Learning Resources Primary Science Plant & Grow Set

Plant the seeds of early science discovery! Unique pieces, such as an observation jar and rooting tray, encourage little green thumbs. Pots are clear for observation, and trowel is sized for little hands.

Set of 12 includes 1 watering can, 1 rooting tray, 1 observation jar, 2 solid and screened lids, 3 pots, 1 trowel, 3 plant markers and 10 activity cards.

Watering Can measures approx. 5" x 7.35" x 3.125".

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Krista G.
Milwaukee, WI
Great way to teach a multitude of skills
January 7, 2014
Disclosure: I received The Plant & Grow Set in exchange for my opinion.

The Plant & Grow set is a great way to practice skills like listening, measuring, counting and even responsibilities. Each day the girls have to check their plants and remember to water them, which has been great for them. They are excited to eat what they harvest, so I am thinking we will plant some "less loved" veggies next time and watch how that encourages their eating habits, too! It is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to spend hours learning about your new little gardens! My girls have learned a lot in the short time we have had this set about plant care, the sciences behind it and measuring!
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Second A.
Salt Lake City, UT
Big Science for Little Hands
December 9, 2013
I love that this set came with activity cards for several reasons. First it helped me out so I didn't have to come up with my own ideas. Second, it helped to teach my son about reading and following instructions. Also the cards tell you the key concept the child will be learning. My son went through the activity cards and found one that he would like to do. He decided he wanted to do the Pop for Plants! The card shows pictures of the tools you need which I love because my son was able to look at them and gather the tools by himself. I helped him with the rest of the instructions and he was so excited to watch his popcorn kernels grown.

The great thing about the activity cards is that they have questions to help your little scientists to really observe and learn. So I was able to ask my son questions such as "Which parts do you think are the roots?" and they even include the answers so in case you don't know the answer yourself. My son was able to learn the key concept for the Pop for Plants! experiment, which was "with water and sunlight, seeds can grow into plants".

We have tried many other activity cards and have enjoyed all of them. When I had read the other reviews, I was disappointed that it didn't come with seeds and soil. Then when I actually got the kit and saw all the different activity cards, I realized this really wasn't like a planting kit, it was a science experiment kit. So there are many activities that don't require seeds or soil. There were many activities that I already had all the stuff for without making any extra trips to the store. This is a great way to teach science to little ones and is a lot of fun.

**Disclosure: I received this product free of charge in order to do an honest review, but that in now way influenced my review. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**
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Stuff N.
Chattanooga, TN
Very good product for inquisitive minds
September 27, 2013
What I love about this product is the fact that it comes with several different recommended experiments. This is SO much more than a little growing kit! It gives the parent some very easy and fun ideas for experiments to do with your child. Learning and quality time come together when using this kit!
The only disappointment, and this will probably sound silly, but I was bummed to see that there wasn't a small packet of dirt included in the kit. I don't have easy access to soil, myself.
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Nancy M.
Glendale, AZ
Watch the growing process
September 6, 2013
I received this to help facilite a review on my blog. The Primary Science Plant & Grow Set has just about everything you need to start growing plants. We just added the soil, seeds, water, and sunlight. My son and I went shopping for seeds. We looked through the activity cards for some ideas before we left. He really wanted to do vegetables so he picked out cucumbers. We also got some flower seeds and Oregano.

After planting Jayden checked on them a few times asking if they were growing. He noticed right away that the observation jar has condensation on the inside. He is excited to watch them grow. While we were planting he asked lots of questions like, "do plants grow at night with no sun?", "how long before they are big?", and so on.

Within about a day or two small sprouts began to grow. This set has so many fun learning opportunities. I really like that the activity cards give lots of great growing activities like from a pineapple, radishes, and more. The cards also provide step by step instructions. My son was able to get the materials needed for each activity because the card shows a picture. The observation jar and the rooting tray are both clear and make it easier to see the roots as they grow. There is so much to learn in this set from parts of a plant, to the life cycle of a plant. And once the plants begin to grow you can start to measure them and get a little math involved. I think my only complaint would be that the trowel is pretty small and it doesn't scoop much.
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Skagit County, WA
Homeschool Help!
September 2, 2013
As a homeschool mom, I am thankful for Learning Resources. They provide products that make homeschool science easy for children. I really like this set from Learning Resources. The size is perfect for my 5 year old, the only item that is very small for her is the trowel but she didn't seem to mind one bit. This is made with sturdy plastic and very colorful. When we opened the box my daughter and 1 year old son were both very excited to see this child sized set. I appreciate the variety of projects that can done with this set. We have tried the first activity card and loved it. You will need to purchase items to complete the activity cards. I had popcorn kernels already for this first project, thankfully. With this first activity my daughter can learn about how sunshine and water can cause the kernels to sprout. Next, we can plant the sprouted kernel in the pot and watch it grow! So fun! There are also 3 more activity cards available to downloadnofollow from the Learning Resources website! I highly recommend this set for your Kindergarten age child.
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Liz P.
Orange County, CA
Toddler Learning How to Grow a Garden
June 10, 2013
The activity cards are pretty neat because they have step by step directions for different "projects" that can be done with your child(ren). They are easy to follow but the extras need to be purchased if you don't have it. Since I didn't have the extras for the projects Kenzie wanted to do at the moment, I had some prepackaged seeds and soil for her to use. Kenzie had a blast filling her pots with tomato and jalapeno seeds and making the soil expand by pouring water in. She even put the premade stakes into the pots. Once these grow, we will have to transplant them into larger pots and then start again with the seeds. The observation jar is pretty neat. You can pretty much put anything in there to observe and Kenzie wanted to go catch lizards but I told her to wait until Hubs returns from his business trip because there was no way I am running around trying to catch those with Mason in tote.

