Peg Perego Viaggio Flex 120 Highback Belt-Postioning Booster Car Seat - Daytona

This item is discontinued.

Stroller Weight:
14.8 lbs

Weight/Height Capacity:
40-120 lbs/63"

Open Dimensions (in):
26 L x 17.25 W x 22 H

Folded Dimensions:
10 x 17.25 x 23.75

What's Included:

Integrated cup holders

4D Total Adjust Technology
The Viaggio Flex 120 can be adjusted in 4 different directions, which are all independent from one another:the headrest, the upper back, the side wings and the seat.

Rigid LATCH Installation
Integrated rigid LATCH allows for easy installation and stability. The rigid LATCH can also tuck into the seat when it is not in use.

Comfort Recline
The reclining seat can be set in five different positions, regardless of the postion of the car?s backrest, so that children can be perfectly relaxed - even on long journeys.

Compact Fold
The backrest of the Viaggio Flex 120 can fold down onto itself when not in use (even while attached via rigid LATCH), making transport and storage even easier.

Protect your child for years to come with the Viaggio Flex 120! Named for it?s flexibility and ability to conform to many different configurations, the Flex offers comfort and safety to children and peace of mind to parents. Made in Italy.

The Ultimate in Adjustability

The Viaggio Flex 120 has the unique capability to fully accommodate a child?s growth with it?s 4D Total Adjust Technology. This means the booster can be adjusted in four different locations: 1) the headrest can adjust to five different positions vertically, 2) the upper backrest adjusts three positions vertically, 3) the side wings can expand out three positons, 4) the seat can recline five positions. These adjustments can be made independently from each other, allowing for a truly original experience in comfort.

Security and Safety - Rigid LATCH, Aluminum Backrest

Securing the Viaggio Flex 120 to the car is made easier with the integrated rigid LATCH, equipped with a blind lock attaching system which prevents the seat from being accidentally released by another passenger. The rigid LATCH can tuck back into the base, allowing for an easy installation if LATCH is not available. An aluminum-reinforced backrest ensures safety and protection against whiplash in the case of a front-end accident and additional protection in the event of a rear-end collision. EPS throughout the side wings and headrest also serves to absorb energy during a crash.

Practical, It Folds onto Itself

The backrest of the Viaggio Flex 120 can fold down onto itself when not in use, even while attached via rigid LATCH. Transporting and storing the seat is also made easier because of the folding capability, making the booster one of the most practical around.

