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Larktale Caravan Stroller Wagon Chassis - Mornington Gray

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Super useful!
By Jasmin
from Arizona
on October 9, 2021
We absolutely love it! Perfect for our two year old and soon to be newborn. So much room. My toddler loves it!
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Large wagon
By StephL
from Maryland
on June 11, 2021
The wagon has been good. It's larger than I anticipated, not necessarily bad though. I love the coverage of the canopies but wish it folded up shorter with them on. With the canopies off it fits nicely in the trunk of my SUV. It pushes easier with my older child over the big wheels but it's the same as with tandem double strollers. The included rain shield isn't really useful, it's very flimsy and the canopies come together to cover the wagon. It's definitely more wagon than we need but I don't hear "she's touching me!!!" anymore. Also, the buckle comes apart to make a 3 or 5 point harness, but it's a bit clumsy to buckle up as a 5pt. I wish the pieces stayed together better.

I took off a star for the buckle and canopies heights when folded. My kids love the wagon though!
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By BrookeS
from undisclosed
on June 5, 2021
We were looking for something versatile and this is perfect! From going on walks, the beach, to even shopping this is a life saver! My children are 2.5 and 4.5 and they both have plenty of space to relax and stretch out. We get compliments on this everywhere we go. I 100% recommend.
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Best Value!
By Bri0417
from Santa Claus, IN
on May 17, 2021
We bought this for our 10 month old and 4 year old for our frequent visits to a local amusement park in the summer. It has been great so far!
While it's a large wagon, it's super easy to maneuver. The tires are great quality, and the seats are slightly cushioned which is nice.
The only negatives would be that using the harness buckles take a little practice to get used to, and the way you block off the foot week is slightly awkward - which I was expecting from other reviews.
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Great quality
By Vanessa
from Parker, Az
on April 8, 2021
I bought this wagon hoping it would be big enough for my 6 year old and extra amenities we take with us on trips. It was everything I could've imagined and then some. Actually had enough room for my 6 year old and 10 year old. They had plenty of room to relax in. It is super easy to push as well. And let me add, the cargo space it has is amazing. I can carry the extra items I need without compromising seating space for my kids.
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My twins love it!
By Jessica
from Manteno , Illinois
on April 6, 2021
I bought this around a month ago! We use it almost daily. We go for walks and to the grocery store. My twins are 1 1/2 and they have plenty of space to grow. Truly my favorite purchase! Can't wait for the snack holder
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The only stroller/wagon you will ever need
By Nursemom
from Oklahoma
on February 22, 2021
I kept going back-and-forth for several months whether to get a double stroller or a wagon. I am so happy I got this wagon. I walk about 4 miles every day I have two under two right now and this wagon is amazing comfortable and the best on the market. This is the only wagon you will find that has reclining seats. The canopies are also amazing. Everywhere I go I get compliments and asked where I got it from. I feel like I should be a larktale spokesperson because I love mine so much!!!!
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Light & Comfortable Stroller Wagon
By MomlifeMadeMe
from Murrieta, CA
on February 15, 2021
Our go to daily stroller wagon for the past 6 mths. Out of all the stroller wagons we've owned, what makes the Caravan stand out for us, is how LIGHTWEIGHT it is! Has all the features of a double stroller conveniently spread out in this stroller wagon. Reclining seats, footwell, soft comfortable seats, separate canopies for each rider, all terrain wheels, and so much more! We use it with our 5 year old and since our littlest turned 6mths, he fit great in his own reclined seat. Another added bonus is that it comes with bug net, rain cover, and cup holder included.
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Awesome Wagon!
By NicoleZ
from Villa Park, IL
on January 3, 2021
This thing is a game changer. I have a 1.5 and 4 year old and it's amazing. They have more than enough room and there is so much storage. It is an extremely smooth ride and super easy to maneuver/push.
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They thought of everything!
By Marcia
from Lehi, Utah
on December 4, 2020
I did lots of research and there was one deciding factor that made me go with Larktale- the ability to cover the foot well. Most other wagons don't have a foot well or there is no way to cover it. I like having the ability to lay my kids flat if they are tired. I plan on using this for beach trips and soccer games even when my boys outgrow it!
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Front wheel breaks easy
By Burke
from Texas
on November 28, 2020
We had it for a week before the front wheel broke cca
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By Meesh
from undisclosed
on November 14, 2020
Okay you guys, let me just tell you how amazing this stroller/wagon is. We have FOUR kids, yes FOUR and life, as you can imagine, is absolutely CRAZY all the time! You want to know what my secret is for getting the littles to calm down and take a nap?? THIS CARAVAN!!! They get soooo excited to go for a ride in it every single time, and never fight me or cry when i'm buckling them up. They love that they are able to be strapped in sitting completely up right, and then be able to relax and lean back (with the adjustable back seat) when they are ready to fall asleep. This design feature is literally THE BEST OUT THERE! We have tried, and own, some of the other comparable stsroller wagons on the market, but honestly none of them fit the hype like our LARK TALE Caravan does. I felt like with our other wagons, I always wished it had an extra feature here, and an extra storage space there, and honestly this product has it ALL. If a family of 6 uses this over any other stroller or wagon, and swears by it, I promise you will love it just as much as we do!!!!
