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Owlet Smart Sock 2 Infant Heart Rate & Oxygen Monitor

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Owlet Cam Baby Monitor
Include the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Infant Heart Rate & Oxygen Monitor



Age Range: 0-18 Months
Sock Dimensions: 5.25" x 2.1"
Sock Weight: 0.1 oz
App Compatibility: iPhone 5 or later (iOS 9 or later)

What's Included: 3 fabric socks, sensor, base station


Smarter, More Reliable Sensor

Owlet's updated sock sensor is flexible and designed to adapt to your baby's foot as he or she grows. Updated pulse oximetry algorithms increase the precision and accuracy of your baby's readings.

Redesigned Sock

Designed for a better fit and placement, meaning more accurate readings. Hypoallergenic cotton gently wraps around your baby's foot, and the sock can be worn on either foot, allowing parents to alternate as needed.

Better Bluetooth. Better Base Station.

Improved Bluetooth range, up to a 10x increase (100 feet), between the Smart Sock 2 and Base Station.

More Data. Less Worry.

Improved interface with sock sizing guide, push notifications and real time access to your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels.

Smart Sock 2 uses pulse oximetry to track your infant's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. This information is transmitted to your phone via a base station that is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if these numbers fall outside of preset zones.

Glancing at a traditional baby monitor doesn't give you the whole story of your baby's well being. Other baby monitors require you to be constantly watching or listening in, and they don't tell you vital information about your little one. Owlet watches your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels and is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing.

Owlet isn't just a necessity for your baby, it's a necessity for you as a parent because parents need sleep too! You can't bring your "A-game" to parenting if you're sleep deprived. Let Owlet be up all night, so you don't have to be.

Features & Enhancements

  • Smarter, More Reliable Sensor
    • Pulse Oximetry: Updated pulse oximetry algorithms increase the precision and accuracy of your baby's readings.
    • Flexible: The updated sock sensor is flexible and designed to adapt to your baby's foot as he or she grows.
  • Redesigned Sock - Soft, Simple & Secure
    • Sure Fit Technology: Innovative new sock design offers a more secure fit and intuitive placement, meaning more accurate readings.
    • Comfortable: Hypoallergenic cotton gently yet securely wraps around your baby?s foot and designed to grow with your infant.
    • Universal Fit: Updated fabric sock can be worn on either foot, allowing parents to alternate as needed.
  • Better Bluetooth. Better Base Station.
    • Increased Range: Improved Bluetooth range, up to a 10x increase (100 feet), between the Smart Sock 2 and Base Station.
    • Notifications: Improvements in hardware resulted in 4x fewer red and yellow notifications.


  • 3 Fabric Socks w/ Universal Fit - Sizes 1-3 (Up to 18 Months)
  • Smart Sock Sensor (Pulse Oximeter w/ Bluetooth Technology)
  • Base Station with Extended Range (10x Original Version)
  • Charging Cords
  • Exclusive access to the Owlet app


  • Dimensions
    • Smart Sock - 5.25 x 2.1 inches
    • Base Station - 3.5 x 3.5 x .7 inches
  • Weight
    • Smart Sock - 0.1 oz
    • Base Station - 0.8oz
  • Connectivity
    • Sock: bluetooth 4.0 up to 100ft
    • Base Station: wifi 802.11b/g/n
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable sock lasts up to 18 hours
  • Age Range: 0 - 18 months
  • App Compatability: iPhone 5 or later (iOS 9 or later)

