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Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

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Medela’s Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to fit your active lifestyle: it’s light, compact size and rechargeable battery offer the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like, with no compromise on pumping performance.

  • Compact and light: Easy to carry & fits in the palm of your hand. Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Closed system with Overflow Protection: Prevents your breast milk from entering the tubing and motor
  • Backlit touchscreen: Makes pumping at night easier than ever
  • PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields: Adapt to your breast shape for personalized comfort and 11.8% faster milk flow compared to traditional 90° breast shield. (two sizes included)
  • Portable microfiber carry bag designed specifically for your Freestyle Flex Breast Pump parts: Provides convenient transportation and organization
  • Built-in, USB-chargeable* battery for convenient pumping anywhere you are: 2-hour battery life between charges *Only use the power adapter and cable that comes with the breast pump
  • Connectivity to MyMedela® app: Allows you to create a personalized profile tailored to your needs
  • 2-Phase Expression®: Technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm – faster at first to stimulate milk flow, then slower to feed – for more comfortable and efficient pumping
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Los Angeles, ca
January 15, 2023
Died after using it for 5 days
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Powerful, But NOT Convenient
September 20, 2022
I would say that the power on this pump is comparable to the Pump-in-Style Max Flow, and not super loud. My biggest issue with this pump is it is a touchscreen, and does NOT lock! If you tap it while you are moving around, it pauses. It is also rather bulky, and does not have a convenient way to attach it to your body. Medela could benefit from creating a silicone sleeve with a pants clip (like the Elvie Stride). Lastly, I am not in love with the new Medela flex connectors. The minimal pieces of the connectors is nice when it comes to reducing dishes. They claim to allow you to recline slightly while pumping, but that is so far from the truth. They are designed the wrong direction to allow for that. I have to sit straight up or lean forward slightly to prevent backflow into my flanges. The material the power button is made of is not durable at all, it peeled up.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this pump to friends, and I'm not sure I will be staying with Medela for my next pumping journey.
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Dallas, TX
Convenient but breaks
July 13, 2022
The first one of these we bought got a little bit of milk into the pump unit about two weeks after starting so it would no longer turn on without getting very hot. Figuring it was user error, we got a second. This one lasted about 3.5 months and now does not turn on without being plugged into the wall, defeating the purpose of a portable pump. No liquid has gotten in this time and we haven't left it plugged in aside from charging. Given this pump is not totally covered by most insurance plans, it hasn't at all been worth the cost.
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Not recommend for exclusive pumper
April 26, 2022
Received this product from my insurance. It was going strong but after the first 3 months it went out. I received a 2nd battery that also went out. I'm on my 3rd, and it is going out again. If your an exclusive pumper I don't recommend this pump. Doesn't have a long lifespan.
However Medela costumer service was excellent replacing the multiple batteries.
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LED buttons stopped working
March 5, 2022
I bought this a month ago and the plus and minus buttons have already stopped working. Granted I pump about 6 times a day but after a month the levels should still work. It's frustrating when you spend this much on a pump.
Other then that the pump is great and being portable is key!
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Portable but terrible suction
February 17, 2022
The first two weeks the pump worked great, but now the suction is very weak. I've tried troubleshooting, making sure all parts were connected, and flanges on properly. It started off great with expressing 6-9oz each session to now not evening pumping an ounce. I also have the pump in style max flow and was able to express milk as needed but I need something portable because I also have a toddler to chase after. Kinda feel as if I should have purchased the Maxi swing but lesson learned.

