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Lamaze True Fit C670 Premier Convertible Car Seat in Gray/Black 2011

This item is discontinued.
Looking for a car seat that is easy to install? Did you know if you have a seat that is easier to install there is less of a chance that it will be installed incorrectly? The True Fit Convertible Car Seats have all been awarded high "Ease of Use" ratings from the National Highway Transportation Administration, NHTSA for short. What does that mean? That after reviewing our seats, our labels, and our instructions it was determined our seats were Easy To Use! The True Fit Premier Rebound (model C670) was awarded Five Stars in both the rear- and forward-facing modes, the maximum awarded by NHTSA.

Why buy the True Fit convertible seat? Did you know that you can use our seat from 5 to 65 lbs, and during the entire time of use your child will be secured in a 5-point harness. And most Safety Advocates recommend keeping your child in a harness as long as possible! Advocates also recommend keeping your little one rear-facing for as long as possible. We have a removable headrest that really is easy to remove. One finger lifts the release and you are able to pull the headrest off until you need it, usually up to 22lbs. As your infant starts to grow, simply add the headrest back on and you are good to go in the rear-facing position up to 35lbs. And when your infant is ready to watch you drive (at 35 lbs or so) simply make sure that headrest is in place and turn your seat around. And remember, even in the forward-facing position, your child will still be using the 5-point harness.

And let's not forget about installation: all of our True Fit car seats feature built-in lock-offs and a LATCH system for both the rear- and forward-facing positions. We also color-code all of our belt paths, making it easier for you to locate just where you should be putting your car seat belts when you install your seat. Wondering about side-impact testing? The True Fit seats all have deep side wings and they are all side-impact tested to International Standards!

Ever try to adjust or rethread the harness straps on a car seat? Unless you have a few hours to spare, you will really appreciate our no-rethread, easy-to-adjust harness system. We have easy-to-access shoulder belt height adjusters on each side of the seat, and they are clearly marked with recommended positions (four) based on whether you are installing in a rear- or forward-facing position. All of this means you never have to spend time trying to figure out how to correctly rethread or adjust the harness.

Does your child ever make a little mess with their animal crackers in the car? The combination of our no-rethread harness and our easy-off pad makes clean-up a snap--literally, our pad snaps right off! Simply lift the center flap on the pad, unsnap the sides and clean up is as simple as can be. And once your pad is clean, it snaps back on in seconds hassle-free!

As your child grows, no worries that they will not fit in your True Fit. The interior dimensions of our seat are large and comfortable. In fact, with the extra cushy seat pads and roomier seat, it may be hard to convince your child to leave their seat!

