it very hard to get it to come on. I can not stand ones that never stop playing, but the sensor in this is not quite sensitive enough. Perhaps it is just that we received one that is off a little, but if this is the norm it needs to be addressed, so that when a baby knocks it that it actually plays. Overall we are very happy with this. It is also very portable I can easily pick it up without taking it apart and move it around.
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June 15, 2021
I love the look of this. It's playful, without being obnoxious. Everything is sturdy, so I don't worry about the baby pulling anything and breaking it. Highly recommend!
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So cozy and cute
June 15, 2021
My grandson loves to interact with the toys it keeps him busy he lives it! I love that it comes with month milestone numbers to take photos and watch him grow
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Very soft
June 15, 2021
Works great kept my child Occupied most of the day, looks fun and safe I would definitely recommend this to family and friends
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Stockton, Ca
I love this Boho Chic Collection Luxe Gymini
June 14, 2021
I love this product because it has different sounds and music so it catches his attention while learning to sit. Since getting this product his sitting skill has improved so much within a week. I would definitely buy and recommend this product to others. It's also helped him learn balance because the other toys on the sides. Definitely a great product to have.
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San Diego, CA
The perfect activity mat that actually looks good in my home
June 12, 2021
We truly love the Gymini! The wooden stand-alone arch and muted hue toys are so chic and trendy I don't mind if it stays out in the living room all day! My son adores the black and white dots on the toys and the musical plush sloth 🥰 I didn't realize it came with milestone cards and the mat makes a perfect background to take the cutest monthly photos of our baby! ( I was provided with a product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are my own. )
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Amazing developmental play mat!
June 9, 2021
This Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini is amazing!! I love the natural, soothing colors and wooden arch for hanging toys. It is definitely the most stylish play gym we have owned. The features are well thought out- I love the leaf kicker that encourages exploration with the built in rattle. The movement activated musical sloth is great for encouraging reaching and grasping. There are so many fun textures to explore on this mat. I know it will be a great developmental toy for my baby! I love the monthly milestone picture cards, too. Such a fun and useful item to add!! I would definitely buy this product, and recommended it to family and friends. Tiny Love is one of my favorite brands for developmental baby toys!
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An AMAZING Product
June 8, 2021
I gave this gift at a baby shower and Mom to be loved it so much that she cried. This product is beautiful and made of high quality materials. Chic is the perfect word and this makes a perfect gift even if the gift is for yourself.
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Orlando, FL
Adorable and Fun
June 8, 2021
What can we say, this is the most adorable baby gym you can find. My wife is Australian so for us, it is the sweetest thing in the world and a must-have for your baby. I would absolutely recommend this to all parents to add for your baby or even add it to a registry. The quality is great and the tiny details make it perfect for play time and relaxing time. I hope you all love it as much as we do!
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Meg D.
Virginia Beach, VA
Love the Gymini!
June 3, 2021
We just started using the Gymini with our one month old and are loving it so far! He is captivated by all the activities (especially the music and the mirror right now) and I love the muted earthy colors and how it works seamlessly in our home. Would definitely recommend!
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Birmingham, AL
The perfect spot for a newborn through developmental stages
June 1, 2021
This is our babies spot to do tummy time and where we change his diaper. His siblings also love interacting with him while he lays on this mat. As he gets bigger he'll use this in different ways. It's perfect for now and will continue to grow with him.
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Box Elder, SD
I want to gift this to all my new mom friends!!
May 28, 2021
Love this! It's so cute and fits right into our living area, while having tons of activities to do! I love that the milestone cards also explain different activities that best fits their current milestone! He loves the mirror the most, staring at himself is so fun! Definitely recommending to all my friends who are new moms! ❤️
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May 17, 2021
test test test
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