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Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail - White

This item is discontinued.
For an easy, effective way to help keep your nursery odor and germ free, the Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail features a double-locking design and a multilayer, refillable liner that helps seal in odors and germs. The ergonomic Diaper Pail is designed so there's no need to bend down, and the foot pedal allows for easy, hands-free opening. The Diaper Genie pail holds up to 38 diapers at one time and the refill cassette holds up to 270 newborn diapers.

Double-Lock Design Helps Seal in Odors and Germs

The Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail features a double-locking design that seals in odors each time you drop in a diaper, helping to keep your nursery smelling fresh and clean. The built-in antimicrobial protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria.

Convenient Design: Ergonomic, Foot Pedal and Capacity

The Diaper Genie's tall, ergonomic design means you don't have to bend down to throw away diapers. The convenient foot pedal opens the lid so you never have to touch the pail with your hands. The pail holds up to 38 diapers at one time, and even allows you to dispose of toddler-size pull-up training pants.

Multilayer Refill Bag

The Diaper Genie Refill is designed so that dirty diapers only touch the refill film and not the pail, allowing the pail to stay clean with no mess. One Diaper Genie Refill can hold up to 270 newborn diapers, and a red indicator line on the bag lets you know when you need to replace the refill.

Easy Setup and Quick Disposal

The Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail is easy to set up without using any additional tools. For disposal of diapers when the pail is full, simply press the button on the front to open the unit, cut the bag with the built-in childproof cutter, and tie a knot at the top before throwing it away. Pull the refill bag to the full length of the Diaper Pail, tie a knot at the bottom, and close the pail back in place.

About Diaper Genie: Keep Your Nursery Smelling Fresh

Diaper Genie products feature technology to help prevent odors and germs from overtaking your nursery. Diaper disposal is easy and mess free with Diaper Genie Diaper Pail and Refill.

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North Kingstown, RI
Verified Buyer
Broken after only a month of normal use
March 9, 2019
I was excited to use a diaper genie product after having a cheap diaper pail that stunk. I really liked the diaper genie complete for the month that it worked. Then the foot pedal stopped working. I watched a YouTube video on how to fix it, but it still didn't solve the problem. The plastic is cheap and I do not have confidence in their products. Do not buy the diaper genie complete unless you only need it for a few weeks.
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Verified Buyer
Flimsy, broke after 3 weeks of use
March 4, 2019
My had an original Diaper Genie when my oldest son was born 6 years ago which made it into our second son and wa still in fairly good condition. So, when baby #3 arrived and we hade 2 in diapers, I purchased a new Elite Diaper Genie.

We immediately noticed that it is smaller, the plastic feels flimsier, and it just felt unsturdy. We went ahead and started using it anyway. We aren't even through the first bag dispenser package, and the foot pedal snapped.

