Maxi-Cosi Convertible Car Seat Canopy

This item is discontinued.
Your baby will enjoy your rides together even more with the Cosi Convertible Car Seat Canopy. It secures easily into place on both Vello and Pria Convertible Car Seats to block the sun and provide a rear-facing child some welcome shade. It also features a flip-out visor that lets you extend the canopy further for extra protection when needed.
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Simple and Effective
June 26, 2023
Quick, easy install. Keeps the sun out of baby's eyes. I know some people said they didn't like that they couldn't see their baby in the mirror but I have baby in the middle and a mirror on the side headrest, angled at him and can see him just fine!
  • Takes 5 seconds to slip around the headrest and doesn't attach to the seat
  • I imagine if you have a small vehicle this can obstruct the view of the middle of your back windshield
Bakersfield, California
Verified Buyer
Makes car rides easier!
June 30, 2022
This little shade is a great tool to have, just line it up and baby is shaded plus entertained staring at the shade in front of their head!
Midlothian, VA
Verified Buyer
January 10, 2022
I always hate transitioning baby from infant seat to convertible because there’s no sun shade and I feel like they don’t nap as well without it. Problem solved! This has been great! It doesn’t stay on permanently but that’s fine. I just attach it when I know baby is going to nap. It takes .5 seconds to attach. It does a great job. Highly recommend!
Fremont, CA
Verified Buyer
Best car seat accessory
December 1, 2021
I hope every car seat has this option. This is the best car seat accessory.
My kid love it. She hope to have this canopy on the other car seat too! However, I bought another brand of car seat before this one. I cannot find canopy for that one.
I notice that there are some reviews said kids can move it so it's not good for those families. I think it's maybe more friendly for toddlers. I bought this when my kid around 1.5 years old. I told her the sun is burning, she needs it. So every time she feels the sunshine she would pull it down to cover her face. It's removable was actually a good thing for us.
  • Removeable
  • not compatible to other brand of carseat
Gainesville, FL
Verified Buyer
Pointless, save your money
November 10, 2021
I bought this to help my daughter who was rear facing, but 1) she hated it being so close to her head, 2) it was super flimsy, and 3) it completely blocked my view of her rear-facing.