As far as battery life, it's great. I am able to pump about 6 sessions for 20 mins.
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Boston, MA
Sufficiently strong but need smaller parts
February 6, 2022
Sufficiently strong enough of a double pump for me. I was using a hospital grade rental previously - Medela Symphony. I am a short person though and wish the pump parts were compatible with the Symphony, which are smaller overall. I have to sit up completely straight with the 5 oz bottles or they are up against my legs. Alternatively (or additionally), the bottles could come shorter and smaller. 3 oz bottles would be perfect because I never pump more than that on one side anyway. And it would be nice to be able to use the same pump parts anyway.
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This plus the app is awesome
February 3, 2022
I'm currently attempting to re-lactate as I originally had the pump in style & forgot I was attached to the wall.... And well it's broken now. So needless to say that taught me a lesson that I needed one that I didn't have to be plugged to the wall with and this is it! I went from producing barely 5mls to now 2oz each session which I'm still trying to build up but only on day 5 of this process. The suction is great! The portability is the absolute best. The pump it's self weighs practically nothing and I can hang it off my wrist to walk around to get things done. The fact that I can pump and then a couple hours later go onto the app to see the session right there and add how many oz I pumped is spectacular (nevermind all the other things the app can track). I do kind of wish the battery lasted longer than 2hrs but, 2hrs is a million times better than having to remain plugged in in one spot
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Miami FL
Wealing around breast cups
January 19, 2022
We bought this model about a week ago thinking that this would be the best option for us when we started pumping we realize that milk was leaking from the cups and the back module we tried everything we could to keep the milk in the bottle unfortunately we continue to have issues with leaking around the seal and the nipple we have used Medela in the past for our first pregnancy and we didn't have any issues it seems like the new products now are not as good as they used to be.
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Doesn't take a charge. Only had it for 3 months.
December 18, 2021
I bought this a month before my little one arrived in September, I started pumping when she was about 6 weeks old. I do not pump regularly but now that I'm back at work I do need to pump during the day when I'm not breastfeeding. Today I started pumping at a full battery and writhing 12 minutes my pump died. Now my pump is not charging. I'm so incredibly disappointed. Such a waste of money.
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Pump last 5 months and died.!!
November 20, 2021
I purchased a pump in may of this year I believe and I've run into a number of issues with it since then. I purchased the Medela's Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump. After 5 months of using it the pump would not hold a charge or work without being plugged in. Even with it being fully charged I couldn't move around with it because it would just shut off and not come back on unless plugged up. I purchased this pump solely based on the fact that I could move freely around and still be able to pump. It has honestly been an extreme hassle and headache to pump with this product. The suction after awhile was extremely low and I could only pump one side at a time. Now it just died and isn't holding charge even after doing a reset. I believe I was given a defective pump which is absolutely absurd being that the pump is extremely pricey just for it not to work.
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Great pump! When it worked...
October 17, 2021
I absolutely loved this pump! Easy to transport and use wherever I needed to use it. However, 11 months in and it has just stopped working. I'm not done pumping yet and I don't know what to do now. I am so disappointed.
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Very convenient
August 18, 2021
I've been using this pump for 3 months as I am Exclusively pumping. It's been so nice not being connected to the wall! I have great output and love that there are NINE suction levels!! The only downfall is having to replace the entire connector instead of just the membranes. Complete waste of money. I have to buy 1 set a month to keep good suction as I pump quite a bit each day, and unfortunately it's out of pocket as my insurance doesn't cover parts. Wish I would have known this so I could have bought parts before baby came, now the expense is getting to be too much and I planned on pumping for a year.
I have also noticed that some days during a pump session when I go to up the level, the screen doesn't work and won't register that I'm pushing the buttons. It's happened about 6-7 times randomly since I've had it. Hope I don't have a defective product.
If it weren't for those 2 things this would have 5 stars! I love it otherwise!
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Sweet M.
Cabot, Arkansas
I miss the original FreeStyle!
August 18, 2021
I've had this pump about a month when I sadly broke my old Freestyle that had about 5 months use from my last baby. This pump has some nice features, but it doesn't compare to the original pump. It is quiet compared to the original, but the battery life and suction DOES NOT COMPARE. I wish they would have continued that using the old model and just improved where needed such as how loud it was. That was really my only dislike on the old model and the only think I can say I love about the new FreeStyle Flex. I'm praying I don't experience any of the problems other users have reported.
