Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max 5-in-1 All-In-One Convertible Car Seat - Nomad Grey

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Maxi-Cosi Max Window Shade - 2 Pack, Black
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Verified Buyer
Great carseat
May 26, 2024
Great car seat only compact little heavy but worth it! We own 2
HOQUIAM, Washington
Verified Buyer
January 18, 2024
Bought for 6 month old son, he loved it. Was kinda of difficult to get him in/out.
Staten Island, New York
Verified Buyer
Not the worst, but not the best.
November 15, 2023
This car seat is great in comfort, however after 2 years the seats look terrible. I’ve washed it but the material isn’t the best. Also the buckle in the middle is so hard to unclip and I’ve lost both cup holders and can’t find any replacements. I think the car seat would be great if they could fix those issues.
  • Great price and comfortable.
  • Buckle is hard, heavy, seat got ruined quickly.
Peoria, Illinois
Verified Buyer
July 24, 2023
I loved the seat and the color. But my daughter didn’t seem to be comfortable in it. Not sure what was the issue.
Rosemead, CA
Verified Buyer
easy to use and comfortable
June 27, 2022
We have switched to this safety seat for about a year and a half, which not only meets the requirements of lying down as a baby, but also meets the requirements of sitting. And very easy to disassemble for cleaning
Rhode Island
Verified Buyer
We love it!
November 28, 2021
We absolutely love our car seat! Not only is the color beautiful but having the 2 cup holders is an amazing feature! We love the easiness of taking the fabric off for cleaning and the fact my 2.5 year old finds it very comfy!
Tulsa, Texas
Verified Buyer
Serves its purpose
November 7, 2021
Its big and bulky but we don't ever move it from the car its in so its not too much of an issue. Daughter loves it and has fit in it for years now.
Frustrating c.
Austin Texas
Extremely hard to use. Extremely hard to get small baby in.
November 7, 2021
Extremely hard to understand. And extremely hard to use. Very very very hard to get small baby in and out. Very frustrating product that cost a lot of money. Harness is incredibly hard to release. You better have a big truck or SVU. And not a small baby. Very very very frustrating and will never buy again nor recommend to anyone who asks suggestions.
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Dallas, Tx
I absolutely loved this car seat
June 28, 2021
But my one year old can now end the chest strap and pop it open so he then tries to work his legs out of his seat and we have to pull over and get him situated again. It's just not safe for us to keep him in here I wish I knew what other seats are highly recommended. I even tried looking on here to get the chest piece replaced but I can't seem to find anything.
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Lubbock, TX
Verified Buyer
Love the non toxic car seat
May 16, 2021
We love this car seat. IT's easy to use forthe most part and comfortable for the baby!
  • Non toxic
  • comfortable
  • easy to use
  • instructions are confusing.
  • The belts twist often
Dallas, TX
Verified Buyer
Grows with them!
May 8, 2021
I love that this car seat is so versatile! We use this as a second car seat currently in my fianc?’s car as we primarily travel in mine while he is still using an infant car seat. I love that we were able to use this since birth and it will continue to grow with our son. This will be our primary car seat once he outgrows the infant carrier. We most likely will purchase a second!
Orlando, Florida
Verified Buyer
Best car seat
April 14, 2021
My 1 year old is obsessed with his car seat. Even when we were setting it up he kept getting into it and just sitting there. Maxi-Cosi is the best brand for car seats and getting it at this sale price is beyond awesome. 👌
Customer Images
  • Cozy
Portland, OR
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat!
April 9, 2021
Husband and I are both obsessed with this car seat! SO easy to get it in and out of the car and you don’t have to rip your arm off trying to tighten the latches. Comfy for baby and the prettiest purple color
Jersey M.
jersey city, NJ
Love it but....
