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OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set

The OXO Tot Straw & Straw Cup Cleaning Set has everything you need to keep your tot’s drinkware in tip-top shape. Carefully designed brushes reach in and around bottle necks, straws, and other hard-to-reach places for a deep-down squeaky clean. The bottle brush bristles minimize water spray while you wash, the straw brush cleans out every type of straw, and the detail brush gets into crevices and small spaces in lids. Each brush has non-scratch bristles tough enough for serious scrubbing (without scratching) and soft, non-slip handles for a secure grip ? even when wet. Store all three brushes in the convenient Caddy, which holds the bottle brush upright or over your sink. The caddy has a pour spout for easy draining and comes apart for thorough cleaning. BPA and PVC free. Dishwasher safe.
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Bloomfield, NJ
April 22, 2020
The bristles on the brush are strong and durable, but flexible enough to easily fit into narrow cups and wide mouthed bottles. I am so impressed with this quality, we have tried other similar products in the past and they just fall apart or the little Bristles get all gross really quickly, plus don't clean well. My favorite feature is the storage caddy, I love that I can place them all inside and they stand up and don't have to lay all over my sink. I definitely will recommend this product to anyone that has little children are needed to clean bottles and plates.
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McComb Ms
Easy to Use Product
January 2, 2020
I am really enjoying this product. I finally trust my child's cups are clean because this product easily helps me clean all the spots that normal washing tends to not get clean. I like how it looks great sitting on my counter and that access to it is easy. This is a great product that is a great quality and I have no complaints.
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Seven Hills, OH
Perfect space saver
December 12, 2019
This is exactly what I needed at my kitchen sink. Cleared all the clutter at my sink and holds a bottle/cup brush and straw cleaner upright in one place. The bristles on the brush are strong and durable, but flexible enough to easily fit into narrow cups and wide mouthed bottles. It cleans 100% better than my old silicone brush, which I never really knew where to store anyway. The straw cleaner is rigid and strong- and comes in handle quite often, as we have been working towards transitioning to reusable straws. I have no used the diamond shaped brush yet, but I imagine it's to get into the grooves of bottles near the top. It is also rigid with strong, dense, bristles, and imagine it would clean much better than a regular sponge.

The holder itself has a spout at the bottom, so water doesn't it in the holder and get moldy and gross. The total footprint of this caddy is less than your typical sponge! Gray and white color scheme makes its versatile in any kitchen decor and it doesn't stand out. This is a quality item I will absolutely search for when it comes time to replace the current one. OXO does it again! Never a bad item from this company
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East Andover Maine
I now have a favorite bottle brush!
December 12, 2019
I just recently got this super cute OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set in the mail. We were right in the middle of moving to a new home and i finally unpacked it and checked out out last night. I never imagined I would ever have a favorite bottle brush, but I do now! The packaging was nice and simple and I really liked the easy open tab with the perforated back. No peeling plastic glued to card stock like others... The actual brush itself is soft enough that I don't feel like I'm scratching the surfaces I'm cleaning, but firm enough that I feel the brush is doing it's job well! I was skeptical of the tiny stand, but it's probably my favorite feature. It opens up so it's easily cleaned, small enough that it doesn't take up a noticeable amount of space, and I'm honestly baffled by how sturdy it is! This is my favorite brand for gadgets, I own a few other OXO products and stand by their wonderful quality!
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Bartlett, TN
A useful set for cleaning bottles, straws, & lids
December 11, 2019
We love this set. It's been great for thoroughly cleaning our water bottles and sippy cups. The large brush fits right into tall (and short) bottles and the smaller brush and straw brush are perfect for cleaning straws and around those small pieces that make up the lids to all kinds of bottles and cups. The stand keeps them upright and organized while they air dry. The stand also has a drain hole in it for draining out any water that drips inside while the brushes are drying. It's a very useful set and would be terrific to have in any household.
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Port St.Lucie Fl
Love this!
December 11, 2019
The brush comes with a holder so I have it with my other soaps in a little caddy. I love that it's easy on the eyes and not an eyesore to keep next to the sink. (I do keep the other cleaning tools in the drawer since we use those less) overall so happy with this!
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Hawthorne, NJ
Great for Wine Glasses & Reusable Water Bottles!!
December 11, 2019
I was lucky to receive this product from OXO to test and requested it knowing I would not be using it to clean baby bottles, but rather to clean reusable water bottles and, hopefully, wine glasses. My review is long but showcases how much I love this product for my intended use!