Not worth the money, and very disappointed with the purchase. After 3 weeks, it is garbage and that money is wasted.
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Verified Buyer
Doesn't work
March 2, 2019
I loved the original diaper genie for my first son so I decide to buy this "upgraded" version for my second son.... I'm not sure if mine is diffective or if this is how it's made, the lid doesnt close after 5 diapers. To fit more than 5 diapers you have to shove the diapers down, its disgusting. Horrible product.
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Toronto, on
Verified Buyer
It's okay but not great.
February 28, 2019
We received the diaper genie as a gift as we had placed it on the registry at the recommendation of the store over other diaper pails. It worked great but from 6 months on it just sucks. Now that we are in to bigger diaper sizes they are constantly getting stuck and not dropping into the bag the way they should which leaves the top open and the smell escapes...wish I had got a different brand and will likely be replacing this one with another brand soon.
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Waukegan, IL
Verified Buyer
missing filter
February 24, 2019
I just bought this product and it is missing the carbon filter. Pretty disappointing because the last thing I want to do as a pregnant woman is haul this thing back to the store.
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Ottawa, ON
Verified Buyer
Very Poor Design
February 22, 2019
Bought this to replace an old one, with the older design, that we used for 5 years. The old one worked perfect, we gave it away and now had to buy the new design one. This new design is terrible, latch never closes properly, the area where it is supposed to drop the diapers is always stuck and I actually think it broken. Going to have to buy a different brand, if I had kept the box I would return this.
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Atlantic City, NJ
Verified Buyer
February 20, 2019
I have a six month old and I HATE this thing! the new feature with the claw, rather than spinning the bag, makes it difficult to get a large diaper in. The pail itself does not hold many diapers. Currently, my diaper genie is broken and will not go back together. A huge waste of money!
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Omaha, NE
Verified Buyer
Horrible. Old design worked better.
February 18, 2019
I bought this for our new baby, but it's horrible. The diapers get stuck and don't drop into the second compartment. The bottom latch broke within three months. I wish they sold the older model. The new design is terrible.
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Omaha, NE
Verified Buyer
Doesn't work!
February 16, 2019
I am so disappointed in this product. I purchased this about 4 months ago right before the birth of my daughter and already need a new one. I'll push on the foot pedal and the lid won't open - and if I can get it open it won't close! The level system just won't work right. I'm sick of trying to take it apart and realign everything. There are NO diapers stuck. I am so frustrated with this product.
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Katrina 1.
Verified Buyer
Genie diaper pail
February 12, 2019
After having my second baby I was eager to buy the diaper genie because I've heard so much about it and didn't get the chance to use it. The thought of having a bin where you don't have to smell poo all the time which ideally is what a moms life becomes anywhere you go you smell poo!. So I was super excited to buy it. Unfortunately it didn't live up to it's claimed purpose. Whenever I open the Pail to dispose of my diaper it has a awful rench like there an animal decomposing in it. The scent decanter does not do anything for me atleast. I feel like I need a mask before opening the pail. I change it once to twice weekly and only use it for the one baby and for it's purpose I was disappointed. If your buying it for function I would rate it 1 if your buying it for esthetics then 5 if you want your nursery to look complete and all. I just don't feel like spending that much money on a garbage can essentially is worth it.
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Annoyed M.
Rockville, MD
Verified Buyer
January 27, 2019
I would NOT recommend this product, unless you want your nursery smelling like dirty diapers. I have tried baking soda, filters, and every other suggestion I can find on the internet to make this diaper genie not smell. Unless the bag is empty, the entire room SMELLS like stinky diapers.
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Verified Buyer
Post Surgery - "Depends Genie"
January 26, 2019
I bought this after my husband's prostatectomy and we are very happy with it. We first heard of the Diaper Genie when our daughter purchased one for our granddaughter. We are impressed with the ease of use and the odor control. We have renamed it the "Depends Genie".
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Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
Not as good as previous models
January 18, 2019
This is our third diaper genie. We've had two other models. Both were much more functional.

I was VERY excited to receive it as a gift that I had registered for, thinking that it must be upgraded model.

We've had this one for two months with our new baby and it falls short of expectations and other experiences with Diaper Genie.

Our frustrations:
1. The hinge concept for emptying isn't very easy to use to get a full bag out.
2. The angle you're forced to pull the bag out also often creates tears in the bags as you pull down to create a new bag because you're forced to pull at an angel. So I'm wasting bags or don't realize it happens and once it's full it's torn.
3. The other day I pushed the button to open and heard cracking and the door fell open to the floor and two small plastic pieces broke off.
4. Now the lid won't close all the way even when the diaper genie is empty.