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Triplet approved
January 23, 2015
We bought three of these car seats in 2012 for our triplets. We love them. When our babies came home from the hospital they were still really small but they fit great in the seats because of all the padding. We have not had any problems with them since we got them and still use them daily.. They are also very easy to install and take apart to clean...
Salt Lake City, UT
Verified Buyer
Very comfortable and easy to use
July 30, 2014
I bought two of these for my twin daughters over a year ago and have been very pleased with them. They were very easy to install and I enjoy the peace-of-mind of having the rebound bar since we don't have the option of tethering the seats in the rear-facing position. I also really like how you can adjust the height of the straps without taking the cover off - a big time saver! The padding is sturdy and very comfortable and the straps slide easily with hardly any tangling. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because they are really big! When I purchased them we had a Mazda5 with captain's chairs in the second row so size wasn't an issue. But now that we have two in the backseat of our Toyota RAV4, there's barely room for a slender 3rd person back there. I like how tall they are and how they'll last us a very long time, but if I had known we'd be changing cars, I would have considered something smaller.
orlando, fl
in an accident and baby was safe!
February 7, 2014
i was in a 4 car accident (we were the 3rd car) i had front and rear end damage- baby was 1 and rear facing and was completely fine. called the company and they sent me a brand new seat at no charge! Love this carseat!!
Don 6.
Northern California
Verified Buyer
A carseat more then two years old!
November 13, 2013
We did not realize that this carseat was made in August of 2011 (it is now November of 1013). The manufacturer put a label on the seat stating that it should be discarded after seven years. That means that the seat was more then one third of the way through it's life when we received it. Albee Baby did pay to have the seat returned to them.
Verified Buyer
Comfy Ride for Baby!
November 10, 2013
I purchased this carseat for my 10 month old grand-daughter. Once adjusted to her size it has been very easy to move in and out of our car as we need to use it. Very happy to have found this on sale! Quality, comfort and safety = peace of mind while traveling with such a precious passenger.
  • Clip in tether anchors, push button release
  • Direction booklet has special storage slot on back of seat
  • Cover easily snaps off when it needs to be washed
  • Wide seat when rear facing
  • Front passenger seat needed to be scooted forward when it was time for the headrest to be attached
Landenberg, PA
Verified Buyer
Best Carseat!
October 11, 2013
This carseat is awesome! It is highly rated by the NHTSA! This is the 2nd identical carseat I have ordered. I also have 3 of the previous model. I have used it forward facing and rear facing. No complaints from this momma of 3 boys.
St. Paul, MN
Verified Buyer
Very nice and comfy
September 23, 2013
I really like the fact the car seat is roomy and made from durable yet soft materials. I've only been using the car seat for two weeks now and really have no problems with it yet. However, I am a little worried that my little girl isn't taking to well to it as I had hope she would. She is 16 months and quite petite. We wanted her to stay rear facing so purchased this convertible car seat after doing some research. As it is turned out, she makes such a big fuss and won't even let us strap her in (she's barely 20 pounds but she's strong!) every time we go to put her in. The car seat she used previous to this one was her oldest sister's Evenflo convertible car seat (I can't recall what type it is) but had no problem sitting in it. Just yesterday, her dad and I tried her sitting forward in the Lamaze True Fit and it some what helped but was not totally all successful. We are contemplating what our next step will be.
  • Easy to take of seat covers to wash.
  • Different reclining options
  • Not ideal for smaller cars, especially if there will be other children in the back.
  • Does not recline and fit perfectly on the seat it is on.
havelock, NC
Verified Buyer
Lamaze true fit carseat
September 21, 2013
fast shipping!! i lov the carseat. Is super comfy for my baby and is super cute. Is the best carseat i ever have so far.
lacrosse, Wi
Verified Buyer
easy to use
September 16, 2013
Was recently in a car accident. The car seat worked very well. I think my baby was the only one who was not hurting afterwards. I bought this one to replace it. I am glad it was still available after buying the first one a year ago.
Best Uses
  • Rear facing
Corpus Christi, TX
Awesome Car Seat
August 19, 2013
Love, love , love this car seat! I bought it for my grandson who is 2 to match the one I bought for his sister 2 years ago for my car. The car seat is roomy, comfy and easy to install. I highly recommend this car seat!
Boulder, Colorado
Verified Buyer
LOVE the Truefit!
August 16, 2013
This was a purchase to replace an almost expired older truefit. I liked it so much I bought the same seat. I was a little bummed when it came in and was alr a ady 2 years old. Luckily, I bought it for my 3 year old. So, he will be 7 when it expires. By then he should be able to sit in a booster safely.
