Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat, Special Edition - City Motif

This item is discontinued.
This playful black and white cityscape design is accented with sparkling copper-colored embroidery and a bold, black fabric for a look that takes this fun design to new heights.

Car seat includes base.

Weight capacity: 4-30 lbs
Height capacity: Up to 32"

Extended canopy with flip-out visor for maximum UV protection.

Reversible Cozi-Dozi infant support for smaller babies.

Self-wicking fabric deodorizes and draws liquids away from the skin.

Adjustable base with rebound bar included.

  • Lightest premium infant car seat available
  • Air Protect - Revolutionary side impact protection technology
  • Self-wicking fabric deodorizes and draws liquids away from the skin to keep baby dry and comfortable
  • Easily removable fabrics for cleaning; innovative design allows for removal without rethreading harness
  • Machine washable and dryer safe fabric
  • Reversible Cozi-Dozi infant support for smaller babies
  • Extended canopy with flip-out visor for maximum UV protection
  • Infant insert for proper fit of babies as small as 4 lbs
  • Adjustable base with rebound bar included
  • 5-point harness is adjustable from the front
  • One click LATCH system for easiest installation
  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi & Quinny strollers and other premium strollers
  • Weight capacity: 4-30 lbs
  • Height capacity: up to 32"
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Fort wayne, Indiana
Verified Buyer
Will buy again
October 12, 2023
Soft and so easy to clean! I really liked this car seat
Kimist C.
Daytona Beach, Fl
Poor Quality for High Price
November 3, 2022
I wish I'd read the reviews on this site prior to purchasing this seat. I agree with a lot of the sentiments. It is very expensive and has not shown to be worth the money. It feels flimsy. The straps are impossible to get even and the entire seat has to be dissembled to adjust them. The shoulder pads are bulky and scratched my daughter's shoulders up pretty bad. My daughter is 4 months and a bigger baby at 18lbs, 27 inches and she is miserable in the seat. It seems to tight at her shoulders. I love the luxury look of the travel system (with the Tayla stroller), but I really wish I'd gone with my second option, the Nuna set. We have to figure out how to replace this seat.
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Verified Buyer
Great infant seat
July 17, 2022
Light weight and easy to get baby in and out of! Very easy to install!
Liberty, MO
Verified Buyer
Perfect for tiny babies
March 29, 2022
this seat is absolutely perfect for my under 7lb daughter. I love how easy it is to clean and buckle her in. fits the stroller AdOrra just right too.
  • compact
  • easy to clean
Best Uses
  • smaller infants
  • Base extends over most back seats
Morrow, oh
Verified Buyer
Great product! Great price
February 9, 2022
This product was great for the price and it got delivered within a few days
Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Love the cute design
December 15, 2021
Love their various color and cute design. I’m not really satisfied maxi cosi convertible car seats, but love their infant one.
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
December 12, 2021
I really like the look and feel of this seat. My little guy is nice and snug in all the padding. One of my favorite features is the bar on the base.
Customer Images
  • Canopy is floppy
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Great purchase
November 9, 2021
Worth the price. I love how it provides safety to both of my infants when they were young. Worth every penny.
Verified Buyer
Pretty great
October 4, 2021
Really good seat no complaints other than it is a very large seat front to back and you can’t use the strap covers with a newborn
West Virginia
Verified Buyer
Cozy and sturdy
July 22, 2021
Love how lightweight this seat is, and the rebound bar on the base kept it extra secure. Was happy to find it on sale as well!
boston, ma
Verified Buyer
Good light seat
July 4, 2021
Excellent for travel. This seat lacks bells and whistles that come with other comparable seats such as leveling gauge etc.. But it also does not have the weight that comes with it.
Seattle wa
I loved it at first but not worth it.
May 14, 2021
Stains are impossible to remove once it's dirty. And they get worse once you try to wash.
Customer Images
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March 24, 2021