This is VERY frustrating and disappointing experience especially when we've had previously positive experiences with DG.
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Verified Buyer
December 15, 2018
It was fine for a year but now the trap door on top doesn't open. I didn't expect this to happen for something that costs almost $45. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!
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ballston spa, NY
Verified Buyer
Not the same
December 11, 2018
I am a new mom of a 3 month old premie who i just in size 1 diapers. I was so excited to get the diaper genie because i remember babysitting back in the day and being so impressed with the old model, but i am so disappointed in this model. It fills up so quickly and does not pull the diapers down, you have to reach in and push it down or open it up and pull it down. It does not mask the smell. We also have gone through so many diaper inserts. Thankfully this was a gift but i would not recommend this new upgraded product. I miss the old model
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Verified Buyer
Really usefull
December 6, 2018
It's good as long toi dont bref replacement parts. The opening door on top is broken and i cant find any parts to replace IT.
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Lancaster, PA
Verified Buyer
Doesn't Hold much, a Pain to Use
December 3, 2018
We have the Diaper Genie Complete. Our little one is 3 weeks old. We have been using the Genie for about 4/5 days and it is such a pain! The Genie barely has any diapers in the bag but refuses to accept more! I'm not sure what the exact capacity is but filling it in 4 days with less than 40 diapers! And our little one is wearing newborn/Size 1 diapers... they are so tiny! The bag refill has a lot of bag left but the cab has no room to allow it to continue filling. We also don't understand the trap door mechanism! When you open it the trap door opens, if you look again the diaper is still in the little trap area? Super disappointed in this product. Seems like a waste of money, especially if it's full after just s few days of use!
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Paducah, Kentucky
Verified Buyer
Loved it for the 6 weeks it worked
November 14, 2018
My baby will be 6 weeks old in 2 days and we have loved the diaper genie in that time. Very convenient until it broke. The lid doesn't come to a close now and the air tight system only open on one side now.
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San Antonio, TX
Verified Buyer
Poor quality
November 13, 2018
I got this genie 1-2 months ago and I've had trouble with it from the beginning ! Thought i could just ignore it but I can't! The odor protection doesn't work even tried buying new ones and nope still smells! And then where you open the Pail to take out the diapers it never wants to close right ! Takes me like 5 minutes to close it right and it is just sooo frustrating! Sometimes it won't even stay closed or only closes on one side!
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Verified Buyer
Broke after 5 months of use
November 11, 2018
I bought this 5 months ago and liked it however while I was changing the bag the other day the plastic hinges snapped off so I no longer have the front piece on it. This was disappointing considering the cost of this product.
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Paris, MO
Verified Buyer
Worked great for a year then broke
November 9, 2018
I was given this item as a baby shower gift. It worked great for the first 12 months but one morning, the back piece that pushes the lid up, bent in half. Now I am without a diaper genie. I don't want to buy a new one because I am disappointed with it's poor quality. 5 years ago, I had another Playtex Diaper Genie and it worked great for 3 full years.
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Verified Buyer
Works Great...For A Short Time
October 23, 2018
We got this product for our son from a friend who swore we shouldn't do without. We loved it! Very little smell, hands free operating system. I couldn't ask for more. HOWEVER it only worked for a short time. It stopped opening up and eventually the entire top would fall off instead of just the lid. Super disappointing because we were very used to it. Warranty information is very hard to find for this product and I can't help but wondering they know it doesn't stand up to regular use.
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South Dakota
Verified Buyer
Very Poor Odor Control
October 7, 2018
I ordered this about a month ago and I am less than satisfied with the diaper genie complete. It boast double air tight clamps to lock in odor. Two diapers in and I am blasted with the odor as I open it to drop in the 3rd.This is not anymore convenient or effect than just taking them outside to the dumpster. Taking time to constantly changing the liner does not fit well in a busy moms day. Also there were red marks on the lid upon arrival I had to use a magic earaser to remove?
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Ottawa, ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
Very disappointing and misleading
September 27, 2018
I received this as a gift so unfortunately I cannot return or else I would. I have had for 3 months and it smells horrible after one day of bag being changed. The smell lingers in the room for a while after the lid is opened. The filter does nothing, I have changed it and no change. I use the diaper genie filters and refills. It also does not hold as many diapers as I thought it would but when it smells this bad I have to change it more often anyways. Im also confused because it says "Elite" on the box but the top says "complete". I received a used one which I use on a different floor of the house which says "Elite" on the top. It is wider, shorter, does not have a filter and opens in the middle and I have to say it it much superior. It holds about double the amount of diapers and does not smell at all! It looks like it is marketed as the "complete" in the U.S.. I assume Playtex is trying to use the reviews for the older model as the reviews for the newer model because I cannot understand all of the good reviews. And added the filters so that we would spend more.
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Whitby, ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
September 24, 2018
I bought this diaper genie to replace my super old one that finally broke after years of use. I have had this version of the diaper genie since the beginning of August 2018 and it has caused problems since week 2. The cutting piece hardly cuts the bags and I typically have to rip the bags. It now will not open at all using the foot stet. The only way to open t is to turn it on it's side. Very frustrating because I loved my original one. I also find it doesn't hide the smell the same was as the old style.
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California, USA
Verified Buyer
Good... until it breaks on you
September 14, 2018
I got the diaper genie for my first kid... and functionally it worked great until all of a sudden it fell apart. I couldn't for the life of me put it back together. I didn't have the energy or time to call customer support to figure out how to replace it so I just made my husband buy a new one. I figured it must have been a fluke. But the second one just broke. I can't seem to go 6 months without some issue. It doesn't totally keep the super stinky smells at bay either :( sad & disappointed, especially after getting so many recommendations.
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ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
Broke after 5 months
September 13, 2018
Our first diaper genie lasted 3 years, I really regret getting rid of it when our daughter didn't use it anymore. We had twins this year and our new one snapped after 5 months of use. Twins are expensive enough, having to replace products so early one sucks!
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Rai Z.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Verified Buyer
Can't live with out!
September 6, 2018
We have this our our kids playroom and am thinking getting another for downstairs to avoid those diaper smells there too. I really like the height of this and when its trash day I can easily cut off the bag and not worry about I still have a half empty bag, ya know?
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Ontario, Canada
Verified Buyer
New design is horrible
September 6, 2018
We have an older previous diaper genie model and it works great. The new design is horrible. With the cutter being on top you'd have to pick up the full diaper bag and cut it in an awkward position. Not only it is awkward to cut the bag, the full bag rests on the diaper genie door eventually snapping the openin and closing door. Horrible redesign!!!! Will never buy current playtex diaper genie model again.
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Central, Newfoundland
Verified Buyer
Love/Hate Relationship
September 4, 2018
While I strongly believe this is a staple to have in every nursery, the smell after 8-9 months has been interesting to say the least. We have been using the diaper genie with proper carbon filters and the proper Playtex bag refills but we're finding it does not trap the odour very well anymore. I've tried washing the Genie and leaving it on the deck to air out but I've been pretty unsuccessful. It is terrible that the nursery smells after each opening. I truly love the idea of this, it makes discarding the diapers easily with out garbage service (diaper bags don't count towards garbage limits!) and always thought it was essential, despite my concerns I'm sure it's something we'll continue to use for our second child.. but in the meantime I'd love a solution to get rid of the lingering smell. Help Playtex!
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Disappointed c.
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Verified Buyer
Not as good as the older version
September 3, 2018
We had the Diaper Genie for our children in 2003-2006. I bought the latest version for a friend who had a baby. This new design does not control the odor like the older version. The older version allowed you to twist the top each time you inserted a diaper trapping the odor inside each twist of the plastic bag. This new clip feature isn't anywhere near as effective in trapping odors. I am very disappointed.
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Verified Buyer
Broken beyond repair
August 28, 2018
Like many other reviewers, I preferred the old style Diaper Genie. It lasted two years and through a move. This new one kept needing to be realigned and now it's broken to the point where it won't open. We've only had it for a couple of months.
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Disappointed p.
Lexington, KY, USA
Verified Buyer
the new diaper genie breaks apart
August 25, 2018
We had the circular/cylinder one and it was great. We now bought two of the new version (Rectangular) for our new baby and both break apart all the time. I wish we could get the old version back. Extremely disappointed parents here.
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Verified Buyer
It worked well before it broke!
August 20, 2018
We have had the Diaper Genie for 9.5 months and something happened and the lid will no longer open it's useless. Very disappointed.
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Jacksonville, FL, USA
Verified Buyer
This is a step back
August 10, 2018
I miss the old model, this model is unfortunately a step back from the old one.

