Kodak Baby Monitoring System

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A baby monitor you?ll love

Modern-day parenting is hard work, but the joy that you feel from spending time with your little one makes it all worth it. The latest Kodak Baby Monitoring System, curated by the Tend Baby app, was designed to help you take care of the small things?so you can cherish all of the moments that matter. After all?the days are long, but the years are short.

Sees more so you can sleep more

You can?t always be at your baby?s side around the clock, but with 180? whole room view, region of interest view, automatic night vision, and 2-way audio talkback, you?ll feel like you?re right there with them.

Blends in beautifully

Designed with the modern-day parent in mind, the Kodak Baby Monitoring System is an Instagram-worthy statement piece that complements your nursery ? along with the rest of your home.

Travels Well

The detachable USB video camera not only features stunning HD video quality, but is also pocketable. Simply remove the video camera from the base and attach it to any USB battery pack for added portability.

Pays attention to the details

With Wide Dynamic Range, scenes with extreme lighting conditions are automatically corrected to provide enhanced image quality to ensure that you see all details.

Bridges the gap

On a business trip across the country? Are your in-laws babysitting? Stay connected to your baby from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet device ? no matter where you are.

Remembers important things

Let the Tend Baby app help you log your baby?s sleep patterns, jot down important notes like the time of your last feeding, or set alerts.

Is thoughtful and polite

With a white noise soother and touchless night light, you can help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep so you can enjoy more rest throughout the night, too.

Exceptional features set the Kodak Baby Monitoring System apart in a category of its own. Boasting a 180 degree whole room field of view with built-in de-warping, you can see the entire nursery without fish-eye image distortion. Region of Interest (RoI) video streaming comes standard as a second viewing option. RoI view crops an area of the video to provide greater detail and full HD resolution. Plus, the availability of Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), an advanced feature commonly found in commercial-grade surveillance cameras, automatically corrects scenes with extreme lighting conditions, such as intense backlight surrounding an object, to allow users to better distinguish features and shapes.

With fully secure 900 MHz digital transmission for 3x extended range over conventional baby monitors and a class leading signal to noise ratio, no other audio monitor offers the range and sound quality of the Kodak Baby Monitoring System. Equipped with integrated automatic gain control (AGC), the monitoring system adjusts to the sound levels in the room. Loud noises like the ring of a phone or a barking dog are suppressed so that you can hear the faintest sounds. Additionally, adjustable volume and a sound activity meter will allow you to customize your experience based on your environment. No matter where you are in your home, you'll get uninterrupted audio of everything in your baby's room.

Baby Monitoring System Features:

  • 100% digital privacy
  • HD video quality
  • 180 degree whole room view
  • Region of Interest view
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 900 MHz extended range parent unit
  • Infrared night vision
  • 2-way audio talkback
Tend Baby App Features:
  • View live video remotely via your smartphone or tablet
  • Communicate via 2-way audio talkback
  • Control nightlight and white noise
  • Log your baby's sleep patterns
  • Set alerts and jot down notes
  • Capture snapshots and video
  • Touchless nightlight
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Elena J.
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
July 2, 2018
Does not work.. Totally disappointed for this purchase. You won't get an image during night and during the day u can hardly get an image.
Lexington, TN
Verified Buyer
High quality
June 28, 2018
This camera is very easy to use with the Tend App. It has a wonderful quality video. I purchased an additional camera to have one in the playroom and one in the nursery. Going between the two cameras is easy, as well. Installation was a breeze.
  • Quality
  • Warm to touch
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