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Nice extra piece of mind!
By Carly
from Georgia
on May 3, 2020
Verified Buyer
Shipped quick & love how they provide tracking/alerts. Easy to set up & use. Itís a nice extra sense of security.
  • Easy to use & set up
  • App takes a little to refresh each time checking. Often says they are ?wiggling? & finding reading when sleeping perfectly calm.
Great Product
By Cheyenne
from Littleton, CO
on January 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
We have been using this product since our two-year-old son was born. So we have used it on two kiddos so far and it is still awesome! Our daughter got diagnosed with RSV last year at a month old and the Owlet played a huge part in letting us know that we needed to take her to the hospital for oxygen.
Best purchase ever!
By Trace
from North Carolina
on October 28, 2019
Verified Buyer
I was back and forth on buying this but I'm glad I did! While I still check on my baby it's a good feeling knowing that the Owlet is tracking while I'm sleeping. The sock doesn't seem to bother her at all and it stays on once you get the hang of it. It's worth the money for peace of mind and would recommend this especially for first time parents like I am.
Peace of mind
By Caitlin
from Philadelphia, PA
on May 23, 2019
Verified Buyer
We have used the owlet on our daughter for almost 18 months. While weíve had the occasional false alarm, I could count those on one hand over a year and a half. When our daughter was sick the owlet connected care app showed me that her oxygen was dipping below 90%. We took her in to the pediatrician and found she had bronchitis. We are so grateful the app showed us that this wasnít just a normal cold but something more serious. Itís worth every penny. Iím sad that we will need to stop using ours soon as our daughter is aging out of it.
  • Peace of mind
  • Accurate
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Easy to put on
  • Excellent customer service
  • Occasional false alarm
Essential Tool
By Serina T.
from Michigan
on April 21, 2019
Verified Buyer
I credit the Owlet with helping me get my son the help he needed. After buying this, I noticed that my infant had saturations that trended low. Then he got sick and ended up in the hospital on oxygen. Without the Owlet trending records, I would not have known that he had oxygen issues even prior to his illness. We were able to go home on oxygen and get him further assessment with an ENT. I am an experienced parent to eight and wish I had had this with my other seven babies! I have used this concurrently with hospital grade pulse ox, and it stays within 1-2 points at all times.

The only negative: you cannot edit the parameters. So my son needs to have an alarm go off if his saturations are below 90; the Owlet is set to 80 and cannot be changed.
Highly recommend, especially for first time moms
By Megan
from Johnstown, Colorado
on April 12, 2019
Verified Buyer
Get peace of mind with the Owlet sock - totally worth the price to know that you and your baby can sleep in peace, knowing youíll be alerted if something goes wrong.
I slept better knowing my twins were monitored.
By Twin M.
from Florida
on February 14, 2019
Verified Buyer
We purchased the Owlet socks for our twins and used them as soon as they came home from the hospital. We hardly slept when our firstborn was an infant because we were so worried. This time around we decided to purchase the Owlet smarts socks and we slept so much better! The Owlet also came in handy for monitoring our one twinís oxygen level when he had multiple bouts of bronchitis, croup and finally pneumonia. I was able to report the readings to the pediatrician and then he could give us his recommendations. It was definitely nice tool to have during those tough times. Theyíre coming up on their first birthday next month and I plan to continue using the socks until they outgrow them. I think will be able to at least get another six months out of them.
Peace of Mind
By Jazer
from Irving, Texas
on January 28, 2019
Verified Buyer
Our first born used this to help us sleep better at night after taking him home from nicu. Worth the price and now our 2nd baby gets to use it as well. Still works well and app has improved
Piece of mind
By Liz
from Kearney, Nebraska
on January 18, 2019
Verified Buyer
This is an amazing product and gives me a piece of mind knowing my baby will be okay. As a mom my biggest fear is SIDS. I feel that with this monitor it gives me a step ahead of any problems my baby may have as he or she sleeps. I feel this is a must have for all parents.
Must Have for New Parents
By Kara
from Missouri
on January 4, 2019
Verified Buyer
So much piece of mind!! My daughter is over a year now and we have used it since birth and still use it from time to time. Its nice that they now include the Connected Care app for free so you can see cumulative data on your baby's stats.