The previous diaper genie trapped the smell much better and getting to the bag after the diapers filled the pale was much easier. With this model, I have to squeeze the filled bag out of the pale once it's full, which leads to puncturing the bag and more difficult handling. This model ends up leaving more of a mess and it's smelly all the time. I have to spray it with disinfectant regularly so that the smell doesn't carry out of her room. I don't even place diapers soiled with solid waste in this anymore since the smell is not contained well and I am concerned of it spilling. I do miss the previous model what was much taller, can contain the smell very well on it's own, and if you had to, you could really stuff the diapers in there without concern.

It's unfortunate since they ruined a well-made product.
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Mount Airy, nc
Verified Buyer
I hate it
July 25, 2018
We had purchased one of these back when our 7 year old was born. We just had to replace it when we had another child. I absolutely loved our old model it was great. We have the Diaper Genie complete now and I absolutely hate it. The opening comes off track all the time so that way it doesn't matter if you use the foot pedal is not going to open. Then you can't get the lid open sometimes we're lucky if we can put one diaper in without it coming off track. It is becoming a source of anger and frustration now in our household. I have nothing good to say about this.
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Flushing, MI, USA
Verified Buyer
Most frustrating item ive ever owned
July 8, 2018
I did nor register for a diaper genie... i figured it was not a necessity. Someone purchaswd me one anyway so i gave it a shot. I hate it. The stupid thing breaks every other time i ude it. The lid wont open because the back peice falls odd track. Its extremely tempermental when trying to fix it and it makes me so frustrated. I try fixing it six times straight whilr also trying to deal with a baby and it breaks the very next time i litterally want to chuck it out the second story window.
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Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
Falls apart quickly
July 6, 2018
I loved this diaper pail at first, but after only six months the razor that cuts the bags is so dull it doesn't work and the front no longer latches. We go out of town for weeks at a time, so it hasn't even been used for the entire six months and it's already falling apart. Once I use up the rest of my refills, I'm going to ditch this and try another brand. I think diaper pails are worth it but wouldn't buy this one again. It does work to hold the odor.
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Meadville, PA, USA
No smell!
July 6, 2018
I am a 1st time mom and I received a Playtex Diaper Genie Complete at my baby shower, it is one of the best products. It's small and doesnt take up much room. It's easy to change and its amazing how well it doesnt stink up my house. It works so well I bought another one for upstairs. Now I have one on every floor.