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Great, but after 8wks already breaking.
August 14, 2021
I've had this pump for 8 weeks, using it pretty consistently. The touch screen is already unresponsive at times. Meaning you can not change the suction level or pause... or even start pumping! Turn it off, wait and and back on usually does the trick. I can deal with it, I'm just worried it will get worse.
I do love the mobility and freedom it provides.
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Hampton Bays, NY
BEWARE: low suction
August 5, 2021
I bought this pump to replace my Freestyle Flex (previous model) when the battery would no longer hold a charge. It was unfortunate because I was 9 month into my year of pumping. I thought that my supply had just gone down but actually this pump hardly sucks even on level 9 and was not fully draining my breasts. Today after pumping 25 min with this pump and not able to get any more out, I plugged my old Flex into the wall and got another 3 oz on one side and 1 oz on the other in just 8 minutes. Back to back there is a noticeable difference between the power of the two pumps. I'd say a level 5 or 6 on the old Freestyle Flex is equivalent to a 9 on the new version. I'm going back to the old pump and will just have to plug in. It's unfortunate I dumped money on the new version. I had hoped for the freedom of not plugging in, but it's just not an effective pump. Don't waste your money like I did.
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Somerset pa
Verified Buyer
So far so good.
February 23, 2021
I just got this today and I absolutely love it so far battery life can be iffy but it can last 2 hours of pumping so that's good. Very quiet and had great suction
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San Antonio Texas
pump stopped turning on
February 19, 2021
I bought this three months ago and unfortunately it hasn't been working for me . I use this pump as my go to pump now and it was working great but it stopped working . Fully charged and I can't get it to turn on and it's really difficult for me since I rely on it very much . I haven't been able to get in contact with medela support :(
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Minot, nd
Pump died
January 27, 2021
The pump was amazing till it died!! I have a 3 week old baby and no pump. I have no option but to use formula. This is really upsetting.
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I used to love up until the power source stopped
January 15, 2021
This was gifted to us by a family friend and I've used up until recently. It indicates that it's charged with 2 bars of battery however it won't turn on even though it's lit and clearly charged. Disappointed and I start work in a couple of weeks so I've been working to build a stash for little one once I do and now I'm a little worried about how this can effect my production etc
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Verified Buyer
Totally worth the money
January 12, 2021
Great pump suction , so happy I'm not plugged to the wall. Best purchase ever
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Verified Buyer
September 7, 2020
This pump is the best ever honestly the best I've ever had and have 3 kids
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Frisco, TX
A must for all pumping moms!!!
February 4, 2020
Medela's Freestyle Flex pump allows moms to pump hands free!!! This pump is the best breast pump I have ever used. I received this gem as part of the Steller Product testing panel . The pump fits in the palm of my hands and weighs a few pounds! I can pump hands free using this pump while wearing my pumping bra that keeps the flange in place. No more being trapped to outlets anymore!! As a busy mom, the feature that I enjoy most is how "free" I can be. I usually just put the pump in my pocket of my jogging pants and I can multi-task when I am at home. I've used this pump in my car to be honest while taking a short trip and I was able to relieve myself and express milk for my baby!!!! Never before could I do that in the car. All of the parts are dishwasher safe which is a second benefit. You can literally go up to 2 hours of pumping and get 2 sessions in before needing to charge the pump. The set that comes with the pump is very easy to assemble and use. There is no learning curve with this pump which is another benefit for new moms. Seasoned moms such as myself appreciate the freedom this pump gives us. Thank you Medela for making life easier for pumping moms. There's nothing better and healthier than breast milk for babies that all moms want so badly to be able to give their baby. This pump makes it possible!!
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Perfect for on-the-go
December 19, 2019
The best features about this pump that I love is that it is compact, light and very portable. I am a working mom so this pump made pumping anywhere very convenient. I love that I am able to charge it while driving and the app makes tracking my pumping sessions so easy and accessible. I love that the bottles have a stand so when I'm done, I don't have to worry about spills. I also love how convenient it is to have the power button in my hand.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump.
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Longmont, CO
Wonderful Portable Pump
December 13, 2019
I have two children, my youngest being two years old but I still pump twice daily for her (and I work full-time as well.) She does not enjoy dairy milk so I figured I would give her what I can for as long as I can! I have tried a couple of other pumps in the past but I really appreciated the transportability and flexibility of the Medela Freestyle Flex Pump.

