Lolo Baby Breastfeeding Sling Support - White & Grey Stripe

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The Lolo is the first breastfeeding sling that gives mamas the freedom to modestly and comfortably breastfeed during the first three months.

Safe for breastfeeding infants 8-15 pounds - CPSIA tested & certified


  • Firm platform that keeps baby in a proper feeding position
  • Folds to fit in your diaper bag
  • Strong and secure velcro waist straps
  • Stylish, soft, and breathable bamboo straps
  • Waterproof and washable platform cover

How To Use Your Lolo:

1. Position the platform.

Unfold the platform pillow and place it securely around your midsection to ensure the proper feeding position.

2. Secure the straps.

Drape the straps over your shoulders and tighten until the platform is parallel to the ground. Then, cross the straps behind your back, wrap them to the front, and tie them below the platform.

3. Breastfeed with freedom.

Place your baby into the sling, achieve proper positioning and a deep latch with the baby laying on its side facing your breast. Always check on baby throughout feeding.

Safety During Use

  • Always check on baby and make sure there is enough room for air flow.
  • Ensure straps are securely pulled across each other to cover the baby, and straps are tied tightly under the platform.
  • Ensure the platform is tilted slightly up or parallel to the ground - never tilted down toward the ground.
  • Never allow baby to sleep in the Lolo, the sling is intended solely for breastfeeding.
  • Never allow baby to lie on stomach or back in the carrier - only on their side facing you.
  • Always have 2 hands on baby for security, especially when standing.

Please Note: This is a breastfeeding support, not a babywearing carrier.

Failure to follow the warnings and the manufacturer’s instructions can result in death or serious injury. 

Before nursing in baby sling, carefully read and follow all enclosed instructions.

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