My daughter is a year old and I still use it.
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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Verified Buyer
Terrible quality product.
July 3, 2018
Recieved one for a gift and I was so excited to use it but 3 months in and the bottom hooks that hold the tilting door in snapped off. I thought it was a fluke and bought another one. Here we are 3 months again and they snapped off again. For something so expensive I would expect it to last longer than 3 months.
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Toronto, ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
Odour is terrible
June 9, 2018
We have been using the diaper genie now for 8 months with proper carbon filters and the proper bag refills and it does not trap the odour at all. I change the genie every 3 days and the carbon filter once every two weeks. I've even tried washing the genie out. It is terrible the nursery smells all the time. I love the idea of this and always thought it was essential.
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Yorba Linda, CA, USA
Verified Buyer
refill ring canister doesn't fit.
May 25, 2018
We got this unit 2 years ago and just recently emptied the original bag ring. We got some replacements, but they don't fit. The sides are too high by about 1/4", so the lid does not close all the way. Thus odors leak out all the time.
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Verified Buyer
Falling apart
May 15, 2018
I've been using mine for a year now and the top kept popping off. A few days ago the step part and the part that "grabs" the diapers stopped working. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Boston, MA, USA
Verified Buyer
Terrible odor control
May 14, 2018
I have the Essential and Complete. I also had the Elite but it broke so I purchased the Complete. The Complete it the worst for smell and function. It holds less diapers and the lid never closes properly.
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Ray B.
Louisville, KY, USA
Verified Buyer
Terrible Product
May 11, 2018
A diaper genie is a less functional version of a regular garbage can. If you just slap an air freshener on your current garbage can, you have a better version of the diaper genie. It is also unbelievably small and holds far fewer diapers than a regular garbage can for six times the price. It is nothing more than an invention aimed to get people to continually buy the smaller pieces that make it work (the diaper genie-specific garbage bags, the air fresheners, etc). Avoid the extra work that this useless contraption creates and just use a regular garbage can.
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Toronto, ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
Broke after first refill change
May 8, 2018
I miss my old Genie and I'm upset I spent money on this one. After emptying the 2nd time the thing crumbled.. I've out it back together 3x but everytime you step on the pedal it just falls apart again. Very dissassisfied as I cannot easily get out to buy another one post c section. Two kids with multiple diapers this is a total inconvenience.
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Cams 8.
Lexington, KY, USA
Smells & diapers get stuck
April 30, 2018
I was not satisfied with this purchase. the Essentials pail is far superior with odor control & ease of use. Mine doesn't drop the diapers & close correctly. I have to constantly tinker with it. Loved the idea of the foot pedal but it stinks. Literally.
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Irving, TX, USA
Verified Buyer
Great Gift, Poor Quality
April 29, 2018
We received our Diaper Genie as our first gift even before registering and didn't know how much we would appreciate it. For the first month it has worked fine then now the when opening only one side opens and have to reach down in to stuff the diaper in the bag. We have no issues with getting plenty of diapers into the bags and love the concept but the overall quality is sorely disappointing
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New York, NY, USA
Verified Buyer
Reduced functionality
April 20, 2018
This is the 4th diaper genie we've owned. We are very disappointed in the updated over previous generations. It no longer relies on gravity to pull the inset bag down to the bottom so if you forget to pull it down it has a whole 2 diaper capacity. We're also disappointed were not able to compress the contents. This causes us to 'cut' the bag higher than needed leading to significant waste of refill. I'd venture the redesign was planned to force additional sales of the refills. Also the cutter is not as easily accessible as previous versions making it more difficult to cut.
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Medford, NJ, USA
Verified Buyer
If it's not broken it doesnt close
April 20, 2018
I have two, one for upstairs and in for downstairs. BOTH are terrible. My son is now in size 3 diapers, and "if" I fixed it via an online tutorial, it still doesn't take a fully wet size 3! I have to hit the pedal a few times, then I get frustrated, so I have to open the bottom to giggle the bag to get the diaper to fall down. Currently the upstairs on is broken ..again... So I just took the ring with the bags and hung it on back of his door for now. So disappointed.
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