I am a teacher so the compact size and the carrying bag made it very easy to bring the pump with me to work so I could pump on my lunch breaks. This pump is much smaller than other ones I have used so I also liked that it was a bit discrete (well as discrete as you can be when pumping!)

I did not really use the USB charger feature on it as I was generally always near an electrical outlet, but I could see how it could be useful in certain situations (traveling, in the car etc.) I ended up buying a pumping bra to hold the flanges in place, but it would be nice if there was a better way to attach/support them that was a part of the pump.

Overall I enjoyed taking this pump with me when I had to work and needed to pump. I would definitely recommend it to new moms if you are looking for something that is easy to take with you and doesn't take up much space. I found this invaluable with my job as I tend to have a lot of bags to carry, made life a little easier!

I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Cape Coral, FL
December 13, 2019
I am obsessed with this pump. When I first got sent home with a pump after having my first daughter 2 years ago - I thought I'd never ever use a pump again. I remember how incredibly painful it was to try and use it (so much that it caused me to bleed) and I tossed it after trying just a few times. I swore that I'd never go back. After my second child, I would BF and then use a manual pump for extra-bottles. That was my new way of life until I was introduced to this pump though Stellar Product Testing Panel. This pump is SO EASY to use and I also love the compact style. I work at a law firm and have a very small office to myself. I love that I can bring it in with me and leave it in my drawer with my purse out of the way. The re-charging is an absolute breeze and it's just SO handy. I find the pump to be extremely comfortable and easy to use. I sincerely wish I would have had this for my first daughter as well and I would have been able to provide her with breast milk MUCH longer.
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Great portable pump, highly recommended
December 10, 2019
I am a stay at home mom with two toddlers and a newborn. I planned to pump to have a freezer stash and also donate my milk. I didn't think I needed a battery operated pump because I will spend most of my time at home with access to a eletrical plug. However I quickly discovered that it limited me to where I can pump and also my set up wasn't great so it was hard to pump and nurse my baby at the same time. When I received my Freestyle Flex Pump, thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I saw what a game changer it was to my daily routine of pumping and nursing. I was no longer tied to one spot in my livingroom or bedroom, I can pump anywhere! This is my first time using a battery operated pump and I will recommend it for anyone looking for a pump but do not like pumping in one spot. One of the thing I really enjoy about this pump is how quiet it is. I can pump and nurse my baby and it won't wake her up having the machine right next to us. I also like that there are not a lot of pump parts compare to other pumps on the market. All busy mothers will appreciate this, less parts means less things to clean. The pump is incredibly compact and easy to travel with I love the black tote that came with my pump but I find I don't need the whole bag. I found that my pump including parts fits right in a large wet bag. I'm able to throw it in my regular purse or diaper bag and go. I never could've done that with my other pump. I also really like that it can be charged via USB. It allows for more charging options. The only improvement I can see is where the connector sets are, it is easy for a leakage to happen if tilted back, this can be prevented if it is completely enclosed. Overall I think this pump is a great investment for pumping mothers. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It is light weight so traveling with it is not difficult. I will recommend this pump to any pumping mother.
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Chandler, AZ
Ultra portable. Great for working/traveling moms
December 10, 2019
I received this pump from the Stellar panel to test and review. I think it's a great product especially for those who exclusively pump and for mother's returning to work after having a baby. I loved the ease with which I could use the pump and most importantly charge it! It was also much easier to carry and use during travel than any other regular/traditional pump. I do think suction/power could be better but it's definitely a pump that is best for those who travel often and need hands-free pumping.
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St. Paul, Minnesota
Portable, quiet, effective!
December 10, 2019
I am currently breastfeeding my third baby. This is the fourth pump I have used through my three children and it is by far my favorite. If only I would have had this pump 5 years ago with my first child! Most importantly I am so grateful to have receive this pump now from the Stellar Product Testing Program when my day's are more chaotic than ever. The size of the pump and the portability are the most beneficial aspect of the pump. I don't often have much down time to sit and pump without chasing after one of my older two children, so the fact that i am able to easily carry this pump around with me, with one hand at that, is key! It can even fit into a pocket making it completely hands free. Believe it or not i have even cleaned the house while pumping! It is so convenient to take on the go, even in the car. The pump comes with a sleek bag that fits all of the necessary pieces, including a cooler, again, making on the go pumping incredibly easy. I previously had another cordless pump, however, the size didn't make it nearly as convenient or easy. I find that I am able to get several pumping sessions in between battery charges also.