After a few months of use we are disappointed with this seat. The straps are frustrating and one is always looser than the other requiring a lot of extra adjusting each use (and it's potentially unsafe). The shoulder pads are poorly designed and way too big. The fabric frayed after just a couple uses and the sun shade is always loose and falling down the back of the seat. My baby seems (and looks) uncomfortable in it no matter how many times we try to readjust him. It is lightweight abs stylish looking, but not as well made as it should be for the price. Many better options for the money! Recommend shopping for a different brand car seat.
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san, CA
March 5, 2021
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Great carseat but could have a few improvements!
February 15, 2021
I got this with our stroller when we got maxi cosi double stroller option. I had a graco carseat before. I feel like for the price of the system/ carseats they should have be able to adjust the straps without taking apart all of it. I also don't like how the straps always seem to not be even when trying to adjust it. The pads by the neck are way to big, my baby was on the smaller side I felt like I couldnt get the straps tight enough with those on so I took them off. Baby seems comfy in it and it's really easy to wash! The canopy/ visor is great! Easy to latch in and the base is very easy to install! Gave it a 3/5 due to the strap issues and too big of neck strap pieces. I feel like thats one of the most important parts of the carseat. Honestly if I didn't need the double stroller system I would of returned the carseat and probably gone with chicco or britax infant seat.
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Verified Buyer
So glad we got this car seat!
January 24, 2021
I was on the hunt for a gender neutral car seat that was machine wash/dry, lightweight, and not ugly or hundreds of dollars. So glad we went with this one. The cover is intuitive to take on and off (A rarity it seems in the car seat world...) and washes/dries very nicely. I love the leather handle (not so slippery) and the fabric and padding are so nice. They advertise the wicking fabric, but when it comes there is literally a 6 inch polyester warning label that takes up one whole side. I get the need for safety, but its written in five other places. I took a seam ripper to the label and got it off easily so our baby could actually use the wicking fabric. It installs easily in cars with the seat belt or with a base. We love Maxi-Cosi and got a convertible car seat from them that we enjoy just as much. This is our first foray into the car seat world but I think we are Maxi-Cosi loyalists for life.
New York
Verified Buyer
excellent car seat
January 4, 2021
its an elegant, lightweight, easy to use cars seat.
going to order another one soon.
  • lightweight
  • easy to clean/wash
  • compatible with many strollers
  • affordable for a posh car seat
  • none
Verified Buyer
December 21, 2020
Good for baby safety. Great price and quality.
Toledo, Ohio
Verified Buyer
One of my fav car seats!
November 22, 2020
This is definitely one of my favorite car seats I’ve used. They seem so comfy in it. And it’s such a cool color!
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Very stylish
November 14, 2020
Very stylish, sleek design, and machine washable. The only con is it seems to “squish” my baby now that she is getting bigger. The shoulder padding is also very bulky.
Sachse, Texas
Verified Buyer
Too narrow
October 27, 2020
Wanted to love this carseat as I had done extensive research on car seats that were safe but not too heavy. This car seat is extremely light and easy to carry but its so narrow inside. My husband and I have a hard time getting baby buckled in without her getting annoyed because she has to be readjusted
Augusta, GA a price
October 27, 2020
We have been using this seat for almost 9 months & are now transitioning to a convertible seat, so I feel "experienced" enough to leave a review. This is a very nice seat. It is comfortable & my baby has never once had the awful 'slumped' neck sleep position. Perfect recline. The base is HUGE. The safety bar sticks out so far it almost makes sitting in the front seat impossible. This is the biggest flaw, in my opinion. The straps become uneven after a few trips for whatever reason. The straps also get twisted around easily. The cover is easy to remove/wash. The fabric is breathable, even throughout this hot summer in the south, my baby was never overly sweaty.

