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Greer, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Attractive and affordable
July 12, 2023
This is an attractive and affordable travel system. It doesn't maneuver like a Porsche but it looks like one. It's sturdy and easy to switch out the bassinet and car seat.
  • Sturdy, attractive, easy to switch out pieces
Best Uses
  • Everyday
  • Not the best for maneuvering around tight spaces
Clo's m.
Colorado Springs, CO
Update: still cuts my daughter
February 28, 2023
I really unhappy with my purchase to be honest. I was sent a new item under warranty because the locking mechanisms kept on getting stuck but the new item which was cutting my daughter is doing the same thing. I thought it was a quality assurance issue or how the velcro was sewn on. Turns out this items just not of quality like the one I bought my 7 year old when he was little. As I stated in my previous review the quality of materials in the cloth are just not the same. I also wish they would do snap closures on the strap covers. The velcro is actually dangerous every day I put my daughter in there she is getting cut up.
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St. Louis, MO
really annoying
February 22, 2023
I have been using this since my daughter was born in August 2022. It's very hard to maneuver and steer, something must be wrong with one of the back wheels but neither my husband nor I can figure it out. It's a bummer and because of this I would not recommend or buy it again.
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Dallas TX
Love the ease and convenience of this travel system
February 8, 2023
I love this system, and the customer service is amazing. We were traveling with this system and the airline broke our stroller. Customer service was so kind and the warranty process was very easy. Fast forward we are on baby #2 and have deceived to get this system again. I love the carriage mode and how the seat converts. My daughter loves it. I love the ability to attach the car seat with ease. Folding can be a challenge as it doesn't sit upright on it's on and storage wise it is a little bulky. We have a smaller home and storage is a challenge for us. With my toddler my only wish is that this system grew with our family. Other than that the quality, and features are amazing.
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Clo's m.
Colorado Springs, CO
If all you care about is the look...
February 1, 2023
I really wanted to love this product because it was expensive. I gave it a full 3 months before writing a review. I used Maxi-Cosi with my 7 year old and the quality was impeccable. This system however is lacking in quality of materials and ease of use. In fact it broke after 2 weeks and I had to use my warranty to get a new one. (One of the slider pulls to collapse the stroller broke and got stuck in the open position). The strap pads somehow constantly cut my daughter's fingers. The velcro that's sewn on there is really sharp. The travel system is not user friendly. You have to tow around different attachments. You cannot use the bassinet and the car seat together to make an enclosure. It's one or the other. The bassinet however is really large so plenty of room to grow. The material is not of Maxi-Cosi quality tho. The car seat material is really scratchy and cheap. I was expecting the soft material
The only nice material is on the sun shades. Also note that there is differentiable tan colors. They definitely cut corners. The buttons keep on getting stuck on the car seat and if I were honest the base to the car seat is a little wobbly. With my mom brain I keep on forgetting how to break down the stroller when I'm out and about. there is not one button that does everything you have to remember how to flatten the stroller and remove the car seat which is a pain. I do however love the look of the travel system, the leather handles are nice. I don't like that when you break down the stroller it doesn't stand on its own. Overall I would not recommend and my husband is always so frustrated with the buttons getting stuck. For the price we could have got a really nice stroller with the same look. I recommend Maxi-Cosi for other things but maybe the quality is just not there anymore. I have to remember to purchase new strap covers after writing this review because my baby has a lot of cuts on her fingers and hands as well which doesn't make me happy
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Razorback E.
Absolutely LOVE
November 12, 2022
I was given the stroller/ car seat set as a gift and use the car seat everyday and baby loves it. I wasn't sure how much use the stroller would get because I live on 200+ acres but decided to give it a spin one day when baby was fussy and she loved it so I've been using it ever since. I have used and abused this stroller and it's held up SO WELL. I walk 2+ miles on a gravel road almost every day and I'm honestly shocked at how durable this stroller is! And I love that I can use the car seat, the bassinet, or use the bassinet as a seat! It has survived the elements and is still going strong! I will never use another stroller.
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Cincinnati Ohio
Not worth the money very disappointed
November 7, 2022
We have the maxi cosi addora travel system. The car seat was fine but the stroller is terrible. It's VERY bulky and often difficult to close. But the worst part is the sunshade bonnet. It has no actual structure it's just floppy. It looks ridiculous it's honestly embarrassing it hangs in my sons face. I expected much better quality for the price. My advice either save your money and get a cheaper stroller that will be of better quality or splurge the extra 100 dollars and get the competition.
