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Skip Hop Stroll & Connect Universal Phone Holder

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Skip Hop Stroll & Connect Universal Stroller Hook
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No more dropped phones! Great for strollers, shopping carts and more, Skip Hop?s universal phone holder offers hands-free ease for on-the-go. The easy-attach system includes a universal hub that keeps the holder (and your phone) securely in place.
  • Magnetic phone mount keeps your device securely attached for hands-free ease
  • Universal hub system connects to strollers, shopping carts & more
  • Includes adjustable universal hub attachment and phone holder
  • Stroller accessory connects to strollers, shopping carts and more
  • Adjusts for the perfect angle
  • Rubber grips prevent slipping and sliding
  • Universal hub fits all Skip Hop Stroll & Connect stroller accessories
  • Size (inches): 2.6L x 1.75W x 4H; (cm): 6.6L x 4.4W x 10H
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So convenient
August 10, 2022
We love how strong the magnet is. And we love how well it works with any stroller
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Las Vegas
Can't charge phone with magnet on back
July 14, 2022
It's a pretty sleek and easy to use holder, however all of the chargers I have in my house, work, and car are the induction chargers and they don't work with the magnet on the phone or the case. Like another review I'm not willing to take my case off every time I want to charge my phone.
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Stanwood, MI
Nice idea, but not for us
June 23, 2022
I bought this because we go on walks and I wanted to have a holder for my phone to listen to music on our walk. But in the box it says that the magnet may not penetrate through some phone cases so it will need to be removed. I have a mag safe case for my chargers in my car and home, I was not willing to remove my case for the holder. My husband has a carbon fiber case and he attached the magnet to his phone. Halfway through our walk his phone detached from the holder and shattered his back glass of his iPhone. I ended up purchasing another holder that is more durable.
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Limited us
May 31, 2022
My fault for not reading the description but magnet doesn't work for my phone case, so I put it on an old iPhone 5. It barely holds the iPhone 5 and is easily bumped off. It would be nice to be able to buy JUST the accessory modulewith no clamp so I can replace it with something useful like cup holder without wasting a clamp.
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Zayden m.
May 22, 2022
Excellent and very useful to my son stroller and sturdy.
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Works for our burly!
August 7, 2021
I use this with out burly stroller to walk with my 2 kids. Never had a good solution for my phone which I like to post music from while we are walking. This is perfect for a hands free solution I can have in front of my while I have both hand on the stroller.
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Kern ca
April 15, 2021
Gives the comfort and ease of a successful stroll anywhere at anytime hands free. I absolutely enjoy it's portability and compactness. Very easy to set up and take down instantly. Won't take up much space very durable.
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Wonderful little product!
January 26, 2021
I really enjoy using this stroller phone holder. My phone is easily accessible and I don't have to search for it in a diaper bag or have it in a pocket where it may fall out. It held my phone snugly and I wasn't worried about it being jostled loose.
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Works great
January 8, 2021
I used this product on my stroller when taking a walks and it holds up my phone well and it attaches to the stroller just right. Now I don't have to worry about carrying my phone in my pocket and losing it while walking or going anywhere. The quality is pretty stellar too. I would recommend.
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Saint cloud Fl
Works great
December 29, 2020
I love this Universal Phone holder! I connect it to my sons stroller and am able to text or call on speaker and do it handsfree. I'm also able to watch videos or play music without having to worry about my phone. I no longer have to steer the stroller with one hand and use my phone with the other hand. This holder is perfect.
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Alameda, CA
Neat idea!
December 21, 2020
I received a free product of skiphop - Stroll & Connect Universal Phone Holder from tryitsampling and I was under the impression bit was a clip mechanism. Not magnetic. I think it's a good idea, but to me it's to bulky the permanent attachment in the back of my phone. For people who doesn't mind having something attach to the back of your phone and use the stroller all the time. This is a good option.
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It Didn't Want to stay on my stroller
December 21, 2020
I bought this for my double stroller to use to hold my IPhone. It really did not want to stay upright and would often fall forward or to the side. It did not seem sturdy enough for my large phone. If you have a large phone I do not recommend.
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stafford, texas
Great Feature
December 16, 2020
Very sturdy and great phone and cup holder. I also use it to hold my keys, water bottles etc., it can be attached pretty much to any bar or handle. This is a game changer for the busy mom that is always on the go and multitasking.
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Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
Good concept, design needs work
December 15, 2020
I admit I am attached to my phone. When strolling my daughter, my options for storing my phone are limited. I'll usually hold it in my hand and push single handedly or put it in my pocket rather than putting it in the bottom of the stroller where it's difficult to access and constantly getting lost under a mountain of baby gear. I really wanted to like this product especially as I understood it to be a simple install that could easily be removed and attached to different strollers. This product is good in concept, less so in practice. It is a fairly strong magnetic phone holder, but I have had a few too many close calls with twists and turns in the road. I appreciate the convenience it provides, but not at the expense of a costly electronic device. I also take issue with the magnet that I have to stick on the back of my phone. For one, I don't want any fixtures of permanence on my phone whether it's the magnet itself or residue from the glue. Second, the placement is not ideal when it's competing for space with a popsocket, it seems to render both less effective. Finally, this comes with a single magnet. The holder cannot be used by multiple people in a household nor can it be easily replaced should you upgrade to a new phone. Much as I enjoy the ease with which I can remove and use my phone when it's smooth sailing, I prefer a cradle design.
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lake worth, fl
Easy to Install
December 13, 2020
I thought this product was very easy to install and took seconds to put it on my Uppababy Vista Stroller, I couldn't put it in the middle of the handle though as thats where the button is to make the stroller collapse. The only thing I have an issue with is that when you put the magnet on your phone holder, my phone will no longer charge wirelessly with my charger so I have to take the case off every time. Other than that this product is great.
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Love l.
Los Angeles , Ca
Excellent product
December 8, 2020
Amazing product that attaches easily to the stroller, and holds in place well. I love that it is very versatile , and easy to use . I was able to switch and use it easily between my strollers and it attaches well to shopping carts ,bicycles and anything else you can think off. The holder is very secured in place ,and my phone is very secured in the holder. A great quality and style . The instructions are very easy to follow and it makes my life as a busy mom , much easier ! Love it !
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South Texas
Super handy
December 8, 2020
I got this about a month ago and it has been super handy! Not only does it work really well on our stroller, but Ive also been able to attach it to my zero turn riding lawn mower and have my phone easily accessible to view texts and calls. Would defiantly recommend.
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December 7, 2020
Purchased this for a good friend whom is a mom a new mom. She absolutely loves it. It makes it really convenience to have the phone in the holder than the cup holder or pocket. Wish they had these when I had kids!
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Austin, TX
Works great but requires use of magnet.
November 30, 2020
The grip is firm, you can position it in a number of convenient ways, and attaching and detaching the phone is convenient.

