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Nanit Camera & Wall Mount

This item is discontinued.

The only monitor designed from the ground up with parents and babies in mind.

Best view of baby day and night

24/7 HD live streaming with unparalleled night vision and zoom to get in close. Background audio lets you hear baby, even when your phone's screen is off.

Soft glow nightlight

Find pacifiers and lovies in a snap without waking baby with our gradual dimming, ceiling-directed nightlight.

Safe and secure

Nanit's cable management system keeps cords away from curious fingers. Your data is safe too, with AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption.

Smart sensors

Real-time motion and sound notifications keep you in the know, and temperature and humidity sensors let you oversee room conditions.

Unmatched reliability

Unlike other "smart" cameras, Nanit keeps streaming over Wi-Fi, even when your Internet connection goes down.

Nanit will help you:

Understand their night

How and when did she get her arm out of that swaddle contraption? Night Summaries give you a timelapse video of your baby?s sleep, so you?ve got all the answers.

Make the right decisions

Is your baby?s room too cold between 2 and 3am? Too hot? Is she soothing herself back to sleep quickly? Nanit knows, and now you do too with personalized Sleep Tips.

Save every memory

Whenever there?s action in the crib, Nanit is recording - even if it?s just your cat. And, unlike that scrapbook of baby?s firsts, Nanit does the legwork for you, so you can save the moments that mean something.

Spot trends and patterns

Turns out ?sleep through the night? is subjective. With Nanit, you can see how your baby?s sleep improves over time, so you know when they?re nearing a sleep milestone.

Celebrate sleep victories

Nanit tracks how your baby is progressing compared to healthy averages for babies of the same age, and lets you know when your little snoozer is making progress.
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New York, NY
Verified Buyer
Need exceptionally strong WiFi
July 23, 2018
Apparently our WiFi isn't strong enough for this system, despite having normal Spectrum Internet in NYC. It doesn't stay connected and doesn't automatically alert you when it's disconnected (there's a visible icon, but no alarm/noise). So, our first night, it completely disconnected from the WiFi shortly after I went to sleep and I had no idea - woke up freaked out that I had no idea if my son was awake. Had to sneak into his room to check because I couldn't reconnect the system to the WiFi without being near it. I'm not super tech savvy, so maybe this is all my fault, but for such an expensive system, I'd hope it would be much more reliable/easier to use.
  • Very clear images (when it's working)
  • Helpful alerts when motion and sound are detected
  • WiFi connectivity is a real (THE big) problem
Riverside, California
Verified Buyer
Perfect Bird's Eye View of Litte One!
June 7, 2018
After much research, my wife and I decided on the Nanit for our little one's baby monitor. After installing it above our baby's crib, I can honestly say that we made the best choice! It is easy to set up and the camera quality is excellent. 10/10
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