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Stokke Steps Baby Set Tray - Black

This item is discontinued.
Stokke Steps Baby Set - Black
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Stokke Steps High Chair - Natural / Black
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The optional Tray gives your baby a place of their own to eat and play. By adding or removing the tray, the highchair adapts to your baby?s needs. Convenient to use and easy to clean with a damp cloth (not dishwasher safe).
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Wilmington, Delaware
Verified Buyer
white is good
August 17, 2023
expensive but white is clean
New Orleans, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Great option to have
May 9, 2023
Purchased this tray to go with the Stokke Steps high chair. It's not a necessity but I prefer our 20 months old to have the option of using the tray or pushing his chair to our table.

As the other reviewers stated, no plates stick on the tray because of the surface. We tried one by Munchkin brand (bamboo plate) found in Target and it seemed to work for 2-3 mins before having to re-secure it.

Also note to not submerge this tray in water to clean. Wash and then rinse. Try not to get water in the crevices as it can hold water. I've read reviews that mold can grow in the holes if all the water isn't drained from it.
  • Large.
  • Works well with the Stokke Steps High Chair.
  • Can potentially hold water when cleaning. Be careful not to submerge in water to clean but wash/wipe clean.
  • Suction plates are not secure to tray because of texture.
  • Cost.
United States
Waterlogged and no suction
October 28, 2022
Would not have bought if I knew our plates wouldn't suction to the textured surface. Food is also stuck in all cracks and can't get out. I did not realize you can't hand wash it, now the entire core is waterlogged. Regret buying.
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Incompatible with Suction Bowls/Plates
September 12, 2022
There is much I love about the Stokke Steps high chair, but this tray is textured, meaning it does not work with bowls or plates that use suction. I purchased the EZPZ suction placemat for this specific model and my 9 month old son can easily peel it off from the tray. I cleaned tray + placemat, and even tried it when slightly damp to see if this would help - still minimal suction and the seal is easily broken by baby.

Again, this is because the tray is textured so it does not create a firm seal with *ANY* suction ware, including the EZ PZ mat made *specifically* for this exact tray.

Despite loving the high chair itself, the fact that I can't use any suctionware and therefore have to hold my son's bowl lest all his meals end up on the floor, means I really wish I had bought something else entirely.
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Tobias B.
New York, New York
Great for baby eating
June 11, 2022
Our friends have it, we saw their baby using it and am buying it as well. Easy to clean and enhances food experience for baby
Brooklyn NY
Verified Buyer
Extra large Tray!
May 2, 2022
This is a must need addition to the Stokke Steps high chair. It is the perfect size. The extra large size gives baby enough room to play with their food and keep it (semi) contained. Super easy to clean. I havent found anything that does not just wipe right off. Super happy with our purchase.
  • Suction bowls and plates do not stick b/c of the texture. I have just been serving food directly on the tray.
Rachel o.
Hoboken, NJ
Frustrating Tray
December 14, 2021
Really frustrating tray, not a single brand of suction bowls or plates stick and I've tried many. Very difficult to clean especially on the sides, the creases have mold in them and the surface is warped and has bumps on it. Would not recommend and it's such a shame because the rest of the chair and it's design are beautiful.
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United States
Verified Buyer
Unnecessary purchase - just scoot your child up to your tabl
May 5, 2021
This doesn't fit the Stokke chair seamlessly. My husband and I still can't figure out how to attach it. We were hoping it would be as easy and just popping it right on....I guess we have to buy another connecting piece? Who has the time to figure this stuff out?
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land o lakes, Florida
Verified Buyer
January 23, 2020
I like how east it is to clean. Nice wide tray too. My baby loves it as well.
Hailey, Idaho
Verified Buyer
Great attachment
September 23, 2019
Have purchased the whole set for the Stokke Step high chair. This was a necessary part of the chair. Easy to attach and clean. Bought the white. Hoping it won't stain - shouldn't. Looks very clean and bright.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Nice Tray
July 17, 2019
I like this tray a lot. It is very easy to clean and take on and off the highchair. The only small thing that bothers me is some food get stuck in the small crack on the sides. You can clean it, but it's a little more time consuming, but not a big deal. It doesn't have suction, but if you use the ezpz mat that was made for this highchair, and put a little bit of water under the mat, it sticks pretty well!
New York, NY, USA
Doesn't allow for suction plates/mats
November 5, 2017
I just bought this high chair and tray. I'm in love with the whole chair EXCEPT for the tray. The tray has a rough surface which doesn't allow for plates/mats to remain suctioned. It's very disappointing that such a well designed chair has such a major and yet easily avoidable flaw. Quite frankly, had I known about it in advance I may have considered a different high chair. STOKKE, please rethink this particular feature, and when you do, send me a new (smooth) tray.
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Columbus, IN
Easy and clean
June 27, 2014
Very easy to use tray. If your baby is learning how to self-feed. This is a must! :-) Now you always have the choice to put your baby on the table or not. That way, everything on your table is safe! :-)
  • easy to attach and detach
  • easy to clean
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