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Tripp Trapp High Chair and Cushion with Stokke Tray - Natural / Silhouette Black

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Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set - Natural
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The Tripp Trapp? Chair is conveniently offered in a package that also provides a Tripp Trapp? Baby Set with harness and gliders, plus a Tripp Trapp? Classic Cushion and Tray. When used together, these items make a standalone high chair, which safely and ergonomically sits children from 6 months to 3 years. The adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth and height adjustable seat and footplates, ensuring ergonomic seating positions throughout its use. Remove/replace the accessories at a later life stage to continue to use the Tripp Trapp? Chair as your child grows beyond this High Chair stage (3 yrs. old). By removing and/or using without the tray, this High Chair fits right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family to learn and develop alongside you.
  • Adjustable seat and footplate for optimal and ergonomic support of back and legs, at any age
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Easy to clean parts
  • Holds up to 300 lb
  • Extended 7-year warranty available on wooden components.
  • Water-based, non-toxic paint. No harmful substances, free of toxic chemicals and formaldehyde; free from bisphenol and phthalates
  • Array of color choices and accessories combinations
  • Solid construction and European wood from renewable forests
  • Made in Europe

What?s Included:

  • Tripp Trapp? Chair
  • Tripp Trapp? Baby Set (matches the chair) with 5-point harness and extended gliders
  • Stokke? Tray
  • Tripp Trapp? Classic Cushion