March 27, 2021
So we changed to the maxi cosi from the cybex. Our son is a big guy and had outgrown the Cybex which we absolutely loved, but it wasn't washable so it was a nightmare. We love the maxi cosi but i've had to do
a number of claims for ours because the harness strap doesn't full
extend in or out so it's super uncomfortable for our son. But we were told that it does, well
lies it doesn't it gets to
about 5" in and that's it,
it won't budge!! Kids are all built differently soo making it comfortable for our son is just not possible. Also the chest strap my son is able to bend it and it pops open, how is this even possible!!! His grandmother can't get it open but he does??? Our problem is that this seat is the only one on the market that has the weight max we need for him! So we're stuck!!
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Verified Buyer
March 24, 2021
Good product , and excellent service
Krista S.
Spanaway, Washington
Verified Buyer
Love This Seat!
March 10, 2021
I love this seat for my son! He’s comfortable and safe and those are so important to me! He’s currently 17 mo and I’m so glad we got this seat for him.
Vineland, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Great seat
March 8, 2021
Bought this for my sister’s son, we normally buy ravas but I was pleasantly surprised by this seat it’s great and the magnets are awesome.
  • Magnet closure
1st M.
San Francisco
Verified Buyer
Plush car seat!
February 25, 2021
Overall I love it. The look and the softness is wonderful. I am a very petite gal and was able to easily install into my compact SUV. Though I cheated and watched a few videos on YouTube. It was is a bit heavy, but I wasn't expecting it to be lightweight either. I was able to carry it from my house to my car. It does take up some of the space of the middle seat, not recommended for smaller vehicles if someone needs to sit in the middle. The quick magnetic chest clip that springs up is what sold me over the Britax or Graco. My lil girl (10 months and 19 pounds) is crafty and I do not want her unbuckling herself. The crotch buckle is short, so clipping her into the seat at night even with the overhead light was bit challenging. So I pulled the buckle out of the cover which made it a tad easier (see photo). Unclipping the crotch buckle is a bit hard too. Sometimes it pops right out and other times I really have to push hard, which kind of defeats the point of the quick unclipping of the chest clip feature. Overall she and I are happy with the Magellan Max.
Customer Images
  • Soft
  • Magnetic fuss free chest clip
  • Baby is comfortable
  • Up to 120 pounds (which is bigger then me!)
  • Hard to clip and unclip crotch buckle
Orange County, CA
Verified Buyer
Excellent quality car seat
February 23, 2021
This is a high-quality car seat, with a lot of features. The material is very breathable, my children do not get too hot compared to other car seats they've been in. Highly recommend!
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I wanted!
February 22, 2021
I love the ease of the buckle system. The middle buckle protector offers comfort. The color is beautiful. My little one hates to be closed in so the wide seat is a godsend.
  • Wide seat,
  • Buckle protector
  • Little complicated
Lancaster Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
Great customer service
February 11, 2021
I have to say I’m extremely please with the customers response time. I had ordered the Max megellan 5-1 Maxi Cosi and it came damaged. The same day I wrote the email they replied and sent an exchange. I had no
Issues getting in contact with them and receiving what I needed. Will recommend to others!
Sierra J.
Biloxi, MS
SAFE, Heavy-duty, Quality, and COMFORTABLE seat!
February 7, 2021
After my son turned 6 months, he had already grew out of his Britax infant seat because of how narrow the seat was and how chunky of a baby he was. I researched for a LONG time about different convertible car seats that way I wouldn't have to buy another car seat for him (unless the seat experiences a car accident of course). This seat is by far the best quality and SAFE car seat I could find. And THE FEATURES! The straps and buckle that automatically spring open are the best! No more hassling with trying to get straps out from under the baby! It also is so much more CONVERTIBLE than any other seat I could find. There are so many different height settings for the headrest and side pieces, and the recline keeps the baby at the correct position. Now, one thing about this seat: it's HEAVY, which is a con when taking it in and out of the car, but I would rather have a heavy seat if my child was in it and got in a car accident. I don't see the weight of this seat as a con, but more of a necessary evil. You can feel the quality of the seat both through its structure, design, and fabrics/padding. My son is so comfortable in this seat and sleeps so well in it! The extra head piece that comes with it keeps his head from falling to the side too far, and the recline keeps his head from falling forward. Now, cleaning this seat is a CHORE. Taking the fabrics off and putting them back on is complicated. I definitely recommend watching the video to help! It's very time consuming, so plan to spend a couple hours just taking it apart and putting it back together. The fabrics are machine washable and dryable, though I don't dry them to keep them lasting longer. Cleaning the plastic of the seat is also difficult because of all the nooks and hard-to-reach places on the seat. I definitely recommend using a toothbrush to get in them. The cup holders are removable and are dish washer safe too! Overall, this seat is safe for my child and will last the 10 years that it takes to expire!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Boston, Ma
Verified Buyer
Buckle is so short, but great seat
January 31, 2021
Great seat, my 1 year finally stopped crying in the car seat. He hated it and it was torture driving anywhere with him. We had him try out a few at the store and he liked this one but not spending the 450$ it’s worth in all black. This sale price made it feel better about buying it. The straps and chest clip make is sooo easy to use. The only thing that’s hard is the crotch buckle. It’s pretty short even in you move it to the next slot. You have to buckle pretty close to their thighs and that makes it hard.