  • 4D Total Adjust Technology: The Viaggio Flex 120 can be adjusted in 4 different directions, which are all independent from one another:
    • 1) the headrest
    • 2) the upper backrest
    • 3) the side wings
    • 4) the seat
  • Rigid LATCH: Integrated rigid LATCH allows for easy installation and stability. The rigid LATCH can also tuck into the seat when it is not in use.
  • Blind Lock Attaching System: Prevents the car seat from being accidentally released by another passenger.
  • Can Be Folded: When not in use, the Viaggio Flex 120 can fold onto itself. This allows for easy storing and transporting.
  • Aluminum-Reinforced Backrest: Provides extra safety and protection against whiplash in the case of a front-end collision and additional protection in the event of a rear-end collision.
  • SIP: All Side Impact Protection protect?s child?s head, neck and spine. The wide curving headrest and broad backrest with adjustable side wings help protect against side collisions.
  • EPS: Energy-absorbing foam, Expanded Poly Styrene, in head rest and side wings protect child?s head and torso from impact forces.
  • Comfort Recline: The reclining seat can be set in five different positions, regardless of the postion of the car?s backrest, so that children can be perfectly relaxed -- even on long journeys.
  • Cup Holders: Two, practical cup holders fold into the base of the car seat.
  • Seat: Soft and anatomically-shaped with expanded foam cover, which ensures optimal comfort.
  • Fashion Forward: Upholstered with a variety of fashionable collections, in materials that will keep child comfortable.
  • Large Hoods: Keep both babies protected with large hoods that include a mesh insert that provides extra ventilation and a magnetic ?peek-a-boo? window.
  • Made in Italy: All Peg Perego baby products are Made in Italy. From concept, to creation, every step in the process is performed by Peg Perego and no one else.
  • Child Weight: 40 -120lbs
  • Child Height: Up to 63?
  • Open: 26? x 17.25? x 22? (HxLxW)
  • Folded: 10? x 17.25? x 23.75?
  • Product Weight: 14.8 lbs.
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Austin, Texas
Verified Buyer
Good buy
March 10, 2024
Seems very comfortable, my only negative was that I wasnt able to place it on the middle seat bc of the latching.
  • Very slim
  • Comfortable
  • Reclines
  • Cant place it on the middle seat
  • Flimsy cup holder
Verified Buyer
Amazing reclining booster!
February 22, 2024
Amazing to find a booster seat that reclines! So good for my 6-year old who still occasionally falls asleep in car. I want to go on a road trip just to test it out. The one concession is the last of armrests. That would make it much more comfortable.
  • Reclines
  • Lack of armrests
Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Great booster!
December 24, 2023
Love this booster!!! My son is 6 and fits in it perfectly, with lots of room to grow. Very well made quality wise and easy to install and fit to your child. Perfect for travel too.
New York
Verified Buyer
Glad I finally purchased this seat!
December 19, 2023
Fits well in our Jeep Grand Cherokee, leaving enough room for other passengers. Easy to install, I love the latch feature, no problem with the seat belt retracting- which we had with her previous booster. My daughter says it’s comfortable and she loves the recline!
Verified Buyer
Great small high back booster
December 7, 2023
Nice slim design. Easy to install. Material is great quality. My daughter is able to buckle it independently.
  • Narrow and easy to buckle
North Bend, Washington
Verified Buyer
Sleek and compact
October 27, 2023
Fits in the back seat of a 911. We did a ton of research to find a booster that would fit in the backseat of our 911. Aside from buying the Porsche branded booster which was double the price we took a chance on this. It works! Love the ease of the latch system and the sleek design. Best of all the red stripe matches the paint! My LO loves it so much she’s already talking about getting another to replace her other car seat she has almost outgrown.
  • Latch
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Travels well
Best Uses
  • Every day
  • Travel
  • Travel bag is sub par compared to the quality of the booster
Lexington, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
Excellent seat especially for tight spots
September 6, 2023
I did a TON of research before buying a booster for my 6 year old and this is the one! Nice and narrow for 3 across or small middle seat placements (I have 4 kids so wanted a versatile seat that would fit in any spot in the car). I love that it folds and has a recline option. Latch is great and very easy to use when you have it available; it sucks away easily when you don’t have latch. The lack of armrests was a plus for us - makes it a narrower seat and easier for my son to buckle himself. There are so many adjustments so you can make your child comfortable, and I appreciated that the width and headrest adjust independently, so I can keep it narrow when I need to fit in a middle seat, but adjust the headrest as high as needed (many boosters get wider as they get taller). Yes, this is an expensive seat and I was not thrilled to spend so much on it, but it’s a fantastic seat and I’m glad I got it!
  • Narrow, easy to use, foldable and highly adjustable, plus the red racing stripe just looks cool!
Best Uses
  • 3 across or small cars
  • Price
Skokie, IL
Verified Buyer
Slim, easy to install
July 10, 2023
Bought 2 of these recently for the 3rd row of my Honda Odyssey and they are great so far. Super easy to install and to make the size adjustments. The fabric feels nice but we will see how it holds up. The main reason I chose these seats is because they are slim and I want the middle seat to be usable.
Verified Buyer
March 28, 2023
My 5 year old is a big guy and was getting very uncomfortable in his 5-point seat. I was looking to keep him in as safe as possible. With this seat, he has plenty of room on either side now, and the seat belt hits exactly where it should. I was also wanting a seat that reclined still for long car rides and one that took up less space in my smaller SUV, and this is perfect.
Ridgefield, Connecticut
Verified Buyer
January 30, 2023
Solid seat, high back plus rigid latch, quality materials, made in italy, easy to transport, this checks all my boxes
Peg e.
Verified Buyer
Great booster seat with narrow base profile
January 23, 2023
It is a beautiful booster seat.
  • Geometry is great for comfort and likely for protection as well.
  • Low base profile makes it easy to reach the buckles for those around the seat.
Best Uses
  • 3 in a row or just a lux booster that should last for many years. Seems great for travel too given that some car rental like to charge too much for car seat rentals.
  • The high base makes it hard for the child her/himself to actually close the buckles. It is simply to low to reach.
  • My key problem and the reason to take off one star is that the seat can really only be used in either left or right seat position, but NOT in the middle unless your rear seat is a flat bench. That makes it a bit less suitable for sedans or other types vehicles where the middle seat has somewhat of an elevation. Still, it is Ok.
  • To the manufacturer: add a rear top anchor. That would be fantastic!!
portland , or
Verified Buyer
excellent quality
January 20, 2023
great quality, easy to install and love that it doesn't take up too much space
  • fold for ease of travel
Best Uses
  • 2nd car/ travel
  • rigid latch can sometimes be a bit fussy to clip in
Southern California Mountains
Verified Buyer
Compact and comfortable
April 2, 2022
This seat has it all. Our child is on the skinnier side so it’s perfect for her. Don’t know how great it would be for bigger kids. Love the ridid latch and how adjustable every bit of this seat is. It’s super comfortable and not having arms on the side makes it so much easier for a child to buckle by themselves. Pop out cup holders are a huge plus. I have been buying peg perego car seats since my babies were infants and this booster does not disappoint. The licorice fabric is so worth every penny. Seats look brand new after years and years of wear! It fits so well between two convertible car seats in my Yukon. My daughter loves it!
  • Material, cup holders, adjustability, functions, comfort
Best Uses
  • Collapses into itself for travel!
  • Small base
Fawn Grove, PA
Verified Buyer
LOVE this car seat!
March 21, 2022
I am highly impressed with this car seat. I love the simplicity of it but with all the safety features. There are no arm rests which make it very easy for my son to buckle himself. I also love the sleek design; it blends right in with our SUV seats! Highly recommend! The quality is reflected in the price and I will definitely be purchasing another one when my littlest one is ready.
Wonderful booster! Worth the $$$$
May 9, 2021
So I ended up with this booster for my kiddo because it is one of the few (possibly the only) high back booster that fits safely/appropriately in a Tesla model S.

