Owlet Dream Sock Plus Smart Baby Monitor - Mint

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Be there for Baby with the Owlet Dream Sock, from the brand that has monitored over 1 million babies. The Owlet Dream Sock wraps comfortably around your baby’s foot to safely and accurately track Baby’s Sleep Quality Indicators, including heart rate, average oxygen level, movement, and wakings. View these indicators, as well as Baby’s current sleep state and more, in the Owlet Dream App.

NEW Predictive Sleep Technology automatically tracks your baby’s sleep and wake windows so you don’t have to, and the Dream App will let you know when Baby might be ready for sleep—before they’re overtired.

Create healthy sleep habits for your baby from day one thanks to Owlet’s technology and sleep program which includes an adaptable sleep schedule built just for your baby. Owlet's award-winning technology, expert content, and baby sleep tracker app will arm you with the tools to help the whole family sleep better.

  • Dream Sock wraps around your baby’s foot comfortably
  • Tracks heart rate, breathing, wakings, movement, and current sleep state
  • Advanced algorithm learns your baby’s natural sleep behaviors
  • Predictive Sleep Technology helps you know when Baby might be ready for sleep
  • Bundle includes 4 infant-sized fabric socks plus 2 toddler-sized fabric socks

Usage age/weight:

0-18 months/5-30 lbs

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