Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat - Devoted Black

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Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Mirror
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Maxi-Cosi Max Window Shade - 2 Pack, Black
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Maxi-Cosi Vehicle Seat Protector - Black
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Rear-facing Capacity:
14-40 lbs

Forward-facing Capacity:
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Boston ma
Verified Buyer
Best car seat!
November 20, 2023
Loveee this car seat for my baby!
Alpharetta, Georgia
Verified Buyer
September 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
Can’t beat this price!
July 17, 2022
Great car seat. Lots of padding for LO! Easy to install!!
San Antonio, TX
Verified Buyer
July 14, 2022
I love this car seat.
It has a unique print that I get compliments on frequently and my daughter loves it. She’s now 4 and measures 42” and weighs 32 pounds
It’s a great fit and not too bulky.
Yorktown, VA
Verified Buyer
Very safe and comfortable seat
May 30, 2022
My daughter used this one for 3 years.Very comfortable seat.High quality and good deal here.
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
February 16, 2022
Bought this car seat to use in my moms car to help transport baby around. Great car seat that we all love!
Verified Buyer
Great Purchase
September 30, 2021
This car seat has been amazing for our girl. So comfortable compared to other options on the market.
Riverside CA
Verified Buyer
Best toddler carseat
August 18, 2021
Bought this for my daughter at 2 years old we been using Maxi Cosi brand since she was a newborn. I love the material and thickness of their carseats super comfy. She is now 4 and still in great shape.
  • Comfy
Chesapeake, VA
Verified Buyer
Love it
July 16, 2021
We needed a bigger car seat for my daughter because she is exceeding height and weight on hers but only 3 years old. This seat has been perfect for her! And it’s very cute, comfy, and well made.
  • Wish the straps were a bit longer for more adjustability
Richmond Hill, GA
Verified Buyer
Great Carseat
July 12, 2021
This carseat is high quality, and looks great. Installation can be a little tricky, as it just has a line you have to make parallel to the ground (Wish it had a built in level). Installation is easy with the latch system, and everything is super easy to take off and wash if needed.
Verified Buyer
Still good!
July 4, 2021
We’ve had this convertible car seat for 4 years and it’s still good! Love the size of it as our daughter has grown and that we can easily keep it clean by throwing the cover in the washing machine. Very satisfied with our purchase.
Baltimore, Maryland
Verified Buyer
Easy to install and toddler likes it
June 27, 2021
This car seat was a very good deal and is very easy to install. It's not super heavy but feels very secure. Our daughter definitely likes it and naps in it easily. Our only issue with it is it quite wide so it would not be good for 3 across or side-by-side in a standard sized vehicle (we couldn't even do side-by-side with an infant carrier in our Subaru Outback).
  • - Comfy
  • - Includes a cup holder
  • - Easy to install
  • - Wide
Verified Buyer
Favorite brand car seat
June 24, 2021
This is our third car seat from this brand.
Verified Buyer
June 4, 2021
Comfy and very secure
  • Goes to 85 lbs
  • Non
Houston, TX
Love this seat.
April 30, 2021
It's been a great car seat for us. We need something with a higher weight limit that still has a 5-point harness since my daughter has special needs. The only I would change is that the seat itself sits pretty high off the seat and as my daughter gets bigger, it has been getting hard to lift her into the seat. Just wish it was a little lower profile since she can't climb into the car herself.
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Lafayette, IN
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
April 25, 2021
We love this car seat! It is easy to install, easy to clean, easy to adjust. Very comfortable & our daughter doesn’t get too hot in it.
Philadelphia, PA
Verified Buyer
Favorite carseat
April 22, 2021
Love this car seat. Used it with my daughter after her infant seat, and gift it to everyone i know. I know kids are comfortable in it but also know that it’s safe! The materials are high quality and it lasts forever.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Verified Buyer
April 15, 2021
Very good car seat. Easy to clean. Straps get twisted easily. Usually difficult to tighten straps.
Easy to install.
Verified Buyer
Great carseat
March 23, 2021
carseat feels sturdy and safe- easy to install.
Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Best car seat !