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Best wagon for 2yo day trip
By Helen A.
from Los Angeles, ca
on November 1, 2020
So I really wanted something for my 2yo that could sit up (with foot well) recline and lay totally flat with comfort (no humps or gals/holes). This was it! Folded nicely in my sedan truck, i was able to unload and open within 30 seconds alone. We took a day trip to the botanical gardens so i knew i also needed something that could handle grass/dirt/mulch. It did so beautifully. It also gave me clean and safe place to change her diaper too. With Covid, i try to avoid taking her into bathrooms if i can avoid it. The full coverage bug guard and rain guard also were easy and there when we needed. So many inquiries and components-i should be getting a commission from Larktale. Lol. Don't hesitate to get one. It's worth it.
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Overall really happy!
By Hannah
from Phoenix, Arizona
on October 31, 2020
I have been waiting to leave a review until I have used it quite a few times. With having a second kid, I knew I didnít want a double stroller, but wanted to wait to get a stroller wagon since they are pretty pricey. At the time I only knew of the evenflo one and veer. I know everyone loves veer, but $600 for just the base was a big no from me. The evenflo seemed like it was a good option, but still couldnít commit. When I watched the live video the Jamie dude did, I got to see there were a nice range of options that I didnít know about, but only 2 were a price I was willing to look at and thankfully both were the only 2 I was interested in after watching, the Larktale and the evenflo. After looking at both I decided on the Larktale because of the reclining seats, ability to close the footwell so it lays flat, and when you collapse it, itís easy to move around (the evenflo doesnít stand up when collapsed and I knew that would annoy me) Iím so happy with my decision! There are quite a few things I really like about it and itís getting so much use.

The few ďconsĒ I do have:
-The wagon is large and probably could have been 6 inches shorter, but you get used to it.
-The 5 point harness takes a lot of practice
-We got the wagon when it was 20% off so it was at a price we could afford, but because the canopies are sold separate and are $99 we could not get them. I just think $99 is a lot for canopies and itís unfortunate they priced them this way since they are needed (especially when you live in Phoenix), but Iím not sure when we will be able to get them
-**this is my biggest frustration with it: In order to close the footwell, you flip over one of the seats and thereís a zipper to close, but part of the fabric of the other seat covers the connecting part so you have to fight with it in order to get the zipper connected and closed. It doesnít seem like a big deal, but itís quite a big design flaw when youíre spending 5 minutes on something that should take 15 seconds
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Most thoughtfully designed stroller wagon
By Danni7610
from San Diego, California
on October 30, 2020
I adore my other stroller wagon and it served us well for 2 years, however, with more kids and ones who actually nap it just wasn't getting used. We've been using the heck out of the double stroller and at times had all 3 girls in it (talk about Tetris) but that left no room for a cooler or diaper bag or anything else. So I set out in search of a better solution and I came across the Larktale Caravan and let me you, whoever designed this literally thought of everything.

It's so sturdy and deep yet still light weight. The basket is included, a parent cup holder, and there is a parent station on the back of the seat where the handle is. It has the footwell I love so much so the kids don't kick each other in the face BUT there is a flap/cover for it installed to cover the footwell and make it like a bassinet and possibly my most favorite feature is THE SEATS RECLINE!!! Y'all, that isn't even all, if you get the canopies those have a rain cover and bug net built in, the basket has a separate zippered pocket on the bottom for wet/sandy/dirty items so it's not mixed with other things. For real, I cannot say enough good things about this stroller wagon. I'm so in love with it and can't wait for all the zoo, SeaWorld, park trips and maybe some day a Disney park!
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Great features
By Jmiller
from Upstate new york
on October 25, 2020
I decided on this for my 18m twins. So happy we did. It is big, definitely long, but there is so much room for them and extras. I though the length would make it awkward to maneuver but no issues what so ever. Took it on a hike on some pretty rough terrain and handled great. Even over large tree roots.
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Mercedes of Wagons!
By AmandaC
from Denver
on September 29, 2020
We LOVE our caravan wagon. It is thoughtfully designed and handles better than any other wagon we have had in the past. It has just the right amount of pockets to store snacks and essentials along with plenty of room to keep the parents items in as well. The cup holder is a great touch. The caravan handles like a stroller and is easy to maneuvers. Overall great product and highly recommend.
