Kinderwagon HOP Tandem Double Umbrella Stroller in Black

This item is discontinued.
HOP is our tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch! Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and sibling that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period.
  • Rear Seat suitable from 3+ months to 50 lbs. Reclines to 130 degrees.
  • Front Seat suitable from 6+ months to 50 lbs with a 2 position recline and 2 position leg rest.
  • Car seat compatible with the Combi Shuttle and Graco SnugRide Classic Connect models (not compatible with click connect). Please note, only useable with 1 infant car seat.
  • Built in car seat adapter straps. No need to purchase additional accessories.
  • Removable canopy with 2 viewing windows
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • One touch double brakes
  • Front wheels swivel or fix
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Certified ASTM F833-11 and CPSIA Compliant
  • Weight: 21.5lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 45.5"L x 12"W x 15.5H"
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 30"L x 20.5"W x 42" H
  • Includes rain cover and removable cup holder
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Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
This is it
March 13, 2021
It is a great product. Solid and high quality for two.
  • Compact design; easy to fold
  • The wheel needs some works after a while after using.
Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Great item I love it and my twins love it
October 5, 2017
I am so happy with my purchase shipping was quick and item arrived in great condition couldn't be any happier
Verified Buyer
August 21, 2017
I have a 3rd seat in my Explorer, so the cargo space is very cramped. This stroller fits! I don't have to load it every time I need it. It stays in the car. Easy up, easy down. I'm grandma and I bought this stroller at least 1 year ago. Super lightweight. Sleeping kids can take their naps in the back reclined position. My 3 year old grandson gets that spot otherwise, because he is longer and putting him in the front might mean his legs may drag. The rear spot is stadium seating, so he is higher up and it accommodates him. The canopy is very enclosing. Back child disappears, enclosing. There are two windows to see in, however. No sunburns here, lol. I'm in California, so I laugh at the rain cover. I mean, what's rain? I am a taller person, so I love that the handles are higher up than a typical umbrella stroller (no hunching here!) I ALWAYS get asked about my stroller, and I always tell them I got it at I also tell them about the 20% off, which brings it down to $239. Free shipping. No tax. Great deal! When we are done with it, we can sell it and easily recover $80.
  • Stadium seating, lightweight, easy open, easy close, cupholder, extended handles, narrow for easy aisle shopping, compact, but accommodations for 2, retains resell value, 20% off+no tax+no shipping charge ($239), fast shipping, unique. I can keep it in my car at all times.
Best Uses
  • Travel, shopping (because it's so narrow and lightweight!)
  • Can't hop a curb at all. Will need to lift from the front to go up. My 20 month grandson is about 26 lbs and seemed to recently tear the adjustable seat in the front (his weight caused the metal frame to poke through.)
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Verified Buyer
Love how narrow it is, but wish the quality was a little better for the price
April 9, 2017
There aren't that many choices for a double tandem umbrella stroller.... this one is narrow and my 10 month old twins fit great in it, so I'm happy with the purchase. Compared to our fancier side by side stroller, this one definitely has a cheaper feel in almost every way, but it's really great as a convenience stroller. It does feel like it should be a little better quality for the price. Unfortunately it's still a little too long to fit in the back of our Audi Q3. The canopy is a little confusing - the instructions didn't make much sense to attach it, but I found that if I tuck the plastic ends of the canopy inside the fabric sleeves on the arms of the stroller, it's more secure.
  • narrow
  • cheap feel
  • confusing canopy instructions
Lehigh acres, FL
Verified Buyer
double umbrella stroller
January 25, 2017
This is the smallest double umbrella stroller; perfect for travel. I was able to use it with my two kids age 2y and 3.5y. it is convenient because both kids are able to see in front of them. i used to have britax double stroller that was a lot heavier when travel and the second seat was behind the main one. Also, that addition seat is for smaller kids.
  • lightweight, easy for travel
  • not very sturdy, I did not like the wheals.
New York
Verified Buyer
Great small double stroller
September 3, 2016
This stroller is almost prefect. Only complaints is that both seats should recline more also the wheels don't stay locked.wish i was able to wash the fabric but its still one of the best strollers ive had.
South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Would buy again.
August 13, 2016
Great stroller for me. I have 17 mths old twins and is first stroller they both's lightweight, folds up and down easily. Also, maneuvers well for me. Not near as long as other front/back strollers i have used. Has small basket and no zipper to get into easily.I only use it for sippy cups and a place to throw extra diaper. The sunshade does go over both seats when pulled forward. My child who sits in back does not mind it when it's pulled over her, but she also likes privacy, so this works for her. I have it attached to the stroller and when I don't want to use it, I pull it back and stick arms of it in back of stroller, that way I still have it for when it rains. Am so glad I found this stroller, has made getting out easier for me.
New York
Verified Buyer
Great for travel
June 28, 2015
Great product. the smallest, most compact double umbrella out there (I think) and worth the price. I get stopped all the time with people commenting on how small it is. Easy, fast fold-up and down. A little stiff and maneuverability not great but it's an umbrella stroller that does the job. The back seat is short but haven't had an issue. Sun shade covers both seats well. Recommend!
Virginia Beach
Verified Buyer
Perfect for Two under Two!
June 25, 2015
Just what I needed to keep in the car for quick trips to places with less room. I have a seven month old and a 20 month old, and our regular double stroller is great for walking and day trips but cumbersome and heavy to lift in and out of the trunk. This is now my go-to stroller for shopping, doctors appointments and anywhere I want to get my two babies around easily and without fuss. We put the larger child in the back seat as it's easier to manoeuvre that way. Love it!
  • Compact, lightweight, surprisingly sturdy, easy to steer.
  • Don't bother with the sun hood as it is flimsy and useless if the rear seated child is any older than six months!