I truly cannot rave about this product enough. Overall, it's an exceptional eco-friendly tool as the bristles will last far longer than your typical sponge material. The brush is easy to hold, very light weight, and comes with smaller pieces to clean the even the tiniest nooks and crannies. The holder is sleek and keeps the product upright and out of the way when not in use. I feel less soap is used since the bristles don't absorb like a traditional sponge; you also can keep one hand primarily dry since the handle is far from the bristles.

For water bottles: the bristles are very flexible and allows you to get through small openings. The slim handle also makes it extremely easy to maneuver all around the inside of the bottle. I felt confident every inch of my water bottle was cleaned - even the small crevice in the cap, thanks to the tiny attachments.

For wine glasses: I can't gush enough about this newfound magical cleaner for wine glasses and champagne flutes. Typical tools with thick sponges at the base of a handle are too thick and big to get inside glasses. The shape of the OXO tool made it so easy to get to the bottom of the glass and I was confident there were no missed spots. This tool also allowed me to feel like I was doing a great job cleaning without using a lot of pressure - sometimes with a traditional sponge, I feel as if I hold the glass too tight or press to hard, which can cause damage. The bristles are soft but effective and will not cause any scratching or etching to the glasses.

Even if you don't have baby bottles to clean, this tool will be your go to when hand washing glasses and bottles!
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Pallavi D.
Iselin, NJ
Nice and lightweight
December 11, 2019
I tried the OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set and it is great.The brush cleans the bottles very well .I like the packaging it keeps all the accessories in 1 place . It is nice and easy to use and clean. I would recommend it to my friends and family.
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Nice cleaning set
December 8, 2019
It comes with three different brushes and a stand. The stand won't take a lot of space and it is very convenient and you won't loose the tiny brushes. This set can also be used on other regular bottles, mugs etc. The little brush is very useful and it is easy to use on straws etc. The brush cleans well. It is well made. It is a great cleaning set and I am very happy with it. I would recommend this product.
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Orlando FL
These bristles actually reach the bottom of the bo
December 7, 2019
I absolutely love how the Bristles reach the bottom of the water bottle. Seriously, the other brands ends are just wire so it's annoying. I love how the brush had an angle makes cleaning a breeze. Doesnt feel like a chore. The handles are a thick strong material which I love. This package also comes with not just one but two lid cleaners that work great. I love how the package comes with a stand. Keeps the brushes from getting bacteria and they air dry in a breeze.
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louisville ky
cleans hard to reach places
December 7, 2019
i absolutely love this. it cleans so great,gets places i couldn't clean before. it even cleans straws, i'm very impressed. great quality, great value. i am glad i got one. it is very useful. i am very satisfied.
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Everett, WA
Great Combination
December 6, 2019
First indicator it was a well thought out product was that the package was easy to open. Didn't have to get a pair of scissors and cut through hard plastic. The brush handle is large and the grip is rubber coated for easy handling. Bristles are spaced in bunches to allow one to easily remove any debris from between bristles. The two small brushes are just the right size for straws and lids. The wire used is the right gage to be firm and a little flexible. At first I thought the base that holds the three brushes would be too small and easily tip but it stays in place.
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Deep cleans without scratching.
December 4, 2019
This set is so convenient, the tot water bottle and straw cup cleaning set from OXO works so well! It's easy to use and comes with this quaint little caddy to store the cleaning brushes in. The bristles really get the hard to reach spots and truly deep cleans it. I love the straw cleaning brush so much. It gets in there and scrubs it clean every time. The little brush is perfect for cleaning details and lids, not only does this set work perfectly, it's easy to clean too. I highly recommend this cup and bottle cleaning set, I won't use anything else.
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Best stand for the bottle brushes!
December 4, 2019
Don't let the OXO Tot category fool you. I use this on ALL the water bottles in our house! OXO finally combined two of their great products into one set with a stand that holds them upright to dry.

Straw & crevice cleaner are great for cleaning all sorts of lids, straws, and sip spouts. The straw brush is even long enough to clean more than half of my 40oz straw bottle too. The bottle brush is like any other one and does its job, but I wish they included the fluffier bottle brush instead of this one which is the only hangup I have about this set. (Tip: the other fluffier bottle brush fits in this stand too!)