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Such poor quality for price
October 27, 2022
My niece had maxi cosi car seats growing up and I absolutely loved all the ones she had so I of course had to have it for my first.
I finally ordered it after doing lots of research and the quality is absolutely garbage. The material feels like paper, its so thin, came with scuff marks and is not user friendly!
I am super bummed as I have found nicer ones that are a much cheaper brand than Maxi Cosi.
The box this came in was nicer than the car seat.
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san diego
iffy about it
September 25, 2022
i love the stroller and bassinet but my newborns head looks very tilted down and squished whenever we put her in and it's very scary to drive anywhere cause we think she may not be able to breathe.
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Incredibly Wobbly
September 16, 2022
Although we have correctly assembled the stroller and installed the car seat base, we found the car seat to be extremely wobbly and loose. We were experiencing movement of more than an inch, and over all floppy, cheap, and unstable feeling. When we contacted customer support about the movement, we were told it "helps have a smoother ride on rough terrain" even though it does not list this "feature" anywhere on their website. We will be returning the stroller for something more secure and safe feeling and do not plan on purchasing any other Maxi Cosi items because they clearly do not value safety.
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Las Vegas
The stroller is very unsafe
September 12, 2022
The wheels can fell out ! That's happened with my stroller that I have model zelia . Almost my baby felt
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Not durable
July 4, 2022
Absolutely loved it while it lasted. Stroller got a little wonky after 1 and a half years of use. Stroller frame broke about 5 months later. Haven't found a place yet where I can get a replacement stroller frame or entire stroller without attachments. I have everything but no way to replace the stroller it's self which makes the stroller seat I have useless to have. It was great for most terrain minus snow.
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Mom A.
Cannot get the stroller to fold.
June 8, 2022
I love the car seat and the fact you can put the car seat in the stroller base. However, when I put the bassinet in the base it will not fold up. It is not very convenient for traveling.
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Yes but don't plan on having anymore kids lol
May 5, 2022
I don't find nothing wrong with it
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Picky m.
Atlanta, GA
Good value but didn't meet all our expectations.
April 25, 2022
This 5-in-1 bundle is a good deal but was not for us.
The car seat is really wonderful: lightweight, nice materials, cozy. The base that comes with the 5-in-1 kit I got is NOT the base with the stabilizing bar. That was important to us and it felt misleading that all the pictures of the car seat online showed the stabilizing bar with the base. I don't think you can even buy the car seat separately without the stabilized base now. The listing just didn't make it clear that wouldn't be part of the deal. So be sure to know that and be fine with it in advance.

As for the stroller, it's really pretty nice. The frame was a little bulky for us, but it's really nice that it has the bassinet function. We go on very long walks and are not comfortable keeping our infant in a car seat for that long. The teal color is VERY bright. I would say brighter than the photos. So if you aren't looking for some serious color, go for a darker or more neutral choice. I also think that the darker colors look a little more tailored. The fabric of the seat/bassinet isn't very stiff or taught, so when the fabric is a lighter/brighter color this really shows in the fold shadows and it looks a little...baggy. Totally aesthetic, but kinda bugs me.

Wheels have decent suspension. It maneuvers well and seems to be able to handle most basic terrain (some gravel/grass, bumpy sidewalk, asphalt). Breaking was easy to use and access and feels secure. The fold is a little clunky with the seat in place. We have a small house and its honestly bulkier than we'd like for stowing away. It also takes up a good deal of space in the car, which we don't love. But it does stand up on its own if you put the handlebar in a more extended position before you fold, so that was a nice trick to learn.

The stroller basket is really nice and large, but there is a bar that kind of blocks access to it from the back, which is annoying. It limits the size bag/object you can place in there.
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Elk Grove, CA
Issue with Cup Holder
April 23, 2022
When we purchased this stroller I haven't had any issues with it up till we had gone traveling to Canada and the cup holder was lost through handling to airport personnel. I thought nothing of it and assumed Maxi Cosi would have parts for east to detach items available for sale on website or in stores but you can't find it anywhere. It's not a cheap item I just wish the company would be fair to have a parts option on its website for any and all detachable item for its products so that it's customers dnt have to deal with using aftermarket cup holders and parts let alone buy a new stroller.
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Atlanta, ga
Verified Buyer
Good not great
March 20, 2022
While this is a versatile stroller and the bottom basket is a great size it is bulky and fragile. Broke after one flight.
Orange County
Easy, lightweight, and luxury
November 1, 2021
I love this travel system. The car seat is extremely comfortable. The stroller itself looks amazing and luxury. It's easy to use as well!