  • Comfy, reclines, easy to install, easy chest clip
  • Buckle is really short too close to crotch
Tulsa, oklahoma
Verified Buyer
LOVE this car seat
January 27, 2021
We absolutely love this car seat! It is so soft and comfy, my daughter loves it. We also love that it will last the rest of her car seat days!
  • Soft fabric & cushions
  • Very customizable
  • It's big
New Paltz, NY
Verified Buyer
Nice looking
January 25, 2021
Nice looking seat, my 2 year old has never cried to get out, it cleans easily but it is really large. We have an xc90 and it uses all of the footloose area. But comfort over everything when traveling.
West Hartford, ct
Verified Buyer
Very comfortable and safe!
January 24, 2021
We just received our toddler seat and it is exactly as expected - very safe for baby and adjustable. Upholstery is above average and magnetic clip is convenient !
Nicole J.
Verified Buyer
Hard to tighten
January 20, 2021
I am not thrilled with this car seat. It comes with tons of pillows and is adjustable etc but it’s impossible to tighten enough to make it safe. I’ve removed all the extra cushions trying to reduce the amount of friction and it’s still hard. My biggest complaint about our older sons car seat was that it was hard to tighten so I tried a new brand. Disappointed. It looks nice but safety is most important.
  • Adjustable. Comfortable. Looks nice.
  • Very hard to tighten.
Tampa Fl
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat
January 14, 2021
Very good car seat, the material, style and comfortable. Great that it can be adjust to many positions and will grown with my baby.
Loveland, Colorado
Verified Buyer
We love this car seat!
December 30, 2020
Our son is so happy and comfortable in this car seat! He was nearing the size restrictions in his infant seat and it was time for a “glow-up”. We LOVE that we can wash the cover, because...toddlers! The safety ratings make us feel secure in our decision on how to best protect the most important person in our life. The quick clip harness is so easy to use and the loosening and tightening strap moves with ease.
Customer Images
  • - Comfortable
  • - Easy to wash
  • - Easy to adjust harness
  • - Difficult to install - mostly because of how manual is written. Read manual before even attempting to bring it to your car!
  • The directions for installation are a bit confusing. We eventually got it figured out after walking away to sit down and fully read the entire book, before squishing ourselves back into the backseat of our car.
  • Honestly, the instruction manual feels like this:
  • Step 1: bake the cake
  • Step 2: pour the batter in the pan
  • Step 3: grease the pan
  • Step 4: add the flour, sugar, eggs to a bowl and mix
Verified Buyer
Great Comfort and Easy to Use
December 25, 2020
Baby is so comfortable and is now 2 and can almost buckle himself but can’t unbuckle which is great! Looks great too!
Verified Buyer
Best car seat!!!
December 13, 2020
Such a great purchase!!! One of the safest seats you can buy! It is cozy and super adjustable for your kid! I love that it gives you 10 full years of use so you definitely get your money’s worth! I highly recommend!!!
Claudia O.
Durango Mexico
Verified Buyer
Love it 😍
December 10, 2020
It’s perfect really good materials, comfortable the color is gorgeous my baby loves it ....