*I received this product to try as a part of the OXO Insider program.
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Clovis, CA
Great set
December 4, 2019
I liked this set a lot. It is comfortable to use and the attachments are great. The small circle attachment can get into all the hard to reach spots on the sippy cup lids to get that stubborn milk out. I love the holder and that the bottom comes off so you can clean out the water. Only thing my husband said as he wished the scrubber had bristles around the whole thing.
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Jefferson, Ga
easy to use
December 3, 2019
I love how easy to use the cleaning brush is. It cleans very well with soap, and fits well into most bottles. I like the smaller brushes to get around little things like bottle caps. It's so useful! It has a nice stand to hold all 3 brushes, and it stays pretty well without tipping over. The quality seems pretty good to me!
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Sugar Land
versatile and sturdy!!!!
December 3, 2019
Cleaning a Tot bottle was always a struggle for me but after trying this OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set i am amaze it made my life easy as It reaches all the way to the bottom of the bottle.This all-in-one set has everything you need to get bottles and sippy cups Squeaky clean.I use to do the "stuff a paper towel in the neck and swish it around with the back of a wooden spoon or whatever I found that fit in the neck" method. Now, I don't have to do that anymore plus the Straw brush deep cleans every type of straw which was always a struggle to clean too. It is very helpful to clean for narrow areas. The product quality is really good. The soft, non-slip handles provide a firm grip, even when wet. This set comes with a stand and at the bottom it has a little drain type opening so you don't need to worry about mold or drying. Oxo Tot water bottle & straw cup cleaning set are so versatile and sturdy! I would recommend it to anyone.
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Davison, Michigan
Cleans very well
December 2, 2019
I've been using this product for a couple weeks now , and I'm very pleased with how well it works . What I really like about this, is that it comes with different sized and shaped attachments to clean different types of cups/bottles. The bigger attachment is great for wide baby and water bottles , it reaches down enough to clean the bottom and sides. I also like the long and skinny attachment for straws , it smoothly inserts in and cleans very well . The smaller attachment is good for nipples on bottles , and smaller openings . The handles are very easy to grip to hold the attachments, so they don't slide out of your hand while cleaning . A huge feature that I like the most , is the holder for all the attachments. It holds them upright to dry easily , and keep in one spot , and has a small drain hole on the bottom of base so water doesn't get trapped inside. This is made with high y, and works as it says it does . I would highly recommend this, and I will buy another when the current one I have needs to be replaced. I was very fortunate to test this for my honest opinion.
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Stuttgart Arkansas
Great For Bottles!!
November 30, 2019
For any new mothers or mothers in general, this set comes in handy when having babies and using bottles. My bottles were hard to clean when I didn't have a brush to clean them around the edges and hard to reach places. There is 3 different pieces, they work in different ways. Bottles are a ton cleaner and are very easy to use. Love being able to use these, my sons bottles look a ton better.
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Castaic, CA
Very useful!
November 29, 2019
When I received the OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set I was impressed by the packaging. You could clearly see all items and included pictures of use along with easy descriptions. Opening the package was a breeze with the Easy Open tab and perforations. no need for scissors or other tools to get to the product.

Before opening I was concerned that the bottle brush would be top heavy and topple the holder over on the counter. Then I saw that it was designed to stand up or could be laid down in the base. All three brushes are easily removed or returned to the holder.

The straw brush tip has been coated to protect from being poked. The Detail Brush is perfect for getting the hard to get areas on the tops. In fact I find myself using it on our storage containers also.

Great product!
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Arlington, Texas
Awesome Bottle Cleaner
November 29, 2019
One of my biggest pet peeves is how hard it is to clean bottles, whether they are baby bottles or tall water bottles. I can never reach the bottom, or fully scrub the sides, because I can never seem to find a good sturdy long handled bottle cleaner. This OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cleaner is perfect for the issues that I have.

The handle is long enough for me to reach the bottom of even my tallest bottles, making it easy to scrub the walls and the very bottom. Additionally, this set comes with 2 straw cleaners; a slender one for cleaning the inside of straws, and the other for cleaning the nipple on bottles.

I love that they all have their own little spot in the holder, which self drains! This is definitely the very best bottle holder I have ever owned!
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Perfect find
November 29, 2019
My kids are obsessed with cups with all the extra places to clean and this cleaning duo is the absolute best I have found there is out there. It fits in all the right places without trying hard. It effortlessly cleans with ease and shine. It doesn't leave any gunk behind!! I am pleased every time I go to use it and so happy with it. It also comes with two extra smaller brushes for a straw and a smaller one to get in harder places. They all work so perfectly!! I recommend this brush set for anyone looking for cleaner dishes in a second knowing that you got it clean the first time you cleaned it!! Yes yes yes !!! Go buy it!!!!
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hOUMA la
OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set
November 29, 2019
OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set is a wonderful product for every household. These small brushes get out all the dirt and grime that can be left in your straws that that you can't see until it's too late. It's very simple to use ND STORES IN IT'S OWN BASE ON YOUR COUNTERTOP OR IN YOUR CABINET.
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