Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic, relationally sized produce. Perfect for dramatic play and nutrition lessons too.


  • 25 foods
  • 5 baskets
  • 5 stickers for labeling ? red, yellow, orange, green and purple
  • Activity guide
Baskets measure 4?H x 5.5?D

Grades: PreK+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Counting & Cardinality, Measurement & Data, Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Learning Styles: Tactile, Visual

Skill Development:

Math ? Brushes up on early math skills by counting each piece as it's tossed into a basket.

Basic Concepts - Five colors and 25 pieces of produce can give students a bushel full of knowledge as they identify and name the objects or group and sort by kind or color.

Language - Play games to incorporate receptive and expressive language skills. Request a particular color or fruit, "I want three green vegetables" or ask the student if he has a certain food. If he does not have it, have him identify what he does have to offer. Verbal exchanges through play help students process language and practice responding with their voice.

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December 28, 2022
This is adorable. My 18 month old and four year old have spent hours playing with these together, really cute set.
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Verified Buyer
Play food and color matching!
February 27, 2021
The quality of LearningResources play food is amazing! They have put together such a good toy with their sturdy and soft play food and color matching. I've used the buckets for color matching other items too.
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Very realistic food for learning!
March 31, 2020
I love how realistic these fruits and veggies look. They are absolutely perfect for learning at home. Some skills that you can work on at home with little ones are:
Naming fruits/vegetables
Sorting (by color and category)
Textures (soft, crunchy)
Flavors (sweet, sour)
Size (big, small)
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Love this!
September 22, 2019
Love this product. My son loves the sorting! The quality of the fruits and veggies are impressive, they don't have that "cheap" feeling I've seen others have!
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I would buy this item again
May 18, 2019
loved this item two grandsons loved them ....they sorted ...."cooked" them .... just played for the longest time.
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May 2, 2019
The fruits and veggies look so realistic and true to color. This is a great tool to use to teach your child about colors and sorting. I do wish that this toy came with a container or box to keep all the pieces in.
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Love this!
March 17, 2019
It's fun to work in fruit veggies and colors! Very adaptable toy!
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Strongly Recommend!
April 15, 2018
outstanding! I was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of these. So often things are smaller than one might expect. These are a great size for my k4 classroom... not too big, NOT too small. So glad I ordered them. Great for sorting, classifying math concepts, along with imaginative play in the kitchen area... not to mention coming in handy for our unit on nutrition~ Highly recommend.
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Porterville California
Big hit
January 6, 2018
These are great for color sorting and showing children the variety of healthy foods to eat. I just wish there was also a blue option, but I know there are not enough blue foods to justify that.
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August 3, 2017
Love the product but the thing that is bugging me is that it's missing the color blue and some of the vegetables and fruits could be confusing to little ones. (Ex: red, yellow and green apple as well as the yellow, orange and green bell peppers)
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Lashawna B.
Bronx New York
Awesome For all kids
March 3, 2017
I absolutely love the bright colors my son has ASD and the colors gets his attention ,he enjoys the texture of each fruit and vegetable .
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Miami, Florida
Love the bright colors
January 29, 2017
I love size, shape and color. The baskets are easy to grasp and hold for small and fragile hands.
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Miami, Florida
I would recommend this Farmer's Market to everyone .
January 24, 2017
I am using these baskets with my students. One of them recognized the banana and wanted to bite it. He seems to enjoy touching and feeling the variety and texture of the fruits and vegetables.
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Pittsburgh, PA
December 17, 2016
This toy has made it through all 3 of my children and is still in pristine condition. I recently purchased a set for our church nursery as well, since it has held up so well.

It serves multiple purposes.

1) It is great for pretend play and I love that it comes with the color sorting bins for storage.

2) It is great for a color sorting activity, as intended. I like that there are stickers for the color on both the outside and inside of the bins. (Putting on the stickers is the only 'assembly' necessary.) I like that for the most part the pieces of food are one color. There are a few pieces with 2 colors; the carrot is orange with a green top. And is great for discussion within the color sorting activity.
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Salem, OR
Love these!
September 1, 2016
What a wonderful product!!
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Fridley, MN
New Sprouts Farmer's Market
December 7, 2014
The item description doesn't say which foods are included so I will do that for you. You get 5 of each color of foods.

red: apple, grapes, raspberries, strawberry, tomato
yellow: apple, banana, corn, lemon, pepper
orange: apricot, carrot, clementine/orange, pepper, pumpkin
green: apple, broccoli, cucumber, lime, pepper
purple: berries, eggplant, grapes, onions, plum

I love this toy! I am a huge fan of the New Sprouts line that I recently discovered. Seriously the best play food I've ever seen! I got so excited about it I gave her some presents early because I knew she'd love it and then bought more for Christmas. She's 19mos old right now and this food is sized perfectly for her hands and very realistically detailed (although not sized to scale to keep it well proportioned to her hands). Its made of a high quality rubbery kind of plastic that seems like it will hold up for years and years. I love that this set has a pumpkin (its so cute) as well as foods that are unique to this set such as the different colors of apples, the colored peppers (yellow orange and green), raspberries, purple version of the onion, eggplant, lime, and red grapes

The only thing that disappointed me about this toy was that it didn't come with the red pepper because it comes with the 3 other colors of peppers. Before finding this product I had ordered the new sprouts veggie bushel for my daughter and I returned it once I ordered this thinking that all of the foods would be duplicates of things from other sets I purchased already....except for the red pepper. I didn't catch that the red pepper was exclusive to the veggie bushel set until my farmers market came today and Im like wheres the red pepper? So the part of me that likes to have complete sets of things is frustrated because if I re-buy the veggie bushel I will then have duplicates of every other veggie.

