ITEM# 22535CDE

Safety 1st Apex 65 Booster Car Seat 22535CDE Calder

This item is discontinued.
  • 22-65 lbs with internal harness
  • 40-100 lbs belt positioning booster
  • EPP Foam in headrest
  • Five point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • Two piece harness tie
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Fixed armrests with soft covers
  • Removable cup holder
  • Integrated shoulder belt guides in headrest
  • Extra padded toddler insert
  • Extra wide seat
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions:29"H x 19"W x19"D
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great seat!
August 15, 2008
love this seat! fits good in my two door car and its comfy for my son. nice and big so i wont have to buy him another seat, this turns into a booster as well.
katie B.
Love this seat
January 21, 2008
This is a great seat at a great price. The crotch strap is too short, but if you call the company, they will mail you a longer one at no cost! Good buy!
Great Seat
December 21, 2007
I love this seat. My son hit the max on his regular car seat and im so glad i came across this one. He is nice and comfy and it will last him a long time. And the price is so great here. At stores they sell them for 200+ and they only go to 45 pounds for the harness and this one goes higher. Its perfect and i reccommend it to anyone.
Great seat and price
December 5, 2007
This seat was recommended to me by a policeman who runs a car seat safety program. It is one of the few seats that offer the 5-point safety harness for over 40 pounds, and is, by far, the least expensive. The only draw back is that the arm rests are covered with a material that grabs everything. My granddaughters dress is always getting caught on it.
Finally, a 5-point harness for taller kids!
October 22, 2007
When my 3.5 year old grew too tall for her convertible seat, I purchased this one and it has been a great decision. Very comfortable for her...easy to install/uninstall, adjust, and buckle/unbuckle for me. Hopefully this is the last seat I'll have to buy her. I do find the easily-removable armrest covers annoying (they sometimes get flung around the car!), but after reading the review about the holes underneath also causing potential injury, I'll be sure to seal up the holes with something...thanks for the warning.
Nice seat!
October 19, 2007
Just wanted to point out to the person that had her daughter's finger stuck in the armrest: The armrests can be completely removed by removing a screw on the underside of the seat. makes getting the child in and out much easier as well. overall, a great seat for the price in my opinion, but I will echo the minor issues with the short and somewhat annoying crotch buckle.
Great Seat
October 17, 2007
This seat is an exceptional value.. My son out grew his Costco carseat so that was passed on to his sister. I didn't feel he was ready to sit in a booster at three so I purchased this seat. It really is comparable to the Britax.... I am pleased with this purchase. He is very comfortable and feels like a big boy in his seat. The pinching problem that everyone is talking about has never happen to me. If you call customer service they will send out a new strap at no charge. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is when I spoke to customer service about another seat and mentioned this seat she said let's register it. I gave her the numbers and the seat that I purchased on line only three months prior and found out it was already 2 years old. She said that the merchandise you buy online tends to be older than in the store... So if you can purchase it in the store do so. If not save the receipt for any warrenty issues that my come up. Bottom line excellent seat of the price...
Great Carseat!!
September 27, 2007
I wanted to comment on Eleanor's reveiw. The armrest covers do come off easily, but they must have updated the armrests because mine are solid, no holes to get fingers stuck! I love this carseat and my son looks very comfortable in it! He's 3.5 and I wasn't ready for him to be in a booster but he has reached the 40lb mark. We went with this seat and would do it again, it's a great seat at a great price!
Great value for the price
August 15, 2007
The best value for a forward-facing seat that harnesses up to 65 pounds that you can find. Has a removable pad that is easy to take out and wash if your kid is as messy as mine.
Sara B.
Great idea!
August 14, 2007
This seat is great for those kids inbetween a convertible and a booster. The belt positoners are the best type according to Consumer Reports and my daughter feels like she's in a "big kid seat." Just watch out for the crotch strap buckle clip; you can pinch little legs if you aren't careful. The crotch strap buckle is very close to the inner thighs and can get pinched very easily. Still a great seat for the price!
July 27, 2007
I liked this seat except for one problem: the armrest covers come right off. I thought it was just an annoyance until my three and one half year old daughter got her index finger stuck in the square hole on the top of the uncovered armrest. After an hour of using vaseline, soap, and icewater to decrease the swelling to get her finger out, we had to resort to cutting the plastic armrest off the chair and off of her finger. Very traumatizing for her and us! The seat is now ruined and I wouldn't use it again anyway.
Stacey W.
Great seat for a great price!
July 27, 2007
Installs easily. Price is right. Lasts until most children are grown out of seats. Converts to a booster after the harness (to 65 lbs) is no longer needed.
Great seat
July 24, 2007
This is a great seat! I was looking for an affordable seat for my 2 year old, and tried this one out in a different color. I liked it so much I went and bought a second one for my 7 year old. :)
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