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November 1, 2021
I am a first time mom and really wanted a travel system I could trust without breaking the bank. I love everything about this stroller, and its even so cute.
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New York
Great, compact stroller
October 29, 2021
I love how easy to use this stroller is. Very straightforward, easy to move the seat into different positions, easy to fold up on my own and lightweight / not bulky. There's also a good amount of storage space underneath the stroller which is a plus (and also very hard to find with most strollers). Shade has a good amount of coverage as well.
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Mobile, AL
Love love love!
October 26, 2021
We have been loving this system by Maxi Cosi. My favorite part is that it grows as your baby does and it's so easy to use! We are currently in carriage mode and it's perfect for afternoon naps while strolling. We went the blue and it's just as pictured!
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Mobile, AL
Love love love this system!
October 25, 2021
We have been loving this system by Maxi Cosi. My favorite part is that it grows as your baby does and it's so easy to use! We are currently in carriage mode and it's perfect for afternoon naps while strolling. We went the blue and it's just as pictured. Overall great looking and great product!
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Lindy R.
Denver, CO
I feel safe using this for our babies!
October 25, 2021
I am so grateful that there are safe travel systems these days. Something I can put my baby in and know theyre safe in there like they're safe in my arms. The stroller is comfortable for my toddler daughter and she asks to be put in it rather than asks to be taken out. The car seat will be used for our newborn, as we trusted the same car seat for our daughter. They're both well cushioned, easy to clean, and visually appealing. The stroller folds up small and we all know how important that is when traveling with kids! I couldn't recommend this travel system more!
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Hands Down New Favorite Travel System
October 24, 2021
Everything about our experience with this travel system has been amazing. From the ease of adjusting the car seat to the ease of the stroller assembly, everything has taken minimal effort. I love the stylish new design and the patterns that are available as well. The vegan leather trim on the handle and bumper bars add such a nice touch. The stroller and car seat are also super light weight which is awesome, especially if you have a heavy baby like ours! From pumpkin patches to grocery outings, our Zelia 2 Max has been amazing. I highly recommend.

I was provided with product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are my own
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Memphis, TN
Must Have!
October 8, 2021
I was a little worried about the size and quality of the set. The color is true to the photo and the system is an idea size for my little one. My daughter is 10 months and i'm in transition from our smaller scroller that is also a carseat that she grew out of.. Really thought the transition would be tough but both babygirl and I are in love. So happy with this purchase!
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Great system overall.
August 12, 2021
Love the fact the entire system is available in one package. The stroller is easy to fold and unfold. The infant seat has extra padding and nice to cradle a newborn and the additional bassinet that converts to stroller seat which is pretty cool. We have not tried all of that yet. The straps in the bassinet look uncomfortable. When hooking the car seat to stroller it seems awkward and a bit scary. Sort of difficult to latch evenly with baby aboard.
Super nice travel system
July 14, 2021
The Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 is a great travel system! It is really easy to set up and collapse. It is lightweight and has a sleek design. The material is comfortable and easy to clean. I really like the amount of storage there is under the stroller. It easy to maneuver too. Definitely recommend this travel system!
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So Simple!
July 5, 2021
This was so simple to put together. I put the stroller together in less then 1- minutes and the car seat already came put together. This stroller is premium and I love how I can simply recline it when my baby falls asleep. We just used it at a theme park and the bottom had great storage and it was great. The handle adjusts for different heights and my husband can push it so easy.
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Claire S.
Smooth ride, hard to put together
June 21, 2021
The stroller is so lightweight, but I did find it hard to put together and take apart. I found it to be harder than other ones on the market. It does have a really smooth ride and a good amount of storage underneath. I love the leather handlebar because it doesn't hurt your hands like some of the other ones. The car seat is also lightweight, which is very important to me because I hate lugging around a huge car seat. It seems easy to clean, too. I do like this system, however found it to be hard to take down and put back together each time (in and out of the trunk).
Customer Images
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Amazing Stroller!
June 21, 2021
This stroller is just what we needed. It's lightweight and stylish. I love the different modes because it can fully recline for baby. It is very easy to adjust. There is a very useful canopy and visor to protect the baby from sunlight. I like that there is even a peekaboo window. The infant car seat is pretty light and seems really safe and durable. I like that the seat pad comes off and I can wash it in the machine when necessary. This stroller is really cozy for baby!
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Moody M.