  • Rear faces longer than 1 year
  • No rethread harnes adjustment (AWESOME)
  • Headrest comes off for smaller rearfacers
Best Uses
  • Newborn to 65lbs
  • Bulky
Verified Buyer
love it
August 3, 2013
So easy to use and my son loves it
  • Fool proof
  • Very large
Concord, CA
Verified Buyer
Best Carseat
July 24, 2013
This carseat has the easiest adjustments for anchoring it in one's car and also adjusting 5 point harness on baby. I am so glad I ordered it, for all of our local stores did not carry it.
  • easy to adjust
  • coverings easily removed and washed
Verified Buyer
great seat
July 24, 2013
Great seat. love all the extrea features and the way to grows with the child
Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
Best ever!
May 27, 2013
This car seat is super easy to install. It is one of the few that allows use of the 5 point harness up to 65 pounds. Most others should be used as boosters at that weight. I have two of them and this is the second set :-) although the first wasn't labelled as "Lamaze". The best price I could find was here on Albee. Highly recommend.
  • Easy installation. Super easy to clean as the covers snap on and off.
Best Uses
  • Large toddlers
  • Large
Verified Buyer
True fit deserves ease of use rating
April 24, 2013
This carseat is incredibly easy to install and use with our toddler. I think it might be difficult to get the rear facing angle adjustment right for an infant in smaller cars, but have not had to try.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavier than expected
  • Does not recline forward facing
  • This particular model was older than expected
Atlanta GA area
Verified Buyer
Good deal
April 14, 2013
Good experience. We like the seat, it was cheaper than other stores and we received it on time. Good job.
Indian Land, SC
Excellent car seat!
April 12, 2013
Comfortable, excellent safety features, 5 pt restraint system, head protection. Love it!!
  • Everything
  • Nothing
portland, OR
Good, not great
April 9, 2013
All in all, I would probably buy a different convertible car seat if I could do it over again, but I don't dislike it enough to get rid of it entirely. It does the job.
  • I do like how this car seat installs securely and barely wiggles once it's installed. It is nice and big and the liner is soft and comfy. My 11-month-old falls asleep in it easily. I do like how it's easy to see if it's tilted at the right angle, with the level being right on the front of the seat.
  • Mostly, I don't like how it's hard to make the straps snug against my child's chest. Also, I don't like how the button that loosens the straps is difficult to reach while the seat is rear-facing. And I really wish the liner was actually washable. Who ever heard of spot-cleaning a car seat liner if your child makes a really big mess in it (which WILL happen)? Also, the seat is large and while it is rear-facing, it takes a lot of space. We have a Kia Spectra and we would not be able to use this seat in that car. We have it in our minivan.
Ellensburg wa
Verified Buyer
April 4, 2013
Lots of space to squish the kids in and out, easy to install and adjust size. Love it!
SW Fla
Verified Buyer
Great little seat
March 13, 2013
Although we only used it 10 days while our 14 mo old granddaughter was visiting, she loved it. Thing fit our car like a glove and if we tilted the back seat slightly it was solid with the three tether straps. No complaints about the product, the shipping or the product. good job guys
  • The fit
  • Child really is secure
  • In and out after 1st install was easy
  • takes a little reading of directions and time to get it in but everything worked well.
Fernandina Beach, Fl
Verified Buyer
Albee Lamaze Carseat
February 19, 2013
Wonderful product, fits well and is easy to use
  • nothing
Verified Buyer
Love the quality, color and the price!
January 6, 2013
This is the third C670 I bought. I really like the modern style of this seat, ease of use (compared to other brands I returned), the price and the quality. I have been using the other two for a little over a year and they are holding up nicely as well. I just bought the third for a grandparents vehicle. As a new parent a few years ago, the first time the car seat in it takes a little longer (because you actually have to read the instructions)...but once we figured it out it has been much easier since.
  • quality, safety, price and rethreading...easy to go from rear facing to forward facing.
Verified Buyer
Nice and roomy
January 4, 2013
Our little one had the matching infant seat and we loved it! Since this seat gets such high ratings both for saftey and consumer use we decided to stick with Lamaze. She loves all the new room she has and the seat was relatively simple to put in, once you read the directions. I have no doubt that this seat will last and I love the added safety features of the sides. The only thing is I sometimes have a hard time tightening the straps but it seems to get easier with use.
Verified Buyer
great deal
December 20, 2012
a really wonderful and safe car seat - especially for 1 to 6 yr olds. A great price. Free and fast shipping. Would buy from this seller again.
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