March 21, 2021
I love this car seat . It’s great that I can remove the cover completely wash it and clean the cover ! My toddler loves her car seat especially her cup holder to put her drinks or small toys . I have a slim, but tall. I love the fact that it expands for her tall self as she continues to grow. Will definitely be buying another Maxi-Cosi car seat for my one year old when she outgrows her infant car seat.
  • Easy to remove and wash
Mom g.
St Johns, Fl
So perfect I bought 6
March 7, 2021
I have 2 of these in my moms car, my husbands car and my parents car. Keeping my children safe is worth every penny. Our children are 4&5 now and very comfortable in our long road trips. They love their seats. They keep them safe and are easy to install and clean.
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San Jose, CA
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
February 14, 2021
I bought two of this car seat from Albee Baby. it is very comfortable for kids and well made. I took one of them on international travel and we have no problem with it.
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Great car seat, a bit wide
February 7, 2021
We have used this seat for nearly 3 years. It is very roomy and my son always seemed comfortable. He slept well in it, and it was easy to install. My only dislike is that it is very wide for the back seat of our small SUV.
  • Durability
  • Washability
  • Cup holders
  • Head support/protection
  • Wide
Sumter, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Very easy
January 31, 2021
We’ve had ours over a year now and I’ve washed it multiple times. Very easy to remove and put back on. I like how easy it is to adjust for growth. Read a lot of comments about how big it is and my opinion is that is better. We have and small suv and a Altima and it does just fine in both
Big Rapids, MI
Verified Buyer
Car seat
January 15, 2021
Obsessed with this car seat! So comfy for my little and so affordable!
Verified Buyer
Easy cleaning
January 12, 2021
Love this carseat. It was easy to install and cleaning it is also very easy.
Verified Buyer
December 4, 2020
My baby hated her car seat. Then we got this and now she loves it! It’s nice and tall for her to see out the window. It’s pretty big compared to the graco 4 ever but worth it and way more comfortable
Customer Images
Verified Buyer
Easy to use, easy to clean
November 23, 2020
Super easy to adjust, easy in and out, cover comes off easily making cleaning a breeze, sturdy design without tons of moving parts, cup holder cleans well, comfortable for both my kids (I bought two), been using for 2 years and 3 years. I definitely would recommend Maxi Cosi (and do all the time)!
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Very few parts to adjust
Riverside, CA
Verified Buyer
Love motif
November 2, 2020
Love the print and the price. Quality is great and I know my baby is safe! I’ve purchased 2 more, one for each vehicle!
Verified Buyer
Easy in and out
October 9, 2020
Really easy to clean and comfortable for my little girl. In and out is so easy!
Verified Buyer
Maxi Cosi Pria 85
October 9, 2020
GREAT Carseat
Kylee W.
San Francisco
Verified Buyer
Great Second Seat!
September 25, 2020
The print on this is a bonus! We love this seat — it fits well (rear facing for now) in our small car and allows more room for the passenger than our infant seat did. The hooks for the straps are genius — they make getting our girl in and buckled very easy. She reaches back for them to “help” and we are never digging under or behind her get buckled in.
  • Size
  • Easy to buckle in
  • Easy to adjust
Elmhurst, NY
Verified Buyer
comfortable seat for your toddler
September 23, 2020
It’s great quality comfortable and also nice color.My girl enjoy to travel with it.
Rochester, New York
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat
September 18, 2020
This is our second maxi Cosi pria 85 and I LOVE it. Easy to wash, comfy, spacious and easy to install. PLUS / the patterns are just so cute! My daughters love their car seats too. I would tell any friend to try this car seat! More than my Britax and evenflo car seats!!
Verified Buyer
Love this seat
August 26, 2020
Our baby just graduated from an infant carrier to his first big boy car seat. From the first time he rode in it, he was so quiet because he kept staring out the window. He seems so comfortable with all the cushion this seat offers. We also love the cupholder. It is a fairly large seat, so definitely measure your car to make sure it will fit.
  • Cushion, seat fabric, cupholder
  • Won't fit every car
Mom 4.
Loveland, CO
A cozy upgrade!
August 13, 2020