We had an issue with our monitor a few months in, and Owlet replaced the entire monitor - no questions asked. Great customer service!
Must have
By Candice
from Inlet Beach, Florida
on January 1, 2019
Verified Buyer
This is hands down, the best baby product we purchased. I have two teenagers and things like this didn't exist when they were babies. There were lots of nights spent sleeping with one eye open, checking on them every few minutes. We've used the Owlet with our youngest since the day she was born. She's now 13 months and still fits in the sock and uses it every night. This has been by far, the best money we've spent.
Make the first time parent more relief
By Chia-Lin
from Mountain, California
on September 26, 2018
Verified Buyer
I really like the Owlet. I can check my little one's heart rate and blood O2 level using my phone. I can even tell if she is in the deep sleep. It really makes me more relief during the night time.
Best monitor on market
By Nathan
from Morris, Illinois
on September 16, 2018
Verified Buyer
This product is not a waste of money. Taking our babies home from the hospital was a relief but knowing the risk of SIDS was nerve racking. Simply place smart sock onto foot verify itís linked to docking station and sleep tight knowing that this product will notify you if anything goes wrong! Great product highly recommend
  • You?ll sleep like a baby
  • None
Provides great piece of mind
By Msy
from Gray, Louisiana
on August 7, 2018
Verified Buyer
I just love this item. The Owlet allows parents to enjoy parenthood without the stress of worrying. Itís awesome to be able to put your baby down to sleep and not feel like you have to watch over them. Perfect little device.
LOVED this as a FTM!
By Lauren
from Winston-Salem, NC
on August 2, 2018
Verified Buyer
Loved this product especially as a FTM since nerves/hormones/anxiety can run so high with a new baby. This lovely little sock gave me the peace of mind at night to sleep a little more than I otherwise would have.
My only two cons on the owlet would be the hefty price tag (Albee baby was running a deal when I bought mine on Cyber Monday), and that tonlaunder the sock youíre supposed to do it hand wash only.
  • Peace of mind
  • Mommy slept (a little)
Best Uses
  • New babies less than 6 months old
  • Cost
  • Laundering
A favorite
By Britny
from brookhaven
on May 15, 2018
Verified Buyer
I love my owlet. We have used it since day one and now my baby is 10 months. We still love it! It's one of my favorite things that I bought for my baby.
Best Uses
  • I always like to put in on my sons left foot. I feel it fits better there but it can be used on any foot.
  • None
Sigh of relief
By sara
from saginaw, MI
on May 10, 2018
Verified Buyer
Helped me rest easy in the early months. Especially since we coslept.
  • Works great, accurate
Best Uses
  • Newborn, first time parent.
  • Easy to forget to use, sometimes doesnt pick up pulse/o2
Best gift EVER!!!
By Lauren
from Bell Buckle, Tennessee
on March 21, 2018
I received this owlet as a gift & couldn't be happier. This product has everything you need for a peice if mind while baby sleeps! Thanks you for offering this item Albee Baby!
  • Peace of mind.
Peace of mind
By sadie
from Birmingham, Alabama
on March 17, 2018
Verified Buyer
I decided to buy this expensive item after reading a ton of reviews from different sites. Every mother is concerned about SIDS, and is worried about newborn getting the right amount of safe sleep, even if the child is in a bassinet right next to you. This device, which wraps around his foot, gives me peace of mind. If I am asleep and his heart rate or breathing slow or quicken to unusual levels, my phone will beep. For health and safety reasons, this is one of the items I absolutely knew I had to get. The big ticket items I wanted were my strollers, car seats and this monitor.
Premature newborn twin
By Samina K.
from Los Angeles, CA
on March 4, 2018
Verified Buyer
This device was an expensive purchase especially because I had to buy two! However, the piece of mind I get knowing that my babies are safe and tucked away in their bassinest allows me to get the much needed sleep I have missed over the last 9 months. My boys were born at 31 weeks and required a short, considering, stay in the NICU. I was comforted by the pulse oxytomotrue their in the room and have replicated it at home. We have had a few false alamarms, but I'd rather error on the side of causion rather then rush non responsive babies to the ER. Bottom line, for my preterm twins, worth every penny of investment!
Peace of Mind
By Rebecca
from Ft Meade, MD
on February 23, 2018
Verified Buyer
We've been using the Owlet every night for the past two weeks on our newborn, and so far we really like it! I rest much better knowing that my baby's heart rate and oxygen levels are being monitored. Before we owned this, I'd wake up several times a night to check on our babies to make sure they were breathing. Now when our baby is asleep, I can sleep! We've had one "red alert", which means our baby's oxygen level was below 80%. We were alerted immediately on our phones and through the base station.
  • Bright light on base station that cannot be dimmed; sock must be charged every day or the battery dies (we just make it a routine to plug it in when we take it off our baby)
By july
from new Jersey
on January 19, 2018
Verified Buyer
I have not used the product yet but just knowing that i will be able to monitor the baby is great. I have been wanting the owlet since I had first seen and can't wait to use it.
