Safety 1st Lift, Lock and Swing Gate

This item is discontinued.
The Safety 1st Lift Lock and Swing Gate has all controls located in the handle for ultimate ease of use. The decorative panel design looks good with any decor. The gate adjusts from 28 to 42" wide and is 26" high. The pressure mounts ensure that this gate is easy to install, and also allows you to easily move it between rooms. It swings open in hardware mount mode.
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Buffalo, NY
I would definitely buy this gate again!
November 28, 2022
We love this gate! It was easy to install
and so easy to use! We walk thru it many times per day. I am buying a second one.
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Dan M.
New York, NY
We liked it at first, until my son climbed over it!
October 5, 2022
We loved this baby gate at first. It was great we could block off the kitchen when my son played in the living room and take it off when we needed to go back and forth in an area with allot of foot traffic. It was also short enough for us to step over it. Installing a permenant gate might have caused a trip hazard there. It was easy to use and pretty light. We even bought three more for the bathrooms. However we regret the purchase becuase one day my toddler decided to climb over it and somersaulting onto our hard kitchen floor. Luckily he landed on his back on the other side (hes fine after getting things checked) but this could have been a catastrophy. The mesh panel with holes really made it easy for him to do so. He just turned two years old, so be prepared to store this when they start to climb. Climbing Hazard for sure.
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Asheville Nc
Gorilla Tested Dog owner approved
September 12, 2022
I used my first gate outside on my deck for my Shitzu , I even got second handed it's was in the sun and weather parts of the time and was outside all the time ! I was brutal on this gate for years (like 4 years) maybe 5 ? I was the Gorilla in the luggage commercial , lol but it was this gate instead of luggage , so when recently I finally blew out the top push down lock handle with a Bruce Lee punch which was my usual closing procedure , I wasn't afraid to go out and buy another one , even though my first was still operational missing most of the handle , that looked like a grenade had went off near , so do I give it a thumbs up 5 stars OH YEAH I DO !!!
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Schenectady, New York
Great value - sturdy
September 4, 2022
This is the best baby gate I've ever purchased. It is sturdy, easy to remove to take outside and wash. My only negative is that I had to look up on You tube to remember how to open fully to wash down with a hose. My memory - not the fault of the product. It is a dog gate in our house and we love it!! We can take it down if we have company and don't want to bother with the gate. My only suggestion is I would like to purchase more wall parts to be able to move the gate from one area to another.
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San Antonio
Poor Designed Hinged Gate
January 16, 2022
A previous reviewer is right. Huge heavy weight is resting on the little piece of flimsy plastic tips. I broke so easy when my kid closed the gate. All that plastic doesn't hold well when it's resting on a non-replaceable part.
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Victoria K.
San Francisco, CA
One handed use, super sturdy
October 30, 2020
Love that I can take this down and put it up with one hand since I usually have baby in the other. Super sturdy and easy to use.
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Satisfied f.
Hands down one of the best gates on the market.
July 16, 2020
I have no idea what previous reviewers are having issues with. This is my 5th time buying these gates! My 4th child just started walking so it was time for gates. I've used these exact ones for every child. Tried others but they just don't hold up like these do. Install is so easy a child could do it(with supervision)

Not only are the gates sturdy and easy to use the company is great too! I called up to order some more of the pieces that attach on the wall so I could use one in multiple spots and the company just sent them out no charge.. completely unexpected but greatly appreciated. They went above and beyond and that's the kind of company I like to do business with.

I will say this... There is a trick to these gates when using the hinge and gate stop cups.. you do not extend the gate all the way inside the cup.. just enough so it touches the back of it because when you lock it, it extends just enough to secure itself inside the cup! Even my 6 year old can get in and out by herself after showing her just a single time.
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Dad t.
Winnipeg, MB
Best gate I've owned for certain conditions.
November 5, 2019
I agree the locking mechanism is a little tricky but that's the point my toddler cannot get it open. I personally love this gate because I can put it at the end of the hallway and just remove it in the morning but with the hinges it actually holds unlike most pressure held gates. I would not use it as a permanent gate but for something at night to keep the kids out of the kitchen if they wake up and feel like getting into things it's absolutely perfect.
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Monterey CA
October 6, 2019
I installed and used this for a year to keep our puppy from using the stairs. Puppies that climb stairs a lot can get hip dysplasia. I removed it when she was old enough to use the stairs, but now I'm installing it again for the new dog.

