Nuna SENA Travel Cribs

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Nuna SENA Travel Cribs

If you’ve ever wrestled with an unwieldy travel crib, you know the frustration. They can be heavy, awkward, and hard to open and close.

Nuna, a company famous for its intuitive and innovative designs, knew that it could create a portable sleeper that actually made life easier for parents and kids on the go. That’s how the Nuna Sena travel crib was born.

The Nuna Sena takes all the hassle out of setting up a sleep cot or play area for your child. The genius of Nuna travel cribs lies in the zig-zag aluminum frame design: with a simple pull up from the middle, the legs naturally fold together, creating a compact package that weighs only about 24 pounds and that fits easily into its own carrying case. Unfolding it is just as simple, with an easy push. What’s more, this is the only portable cot with a bassinet that folds with the frame, keeping everything together.

To make things even easier, when you purchase the Nuna Sena changer to go with your cot (or its more compact version, the Nuna Sena mini travel crib), you have a fully functional, portable nursery wherever you go. With its chic design and intuitive features, the Sena is an indispensable travel companion.