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Like it for the most part
April 30, 2015
I'm pretty satisfied with this stroller. It is not super easy to push or drive with one hand, but it's possible. The back seat is very shallow, so you have to be careful putting the baby in and strapping immediately while making sure your squirmy baby doesn't slip down. The front seat's sun shade is useless if you want the child in the back to be comfortable or able to see. But overall, still a great product.
Pharr, Texas
Verified Buyer
Great for Moms on the go!!!
April 9, 2015
I absolutely LOVE this stroller! Coming from a Mommy of 3 girls ages 4, 2 & 1 this is everything I had been looking for! It's very compact & accessible perfect for those quick trips to the mall or Dr visits etc... a bit surprised how easy it was to push especially for being a umbrella double stroller, plus the weight of my girls who are not small or light weight! Lol Was a bit hesitant about spending this much on this stroller because I had read a few bad reviews about it feeling cheepy and wobbly but after all it is a umbrella stoller!I had been debating between this stroller & the Contour Options Elite which is a much bigger stroller (same price) but with 3 girls plus a diaper bag, purse, sippy cups toys etc who needs more luggage!? Very happy and satisfied with my purchase worth every penny I only wish I would've found this stroller sooner would've made my life much easier!!! :)
  • Back seat did seem a tad short/small, the seat is wide enough but my daughters bottom looks like it's going to slip off the seat I tried putting my 1 yr old in the back but did have to hold her and quickly strap her in before she slipped off the seat, found it easier to sit her in the front & my 2 yr old in the back.
  • Also do wish the stroller came with some sort of add on tray behind the back seat or add on basket for extra storage such as keys cell phone...
  • Add on accessories would be nice for this specific stoller! Even if they are sold separately!
Haskell, NJ
Verified Buyer
Great Double Stroller
February 20, 2015
I've used this stroller for my 3 yo and 17mo. Its a great stroller for those quick trips in and out of stores. For the most part its easy to maneuver, set up and break down of it are very easy. Not a fan of the canopy as it seems to be in the way for the back seat rider, but so far we haven't had to use it.
Verified Buyer
Not worth the price
January 10, 2015
I wanted to love this stroller but after using it for about four months, I fell out of love with it. CONS: For the price, this stroller feels cheaply made. The handles wiggle back and forth and I worried that they would snap off whenever I turned the stroller. You must use two hands to push it and it is difficult to juggle walking age kids and bags while pushing the stroller. There is nowhere to put a normal sized diaper bag, or purse, for that matter. You can't even hang one off the handle without it being quite awkward. It is supposed to be compatible with Graco SnugRide car seats, and technically it is, but it's not ideal. For starters, the instruction manual states to remove the fabric from the frame and fold the seat down first before setting the car seat in the front seat. I'm no Houdini and I could not get the fabric over the frame to save my life. I resorted to just putting the car seat into the front seat without removing the fabric. But first, you must recline the front seat first. If you forget, you need to set the car seat down and do it as it requires both hands to recline. Then, you must shove the car seat down hard to get it to fit snugly. The next step requires you to fish for the red straps to secure the car seat into place. If you have an older child that needs to sit in the back seat, hope that they are tiny because there is zero room in the rear seat for them to sit. My petite 18 month old barely fits and her little brother's car seat is resting against her chest. I have to recline her seat to make it even tolerable and she hates being reclined. Having the car seat in front made it difficult to steer the stroller. PROS: I loved how compact the stroller was and it folded up nicely in the back of my SUV. I think this stroller would be worth maybe $150 or less, not $300. This is definitely not an every day use stroller. Maybe a back-up for air travel or a quick trip to the clinic but nothing else. I wish more stroller companies would create something similar to this but better made as there is a dire need for tandem double umbrella strollers.
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
August 22, 2014
This stroller is excellent!
United States
Verified Buyer
The best twin stroller out there
August 22, 2014
For a mobile New Yorker this stroller saves the day. It is small, collapsable with one hand, easy to maneuver and to get into the subway. The kids can sleep in there and love the view. The raincover comes with the stroller. It does not have a fantastic basket but comparable to other umbrella strollers.
pasco, WA
Verified Buyer
is not compatible with all carseats
August 20, 2014
while this is very light weight and compact there is no room for even a diaper bag on in the basket which is also impossible to access. most important this is not compatible with graco click connect carseats, the carseat and baby dangle off the end, completely unsafe. having to return. also the instructions are pointless.
  • light weight and compact
Best Uses
  • light weight and compact
  • no cup holder for child or tray, no room for rider when car seat is in place, is not compatible with most carseats including graco click connects. no storage. would not recommend
Cleveland, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Love it, only complaint is front seat/foot rest alignment
April 19, 2014
Overall satisfied with purchase. Can't beat the low weight, short length (maneuverability), and normal stroller width. Storage is not huge but enough and cup holder is nice extra. Both my kids have fallen asleep at the same time in this stroller despite the front not reclining much. My only complaint is this: There is something a little off with the alignment of the front seat. With the seat folded out to make it bigger, the child's feet have a hard time resting on the foot rest because it's actually back behind the edge of the seat. If the seat were of a sturdier material, their feet could just hang, (like off the edge of a chair), then maybe it wouldn't be a problem. However the seat droops and so my kids often end up dragging their feet and stopping the stroller. Going to try to reinforce the seat with something. We've been strapping them in to try to keep them more pushed back into the seat. This is sort of a pain when they are old enough to sit without straps. Maybe the answer is to not use the seat extended out. Haven't tried this as it then looks tiny. Things actually work out better with the bigger child in the back and the smaller in the front because of this problem.Would definitely still recommend this stroller though. My larger child is almost 4 so probably just a little too big for it anyway.
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