My kiddo was skeptical, he was convinced he needed armrests, and a blue seat, but I figured he would come around once it arrived because he was so excited to switch over to a booster.. well, and he likes new things.

Well, much to my surprise, he prefers the peg flex to his nuna aace that is in our other vehicle. I love how simple the rigid latch it to install, and how nicely it folds up, it will be perfect to tote along for travel with its built in carry handle, I haven’t measured, but it seems perfect to fit in an overhead compartment in a plane.

As a CPST myself, I’ve had my hands on quite a few combo and high back booster, and aside from the somewhat high price point, we sure love this one!
  • Simple install, super narrow, one of the only high back boosters that safely fit in a Tesla model S (and I would extend that to any vehicle with a protruding fixed head rest) compact fold.
  • Price
garden grove, CA
Verified Buyer
Love this
June 13, 2020
Bought for my 7 year old and it’s a perfect fit. Very comfortable, spacious, and it reclines. The boosters locks right into the seat very tight. It’s easy to install and very easy to detach. I have three kids so I’ve struggled with car seats for many years. This is also perfect for traveling.
Milford, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Peg perego booster
April 5, 2020
We LOVE this booster!! Works great for my 4 and 7 year old. It's also super narrow so its maje 3 across easy
  • No armrests
  • 3 across friendly
  • Adjustable
  • Expensive
Bradenton, FL
Verified Buyer
High quality, small footprint
March 6, 2020
I love this booster, it’s the safety standards I expect from Peg with the ability to adjust 4 ways.. it looks beautiful, the leatherette fabric is easy to wipe & doesn’t get dirty easily. We went from 2 car seats across to 3 & this replaced my Britax Frontier. Having no arm rest makes it simple for kids to buckle on their own too. Highly recommend.
Customer Images
Los Osos, California
Verified Buyer
Great booster
April 3, 2019
I ordered this because we have a 2000 Passat wagon with not latch system. I installed with lap belt only on a 4 and 6 year old and they love them. I also had to fit three across so the peg oerego 4/35 infant car seat is in the middle. The bases are so narrow that the kids can still fit their hands in between to do the buckle. Wish there were better color options especially for my daughter but that has nothing to do with the quality and functionality of the seats. Will probably order these again when we switch for convertibles to boosters in our second car too
  • Skinny
  • Good fanbric quality
  • Folds
  • Can be installed shoulder belt only
Best Uses
  • 3 across
Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
April 2, 2017
We are completely satisfied with our purchase. Never spare expense for the safety of our children! This booster seat meets every expectation... Quality.
Verified Buyer
Fantastic car seat
October 14, 2016
Loving this booster and so glad I found it on sale at Albee Baby
  • No armrest helps kids buckle
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