  • Product weight in kg/lbs: 7kg/15.4lbs
  • Product dimensions (length x height x width) in cm/in: 49cm x 79cm x 46cm/19.3" x 31.1" x 18.1"
  • Suitable from 6 months & up
  • Materials: Beech Wood
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McMinnville, OR
Verified Buyer
Love that it grows with them and our newborn can be at the table with us!
April 26, 2024
Love this product, a great investment to grow with our baby. We also purchased the infant seat and he loves it so much! Sleep design and not bulky. We are so happy!
Verified Buyer
Whitewash color not as pictured online
April 9, 2024
I had a stokke Tripp trapp for our first child and absolutely loved it! I ordered the whitewash color and was very excited to get it and put it to use. In real life, it appears very pinkish and not as pictured or like I had expected it to look. After getting nowhere with Albee baby customer service, I sold it and ordered a different color.
Customer Images
Verified Buyer
Great highchair!
March 15, 2024
We love this chair! We decided on this one after a lengthy search because of how sleek and slim it was. It slides up to our kitchen table and fits our home aesthetic. We love that it can grow with our little one, too. We just didn't want something big and bulky taking up so much room in our kitchen and are glad we went with this. It's super easy to clean, too!
Verified Buyer
Best high chair
February 4, 2024
Best high chair! Comfortable for all age groups
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Good product
January 13, 2024
Good product. Be aware keep the hardwares for later adjustment.
  • Solid product
  • Little over priced
Perfect Highchair
October 30, 2023
This chair has been perfect for our baby! I love the lower profile it has and how beautiful it looks in our home. I can't wait to watch it grow with her.
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
very well made
October 25, 2023
I bought two of these for my granddaughters and we couldn't be happier. Of course Albee Baby was a pleasure to deal with as always. We are very impressed with the quality of the high chair, very nicely made and high quality. I wasn't sure why these were so expensive but I actually get it now. The babies are loving them too. Looking forward to a lot of good use out of this high chair.
  • quality
  • styling
  • long term use
  • price
  • seat cushion is a bit annoying to remove and replace
Arlington, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Long lasting
October 10, 2023
I love it for the longevity. Seriously long lasting and very durable. Highly recommend
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Horrible customer service. Do not recommend the brand at all.
August 23, 2023
Our review/rating is strictly related to the product/manufacturer itself, nothing against Albeebaby. We received the defective unit so we contacted Stokke to get the replacement part. The process was quite unprofessional and unbelievable. Initially received the wrong replacement part. After that, received the correct part, but in a different color. Thirdly, not sure if the part was correct or not, because it was shipped to the wrong address suddenly. Lastly, received the correct part, but that's after more than a month of not being able to use the product. From all the conversations and emails we had with their customer support team, no apology was given whatsoever. I was curious and looked up if it was just me, but apparently, their customer service is quite horrible. Hope this helps other parents to make their decision before they purchase any Stokke brand products.
Customer Images
August 3, 2023
Fast shipping. My 6 month old was able to sit comfortably, the cushion was a bit difficult to figure out but this bundle was the most ideal for us to grow in. We used the graco for my first and this is definitely easier to clean and less cumbersome.
Beaufort, SC
Verified Buyer
Won’t buy any other highchair!
July 31, 2023
Love our tripp trapp! Our almost 3 year old still uses his every day as a chair at our table and loves it. Will be adding another one for our second baby soon!
  • longevity
Verified Buyer
Too expensive
July 17, 2023
I own three baby chairs. This one, IKEA and Graco Dual Dinner. For my 1 year old trip trap is kind of the same is IKEA. Maybe in the future Trip trap will be more functional. 4 stars for the high price.
  • expensive
  • easy to sit 6 months old
Verified Buyer
Perfect baby chair
July 17, 2023
We love this chair. Purchased for our son and also as gifts. The price is hefty but this package makes it a bit bearable.
  • Grows with child, adjustable
  • Price tag
Charlotte Area, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
LOVE the chair, hate the harness
June 24, 2023
I **LOVE** this chair -- it's beautiful, fits our dining room, will last us for life, and most importantly my son can sit upright with foot support for safer baby led weaning. Took off 1 star because the harness that comes with the infant seat is pretty awful -- difficult to get on and almost impossible to get off, it worries me that I might not be able to get LO out of his seat quick enough if he is choking and I need to take first aid action. So we don't use the harness, and just keep it looped to the side, but it also makes taking the seat cushions on/off for cleaning more difficult. All in all I just don't understand how such a perfectly engineered chair has such a crummy harness system. But I still adore this chair and would choose it over any other highchair. Stokke's customer support was also pretty great when we had an issue with one of the support bars, and they sent us replacement parts within the week.
  • Baby sits comfortably with ergonomic 90/90/90 support for safer baby led weaning. We also love he can sit at the table with us, and it will grow with him. So cute! This chair is his for life.
Best Uses
  • Baby led weaning
  • The harness system suuuuuuuucks. But everything else is *chefs kiss*
Berlin, VT
Verified Buyer
High quality, versatile long lasting chair!
June 9, 2023
This chair is amazing! We have had so many compliments on it. My daughter is almost 4 and still using it! It is solid and I love that it has been an all in one chair that we have used since she was an infant up to now and will continue to use. I am not sure why it was discontinued?!?! Maybe they made an improvement I sure hope they didn’t stop making it. It could be a tad more comfortable or come with a better cushion but overall the quality is fantastic!
  • Long term use with the all in one
  • Sturdy, high quality
  • Safe
Best Uses
  • So many! Great from infancy to adulthood
  • Could have better seat cushions
Jersey City
Verified Buyer
Just perfect
May 20, 2023
Perfect high chair, works great and looks great.
  • Functional, design, grows with child
Best Uses
  • Sit and eat with family at table