Overall, it takes up a lot of backseat space, but has a perfect recline & allows baby to be comfortable.
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Want to love this carseat, but just can't.
September 28, 2020
I want to love this carseat, but it has been nothing but a pain since leaving the hospital. As my daughter continues to grow, the straps seem to cause more and more problems. After each use I have to adjust the straps and one side is always tighter. With this constant issue, my daughter cries as we're trying to adjust them. After just 2 months of use, the material frayed and has a hole on the canopy. Paying $600+ for the carseat and stroller set left me with better hope.
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August 9, 2020
So infuriating! The straps on this car seat are so difficult to adjust. This afternoon one side of the harness was looser than the other... we had to spend 10 minutes trying to pull the harness out to equal lengths on both sides. Meanwhile we have a 6 month old that is hot and fussy. Thank goodness there were two of us to fix this frustrating flaw! I wouldn't wish this car seat on anyone. Getting ready to just buy an entirely different car seat for our baby.
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Andrea L.
New Milford, NJ
Easy to clean, comfortable, and beautiful
June 24, 2020
My son loves his car seat. It's comfortable and allows him to fall asleep, it's easy to clean, and simple to switch between cars. We always get compliments on his car seat and stroller. It's also super safe
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Lake Worth, Florida
Verified Buyer
June 11, 2020
Overall, love the quality and fabric. Although it does seem a little hot if you live anywhere remotely warm. Didn't really think that through even though it is listed as a sweater material. It is well made and baby seemed comfortable position wise. Maxi Cosi has always treated us well, even when we used the warranty they handled the problem with a quickness!
Atlanta, Georgia
Verified Buyer
May 29, 2020
It is very well made cars seat. But heavy. Not good for carrying it around but if you were to adapt it on a stroller, it is good.
Karen R.
Marietta, GA
Color doesn't match the picture (not as vibrant)
May 27, 2020
First, let me tell you this is the third maxi cosi infant car seat I've bought within the past 5 years. I bought a pink Mico 5 years ago for my daughter, and then bought a Mico 30 for my niece 2 1/2 years ago. I do realize there are differences in fabric between the models, and years. So, the picture thou shows the color to be the same. The one I just purchase from buybuybaby Mico Max 30, came to be more purplelish in person, was expecting the same vibrant pink as pictured :( . Now, I still love the brand, lightest car seat of all, the fabric is so good for hot weather, easy to maneuver, it is not as bulky as others, I can fit a backless booster seat (graco) the Mico max 30 and a 3 in 1 car seat (graco) on the second row of my Traverse SUV, I just want people to know they will not get a vibrant pink. The picture is the same on all websites though.
Customer Images
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Straps don't adjust to fit a small baby
May 25, 2020
We purchased this car seat for its safety features and easy installation percs however, when leaving the hospital we couldn't take our baby home in this because the straps would not adjust to safely transport him home. Our baby was not abnormally small. He was 5lbs 11oz at birth. For the price, I just can't recommend this product because you likely won't be able to use it for the first month of your child's life
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Peachtree city, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Light weight easy to use!
May 19, 2020
Car seat is compact, lightweight and easy to use right out of the box. It works perfectly with my Britax B stroller/converter.
So pleased with the purchase! Easy to install in the car and easy to attach in/out of base!
  • Light and easy to use.
Best Uses
  • Everything!
  • None
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Starter car seat
April 25, 2020
We bought this car seat for our preemie because it was able to hold a 4 lb baby. He’s now 18 lbs and this lasted us 4 months. This is a no thrill straight forward seat. We had no complaints only thing is every time he was in seat he screamed his head off, not sure if it’s correlating to seat being uncomfortable or just that he hated being in seat. We are now moving into a convertible seat so interested to see if there’s a change in his screaming.
Aloha, OR
Fits in 2015 Honda Fit!
April 6, 2020
I just wanted to say how happy I am that this car seat fits in my little 2015 Honda Fit! After reading the reviews, with users saying how they were having troubles getting it to fit into Jeeps and SUVs, I really started to question our choice of the Mico Max 30. It arrived today, and I got it installed without any troubles. Caveat being, I'm 5'2", and my husband is 6', so little one will be riding behind me. But that's really no big deal. Baby hasn't arrived yet, so I can only speak to installation at this point, but so far, I'm quite pleased. Super easy installation, and the seat pops onto and off of the base extremely easily.