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Perfect wagon with tons of space
By Gsquad3
from Connecticut
on September 17, 2020
I want to start off my saying how roomy this wagon is. The accessories that go with the wagon are amazing. The fan definitely comes in handy for the kids as well as the rain and wind shield. The kids feel like they have their own personal space and they all get to be together, instead of in a separate stroller. The only downfall is the zipper where their feet rest. It is incredibly hard to get the zipper on the teeth to open and close. I usually just leave it unzippered because it's too hard to deal with and this mama has limited time. Overall, it is a show stopper and people ask about it every time we are out.
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Everything I ever wanted in a wagon!
By TwinA
from Texas
on September 17, 2020
We have had this for almost a month and we use it everyday. It is very well made. We walk two miles every morning with two kids in it. One is 35lbs and the other 25lbs. This thing turns on a dime and rolls sooo smoothly. We even take it to the grocery store with us and are constantly getting compliments on it. Folds up nicely for storage. I love everything about it! Best stroller wagon on the market!
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Great for off-roading
By MommaG
from Central MN
on August 24, 2020
I bought the caravan because we live on a gravel road and needed something that could fit a couple kids and navigate the grass and gravel. My kids love the reclining seats!
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A city mama's sidewalk minivan!
By Kelsey B.
from Washington DC
on August 24, 2020
As a car-less city mom, this wagon is saving my life! I have two toddlers that come with me everywhere I go, & even grocery trips usually land us stopping by the playground on the way home. This wagon lets me load up groceries, has a spot for the scooter & soccer ball the boys insist we bring, holds my iced coffee & buckles the kiddos in for when they start getting a little fidgety during errands. I really love how easily I can push it with one hand, when needed, a problem I run into with our double stroller all the time. But the best part is that because it's a wagon, the kids think it's the most fun ride!
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They really thought of everything on this wagon!
By Tara M.
from Albuquerque, NM
on August 22, 2020
We received our Caravan, and they've really thought of everything when designing it! The reclining seats, the optional foot well or lay flat seating options, the individual canopies that include a bug net and rain cover, and the fabric is SO dreamy! I love it!!! Its so soft and a beautiful grey color. It has such an easy, smooth push. The fold is easy to do, it folds up and fits easily into the back of my minivan. We are heading to the water park for a little vacation next week, and I can't wait to take it on its first road trip!
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They thought of everything!
By Randommomlife
from St Paul, MN
on August 22, 2020
We have been using this to take our 2 and 5 year olds as well as various stuffed animals and dolls to the park. It's such a great ride! The girls can both fit comfortably, they even have tried "napping" at the same time and can both lie down without a problems. There is so much storage for trips to the farmers market or other family outings. We have gone off road on some grass and dirt trails and the wheels managed well. I love the easy folding feature. The parent console area is great as well to hold anything you would ever bring along on an adventure (and your travel mug). Seriously, Larktale thought of everything with this one!!
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Thoughtfully Designed
By kalfolh
from Pennsylvania
on August 10, 2020
I thought this would be a great purchase for our current COVID world to be able to continue to take my kids out while keeping them socially distanced. Boy was I not disappointed! The wagon allows both my 4 year old and my 18th month old to sit comfortably but also be secure. We added the sun shades and I can almost completely encase them if need be. There are wonderful thoughtful features including a built in parent console to hold your wallet and phone as well as reclining seats and a big storage basket. The wagon handles well even when fully loaded with kids and cargo. We look forward to many more socially distanced excursions with our caravan!
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Great wagon, but very long
By KJ108
from undisclosed
on August 7, 2020
Our kids love the wagon, the footwell and reclining seats are great. The wheels are very nice as well. We don't like how long the wagon is, and the zippers for the footwell and seat are very difficult to use.
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Great Design
By Amanda
from Ann Arbor, MI
on August 6, 2020
We recieved our wagon and are very pleased. The design is well thought out, more so than most other childrens items. The fabric is soft and elegant and the push is wonderful. Steering is easy. I love that the accessories come with the wagon. The bug nets seems great, the included rain cover doesn't look like it would withstand a downpour and it makes the inside of the wagon dark but would provide some coverage. Great value for the price especially compared to other higher end wagons on the market.
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Great stroller wagon
By Cfc42020
from San Diego, CA
on August 3, 2020
The shipping was so fast! We got to enjoy our wagon right away. I love how smooth it pushes. It felt very light. We received a lot of compliments on this wagon because it's simply gorgeous. Very spacious for two kids. We took our 4 year old and 1 year old for a ride in it. They enjoyed all the extra space to move. I could probably have another child sitting in there no problem! The seats reclining is a great addition. You don't see this in other strollers. My husband who is 6'2" is happy about the adjustable handlebar as well. I love how easy it is to fold up. So far we have not found anything negative about the wagon. Will update this if anything comes up though!
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