Ted W.
Dallas, TX
Verified Buyer
So Far So Good
December 10, 2020
We have another Maxi-Cosi (Pria 85) and this is definitely an upgrade. Easier to get in and out and materials seems better. Happy with the purchase.
  • Sturdy and easy in and out
  • Latch storage and different ways of installation
  • Fabric material feels comfortable and can be removed/washed.
  • Should last a long time with a higher maximum weight/height allowance
Best Uses
  • Daily use as primary or secondary car seat.
  • Weight: You would not want to travel with this seat
  • Price: Probably the most expensive Maxi-Cosi model?
ID, Nampa
Verified Buyer
Awesome! Great product
December 4, 2020
I like very is worth it to pay that money
iwakuni japan
we love our carseat
November 24, 2020
we took our toddler on the airplane to japan and the airlines lost the padding that goes in it. unfortunately I can't find any replacement bottom padding and head padding. so keep that in mind if you travel alot.
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Defect product, cannot get ahold of Maxi Cosi
November 24, 2020
I bought this from buybuybaby just a few months ago and the seat part where it zips is broken, so now the plastic part of the seat is exposed! have no clue how because we don't use the zipper! Contacted both buybuy and maxi cosi and no one has been helpful! I have no idea what to do. Please, Maxi Cosi contact me so that I can get a replacement for this defect in my sons car seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Verified Buyer
Great convertible carseat
November 22, 2020
We've been using the carseat for the last month and have no complaints so far. We really appreciate how the shoulder straps and buckle move out of the way when it's not being used.
Houston Texas
Verified Buyer
Great find!
November 11, 2020
I went to a store to search for a new car seat for my 5 month old. After an hour in the store I finally found one I liked however it was extremely expensive. I left the store feeling defeated yet I searched online. I found this site and the exact car see I saw in the store for a fraction of the price. I was skeptical at first because the cost was so low but it came in a d it is exactly what I wanted and I was even able to find a great color. I am extremely happy it’s exactly what I wanted for a great price!!!
Brooksville, FL
Not comfortable for infant
October 25, 2020
We got this carseat for our newborn since it said minimum of 5lbs, but putting her in it for the first time at the hospital was a serious hassle. She is 8lbs. & even after getting her secured in there, she just looks very uncomfortable and unsafe. We went out and bought an infant carrier carseat to use until she is bigger and can fit in this one better. It says 5lbs but I honestly would not recommend it to anyone for an infant. Overall I do like it and I will use it later on, which is why im giving 3 stars.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Monroe, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
October 18, 2020
Love this car seat! My son is very cozy in it, and I love how the magnetic clip makes it so easy to get him in and out.
Verified Buyer
Love this carseat
October 14, 2020
My little one isn’t here yet but when I took it out the box and played with it a bit I love how soft it is and the look is high quality.
Fremont, California
Verified Buyer
The "Audi" of convertible car seats
October 9, 2020
The "Audi" of convertible car seats for the growing toddler well into the future - Albee Baby always has the best price for top quality products. The delivery times are just as good.
Fort Worth, TX
Verified Buyer
Very well built and stunning.
October 7, 2020
I feel as though Car seats are like insurance policies. This car seat is sturdy yet comfortable for our growing toddler. Installation is a breeze if you read your manual and do it accurately. I’m super at ease with my baby in this seat knowing the extra protection will keep her safe. I love this color purple too. Fabric is great quality too. Fantastic purchase. I’m glad we took the time to research and made this selection.
Customer Images
  • Cup holders are a little small.
Verified Buyer
Frustrating Car Seat
September 15, 2020
I wanted to love this car seat and initially thought that we just didn't have the fit quite right and it would be get better over time as we got used to it. I thought for sure, considering the price, this would be a super nice car seat.
The installation is fine, sort of annoying that you have to take you the cup holder and remove the seat cushion, but not a big deal. Once its installed, you're fine, it isn't meant to be taken in and out of the car.

The issue is that it is impossible to get the straps secured correctly. No matter how hard you pull, tighten, adjust, etc., the chest strap is not secure enough. The leg straps, however, get so tight they leave indentation marks on his legs.