So anyways my nitpicky suggestion would be to replace the red grapes with the red pepper...(doesn't seem like red grapes are a very common thing I usually just see purple and green at my grocery store) and replace the cucumber (because it is found in other sets) with green grapes and then the set would be completely perfect!

When I saw this toy online I was a little confused at first because this toy looked just like the new sprouts foods in the picture but wasn't called that. So I asked the company and they confirmed it is the same quality of foods and now that I own it I can confirm that myself! Im not sure why this product isn't called new sprouts or why it's labeled ages 3 and up when the new sprouts is labeled 2 and up and it's the same toys but whatever I love it! I love that we can play food now and later on use it to help her learn colors and play in different ways. Very nice!
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betty b.
Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Appears as described
November 30, 2013
Bought this for my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. Would have rated it higher if it had been given to her already but it's not Christmas yet and I therefore haven't seen it work.
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Not H.
Las Vegas, NV
Versatile and High Quality
October 16, 2012
We absolutely love this set and use it daily. My son loves to use it to sort the produce by color of course, but we use it for so much more, including learning where the fruits & vegetables come from, playing a guessing game using characteristics of the items, counting, and more. The items are very high quality and so realistic! I highly recommend this set. {Note: I received this item to review it on my blog, but all opinions are 100% honest.}
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August 15, 2012
I love the variety of foods in the set. I LOVE that there are NO donuts, cakes, muffins etc... Just fruits and veggies. It is so much to sit down and play this with our son. He will sort by colors a little bit but then just starts his own games. He enjoys filling baskets and then dumping them back out. He says, "Cooking dinner." It is very cute. If your kids have a play kitchen this would be awesome! If you are ever wondering what to get a day care provider or teacher....get this set. it is fun and educational and very versatile too.
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Daily M.
Love it!
July 18, 2012
We received this set for a blog review and absolutely love it. My son is 22 months and plays with it every day. The fruit and vegetables are made from softer plastic that makes them look and feel more real. The pieces are big and chunky, and brightly colored. This is a fantastic set both for pretend play and learning!
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Meghan M.
Allen Park, Michigan
Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set
July 12, 2012
My 2 year old LOVES to sort all the fruits and vegetables away in the stack-able baskets. There are enough pieces to make this a group play date educational activity.

The only thing I'm going to add as a CON that I didn't add in the CON area because it's not really a flaw on their part but the part where you apply the color of the basket is small. If the basket is not faced towards the child they don't know which basket is which.

So I placed the EXTRA solid color stickers that come in the box, ON TOP and folded over, above the initial color sticker with the words on them. I hope that made sense! But since I did that it's been A LOT easier on him. (:

I am not sure WHY they don't add the stickers on themselves and have you do it. Possibly to give you the option to add with words or just the solid color. But I would rather them do the stickers and add some kind of color strip on top, the rim area.

Other than that, we love it!
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Sarah's F.
Greenfield, MA
Terrific Toy!!
May 4, 2012
I thought this was a very well made toy!!! It is harder plastic, so it takes a beating! My boys love it!!
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Bernardsville, NJ
Realistic, fun sorting activity!
April 27, 2012
This is the perfect new accessory toy for my 3 year old. He can do the grocery shopping with his cart and then pretend to stop off a the farmer's market for produce. Not only is it a great vocabulary builder, we also are able to sort the fruits and vegetables by color and even food type.

This is a great set - with vibrant colors and realistic looking foods that kids just love!

I highly recommend it for both at-home play and classrooms!

*I received the above product for the purposes of reviewing it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Rochester, NY
Love this set!
March 22, 2012
I love, love, LOVE our new Farmer's Market Coloring Sorting Set from Learning Resources. Seriously, this is one of my favorite educational kids games and toys we have ever gotten. What I love about it is the infinite ways to play, and how it will grow with your child. First of all, it's coloring matching, which is something we all try to teach our young toddlers. There are 5 baskets that are labeled with each color. It was really fun for my youngest to run around sorting out all the fruit. Also, it's great to teach my kids all about the fruits and vegetables. Some more well known like apples, strawberries, and carrots, and other fun unique ones like eggplant and yellow peppers. And finally, these also just make a great addition to any play kitchen set. The food has a great texture, smooth and slightly squishy. I know they will last a long time, and I highly recommend this fun toy set to anyone!
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Fun F.
Philadelphia, PA
High-quality and multi-purpose!
March 15, 2012
I love how well-made and well-designed each piece is in the set. The individual pieces are made of a very high-quality plastic that's both realistic-looking and durable.