I'd recommend saving the little money and get window visors or shades instead.
Nashua NH
Verified Buyer
Can't see rear facing baby
November 6, 2020
I thought this was a good idea but I can't see my baby in the mirror when this is in. I also don't like that I have to remove it every time I want to put her and or take her out. Also, it's black so it gets hot on top and underneath. Do not recommend. You're better off with brica window shades.
  • Blocks the sun
Best Uses
  • In the box
  • Doesn't retract, you have to remove every time or else they'll hit their head.
  • It's black and hot.
  • Can't see child if they're rear facing.
Verified Buyer
Gets the job done
October 23, 2020
Tricky to place. Cannot really do this with child in seat then it’s hard to get them in with how large it is. Can’t see child in mirror with this on which is ok but good to know. Hard to take off too. It serves the purpose for car naps and don’t really have other options but FYI
Lodi, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
No more sun
September 22, 2020
Best carseat cover thr only downside is that you can not strap it in place.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Must have with the convertable car seat
August 3, 2020
We have a Maxi-Cosi Pro Convertable Car seat, this canopy fits really well and works just as it suppose to. Our baby appreciates this product very much.
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Excellent car seat accessory
April 10, 2020
This does the job!
Richmond, VA
Verified Buyer
Too bulky
January 23, 2020
I loved the idea of buying this when we transitioned from our bucket seat to the Maxi-Cosi Pira 85 Max. I wanted to block my kids eyes from the sun. Unfortunately, it completely blocks our ability to see our child in the rear view mirror. I would not recommend this product.
  • Too big to see child in rear view mirror.
Andrea T.
Verified Buyer
It?s OK
November 17, 2019
The canopy it?s OK, i don?t know how long it would last till my daughter can put it away, but in the meantime it?s OK.
Verified Buyer
Very useful
October 11, 2019
I was looking for the canopy and this was perfect. Easy to use. Good price.
San Diego, California
Verified Buyer
It’s okay!
September 30, 2019
It does the job and keeps sun out of baby’s face, however it doesn’t really click and connect to car seat, it just gets tucked in on top and can be pulled out by strong baby.
Verified Buyer
Just no use for it
September 27, 2019
Having to remove this EACH time I take my son in and out, is a headache! Yes it is easy to do, but when your baby is crying or being difficult to buckle in, it can be a hassle. Plus, he now knows how to pull it off! It would be nice if it were retractable like the canopy on the iris m-air. Maybe even make it attachable, like with 2 buttons, so baby can't remove it on their own. My son is 10 months old with a good grip. Lol. It is good when he's sleeping but other than that, not usable.
  • Shade for sleeping babies
Best Uses
  • When baby falls asleep and it's extra bright out.
  • Baby can remove it.
  • Hassle to remove when baby goes in and out.
Fort Worth, Texas
Verified Buyer
Great Canopy
July 30, 2019
I like this canopy because its a good size canopy and blocks the sun from my toddlers face.
  • Big canopy, fully blocks sun from face, easy to remove and install.
  • I dislike that I have to Remove shade every time baby goes in car seat and out. But not a big deal.
Sylmar, CA
Verified Buyer
Neat cover
June 20, 2019
Very nice shade for baby. Easy to use and looks good
Rider R.
Verified Buyer
June 24, 2018
This definitely isn't the retractable canopy like in the infant car seats - it's either on or it's off: no adjusting. Happily, it goes on and off very easily.
  • Easy on and off
  • Not in any way adjustable; Creates a blind spot in the vehicle.
Woodbridge, VA
Verified Buyer
May 22, 2018
I thought this would be a good idea, but I can't see my daughter in the mirror when it's being used, and it doesn't seem to help keep sunlight out of her face. It just sits in the back of my SUV.
  • Easy to use
Best Uses
  • If light primarily comes into vehicle from the side window (does nothing for rear window light).
  • Doesn?t keep sun out of child?s face.
  • Blocks view, so I can?t see my child in mirror while driving.
  • Gets in way when putting kid in seat and taking them out.
Verified Buyer
Thick sun cover
November 19, 2017
It does the job of blocking the sun. Its thick but can bend/fold over to put baby in without taken off. Slides on easily. Keep the metal of the car seat semi cool.
  • Protection from the sun
  • Slides on great
Best Uses
  • Convertible car seat w/head rest
  • Thick /bulky
Montpelier, vt
Verified Buyer
Maxi cosi canopy
October 26, 2017
I purchased this when I transitioned my 8 month old from an infant car seat into a toddler convertible car seat. I thought it would be good to have the extra shade when she falls asleep in the car, like the infant seat. It fell short, big time! It came very quickly, it's packaged nicely and the installation instructions were easy to follow
  • Lots of extra shade and makes it very cozy for when she falls asleep in the car.
  • It doesn't collapse backward gracefully at all! It's bulky and annoying to have it attached and getting baby in and out of the seat. I end up getting frustrated and just pull it off to get my baby out or put her in her seat.
Wading river, NY
Verified Buyer
Easy to installed
May 3, 2017
This was so easy to install and works great! What a great product!
Best Uses
  • Perfect for keeping the sun off the child.
Los Angeles
Verified Buyer
Doesn't block the sun
February 6, 2017
It helps at certain times of the day but it doesn't always block the sun.
Verified Buyer
Amazing Seat
June 19, 2016
This car seat is FAB!!! The material is so soft and plush. It isn't the kind of material that heats up, which is perfect for here in the desert!!!!!
  • Extras***
  • Ok... So I purchased the extra shade for the top of the car seat and it is amazing!!!! It completely blocks out the sun and it is super cute! Must have!!!!
Best Uses
  • Convertible
  • Soft, plush and Yummy (Sorry I am a texture person!)
  • Reclines
  • Sets up high
  • When it is in the recline position, it is very bulky in my Sienna- 2nd row.
  • Harness tightener cord- is very hard to tighten:(
Columbus, OH
Verified Buyer
very functional
June 2, 2016
I love that this canopy is offered because I was hesitant to transition my daughter from her infant seat as she hates the sun in her eyes. This solves the problem and is very easy to install (no hooks or anything, it has flaps that basically tuck between the seat and headrest). I do find that it is difficult to maneuver your child in and out of the car seat without removing it first but I don't find it a huge issue. Would recommend.
Pacific, WA
Verified Buyer
Nice canopy
May 12, 2016
Nice canopy and very easy to install, gives perfect amount of shade to my daughter facing front or back.
  • Wide and easy to install
  • None
Customer Q&A
5 Questions & 5 Answers
from Iowa asked:
August 6, 2020
Will this work the the 3-1 max?
Per Maxi Cosi it does not fit.
Submitted by: Albee Baby on August 6, 2020

Christie E
from Maryland asked:
November 28, 2019
Does it work on the Magellan?
Sorry it does not.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on November 29, 2019

from San Francisco, CA asked:
November 17, 2018
Will this work with the Pria 85 Max?
Yes it will.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on November 18, 2018

from New York asked:
July 19, 2018
Does this work with Maxi-Cosi Magellan?
Per Maxi Cosi, this will not be compatible with the Magellan seats.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on July 19, 2018

from CA asked:
July 11, 2018
Hi, I have Maxi-Cosi Pria 85, Does this canopy works with it? Thanks.
Yes it would work.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on July 11, 2018