We got the Maxi Cosi Pria 85 2-1 for our 1 year olds Carseat upgrade! We have typically gone with another brand out of habit but I read such good things I wanted to give this Carseat a shot! Right away we were impressed by the comfort, durability, and safety of the seat. And so pleased with the ease of install. The harness holders and cupholder built in are such a great perk too.
Customer Images
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Tampa FL
We love this seat!
August 12, 2020
We have two of these seats for my daughters ages 3.5 and 1.5. They are great, sturdy, and comfortable seats. We will be using them for when we travel and as our secondary car seats and couldn't be happier with the choice!
Customer Images
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Columbus, Ohio
Great for babies!!
August 12, 2020
We got this for my daughter when she was just over 15lbs and it works perfectly for her. I thought it would still seem to big for her seeing as she was just over the 14lb minimum weight but it is super cushioned and comfortable, sits her upright and she's happier in this than an infant seat! We don't have an SUV and have another Maxi-Cosi seat for our older son and this fits by it perfectly. Easy to clean which is a huge positive for a car seat!
Customer Images
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Sacramento, CA
A cozy, comfortable, and secure ride
August 7, 2020
We've had this car seat for about a month now and honestly love it. I especially love how soft the fabric is and how much padding is in this car seat, it makes me feel like my kiddo is not only safe but also comfortable on our drives. It was easy to install and doesn't take up a ton of space in my hatchback's backseat, which is really nice, especially since we're expecting our second in a couple of months. My husband's only wish is that it had a cup holder on both sides instead of one, but our toddler hasn't noticed! 😆
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Lightweight & Helpful
August 5, 2020
We have had our eye on this car seat for quite a while and I'm so happy that we finally got one! My daughter gets car sick often and the fact that the fabric can easily be removed and is washable is a huge relief for us. It was such a struggle to clean our precious car seat and get the smell out every time. We love that the harness straps have some padding on them. It helps when my daughter falls asleep in her car seat, it provides her with some cushion so that her neck is not totally bent, uncomfortable and dangling around. The harness holders I was probably the most excited about. I love That we can hang her straps there while she gets comfortable and then it's so easy to clip her in!
Customer Images
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Essex, Maryland
Verified Buyer
Very High End Carseat
August 4, 2020
This car seat is made out of such soft materials and the design of it is absolutely flawless. I love the print and the convenience of the baby growing with it! Very well worth the money.
Hopkins, MN
Perfect convertible car seat!
August 1, 2020
I'm happy to say that we love this car seat so far! Originally we had purchased a Graco brand car seat for our first son and were not very impressed. We are however very impressed by this car seat! It's surprisingly lightweight which makes easy transfer to car when needed! The fabric is also so buttery soft & smooth! I would highly recommend this car seat!
Customer Images
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Manassas, VA
Verified Buyer
Feels High Quality
July 26, 2020
I have yet to encounter a car seat that I would describe as easy or fun to use. That being said, this is the nicest one I have had. We like the print, and especially all the padding which makes it easy for my toddler to sleep in. Best of all, the entire thing can be stripped apart and put in the washing machine. It comes out looking brand new. The buckles aren't bad, but sometimes hard to click in given all the padding. We took off the shoulder pads and my kiddo ripped out the buckle pad.... so problem solved. WIth the Albee discount, I would say this car seat is well worth it.
  • Pretty
  • Well cushioned
  • Washable
  • Feels expensive
  • Not super easy to buckle
Port Huron
Verified Buyer
Beautiful, comfortable seat for your toddler!
July 25, 2020
I bought the limited edition sweater knit Maxi Cosi Mico 30 for my daughter the week before she was born - a month prematurely. I poured over the decision of what car seat for weeks, and Albee Baby made one of the best reviewed (and cutest!) models for safety and comfort actually affordable to me. Made in USA was a must! That car seat served us well for more than two years. It was strong, comfy, easy to clean and absolutely charming. Once my little one was getting close to 30lbs, however, I knew I needed to replace it but I was facing a lot of tough choices.