  • The restraints are a bit tight to buckle and unbuckle, but they are only used for a couple of months.
Verified Buyer
Great chair with some small cons
May 19, 2023
I like the simple design of the chair versus my 4moms one. However, the straps seem difficult to get on my baby at times, and hard to clean. It also took me a few tries getting comfortable getting the tray off. I preferred the one that easily unclicks from the sides versus the bottom.
Mission Viejo, California
Verified Buyer
Great for BLW
April 20, 2023
Love the ability to easily push up to the table or use tray.. easy to clean and ergonomic for safe eating
San Francisco, CA
Verified Buyer
Good high chair, easy to clean. Tight infant seat.
March 24, 2023
So far great high chair. Infant seat can be tight for a baby with a belly or thicker thighs like my baby. Easy to clean. Harness is hard to adjust. Looks nice. Make sure to read all the assembly instructions before starting.
Lyndhurst, OH
Verified Buyer
Like fly paper
February 17, 2023
I like the concept but so far in our six months of using it I have only regretted this high chair. Why? A few things. 1. Incredibly tough to wipe clean. It’s like the material of the fabric is almost sticky to begin with. It collects food like fly paper. It is tough to clean. 2. Harness is tough to use. We struggle with unbuckling. I was so stressed if baby choked I wouldn’t be able to easily get him out. I think the instructions are poor in general for use. I think for how much money it is that it should be better. For the next baby I want a better high chair.
Fort Madison, Iowa
Verified Buyer
Fantastic high chair
January 16, 2023
If you’re on the fence about buying this high chair - don’t be - buy it. Product quality is excellent. Easy to assemble. Looks beautiful sitting in my kitchen. Love that it’s easy to clean and wipe down. Plus the fact I can use it up into the toddler years makes it even better
Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
A nearly *perfect* high chair
January 13, 2023
I did a ridiculous amount of research when it came time to purchase a high chair for my son (I'm talking months of research.) He is on a medical diet for a rare genetic inborn error of metabolism, so we are serious about having a safe and supportive food/eating environment in our household. The Tripp Trapp is hands-down the best baby hair chair available. It's pricey, but we were willing to pay this chair's premium price because of a few key features. First, and most importantly, it puts babies in the perfect 90-degree angle-aligned position to focus on eating and provides proper foot support, two key elements to prevent choking. It is highly customizable for height and seat depth, so nearly every baby can find a comfortable position in this chair. Those customizations in seat position grow with your kiddo until they are ready to move on to a typical chair at your dinner table. So if you divide the price by years of use compared to a traditional high chair style, this beats everything on the market. It's easy to clean, comes in tons of colors and styles, and it has very few plastic parts to break or wear down (People literally pass this chair down to their children and grandchildren like an heirloom, so less plastic chair garbage in the landfill and better for the environment.) Lastly, it has a small footprint that tucks right up under our dining table, so no tripping over the back of the chair when trying to walk past with a full plate of your own food. I could go own, but at the risk of sounding like a planted reviewer for Tripp Trapp, I will wrap this up — Get this chair! It's worth it — one of the best investments you can make in your child's relationship with food. Plus, you can get a considerable amount of reward dollars from Albee when buying it, so you can put those dollars toward other essential baby purchases.
Customer Images
  • Perfect position for safe early eating, many color options, customizable sizing, long-term use, limited plastic parts, small footprint, easy to clean
Best Uses
  • Setting up your child in a pediatrician and dietician-recommended environment and posture for safer and more effective early eating that can prevent choking.
  • The safety harness straps can be difficult to open/close for those with dexterity challenges
Cornelia, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Fantastic chair
December 29, 2022
Amazing product. Great quality. Super easy to put together in all of 5 minutes. Sturdy. Had to return due to not being bar height. Regardless of moving zchair height to highest level.
  • Not bar height.
Good Hope, GA
Verified Buyer
Well Worth It!
December 23, 2022
Beautiful, sturdy, and stunning. The high chair is unique and very useful. Glad we splurged for this one. Well worth it.
Verified Buyer
best condition
November 7, 2022
best condition
Verified Buyer
Worth the money
November 2, 2022
Great high chair that is easy to use and easy to clean. My wife raves about this and says it is much better than our older albeit much cheaper one.
New Egypt, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
November 1, 2022
We purchased this for our first born and we love it! He is a big boy wearing 12 months+ clothes at 6 months so it’s a little difficult to get him in the chair at times but we love how he can sit at the table with us right from the start.
Leander, Texas
Verified Buyer
this high chair is safe
September 29, 2022
This high chair is safe and gorgeous. I like the overall design of the chair.
Temple, Texas
Verified Buyer
Love the emphasis on proper posture. High quality construct.
September 24, 2022
The good posture and proper eating position are huge pros. Assembly was mostly easy and construction is solid and feels high quality. I like the adjustable footrest up to about one inch from seat. Only con that stuck out was the special 50th wood wasn’t like pictured and the grain was lacking in dark veins. Not ideal for use at a dining table that is countertop height. So, we’re looking to get a normal height table. But, a great all around chair.
Verified Buyer
My baby loves it
August 1, 2022
At first, I wasn’t a fan of the Tripp Trapp. I didn’t understand why everyone was so obsessed with it and the price seemed very elevated. I decided to buy it because it was highly recommended for BLW and I JUST LOVE IT! And my baby loves it even more!
  • Small packaging, easy to assemble, easy to clean, great for blw, skinny and easy to move around.
Best Uses
  • BLW
  • Plates will not stick to the tray (sold separately).
New Haven, Connecticut
Verified Buyer
Super great
July 13, 2022
I love this chair and so glad I bought it new
  • Easy to clean
Best Uses
  • Every meal, and ;outdoors too! It?s like a learning tower while I cook too.
  • None
Brooklyn, New York
Verified Buyer
Worth it
July 7, 2022
We love this chair. The walnut matches our other chairs and it forms a nice part of our kitchen.