I've watched all the Youtube videos and read everything I could find online about trying to get the fit right and I'm so disappointed. We purchased this right before the pandemic started, so we didn't install it right away since we were home all the time. Now that we're using, I'm passed the return window and stuck with a very expensive car seat that isn't safe.
  • Looks very luxurious
  • Shoulder straps not comfortable
  • Impossible to tighten
  • Straps not comfortable
  • Fabric starting to pill after only about 2 months of use
Vermilion. Ohio
Verified Buyer
Love love love
September 13, 2020
After much searching, we decided on this carseat for our 5 month old. BEST CARSEAT EVER. I adjusted and installed it myself and it was soo user friendly. Its soft, its plush, the baby is so cozy he always falls asleep in the car. ( Previously leaving in the car was dreadful, he would cry after about 10mins of driving, i was so nervous to take him out) Now we just go on rides for the fun of it! He's safe, secure, and comfy so Mommy is happy!
  • Soft
  • Easy to adjust
  • The magnet slider is so easy to use
  • High safety rating
  • Years of use
  • None.
Verified Buyer
Beautiful comfortable seat, tricky install
September 11, 2020
Fits great in my Honda Pilot. Beautiful seat and my son is comfortable in it. Maxi Cosi has wonderful customer service to walk through installation via video call. A little tricky getting the harness tight around the hips, but becoming easier.

Tip- to tighten the tether pull a little bit at a time straight out, not up or towards the baby, and continue to pull excess slack from the chest to get the most secure fit and secure the Velcro after you do the final pinch test.
Pacific Northwest
Verified Buyer
*Almost* a Great Seat
September 7, 2020
I was pretty disappointed in the design of this seat because we have owned other Maxi Cosi seats in the past that were easy to use. The install for this seat is silly in that you have to pull the fabric *off the bottom of the seat* in order to install it rear-facing. (They have fixed this issue in their latest version by installing a zipper in the bottom of the seat.) The main reason we returned this seat, however, is that our tall 9 month-old seemed very uncomfortable when buckled in properly, with rough, non-skid padding on the underside of the shoulder straps. Even after adjusting the height and depth, she was still quite uncomfortable, and screamed to get out. (By contrast, she loves her Cybex Aton infant seat. Never complains, just smiles when we put her in.) This seat may work fine for an older child, and I must say the magnetic chest clip is FABULOUS! More companies should incorporate this feature in the future! :)
  • Amazingly easy magnetic chest clip!
  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Beautiful fabrics!
Best Uses
  • Older child.
  • Uncomfortable shoulder straps.
  • Difficult install.
  • Overall awkward seating and strapping position?like they are strapped *onto* the seat instead of into it.
  • Heavy!! (but this prob makes it safer)
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Verified Buyer
September 6, 2020
I love the magnetic closure! By far my favorite feature I was hesitant after reading some other reviews but I'm so glad we spent a little more and got this one! Once you figure it out I'll never go back to carseat without it! Only complaint is the cupholders are a little small but other than that it washes really well and has held up super well!
Irvine CA
Verified Buyer
good price for the quality
September 2, 2020
easy to install and use.
I like the seat belt. Love the 9 position reclining.
But so far my 8 months baby cries every time he sit on the car seat.
Overall it is great Quality for the price.
Allie G.
Verified Buyer
Crotch Belt Too Small
August 29, 2020
This would be a 5 star seat if not for the poor design of the crotch buckle. It is far too short. I wish I had seen reviews warning about this before a huge purchase. The buckle is so short the the straps over the child’s legs dig in leaving red marks from even a short ride. It’s definitely not the size of the child that’s the issue either, as he is only 20lbs. I have reached out to customer service through Maci Cosi about this issue and have yet to hear back. Based on other reviews I have seen, it seems like there is not much to be done. I guess we have wasted a big amount of money. Purchased the Nuba RAVA instead, absolutely love it.
  • Beautiful design and fabrics.
  • Crotch buckle too small so makes straps cut into child?s legs.
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