  • small
Best Uses
  • when baby is sleeping
  • sock may come off of babys foot
Offers Peace of Mind
By Gordita
from Texas
on January 1, 2018
Verified Buyer
We worried a lot with our first born. This wonderful invention gives us the peace of mind we need to enjoy a good nights sleep. The sock itself is great. It is frustrating that you have to subscribe to the app to track any health statistics. For $300 you would think the company would offer that for free.
Peace of mind
By Kathy
from Chicago, IL
on December 19, 2017
Verified Buyer
Gives me peace of mind at night. Easy to use, and the app is simple too.
  • Does not work when baby is in a swing.
HANDS DOWN - The BEST baby purchase you will make!
By Ryan
from Fort Worth, TX
on December 17, 2017
Verified Buyer
I recommend the Owlet Smart Sock to every couple expecting a child whether they are a family member, friend, co-worker, or just a complete stranger out and about. This sock has provided us with countless nights of reassured sleep that our little one is just fine. Being able to open the app to check on them as sleep without getting up is just an added bonus. While it seems pricey for just a sock - it is worth every penny so quit questioning it and just get one.
Great purchase
By Amanda
from Southaven, Mississippi
on December 1, 2017
Verified Buyer
Very happy with this purchase. Easy to set up and use.
Great product for monitoring baby
By Marnie
from Livingston
on November 15, 2017
Verified Buyer
We bought the Owlet to help us monitor our baby girl when we sleep. The sock is easy to put on (harder to stay on all night) and base station is easy to use. We use the app to monitor her heart rate and oxygen level. When our baby girl removes the sock, the base station plays Rockaby Baby and turns yellow. This device was well designed and indicator light is easy to see at night. Highly recommend!
  • Easy to use and provides valuable tracking information
  • Base station is easy to see at night
  • Sometimes the baby can remove the sock
First Time Mom w/ Peace of Mind
By Brittany
from Virginia Beach, VW
on November 8, 2017
Verified Buyer
My husband and I were hesitant to purchase the Owlet due to the cost, thinking it was a luxury and not necessary. Oh boy were we mistaken. We brought our little one home and I was so exhausted, not because he wasn't sleeping, but because I was continuously checking him out of fear some thing would happen. So my husband suggested that we purchase it... did I mention how much I love this man. Seriously this was one of the BEST baby gear purchases we made and we are LOVING it!!! It's so user friendly and well functioning. The owlet team has great customer support and are loaded with great information. I will recommend this to all of my friends as a MUST HAVE registry item!
  • Easy to use
  • Baby doesn't seem to notice sock on
  • Huge piece of mind
  • Great company customer service and support
  • Range of sock signal could be better
Eases parents minds
By Sarah
from Gilbert, Arizona
on September 13, 2017
Verified Buyer
Wonderful product and great price from Albee Baby. The Owlet is easy to place on baby's foot, and I have had zero problems with the app, as long as there is strong internet connection. Setup was very easy, just register with primary account, and use same information when logging in from 2nd device. It gives the parents of the sleeping baby some relief to see baby is breathing well. And now we have had better sleep. Great warranty and very happy with purchase!
  • Safety, piece of mind, warranty
Best Uses
  • Infant safety
  • High price, but better deal on Albee Baby
Peace of mind!
By Leah
from Michigan
on September 5, 2017
Verified Buyer
So thankful we could use a coupon code for this item! We love our owlet and recommend it to everyone. Our daughter was previously on a medical grade apnea monitor and this is a change that we welcome!
  • Wireless
  • Small
  • Accurate compared to medical grade apnea monitor
Best Uses
  • Parents with infants with a history of apnea
  • Sock stretched out after a few weeks
  • the wifi disconnects at random times
Piece of mind
from Montana
on July 15, 2017
Verified Buyer
This is a gift for my daughter for my first grandson , to help give the new mom piece of mind
Easy to use
By Sandra
from Texas
on June 28, 2017
Verified Buyer
Easy to set up and use. Stays securely on foot.

3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Wichita, KS asked:
May 5, 2018
what is your return policy on this product?
Return Policy: - 60 days from date of receipt - item cannot be used in any way - must be returned in the original box with all of the original packaging materials - customer is responsible for return shipping costs
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on May 6, 2018

from San Diego asked:
December 18, 2017
Do you have to have a cell phone to use this monitor
If you have wifi you can connect it to your phone. If you do not have wifi you can use your base station as the alert system and it will notify you if you receive an alert.
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 19, 2017

from 47130 asked:
November 26, 2017
Can you you use a normal sock over top or a sleeper sack? Would that interfere with signal?
From Owlet: "In order to get a good read, the Owlet Monitor's Smart Sock must be the first layer on the skin. Beyond this, it can be worn under traditional socks or under footed pajamas."
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 27, 2017

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