I wish the baby set straps had more space for taller toddlers. Our son is 2 and we removed the baby seat and tray and now he uses it at the table. Easy for him to climb up and down.

We are having twins and will purchase 2 more Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs.
Verified Buyer
Beautiful Chair
July 2, 2022
Received this item as a gift from my sister for shower. Item arrived quickly and the chair is beautiful.
Seaside, California
Verified Buyer
July 2, 2022
Love this highchair! The straps can be a little difficult, otherwise its great. Cushions and straps are easy to clean, most messes can be wiped off with a washcloth. The anti-tip extenders work well.
Boise, Idaho
Verified Buyer
Best High Chair with a Modern look
June 24, 2022
Love this high chair as it matches my black modern farmhouse kitchen chairs. Was looking for something that looked like it belonged in my kitchen and grows with your child and this worked out perfectly.
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and functional high chair to grow with baby
June 15, 2022
The chair was not too hard to put together but it took a bit trial and error to get it right. I've had this for a few weeks now and have found it to be an excellent chair for feedings for our 6 month old daughter. We are still figuring out the straps which so far do not seem very functional.
Hong Kong
Verified Buyer
Great High Chair
June 14, 2022
Stable and beautiful
Lakeville, Minnesota
Verified Buyer
Perfect for toddler
June 11, 2022
This fits my child better than the regular old high chair. He is more comfortable and is able to put his feet on a flat surface
EASTVALE, California
Verified Buyer
June 6, 2022
We love this high chair :)
Verified Buyer
good quality
May 17, 2022
kid love to sit and play on it. Good quality and stylish.
Sarina r.
Tampa, FL
Verified Buyer
Best high chair ever!
April 22, 2022
Love this high chair! Easy to clean and my petite baby girl can sit fully upright vs. slumped down like other high chairs. Grandma has two other high chairs for her house and condo, but and I prefer ours. Grows with your child, looks great, and is better for them.
OC, California
Verified Buyer
Best baby item I’ve ever bought
March 19, 2022
GET THIS CHAIR. You won’t regret it! It’s so adjustable that you can get a comfy fit even for little 4-6 month olds just learning to eat, but also for big kids. I almost love it more for my toddler, because he can sit right at the table at the perfect height for him, without dangling legs! I took the cushion off and he seems to find it just as comfy, but it’s easier (way easy) to wipe clean. I’ve seen complaints that it doesn’t hold babies upright, but it’s not meant for little babies that can’t sit up on their own yet. I love that the harness fits in a way that my daughter is safe while still being able to move around to grab food and spit things out as needed. I have two of these and I expect to be using them until my kids are tall enough for their feet to touch the floor in a regular chair. And honestly I’ll probably still use them without the foot rest because they’re just cool looking chairs.
  • Babies can sit right up at the table with the family
  • Adjustable seat and footrest heights
  • Attractive design that doesn?t scream ?children?
  • Can?t use harness without the baby seat in the US version
Wilson, NC
Verified Buyer
Great product!
March 14, 2022
Love that it grows with the child up to adulthood! Checks all the boxes and small foot print!
  • Small foot print
  • Grows with child
Glencoe, IL
Verified Buyer
great purchase
March 12, 2022
Very sturdy highchair. Easy to clean. My daughter loves it!
Ann Arbor, MI
Verified Buyer
Put this on your registry
February 21, 2022
You won't be sorry. This was actually a gift for a friend, but we've had ours for 2 years and now our second baby is using it. So durable. So easy to clean. So attractive.
Verified Buyer
Not my favorite highchair
February 13, 2022
Very sturdy high chair. Love how it grows with your child. We had a difficult time getting our baby in and out. Also removing the tray was difficult. For the high price... I would rather recommend peg-perego siesta!!
DuPont, WA
Verified Buyer
Stylish and Functional
February 8, 2022
I love this high chair! I was looking for something that would match my dining furniture and wouldn’t “stick out” like a typical high chair. I also like how ergonomic it is and how it grows with your child. Super easy to clean as well!
Moon P.
Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Best Ergonomic High Chair
January 21, 2022
As a registered nurse, I work with a lot of occupational therapists and dietitians that agree that a good high chair is one of the keys to success when feeding a baby. It’s not a secret that teaching your baby how to eat for the first time can be both a rewarding and stressful experience for everyone.

But this is the perfect height for meal times with the family with relatively easy clean up. The foot rest makes it easy for the chair to grow with your baby and keeps their legs from getting fatigued. Dangling legs can cause a baby to get fussy and lose interest in their food more quickly like in other high chairs.

My daughter also enjoys trying to stand up in her chair, so I’m very grateful for all the safety features like the 5-point harness and the anti-tip extended glider.
Marianne F.
Verified Buyer
Great transition chair!!
December 31, 2021
My granddaughter loves her chair especially loves she can sit up at the table with everyone. She is 21 months!!
Phoenix, Arizona
Verified Buyer
Great product
December 29, 2021
It is a great high chair for my baby. It helps my baby to maintain a good seating pose while she sits on it. Also, it is really easy to clean this chair because it is made out of wood.
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