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Olababy Rechargeable Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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Olababy Baby Nail Trimmer Replacement Pads (2PK) - 6-12 M
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Olababy Baby Nail Trimmer Replacement Pads (2PK) - 0-6 M
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Minimize the fuss with your regular grooming and manicure routine.

Are you terrified of accidentally nicking your little one’s skin while trimming their nails? The Olababy rechargeable nail trimmer is designed to relieve that fear, eliminating those accidental cuts that can occur when using sharp nail clippers.

Mild on the Nails and Skin
The Olababy rechargeable nail trimmer features gentle rotating filing pads, preventing potential damage to surrounding skin, cuticles, and nail beds.

Ideal Visibility
Equipped with a built-in LED light to provide optimal lighting for better visibility, this high-tech trimmer includes all the gadgets to keep your nerves to a minimum.

Trim as Baby Sleeps
The nail trimmer functions with a motor as quiet as a whisper, enabling you to trim your baby’s teeny nails without waking them from their sleep.

Complete Grooming Set
The complete package includes the nail trimmer, 4 x filing pads, 1 x USB charging cable (Type C), 1 x travel pouch, and 1 x user manual, making it ideal for travel and home use.

Baby Shower Gift Idea
The unique and quirky egg shape makes the Olababy trimmer the perfect gift for families with a young baby or an expectant mother at a baby shower.

Additional Safety Features

Auto Stop: Auto stop feature prevents over filing and protects soft skin around toenails and fingernails

Baby Proof Cover: The shell cover is popped open using your fingertip preventing children from operating the trimmer without adult supervision

Smart Single Button Design: The nail trimmer can only be powered on/off with a 3-second press and hold action

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