Also, if it matters to you - this was one of the only car seats that I could slide my arm through the handle while the canopy was up - there's enough clearance between them that it's comfortable for me.
Customer Images
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New York
Verified Buyer
Nice Infant Car Seat
March 28, 2020
Received it two weeks ago. Nice quality and should be very comfortable for baby. My husband and I love it color and design.
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Verified Buyer
Light Weight Car Seat
March 11, 2020
Got this for our first newborn. The material is easy to clean and very plush. I mainly bought it because of the material and that its super light weight. The only reason I didn't give a 5 start review is because the canopy part is very flimsy. It comes apart at the side but i can view past that.
Lodi, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
March 11, 2020
I love this carseat because its so affordable and works with many different strollers.
  • versatile
  • easy
Best Uses
  • car
  • stroller
Capitol Hgts, Maryland
Verified Buyer
Must BUY!!!
March 3, 2020
Im so happy i brought this carseat it was on sale and the color is beautiful for my babygirl she falls right asleep in it when your riding over bumps she barely feel them its also adjustable like this is literally worth the price dont cheat your self treat yourself your going to love this carseat!!!
  • everything is great there's nothing better i can ask for
  • figuring out how to adjust it to the right size of child
Carrie M.
Jonesborough, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Best Carseat on the market
March 2, 2020
Having a good sized light weight infant car seat was very important to me and this one is both. My son who was typically in the 60th-80th percentile up to 15 months of age fit in this carseat well and allowed for me to carry him because the seat itself was not too heavy. Worked great for me! I will be using it again for my second child as it will still be good by the time he is born.
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat
February 27, 2020
We had previously bought a different car seat . Our daughter absolutely hated it . She cried and screamed every time she was in it . The canopy was flimsy ,overall bulky and not user friendly.
I researched for weeks trying to decide which car seat to get . We decided to go with the maxi cosi Mico max 30 .
We absolutely love it . The material is amazing. We live in the south so the moisture wicking material is a godsend! She loves it ! She falls asleep the minute we get in the car. It fits her so well . The installation was easy . All other car seats I’ve used don’t work well with the latch system. This is totally different. It clicks into your seat latch so well . It stays in place with very little movement. The car seat clicks right into the base and is easy to lift out .
We are very happy with our purchase and I highly recommend this to anyone .
Customer Images
New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30
February 18, 2020
I ordered this seat because it is one of the smallest on the market. Baby has not arrived yet, however i have had the chance to play around with the seat. When removing from the box I was shocked at how light it was, even with the base attached to it. The seat itself is well padded and seems like it will be cozy for the new babe. The placement of the buttons to adjust the handle are a little awkward and will take some getting used to. overall i am pleased with the seat so far, fingers crossed the new baby likes it.
  • Light
  • well cushioned
  • comes with infant wedge
  • curved handle makes carrying less awkward
  • Buttons on handle are oddly placed
  • strap covers are very bulky
Henry's P.
Kirkland, Washington
Verified Buyer
Light and well made
February 10, 2020
I like the fact that the fabrics are easy to remove for cleaning. Fairly easy to install.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Great value for the price
  • I can use it with my UppaBaby Cruz stroller (had to get the optional UppaBabby adapters)
Chino Hills, CA
Verified Buyer
So so
February 9, 2020
This car seat not good not bad. Every feature functions normal but not good enough. The design is a bit complicated not user-friendly. The canopy is flimsy. Also the car seat is too heavy to carry. The seat looks uncomfortable as well. Baby grows very fast at first stage. But this car seat is pretty hard to adjust and baby sits not so comfortable when growing larger. Anyway, my baby is turning to 20 lb so I bought another Maxi Cosi Convertible car seat. Hope this time their seat will work better than this one.
Brenham, TX
The base is SO long
January 31, 2020
The base for this seat is so long it extends over the bench in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you put it behind the passenger seat the person riding in has to put the seat really far forward. If you put it behind the driver only I can drive, not my husband. It's been a big issue. The seat is nice but it's super annoying that the base is so long.
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Lilibeth F.
El Paso, TX
Verified Buyer
Maxi Cosi Red Orchid Car Seat
January 18, 2020
Awesome purchase! Beautiful car seat; vibrant colors, limited edition, picture does not do the car sear justice- much more impressive in person. It has unique detailed stripes to parts of the car seat like the strap covers and is a Rachel Zoe limited edition design from what I read. The price was unbeatable and the shipping highly expedited. Which I was truly fearful of having only 2 wks left for delivery and based on site reviews. Took a chance and glad I did. I will definitely be browsing Albeebaby for future purchases! Considering my purchase for another car seat was forceful, found mold build up on a previously purchased car seat stored after steamed, this shopping experience turned the unpleasantness around and reaffirmed my decision to purchase this particular seat.
San Francisco, California
Verified Buyer
Very loose canopy
January 18, 2020
The overall quality of the product is good. However, the canopy is very loose, it doesn't lock in the position where the canopy is stretched and lean as in the pictures. We've tried everything and we also contacted the manufacturer but no answer so far.
  • Light
  • loose canopy and not stable handle
Point Pleasant, NJ
Verified Buyer
January 15, 2020
This is my third baby and I have to say I will never use a different brand of car seat. the quality of this carseat surpasses every other ive used.
Don't buy this carseat
January 15, 2020
I have a BMW X3 SUV and it's pretty spacious for a mid size vehicle. If this car seat is behind front passenger seat, no one can sit in my front passenger seat anymore. This car seat also sits way too upright for a newborn, it makes their head fall over resulting in obstruction of airway. Makes me a nervous wreck. I had to remove the base just to tilt it back enough to go on a solo ride with my newborn to the Dr.
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Yeuk K.
Fremont, California
Verified Buyer
January 12, 2020
This infant carseat is really convenient and it fits my stroller perfectly.
Skye B.
Bronx, NY
Verified Buyer
Love it
December 24, 2019
Fits perfect in my Jeep Grand Cherokee with two other convertible seats
Verified Buyer
Good price and good product
December 13, 2019
It can be use at airplane. That’s why I bought it. And it’s heavy. Delivery condition was better than Amazon.
Customer Images
Verified Buyer
good quality
November 23, 2019
I did little bit research online before i made purchase, i saw that lot of people are recommended MAXI COSI infant car seat. i am glad i found it here such good price. it look very well made and very comfy with baby in it.
Customer Q&A
2 Questions & 1 Answer
from Iowa asked:
November 28, 2017
Does this Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat come together with the base or it’s ordered separately?
Yes it does
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 29, 2017

from Pittsburg, California asked:
April 12, 2017
Does this car seat fit in my mama's and papas 2017 urbo 2 stroller ? And if so can I do it with the adapter of the one that says it's compatible with maxi cosi Mico it just doesn't say max 30?