Aside from the ease of pumping with the Freestyle Flex Pump, the most important aspect to any pump for me is how much milk I am able to produce, as well as, being able to maintain and increase my volume. I found this pump to be very fast and efficient and I have been very pleased with the amount of milk I am producing using this pump.
I highly recommend the Freestyle Flex Pump and I am so thankful that I have finally found such a wonderful pump! Couldn't have been better timing with my third baby under 5!
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Charleston, WV
Great new features!!
December 10, 2019
Over the last seven years of my nursing journey (extended breastfeed until two and currently nursing perhaps my last little nursling), I have used several different Medela pumps. As with everything related to nursing no two mom's or babies are exactly the same, and I have found that I achieve maximum output when I am able to adjust both the let down and expression settings. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel I was able to try the Freestyle Flex Pump and it did not disappoint. I feel I was able to spend less time at the pump after playing around with the settings. It is super user friendly, easy to travel with thanks to the long charge the lithium batteries hold, USB charging cable and the new slim design, the corresponding app is great to track your progress via Bluetooth, I love the lighted design to see at night and the touchscreen is a nice touch, the new shorter tubing is wonderful, and I love the comfort added to the flanges. As for handsfree, I personally still have to hold the bottles while pumping. I am fairly busty and the handsfree bra just doesn't work for me. It may for someone else though. The motor is fairly loud so this wouldn't be an option for discreet pumping. I can easily fit this in my satchel purse along with the accessories if needed; I could fit the motor in my crossbody easily but not the bottles and other accessories. Overall, I would recommend this pump for new mom's.
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Small but mighty
December 10, 2019
This pump is the smallest and lightest pump I've ever seen. It is easy to use especially on the go with it's small design and travel friendly features. The charger is a USB so it was easy to charge in the car. I like to pump while sitting down and relaxing, but this is way easier than traditional pumps to carry around while doing an activity. The breast shields are so much more comfortable than the standard hard ones. The only real downfall of this pump is that it is a little louder than I anticipated. I received this product in exchange for my review through Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Birmingham, AL
Freedom at Last!
December 9, 2019
This Medela Freestyle Flex breast pump took "freestyle" to a whole new level. Me and pumping have always had a rough relationship, but this pump made it so much more bearable. It was easy to set up and use, easy to carry around, made it easier to multitask while pumping, and was super efficient. I could find TONS of positives, but literally no negatives to this breast pump.
Upon receiving, the packaging was beautifully laid out. In addition to the pump and parts, it included the bottles, a pump bag, a cooler, and an ice pack. It was a great pump starter kit!
Probably my favorite thing was that, not including the bottles, it only had four parts that came into contact with breast milk, which means only four parts you have to wash! This was one of the problems I had with pumping for the longest, because I absolutely hate having to wash a billion pump parts everyday. This made my life so much easier.
The actual pump was also super easy to use. Once you turn it on and set it the first time, all you have to do is press one button to turn it on and then it does the rest for you! Then turn it off and your done! No buttons to press while you're having to pump, unless you want to change your suction settings. It automatically swaps from let down to expression phases for you, but does give you a button to change it back to let down phase if needed.
The rechargeable battery and compact size made it super easy to pump on the go. I am a pediatric nurse so it is super hard to find time to pump while not having to take care of other things. This pump made it easy to chart on my patients as well as pumping my baby's milk on a daily basis without having to have a huge breast pump in the way or plugged up at a weird distance. This was not only helpful at work, but also at home. I didn't feel like I had to be confined to my chair while I pumped 30+ minutes at a time anymore. I was able to do laundry, dishes, etc. at the same time! It gave me so much more valuable time back that was otherwise wasted.
Not only was this pump convenient, but it was also super efficient! Usually, unless I was using a hospital grade breast pump, it takes FOREVER for me to pump enough milk at one time. With this one, I was able to get 8 oz within 10 minutes. And, I could barely feel it pumping, even when set to the highest suction! It was definitely the most comfortable pumping sessions I've ever experienced!
*I received this breast pump from the Stellar Product Testing Panel*
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Stillwater, MN
Best pump out there!
December 9, 2019
I was given this breast pump to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I want to know where this pump was 8.5 years ago when I had my first baby! I am a labor and delivery nurse who is actively working on becoming a lactation counselor and I have 5.5 years of breastfeeding (over 4 years of pumping), between my 3 children. In those 4+ years I have used standard double electric pumps, hand pumps, hospital grade pumps, suction pumps as well as just collection cups. This pump is by far my favorite!