Raleigh, NC
Great quality travel system at good price
June 20, 2021
The Maxi-Cosi mico XP car seat has the best, buttery soft fabric that is ideal for a newborn/infant. The quality of the fabric by far exceeds expectations and is softer than Nuna's fabric. It also is removable and washable which is essential. One downside to the carseat was that I struggled to push both buttons to lower the carrying bar, they seem hard to push. It also does weigh a little more than the Nuna Pipa. I also like that it has the option to use the base or a seatbelt. For the stroller, I like that it comes with a cup holder, as other brands you have to buy them separate for extra. The stroller has the same buttery soft fabric as the car seat which my daughter loves. I like that it folds up and stands on its own, but I struggle to fold it one handed. It requires multiple steps to close and open. The weight of the stroller is manageable and comparable to the nuna mixx. Overall I'd recommend the travel system for a good middle range price point where you get some of the "luxury" aspects without the hefty price tag.
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Nicole P.
June 19, 2021
I absolutely fell in love with this stroller car seat combo it works amazing the car seat is so lightweight and easy to carry and detach from the stroller ..the stroller has a detachable carrier that can be switched to either use the Carrier or the car seat on the base is so easy to push around it turn so easy very light weight and it's very quality made the leather handles are amazing on the stroller part and it's just so convenient to go in and out of places it folds simply and isn't hard to take in and out of my vehicle I'm so glad I found this it is the best ever I'm so honored to have had received this set to try out
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Wow - this system is awesome
June 19, 2021
I cannot say enough good things about this travel system. The infant car seat and base are secure, the car seat has an insert that is super comfortable for baby and the seat will fit all sizes from tiny newborn to a larger baby as it's growing The stroller will accommodate all sorts of terrains, different styles of baby seat style and would fit easily in the back cargo or think space of pretty much any vehicle. Very very pleased and impressed with this travel system and definitely recommend it
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Beautiful design
June 19, 2021
This travel system is absolutely gorgeous. I love the design and love the leather handle bar on the stroller- it creates a very high-end look without the price tag! It's very well-built, but the cloth on the seat does seem a little cheap, but time will definitely tell the durability. So far, I love it.
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Jonesborough, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Not What I Expected
June 16, 2021
For the price, I thought this was a “higher end” product. However I was disappointed. The strap to tighten/loosen the harness is tough to pull, it is too wide with the base to fit one of my vehicles and isn’t very secure when installed with the seatbelt, the canopy gets hung every time, and the handle bar is difficult to move. It does have the comfort I was looking for though. I wanted to return and buy something else, but Albee Baby doesn’t allow returns if something has been used even once so I’m unfortunately stuck with it now.
  • Comfortable
  • Difficult to use, too big with base to fit properly in vehicle.
Marysville, OH
Comfortable and super lightweight!!
June 14, 2021
Comfortable and super lightweight!! This travel system was everything it said it would be and more! As a mom, who often travels on my own with 2 young kids, this system was so lightweight and easy to use while out and about. I can easily fold it up and place in the back of the car without the stress of a bulky system while having my 4 year old next to me. It is definitely practical. We have used the system while at the zoo and my 7 month old seemed was very comfortable, secure and cool throughout the day. I also really love how nice it looked. I felt like the travel system looked really cute, expensive and quality-made! I have owned 2 other systems before and this has been the best quality while also having the best appearance. Would definitely recommend!!
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Travel system
June 11, 2021
This travel system is super easy to put together. It can be conveniently opened and closed quickly. Looks like a high quality product but is not crazy expensive. Gets the job done and helps us to get from point A to point B. Love the color we received. It is light and easy to move around.
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Perfect travel system
June 11, 2021
The size, easy and multi function use of this travel system is absolutely what we needed. We have always loved the maxi cosi brand. My older daughter used a convertible one for years. It has been great long lasting quality. I love this travel system and so does my baby!
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Plenty Of Options
June 11, 2021
I want to start out with saying that I was highly confused at first while putting this together. It was not easy in the slightest, even when I had instructions just because there are so many bells and whistles. Truly just a user issue. So, you have a full infant car seat with base included. The base has; a push handle for height adjustment, numbered arrows with step by step instructions and a base angle indicator. The car seat itself has; an ergonomic handle, push button in back for lifting car seat out, canopy, easily removable fabric for washing and an infant insert. On to the stroller! I love the wide feet in the back, rather large under storage area, and extendable handle. The structure of the stroller seems sturdy and accommodating. The right wheel also locks to keep stroller in place. Features; a removable cup holder that can be placed on either side, bassinet with a canopy that has button in back that you push while pulling handle to change seat position, handle for bassinet for easier use, extra clips for switching canopy with car seat for less time spent transferring baby. The bassinet lays down flat or leans down for sitting and even has straps as well. The material all around for both car seat and stroller feel very nice and well made, look very stylish and on trend. Material on stroller handle and bassinet handle remind me that of leather and feel nice. Final thoughts: I absolutely love this setup! It has made traveling so much easier and is helpful when we go to big places such as the store, shopping etc. Stroller folds down and fits easily while still providing some space for groceries. We have used both options but for now ultimately prefer the car seat on the stroller base due to ease of use. This is a lifesaver when you have multiple children! Overall I highly recommend!