The only issue is that you need to be comfortable putting a magnet on your phone. So, if you use wireless charging, this isn't for you. Or if you don't want to use magnets for some other reason, I guess.

But, overall, great unit and really handy.
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San Jose, California
Useful phone holder!
November 28, 2020
I received this product a week ago, used it right away in our stroller. Fits perfectly and it's hold perfect, no shaky at all. I just love this product super useful especially in strolling around outside. Definitely recommend this product! Worthy.
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Dripping Springs, TX
Strong magnet if you don't mind it on your phone.
November 28, 2020
This is a strong magnet and the holder closed tightly around my stroller. I just don't love having a magnet on my phone. But it is nice to quickly be able to pull it off the holder. If it is super bumpy it can fall off but for sidewalks works just fine!
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Port richey , florida
Works great
November 28, 2020
I just got the skiphop stroll & connect universal phone holder and im very satisfied. I use the universal phone holder in my vechical so i can face time my husband on long trips i have to take for my job. Its very sturdy ,easy to install and it fits just about anywhere. This is a great product ,a must have for sure. Thanks skiphop!
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Victorville, CA
Magnetic holder
November 27, 2020
This phone holder works by putting a magnet on the back of your phone then the magnet clings to the piece that is mounted on the stroller. The magnet it so sharp around the edges that I could not put it on my phone. I tried in on an old case and it holds secure.
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Fort Hood, Tx
Awesome for on the go parents!
November 25, 2020
This is one of those products you don't think you need until you have it & it's a necessity! I use my stroller daily and my Maxi Cosi stroller does not have a parent console so I keep my phone I'm my pocket or purse. I love having my phone on sight, so I don't miss a phone call or can easily access apps. It's very lightweight, sturdy, & easy to install. I love it!
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Riverside, CA
Easy to use
November 23, 2020
After receiving the Stroll & Connect Universal Phone Holder o out it to use installing it on our babies stroller. In the package comes a clamp with a magnetic base as well as a plate that you can either stick to your device with double sided tape that is included or place under neath your phones case. The magnet is quite strong and upon placement of your device to the base holds well. Definitely gives you that third hand when you could absolutely use one. I'd definitely recommend this product for all this parents pushing a stroller around and have that need to have access to their phones at the same time, definitely a life saver.
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