I think the poor reviews are from people who use the temporary "pressure" mount instead of the screwed-in permanent mounts. But, I'm not sure I would want to trust that a toddler couldn't push over the gate at the top of stairs when only held by the pressure pads.
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April 24, 2019
I am a family childcare provider. I have used MANY gates. This gate is by far the worst. I need it to switch between two different doorways fairly regularly - nearly impossible to resize from door to door and even more impossible to get locked in place. I have to literally put all my weight on the locking handle to get it to lock.
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new york
Shame on Safety 1st this product is horrible
March 12, 2019
I purchased this gate for my in home daycare. What a mistake I have to fight with it to get the handle to go into unlock then I cant even slide the gate open. it took me well over 10 minutes to get it to open to get the hardware out. now it wont lock with the gate open. it is clearly not a one handed gate I struggle with two hands. I am very disappointed. I saw one review where someone had no issues they got lucky. I will be trying to contact safety 1st. by the way I only gave it one star because the website insisted on it
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Seattle, WA
Best gate ever!!
November 9, 2018
I was reading the comments of the past users and I have no clue what the problem is. The product is a bit difficult to get set up but the instructions guide you through it all. After the instal it is the best thing ever. There is no difficulty opening or closing It, my 3 year old can testify to that. It requires a small pull or a small push to open or close it. Works on small or wide hallways. Best gate ever. We are passing it on to other family members who have small children. You won't regret the purchase. Edit, up to age 3 it works perfect for small children out of a room or many rooms.
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Worst baby gate design- waste of money
June 18, 2018
This is a poor design for a baby gate. Company doesn't stand by their product- huge disappointment
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London, ON, Canada
Definately too hard to use if one handed!!!!
April 30, 2018
I have three of these!!! They're hard to stabilize because of the baseboard trim!! Now they don't lock into place until a two inch gap between gate and floor, child can easily pull over. Dog got through it in a day. I put a full load of laundry behind it, to ensure its place. Boo Safety First!!
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Belleville, NJ
NOT RECOMMENDED for carpel tunnel patients
March 24, 2018
I have tried many gates. This one is the only one that makes my carpel Tunnel start acting up. In order to lock it I have to apply all my weight to my hand and push down. There are many other gates that are easier on the eyes and much smother use and installation .
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Frederick, Maryland
DO NOT BUY IT, don't even take it for free!!!!
December 29, 2017
DO NOT BUY THIS GATE! It is poorly designed. The piece inside that allows you to lock, unlock and adjust the gate is designed with a built in failure point, and when it breaks, (and IT WILL BREAK), this is not a replacement part you can purchase, (I just called and tried to buy this part)! When it breaks the gate can not be reliably locked, and therefore creates a great risk to your family. DO NOT BUY THIS GATE!!!
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Worst gate ever don't buy. Hard to open and close.
November 24, 2017
Hate these gates.
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Mom P.
Works great indoors and out!
August 10, 2017
We have two of these gates. They're noisy when you open and close them and a bit heavy but they're so handy for stairwells, decks, barring off rooms, etc. We love that they are portable and very strong so I don't have to worry about my toddler knocking them down.
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North Carolina
Great door to move in different areas
March 26, 2017
I have odd door frame sizes and this was the only solution that fit my needs. It's great that you can take it to different rooms. Somewhat hard to use at first but then becomes very easily, as with many of the baby security products IMO.
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Port+Richey, +FL
Kid and dog friendly
March 25, 2017
Have a 10 year old product that has made it through my granddaughter growing and 3 dogs.
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Litchfield, +OH
Would pay more for the metal ones.
March 4, 2017
Great idea, but hard to push and pull.
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