The best thing about this pump is its size; it is tiny and lightweight, while still doing the job of a full sized pump. Because of the size you can use it anywhere. This morning I wore the pump around my neck (comes with a string, that I attach to my necklace) while using my pumping bra; I was able to pump while I was making my kids breakfast.

I also love that this has a rechargeable battery, again letting you pump anywhere while doing anything. The battery has a pretty decent life, I would say at least the 2 hours of pumping it says. I love that the charger is a USB cord, because you can charge them anywhere, including the car.

The soft shields are wonderful, they are much more comfortable than the standard hard ones. The pieces are easy to take apart and clean. It also comes with nice stands for the bottles so they don't tip over, which is a nice perk as well.

Overall pumping volume is pretty much the same as my standard double electric. While I have not noticed a huge difference in my output with this pump I have not noticed a decrease.

This pump also can Bluetooth connect to the MyMedela app on your phone. This app will allow you to track how often and how long you pump, you can then enter how much milk you were able to pump. The app also lets you track breastfeeding, diapers and sleep. I personally do not see a need for tracking pumping sessions but I do have friends who do track this, so this may be a nice feature for some.

Honestly the only thing I would change about this pump is making the string a little longer or some additional design so it can actually go around your neck (I will probably change this myself on mine).
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Denver, CO
Best breast pump ever
December 9, 2019
I exclusively pump for my baby since we weren't able to latch directly, and I love how easy the Freestyle Flex pump is to use. I previously used the Spectra 2, and while it was very comfortable, I hated having to spend so much time plugged into an outlet. Now that my son is older and mobile, having a pump that I can walk around with is such a time saver. I can play with him, cook dinner, or tidy up while pumping now, which means I am much more likely to pump than I was before since it isn't such a time-suck. This pump is still pretty comfortable, and I love being hands-free and the long battery life. I definitely recommend this pump, if you can afford it! I received this breast pump through the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.
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Perfect for a New or Experienced Pumper
December 9, 2019
Having been nursing or pumping for the better part of 3 years, I'm well-versed in the pumping experience. When looking for a reliable pump, I need one that is easy to use, portable, and battery-powered. It is also essential for my pump to have a closed system so when I inevitably absentmindedly bend over, milk doesn't spill into the tubes and back into the pump. The Freestyle Flex is all of this and more. I love that the battery lasts long enough to pump several times, so I can throw my pump in my purse at the beginning of the day and not worry about lugging around a huge extra bag or power cord. I was stoked when I saw that the Flex Shields are included with the pump. I've been using these shields since they were released, and they are so much more comfortable. I've been using a hospital grade pump and the suction is comparable. I feel comfortable taking the hospital pump back and exclusively using the Freestyle Flex for all of my pumping needs. I highly recommend this pump to all breastfeeding moms, from the occasional to the exclusive pumper. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump. It has changed my pumping game.
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Powerful little pump!
December 8, 2019
This pump has been such a lifesaver! I work 5 days a week and pump every three hours and has yet to let me down. Super easy to setup, clean and use. I'm so glad I received this pump through the Stellar Product Testing Panel! It was so nice to try and now I get to keep it for my daily routine. It comes with literally everything you could possibly need. I liked the cooler bag, ice pack and bottle/lids. Loved the whole package. Being a first time mom, pumping was foreign to me but this makes it that much easier. I don't have to worry about doing something wrong it's all pretty simple. I love the Medela brand everything I've ever gotten has been high quality. Even their app helps me track when I last pumped and how much.
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Burlington, ND
Convenient, but don't expect to pump in public
December 7, 2019
I received this pump to try out as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
Over all this is a super convenient pump that allows you the freedom to move around and do a lot of things a regular pump wouldn't.
What I loved about it:
1. The pump unit was sleek and compact. It fit into a large pocket such as a sweatshirt or a big cardigan pocket when I was pumping. It was so lightweight too. Normally my pump bag is weighed down with a heavy bulky pump. You could even stick it in your purse if you didn't want a separate bag. When pumping I could do light tasks around the house and in my office at work without being tied to the wall.
2. The touchscreen was so easy to use. I liked how simple it was and it was so easy to wipe off when needed as there were no buttons.
3. The USB charger. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before??? So convenient! That was another plus to lighten my pump bag.
4. It was very quiet. I was able to take phone calls and even just watch tv without having to crank the volume over the sound of my pump.

Some things I didn't like:
1. Though the pump unit is small, it isn't small enough to fit in pants pockets. This required me to have to make sure I wore something that would accommodate it. It has a short cord attached to it, but this is completely useless to attach it to you. I would suggest having some sort of clip that you could attach to a waistband.
2. Prior to receiving the pump I was under the impression that I could discretely pump in front of people. This isn't the case. The only concealable thing is the pump unit. The flanges and bottles are still like the standard ones that come with other pumps. They are very obvious when you're wearing them. There's no way you could go out in public with them on.

If you're looking for a pump that allows you the freedom to get some things done while pumping, then this is a great choice. If you want a pump that you can discretely use in public this won't work. Overall I think it's a great option compared to traditional pumps.
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Murfreesboro, TN
So amazing!!!
December 7, 2019
This is an awesome pump! It's like the Cadillac of breast pumps! It's lightweight, easy to use, compact, and very quiet! I love that you can sync it to an app, and I also love that it times your pumps so I'm not constantly having to look at my watch! This pump has expressed more milk than any other pump that I own! I love that it charges with a USB and you don't have to worry about being hooked up to an outlet or worry about dying batteries while pumping! The accessories that come with this pump are incredible and make it worth the money alone! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump.
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Emily A.
St. Louis, MO
Finally a Pump that Fits My Lifestyle!
December 6, 2019
This pump is AMAZING! I am a working mom of two under two and this pump changes the way I think about pumping.

