The Clam-P Stroller Blanket Clip, 2pk - White

This item is discontinued.
When you?re out walking with your young child on a hot summer?s day, the easiest way to protect them from the grueling sun is to cover their stroller with a blanket. Umbrellas hardly ever block all the sunlight. Perhaps your child has fallen asleep in the car seat and you want to carry them in, but don?t want the light to wake them. A blanket will work here too. The problem is the blanket hardly ever stays put, never mind if your child pulls on it. The Clam-P allows you to easily fix a blanket to your child?s stroller or car seat to protect them from the sun, rain, wind, snow and light.

The Clam-P will work with virtually any car seat or stroller and has a strong spring to ensure it stays in place. The rubber grip allows you to quickly and easily attach the Clam-P to your car seat or stroller with just one hand.

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