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I am in love!
June 10, 2021
I was always afraid of buying strollers because they look heavy and not very easy to carry around. I was really surprised with this one! The Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 Max 5-in-1 Travel System with Mico XP is super lightweight, great design and easy to carry around!
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Warsaw, Indiana
Amazing Travel system!
June 9, 2021
There is so much cushion in this stroller & car seat that I wish I could sit in it! The car seat itself is light and the whole system (bassinet conversion) works perfectly, versatile system and good value. Was very easy to assemble, the quality is great, it is a beautiful stroller, easy to take the car seat in and out of holder, and rides smoothly. I am very pleased overall with this product! Looks sleek and modern
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New York
Super lightweight
June 8, 2021
Ok so for starters, this whole set is beautiful!!! The car seat is so lightweight compared to others we've had with our older children, even the stroller is on the lighter side! I've read of people having problems with their wheels, we've used ours for a week straight with zero flaws. The car seat easily goes into the stroller and the base in the car. So far no complaints and our son seems comfortable and happy! I also love that everything is machine washable so if he spills his milk we can easily remove the covers and wash them.
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Light and easy to close!
June 8, 2021
This stroller is amazing! It's easy to maneuver without any squeaking and closes up in seconds. There's a good amount of space underneath for storage and the opening is large so you don't have to struggle getting things in and out. Good for tall toddlers too! There's a bunch of shoulder straps holes so you can get the right fit. Has more than our previous stroller. Also closes so much easier than our previous. Big big fans of this one!
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New York
Pretty decent
May 25, 2021
The stroller has a nice look to it and has plenty of storage underneath but the wheels always stick especially when coming down from a curb. It's also difficult to get the car seat on the stroller
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Wheel broke off while baby was in it!
February 14, 2021
I bought this system for my daughter and she has only used it two months. While using it today the large wheel fell off. The the shaft that the wheel plugs into (so it can spin) completely failed. Could have been very dangerous. Now she's out of town for a couple days and has no stroller for her new baby
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Chillicothe, Ohio
I didn't get a carseat adapter
February 14, 2021
I really like the travel system however I didn't get the carseat adapter with mine so unfortunately I can't use the stroller with my carseat. And I can't find the adapter anywhere to buy it. It's such a shame.
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Plainville ma
So Excited to continue to use
January 26, 2021
This stroller system is beautiful so easy to push around and connect carseat and regular bassinet seat. fabric is easily wipeable.
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First M.
Montreal, Canada
It's pretty okay
December 25, 2020
I honestly wanted to love this. Especially that it came in a bundle with the stroller. The straps are hard to adjust and I cannot get them tight enough to where there is no slack, but the chest buckle leaves a mark on my baby's chest. And when I think it's tight enough I see her head isn't positioned correctly! The fact I also have to press the two buttons to get it out of the stroller, without taking out the adapters, is challenging because I don't want to open the car seat cover in winter :/ The handle bar has also gotten stiff and it takes a large amount of space in the back seat. We have to push the forward seat in order to create space. At least we put the car seat behind the passenger seat and not the driver because my husband is tall and pushes his seat back. As for the inserts and headrest, they aren't the best. In comparison with the Evenflo I loved that car seat better because there was no flimsy inserts. It had a clean design and I kind of regret not buying it. So I'm waiting until I have to convert to the convertible car seat.

For the actual stroller, I haven't used it yet, but I did use it once on a night stroll and she loved it and it was nice. I'll have to wait until summer to actually use the stroller part!
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Verified Buyer
Great stroller!
December 14, 2020
Comfortable stroller, nice color. I really like the car seat. Good quality for the price.
  • Big wheels, nice color and design, comfortable
  • Car seat was manufactured in 2019 but it?s good for 8 years.
Los Angeles, CA
Beautiful but horrible wheels
December 14, 2020
I was excited when I was gifted this product for my first baby. It is a beautifully made stroller and car seat. After the first few months, the wheels on the stroller would get stuck and drag. It makes it so difficult to navigate and turn when it gets stuck. For the price of this travel system, I would expect more from this stroller.
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