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Munchkin Night & Day Digital Bottle Warmer & Cooler

This item is discontinued.
One of the key challenges with newborns is feeding them multiple times overnight. In the very beginning, babies don't know the difference between day and night, and your job is to keep them well-loved, well-fed, and comfortable no matter when the need to feed strikes. The Munchkin Night & Day Bottle Warmer is here for you during those difficult transition months. The warmer has a built-in cooler, so until baby learns to sleep through the night, you can keep bottles of breast milk or formula cool through the night, for up to 8 hours, 'til you're ready to warm and serve. Eliminating those midnight trips to the kitchen means you can get back to sleep faster, too. The time-saving baby bottle warmer is easy to use, with a convenient built-in reservoir, so you no longer have to worry about measuring the perfect amount of water. The adjustable timer lets you set the warming time in advance. Save precious time during those night feedings, so you can feed your precious babe and get back to precious sleep.
  • Efficient bottle warmer and cooler in one does double feeding duty in the nursery
  • Convenient built-in water reservoir warms several bottles with a single fill
  • Safe for breast milk and formula - keeps bottles cool for up to 8 hours
  • Safe steam warming system helps preserve nutrients
  • Includes insulated cooler with base and removable ice pack for easy nighttime nursery feedings
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Alameda, CA
works alright
September 26, 2014
I got this as a gift and only used it for two weeks. To be honest I think its much easier just heating bottles using hot water. You add water to the side tank, drop in the bottle, cover with the steam guard and then set the time. I had a hard time finding the right time. Often bottles would be very warm on the bottom but the mlik on top would still be cold. We used two different sized bottles at home which also was a pain (Medela after pumping and then ThinkBaby for milk transferred from storage bags). I found that the Medela 4oz bottles sat too low in the unit below the steam guard and the ThinkBaby bottles were almost too big. Being sleep deprived it was often difficult to get the timer right. If I would set it for two minutes and then the milk was not warm enough it was hard to get the unit to start again for another 30 seconds. I think there might be a safety delay. I personally prefer just using hot water. We have a Zojirushi 3.0-Liter Electric hot water machine on our kitchen counter and I found it easier to dispense hot water from that into a mug then insert the bottle into the hot water for warming. If you don't have a hot water machine and you are wililng to figure out the times then the Munchkin Bottle might be for you.
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