Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System 9-Piece Set

This item is discontinued.
    Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little ones with the Magnetic Locking System from Safety 1st.

    Simply install the lock inside cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed. Magnetic key is easy to store high up and out of reach from curious children.


  • 8 locks
  • 1 key
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Central New Jersey
Adult Proof Strong not just Toddler
July 27, 2021
This is a great product! I am a Property manager and my goal is to keep the kitchen cabinets locked so residents can't take my items. Children, teens and adults all can not open the cabinets. It's a great product.
I called Safety 1st with a couple of questions and the woman I spoke with was super nice and helpful. She even gave me a coupon code.
I do wish that it came with 2nd key. I purchased the 8 locks and 1 key package.
I purchased a flat magnetic strip and glued it to my office wall. Then i painted the magnet strip the same color as wall. The key is there on wall so I never misplace it.
My maintenance tech installed locks on cabinets. If I had to do it myself I probably would have chosen the adhesive product for easy install but lucky for me I have a maintenance tech.
5 Stars
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March 13, 2018
Easier to store cleaners and other household goods in other spots
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Los Alamos, NM
Works great, but...
March 10, 2017
We got this set since our cats are opening our cabinets banging the doors and crawling on our dishes, in search of food. They work great, but our teen daughter opened the cabinet, then put the key down inside, got her item out and shut the door, with the key, inside. Good thing we got a 2nd set, to have a magnet strong enough to open the cabinet door. I'd recommend to the company, to provide 2 keys with these sets. We can't be the only people this has happened to. I'm ordering a 2nd key, but they're expensive; HALF the price of the entire set. (Seems a bit STEEP, but we need it.) Otherwise, installed correctly, it keeps adults, teens and pets OUT.
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Wausau, +WI
Good magnets, but putting in was hard
March 3, 2017
I am impressed with the strength of the magnets. But the installation was frustrating! Ugh.
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carmichaels, +PA
it works
March 2, 2017
Definitely buy an extra key.And don't let your toddler see how you unlock it.
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G M.
Columbus, OH
Locks are great, install templates are horrible
August 19, 2016
The locks work great. The problem is with the self-stick install template. The peel first side worked as expected. But the second side (where it needs to transfer to the cabinet door) never revealed the sticky part. On all 8 templates, when I peeled the paper it remained stuck to the foam and shredded.
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buffy n.
Farmington, MO
These are amazing, I recommend them, they keep the kids out
July 15, 2016
These are amazing for keeping your kids safe.
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These work even on our old cabinets
April 11, 2015
I wasn't sure these would work for us because we have old cabinets with doors that close into the cabinet with a weird roller system. Some of the doors are even a little bowed and don't stay shut on their own. These keep my doors shut now! My husband installed them and we instantly loved them. Our daughter is young so I can't say how well they will hold up over time with bigger kids pulling, but they seem sturdy! These are worth it!!
  • On and off switch, helps keep our old cabinets doors shut, easy instal, baby can't pull open
Best Uses
  • Keeps doors shut and babies out!
Verified Buyer
August 12, 2014
We have four boys 2-9 yrs., they are no longer able to get into the pantry constantly! Totally blown away! We bought two more sets to get more cabinets locked including the bathrooms. A must buy for baby and kid proofing. Only negative is they only provide one 'key' so make to put it somewhere safe!
  • Well made.
  • On and off switch if not needed.
  • Easy install and instructions.
  • Works!
  • One 'key' provided.
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