Overall, this is a fantastic set that will grow with your child and loads of learning to be had. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the fruits of Kenzie's labor soon!
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Rosemount, MN
Great for Gardening & Education
June 6, 2013
Since I can't have a full garden this year, my son can still have the joy of having a little garden of his own and have the joy of planting, nurturing and watching his seeds sprout and grow with the Primary Science Plant & Grow Set from Learning Resources. I still get to see that smile every time he gets to water his plants or sees the first sprout pop up from the dirt!

With the Primary Science Plant & Grow Set, you plant the seeds of early science discovery! Unique pieces, such as an observation jar and rooting tray, encourage little green thumbs. Pots are clear for observation, and trowel is sized for little hands. It is a perfect set for a child's first garden or even for experienced gardening children!

I love the clear pots so they can see everything that is happening...especially how roots spread out and even worms if you want to add them in! I know my son LOVES that! This set really comes with everything you need to get your children excited to have a green thumb! My son LOVES having his own watering can (like mommy!) and the plant markers are really helpful keeping track of which plants are growing in which pot!

This set is perfect for any child that wants to have their own pots or garden like mommy or daddy or is great for homeschooling and science time!
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Vancouver, BC Canada
Awesome Product
June 6, 2013
This product is a wonderful set for kids ages 3 to 9. I love the size of the trowel and watering can and so does my 6 year old.

Allows for imaginative use and science experiments with wonderful tips on things to try to grow.
Read my full review over at
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Crunchy M.
The Coast
Small and Cute
May 9, 2013
Super cute set for mini hands. Kids love to plant things and such a learning process for them. I think the set should have come with some starter seeds to get them going.

*I received this product for free to chat about on my blog.
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homeschool m.
Westminster, CA
Fantastic Product!
March 16, 2013
I LOVE this product because everything is ready for me to conduct science experiments with my girls. I also love the fact that the product comes with easy to do science experiments and I already have most of the materials on hand. Since science is an area that is often overlooked, this is such a great product to have!
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Lisa G.
Olive Branch, MS
Great for the young gardener!
March 16, 2013
I was recently sent this kit for review on my blog for my son Davey. Davey has just recently taken an interest in plants, after my mom got a basket of bulbs and put it on the kitchen table. Davey was so excited watching these plants grow, so I knew he'd love this Plant & Grow set!

This was a project for him and my mom to do. My mom is the gardener in the family, so they both had a lot of fun with this together! This set came with a watering can, small pots, a terrarium with lids, rooting trays, little plastic markers to mark what kind of plant it is, and a little shovel perfect for little hands.

My mom and Davey tried out everything in this set except the rooting tray since we didn't have anything that would root, we don't keep very many raw veggies or things like that in our house! This kit comes with instructions for various activities such as making popcorn seeds sprout and rooting vegetables. We didn't have many of the supplies we needed for the activities so we mostly just planted some seeds left over from last year. Davey had fun with even just that, but we will try out more of the activities once we transfer these plants to the ground.

This is a must-have for any little kids who always want to help mom (or grandma!) in the garden! It is recommended for ages 3-9.
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Great for school
February 14, 2013
It says ages 3-9 but honestly I think older kids would still love the contents. It has everything you need to grow some plants...except for the seeds.

At first, I was disappointed that there were not seeds inside. But after talking with the girls we got really excited! They have chosen to use their set to grow some kitchen herbs that we can use in our daily cooking! Granted, it will be small amounts but they are thrilled! There are many other options too. For one, the kit includes activity cards which give you ideas and instructions for learning and conducting experiments.

You can grow bean plants, wheat grass, grass, herbs or even use this as seed starters for an outdoor garden. Since the containers are reusable, the options are truly endless.
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