We love it for learning colors, nutrition AND for open-ended imaginative play.

Without question, this is one of our very favorite educational games from Learning Resources. With the number of ways we can play with this set, it'll be a standard in our house for the next few years. And I have no doubt that the high quality set will hold up to regular use.

Disclosure: I received this product for review.
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Sorting set
March 14, 2012
Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms and learning toys for the home. For more than 25 years, the company has been a trusted source for educators and parents for quality, award-winning educational products.

You can read my previous review for this company Here !
I was able to join in with them to review several toys!
I will be launching 1 giveaway every month for a 3 months!

Depending on how those go & how much My Penny Spenders LOVE these giveaways I can possibly work more with them!

For this March review I had the chance to review the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set!
I really think this is very age appropriate for Cameron (age: 2) !
The Farmers Market Color Sorting Set comes with 5 Baskets & 25 foods.
Each basket has color labels & each fruits and veggies to match the baskets!

You can use these for Dramatic Play, Nutrition Lessons, color recognition & sorting skills!
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Real R.
Lancaster PA
Great for learning and play!
March 14, 2012
The Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set combines so many of the things my kids love to do into one box it was a guaranteed hit before I even opened the box. My kids love playing in their play kitchen, and love to serve each other food. They also love to sort and identify colors! It is what they have been learning all year in preschool and they just beam with pride when they get it right!

The Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set lets them sort and sell bushels of realistic produce! The box includes....

Read the rest of the review here-

Disclaimer- I was given this product free of charge to review.
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Farmers Market Color Sorting Set!
March 8, 2012
The Farmers Market Color Sorting Set comes with 5 Baskets & 25 foods.
Each basket has color labels & each fruits and veggies to match the baskets!

You can use these for Dramatic Play, Nutrition Lessons, color recognition & sorting skills!

Cameron & Mylan had great time playing with the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set!
Cameron would color assort them & Mylan would dump all the fruit out of the basket!
Thats what little brothers are for!
Mylan (age: 1) even recognized the Banana & Apple!
This is defiantly a toy that your children and family will grow into!

The toy quality is very durable and sturdy. The fruits and veggies are very realist looking & made out of thick plastic!

I was very surprised at how many foods Cameron knew.
Kids grow so fast & learn so much in a short time period it really amazes me!
Learning & educational toys are great to help filter you childs mind with quality & learning!
That is one reason why I love learning resources
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Racine, WI
Great Multi-Purpose Toy!
March 2, 2012
I absolutely love this set because it is not only fun to look at the different fruits and veggies and name them, it really helps my son learn his colors and learn the skill of sorting correctly by color or even by fruit or veggie (when he gets really advanced)! Plus, he can also use them in his kitchen set for pretend play!

I love that it has so many uses. One day he can use it for pretend and another day we can use it for learning!

This is another great toy offered by Learning Resources! They never disappoint!

Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.
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Second A.
Salt lake City, UT
Fun for Learning & Playing!
March 1, 2012
This set is made of high quality materials and are the perfect size. I was very impressed with the product. My son absolutely loves it and has played with it daily since we received it. It's great for teaching my son about colors, sorting, fruits and vegetables, and so much more. His favorite thing to do is play market with them and he just loves it. It does come with a box that is perfect for storing them in, but we haven't used it yet because my son plays with this toy so often we just never put it away! We definitely recommend it!

Disclosure: I received this product to review free of charge in order to do an honest review. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.
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The W.
Sunny FL
Sturdy & One of my Favorites!
January 30, 2012
This has to be one of my favorite Learning Resources product. My kids LOVED it. We used it to learn colors, learn fruit/veggie names, have color races, and even for spelling lessons! I LOVE the visual appeal - extremely bold and bright colors make it extra kid-friendly. The baskets and fruit/veggies are fabulous sturdy quality. I was impressed. Everything stores nicely in the box which is a bonus.

Disclosure: I did receive this product to review. This did not influence my opinion of the product.
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A T.
Phoenix, AZ
Fun, versitale, and high quality!
January 17, 2012
We have really enjoyed the Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set! The pieces included are really nice quality and a great size for little hands. All 3 of my little boys ages 1-5 had fun playing the sorting games and there was enough pieces to go around for them to share. I had my older two boys racing to find all the fruits and veggies of a certain color. After that, we set up 5 different items in a line and then I removed one and had them try to guess which item was missing. They also took turns "hiding" one of the items from the line and loved hiding it in one of the baskets out of sight. I also had my 5 year old sorting by fruits vs. veggies and was surprised by how many he got right! I think there are a lot of different activities you can use this set for, and when you're done with the sorting games, they make the perfect addition to your play kitchen or market!

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review on my website. Opinions are my own. View more reviews and giveaways too at A Mom's Take.
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