It came in a super durable carrying case with Medela bottles and a cooler bag. I think what stands out most about this pump is how small it is!! It fits in the palm of my hands. There is a digital screen which makes the whole process super easy to use and a cord that you can use to hang on your wrist or (like me) in the car to and from work.

But even though it's small, it does not lose any of it's power. I produce as much milk with the Freestyle than all my other pumps, so don't be fooled by its convenient size.

I carry this pump and supplies to and from work daily and it's so light. SO REFRESHING!!! The pump also has a USB charger, which means, even if you forget the main charger, you can still plug it in if you have spare cables.

I seriously could go on and on about how great this pump is, but you just have to try it for yourself. Being free from the wall and an outlet is LIFE.CHANGING. I am not stuck in a chair and can move around and take care of my toddler while pumping.

I am never going back to anything else.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump.
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Johnson City, TN
Battery Power = Freedom!
December 5, 2019
This is a nice pump! I was lucky enough to receive this pump free of charge as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have used several breast pumps over my pumping journey and am beginning to get a sense of what I like and look for in a pump.
So many pros with this one: A huge MUST for me is being battery powered. I primarily pump in the car at work and have no ability to plug in. This is rare and an amazing thing. I also loved the compact size which made it much easier to put in any bag to transport (vs. requiring a dedicated "pump bag" in addition to work, diaper, etc.). Last but not least, it's a good pump. I got good suction and good results from it.
My one complaint, is that I wish there was an updated design to the flange/tube situation. Although the pump itself is small and discreet, you do still have to take your top off and have bulky collection bottles and tubes hanging from you. For this reason, I didn't find it easy to pump while doing other activities around the house. Overall, I like it very much!
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Haynes t.
Kansas City, MO
Powerful, Convenient, Compact Pump
December 5, 2019
I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This pump really is a game changer, with its small size and ability to be cord free. This allowed me to pump in so many more situations than I could before. I typically keep it in my car for when I'm in a bind - Simply throw on a pumping bra and you're able to pump while driving, without having to worry about any cords or adaptors. I also use it when caring for my other children, since it doesn't require that you're connected to an electrical outlet while pumping. Great convenience. I loved that it came with a sleek black bag, two sizes of flanges, and a USB cord to charge! Just as powerful as the larger size pumps as well. The only drawback is it is slightly louder than I'd prefer. But overall, this is a great pump and I'd highly recommend.
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Gainesville, FL
Super Convenient!
December 5, 2019
The Medela Freestyle Flex is hands down my favorite pump! I am a busy working mom who has to pump at work to provide milk for my 8 month old son. I have 4 breastpumps but none compare to the Freestyle Flex. The compact size and portability is my favorite feature. I have pumped while vacuuming, while eating at a restaurant, and while on vacation at the airport. I am currently on vacation and I am not concerned with returning to my hotel room to recharge the pump. The battery lasts a long time and if necessary I could simply recharge via USB with a portable power pack. This is such a convenient feature. My third favorite feature is the personal fit flexible breastshield. The soft rim and angled shape added so much comfort to my pumping experience. Overall, the pump is truly quiet and compact enough not to interfere with any activities that I am performing. It was incredibly easy to set up right out of the box. The display screen on the unit is simple and easy to navigate. This pump represents the Medela brand name very well because the suction is excellent and does a great job at comfortably removing breastmilk. This is the MOST important feature and I am just blown away at how effective this pump is at quickly removing milk. Other portable pumps often sacrifice effectiveness for portability but that is not the case with the Freestyle Flex. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump. It is a game changer for sure.
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Atlanta, GA
So convenient for on-the-go moms
December 5, 2019
The Medela Freestyle Flex is a life saver for busy moms! Pumping for a newborn and chasing a toddler around is no easy task no matter how you look at it, but its do-able with this pump. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, keeps the charge through several pumpings, and just all-around makes life easier. Thank you Stellar Parent Panel for giving me the opportunity to try it out!
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Great pump for moms on the go!
December 5, 2019
The Medela Freestyle Flex Pump is great for moms on the go! The freedom to pump in the car, while getting ready in the morning, and even while washing dishes gives this pump a leg up on the competition. With its USB charging cable and compact size, this pump is super easy to keep charged up for portable daily use. The display is bright and intuitive making it easy to multitask while also staying aware of pumping progress. This pump has many helpful features; I only wish it would remember the last vacuum level used. The updated membrane with an integrated valve cut my washing time in half. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump.
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Chicago, IL
Powerful pump for on-the-go
December 4, 2019
This pump is a great option for on-the-go, as it packs a punch while taking up less room than a traditional pump. However, I wouldn't use it as my everyday pump because of suction and noise, and it's less innovative than some of the newer options that allow you to pump hands-free in your bra.