I went looking for Maxi Cosi at Albee Baby again, and fell for another affordable, limited edition seat. However, this seat is a 15lbs - 85lb seat that seems silly when there are so many well reviewed harness to booster seats like the Britax Clicktight line, or the Evenflo Maestro. I seriously was driving myself crazy reading about car seats, looking up reviews and recalls. Comparing this Maxi Cosi to the harness to booster was really comparing apples to oranges because they are so different. My parents surprised me with the Maestro to put me out of my misery. It was lightweight, easy to install, did not take much room....two cupholders! It was very well reviewed for safety and it would take her up to 100+lbs. I thought that was the end of it.

We put the Maestro in my dad's pick up for a while, during a visit and my daughter was enjoying her grown up seat but when she dozed off...she looked SO uncomfortable! I have some upcoming trips in the car with her - comfort while napping is a must and I returned to the drawing board. The Maestro would be great for errands and short daily runs but I needed something comfortable.

The Britax Clicktight was my final decision - until I came across a consumers report test they did on the Clicktight models and although I was looking to buy the updated version of these that probably addressed the weaknesses exposed in that test...I really needed to feel certain that my baby girl was safe. The manufacturer of the Maxi Cosi seats has not had to issue any serious recalls and there have been no negative reviews on the safety features of this seat (or any other maxi Cosi). I do lose a bit in that this seat stops at 85lbs, and my daughter is already at about 30lbs but the incredible comfort and easy to wash cover is preventing me from regretting that fact too much.

As my parents pointed out:. You expect a toddler to keep a seat in pristine condition from 30lbs to 100+ lbs? That's a long time.

First trip in the seat, my baby girl snuggled in and drifted off to sleep in a position I envied. The seat is stable, secure, handsome and oh so comfy!

Buy it - or one just like it if you are on the fence. Your child will ride like royalty.

Thank you Albee baby
  • Safe! Comfortable! Looks amazing. Made in USA. No recalls.
Best Uses
  • If you are looking for a car seat for long drives or your child falls asleep in the car ALL THE TIME - this is great to keep your toddler from getting the head droop!
  • This is an award weight range. 15lbs to 85lbs neither satisfies the infant stage nor does it serve as your last and final car seat. Still, if you can afford to have your child in 3 stages of car seat...this is super comfy.
  • One cup holder and not particularly roomy cup holder at that.
North Charleston, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Beautiful design!
July 24, 2020
I love this car seat and so does my little! I purchased the triangle flow design and it is BEAUTIFUL. My daughter seems so comfortable in this seat also which is the most important. Another thing I love about this seat is that it will last us all the way until a boster seat which is years away. I gave this 4 stars because there are a few things I don't enjoy about this seat. It was so hard to install! I had to get someone to help me make sure it was secure and will not be taking it out of the car under any circumstances now that its in there good. Another thing I dislike about this design is the cupholder cannot be removed. Its definitely not a deal breaker, it would just be easier to clean that way. Overall we love this seat and will be using it for a long time.
  • Beautiful design, child comfort, long lasting.
  • Hard to install. Cupholder cannot be taken out to clean.
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Like a baby's couch for the car
July 24, 2020
This seat is very easy to install and quite nice to look at as the pattern is very chic. The first two times my daughter sat in it she fell asleep almost instantly. I can only attribute it to how comfortable it is.

In terms of cleaning - it's really easy to clean out with the washable fabric, even taking a hand vacuum to clean as well.

Great seat, highly recommend and hope to use it for a very long time!
Great car seat for growing and messy kids!
July 23, 2020
We love this car seat as it fits children from 14 to 85 pounds which is a huge range. It's very easy to take the covers off and wash them (which, as parents, we all know how important this is), very safe with its Air Protect side impact technology - makes me comfortable knowing that my daughter is safe. She's very safe, comfortable and has no complaints which are the most important things.
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Great car seat!
July 23, 2020
Love the fact that it fits my son forward facing till 85 pounds!
Customer Images
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Verified Buyer
Decent car seat
July 20, 2020
It is an ok car seat to have as a spare seat. It is fairly difficult to tighten on certain cars.
Cozy as can be!
July 20, 2020
This car seat is the perfect upgrade for my son. He's looking a little squished in his infant car seat and this one looks like there is so much room for him to grow in it. A comfy ride with great safety ratings which is huge to me.
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