Pros: much smaller than a traditional pump, fewer accessories to drag around, very powerful given size, closed system unlike previous Medela pumps
Cons: less effective at expressing milk for me than with the Spectra S1, makes very loud, annoying noise (could never get away with on a conference call)

I'm excited to have this as an option when I'm traveling or grabbing dinner with friends after work. I'm glad I got to try it through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Colorado Springs, CO
Great breast pump for traveling
December 4, 2019
The Medela Freestyle Flex pump is a great mini breast pump that I received as part of the Stellar product testing panel. I love the compact design, which makes it easy for travel and taking to work. It's small design does not limit it's pumping capability for the most part, but I did notice that if I used the pump right after washing (read: filter still damp) it did not produce enough power to pump. I liked the silicone around the flanges, but felt that the pump should come with a larger size flange for larger breasted women. It did come with two sizes though, so it would probably work well for most women.
It was great on our road trip during thanksgiving as it allowed me to feed my son on the road and not have to pull over to nurse several times throughout the day.
I would definitely recommend this pump to friends, coworkers and other nursing moms.
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Bay Area, CA
New Pump
December 4, 2019
This pump is an update to the old freestyle Medela has in its pump line up, though this convenient pump is a nice option there is room for improvement. Medela doesn't need to add a pump like this, the gold standard in pump gear should really make something similar to the willow and elvie pumps (hubs you pop in your nursing bra with no wires). This pump doesn't have the typical rhythm known to the other Medela pumps, but it was nice to attach this pump to a lanyard, wear my pumping bra and go about my day. Be warned you can't change a diaper wearing this, but you can fold laundry. I like the connectors to the pump, they don't pop out too far like the other traditional connectors (pump in style, hospital grade Medela symphony), and this pump is labeled as a closed system, which is good for breastmilk hygiene. It was nice to be able to charge this pump in my car or my desk at work, since it is a usb charger. I am not a fan of the flex shields as they were painful compared to the traditional Medela flanges, but I was able to use my other Medela flanges so that worked out. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Bronx, NY
Genius pump
December 4, 2019
I received the Medela Freestyle Flex Pump through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This pump is absolutely amazing. The small size is perfect for pumping on the go, at work, even at home. I can easily pump with my daughter sitting next to me. The USB charger is very fast and super convenient. I can easily pump while doing other things like playing with my daughter or cleaning up around the house. It's also easy to pump at night. The pump is very quiet and takes up no space.
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Kansas City, MO
Useful and effective small pump
December 4, 2019
It is far overdue for companies to come up with smaller pumps that allow moms to do more while they pump and be more discrete. This pump is definitely a step in the right direction! It is small, easy to travel with, and charges with a USB cord. The pump is much more discrete than the huge flanges on most other pumps, and the pump itself is lighter and easier to carry around. I could walk around while pumping and it wasn't as obvious that I was pumping. It didn't feel quite as strong as the full-size pumps, but it would be great for travel or busy days. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this pump.
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Ann Arbor Mi
A Gentle On-the-Go Pump
December 4, 2019
A Gentle On-the-Go Pump

I am thoroughly enjoying the Freestyle Flex pump! As someone on the go between work and weekend activities, I found it to be very compact and easy to stick in my purse. I love the delay start to make adjustments to the flanges and it was more gentle feeling than other pumps I've used. It was so gentle that I was actually worried that I wouldnt produce milk but I produce an ounce more than I usually do with my old pump. I also liked that it comes with a milk bag and freeze pack for storage. I didn't try the app which you can use to track your milk output to your phone (not my thing), but I think it's a cool additional feature that others would enjoy. Thanks to the stellar panel for letting me try this awesome new pump!
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