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Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle in Greenie

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The Joovy Tricycoo is a tricycle for children as young as 18 months! The Tricycoo is the perfect way to introduce your child to balance and coordination, one step at a time. Your child will love the adventure of piloting their very first vehicle and parents love that they are in control while their child masters each stage of learning!

The concept of the Tricycoo is simple - your child does not need to steer, pedal or balance on their own. They simply enjoy the fun and independence of their first tricycle while you guide them with the parent push handle (removable). When engaged, the parent push handle overrides the steering on the Tricycoo. It has 4-positions and is adjustable from 32.5 to 38 inches high.

While your child is getting used to the idea of balancing and holding on to the handlebars, the front wheel pedals can be unlocked; this allows the pedals to spin freely without force and “go” without the need to pedal.

The removable ‘baby surround arms safely enclose your child on the seat and the fold down footrest gives more stability to the child when riding. This gives them confidence and support while they perfect their balancing.

The Joovy Tricycoo is first class all the way – unlike most tricycles with blow-molded wheels, the Tricycoo sports injection-molded wheels with urethane treads. Parents love these wheels because they roll quietly on most floors.

For additional fun, the Tricycoo is equipped with a bell on the handlebar and a large rear basket for take- along play. The Tricycoo frame is constructed of steel and it supports a child up to 44 pounds.

When your child masters the first phase on the Tricycoo, youll be ready to remove the parent push handle, ‘baby surround arms and fold up the footrest. The front wheel pedals can be locked to allow the child to pedal using their own power. Now you can smile and watch as your child pilots their Tricycoo all by themselves.

Assembly is required.

  • Removable Parent Push Handle - 4-positions and is adjustable from 32.5 to 38 inches high.
  • Removable Baby Surround Arms and Fold-down Footrest –
  • Wheels –injection-molded wheels with urethane treads.
  • Wheel Lock Feature – front wheel pedals can be locked OR unlocked to allow the pedals to spin freely or remain in place while the Tricycoo is pushed by the parent
  • Bell and Storage – equipped with a bell on the handlebar and a large rear basket for take along play items
  • Minimum Age: 1.5 Years
  • Maximum Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Assembled Dimensions (with parent handle) 38"H x 18.5"W x 36.5"L
  • Assembled Dimensions (w/o parent handle) 19.75"H x 18.5"W x 27"L

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Genius idea!
By Daddyof2crazyboys
from Undisclosed
on February 3, 2017
Whoever thought of putting a handle behind a tricycle is a genius! Help guide your child forward when needed or just let your child pedal! Also comes with rails for additional protection.
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Triycoo Tricycle
By Mike
from Utah
on January 4, 2017
I ordered this stroller for my daughter for Christmas. I also own the Tricyoo 4.1. I have found both tricycles to be above average thus far. We have gone several miles and they both work well. The Triycoo original is slightly harder to steer (more corrections as you are going along) and is much noisier then the upgraded-more expensive 4.1 model. The original came with a bell, the newer model didn't. The 4.1 model has 3 seat positions whereas the original only has 1. The original has no buckle-harness, the 4.1 does. So those are some features that differ between the models that I might have wish I understood better before buying. But all-in-all they are fun-cute and serve their purpose thus far.
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My kids love it!
By Sara S.
from California, United States
on June 18, 2016
This bike has been a key feature in our home since our first daughter (almost 3) got it for Christmas 2 years ago. She wanted to be pushed non stop and is now learning to peddle. Our 17 month old now does not want to play with anything else when we are outside. Great features and sturdy so they can climb on and off without falling. We love our tricycoo!!!
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It's Perfect!
By Yesi_89
from Undisclosed
on June 16, 2016
I bouth this for my toddler! And she loves it! Its the perfect size and I love how it has the handle for me to use. This is hands down her favorite toy! After seeing how much my toddler liked it, I went ahead and bought it as a gift for my nephew and he has been stoked with his new toy!
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Great first set of wheels!
By Sarah
from Ohio
on June 11, 2016
I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received on the Tricycoo! The colors are cool, the design is hip and the little ones LOVE it! It's a great first bike because it can easily transition and grow with your child. It's well made and I feel safe with our little one riding in it. Our Tricycoo is on its second rider now and we have given several to friends as gifts :)
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Daughter Can't Get Enough!
By MinS
from Illinois, United States
on June 10, 2016
Amelia received a pink Tricycoo for Christmas last year, shortly after she turned one. It was the gift we were most excited to give to her. Sure enough, the Tricycoo was her favorite gift out of everything she received. Because it was the dead of winter in Illinois, we could only push her around the house, but it was all that she needed. She would look forward to her rides around the house and would try to climb on the Tricycoo on her own. During one of her first rides, Amelia started screaming after we stopped. We thought that maybe her foot got stuck somewhere, but soon realized that she just didn't want the ride to end! As soon as we started pushing again she stopped crying. We joked that she deserved an Oscar. The Tricycoo is light enough to easily put in the cargo of our Subaru SUV and we even choose it over our stroller at times when we go shopping or for a walk. My favorite part is that she will be able to enjoy the Tricycoo for years to come as it adjusts with age.
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Great product!
By CIZ41
from Texas, United States
on June 8, 2016
My kid loves this trike. Great for walks around the block or to the park. Fun colors (we have the green) Great alternative to a stroller. Highly recommend.
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The Tricycoo is Amazing!
By Kat
from Indianapolis,IN
on November 1, 2013
When we were sent the Tricycoo (in exchange for a blog review) it was love at first sight. We love how easy this trike is to steer and move around. I feel like my daughter is safely contained within the surround bars and there is no fear of her falling out. I love the pink color, it is very stylish and modern. This is a great option for taking a young child out with an older sibling so they don't feel left out. I have tested a few ride-ons for toddlers and this one is by far the best! The ride is smooth, I don't have to break my back from bending over and pushing, and it looks fantastic. This has been one of my favorite toddler products that I own.
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Excellent Trike for Toddlers
By Anne54304
from Green Bay WI
on October 22, 2013
We recently received the Joovy Tricycoo and my 22 month old daughter loves it! She has been trying to figure out how to manuever the pedals, rings the bell all the time and loves it when we push her around using the handle. This is definitely a great product that I would recommend to a friend and also give as a gift!
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Another great product!
By Jodi 3.
from Iowa
on May 15, 2013
We received the Joovy Tricycoo for review purposes and cannot be more excited! The color/styling is appealing and attractive. Assembly took under an hour and it is useable with both children (with minimal changes). We will be taking this item with us on a vacation in July and it will be used in place of a stroller at times! My boys were so excited to see it assembled and I trust the quality (of Joovy brand) and workmanship/materials that was used in the making of the Tricycoo. Very pleased!
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Best Learning Bike Out there!
By Mountain M.
from Yellowstone National Park, WY
on March 27, 2013
The Tricycoo is a tricycle built to grow with your child from when they begin to show an interest in biking until they are up to 44 pounds. The parent starts out in control while the kid learns and then can remove the "baby surround arms" and parent push handle as the child masters pedaling. While, like I said, we LOVE balance bikes, I also think a good tricycle (like this one) helps teach kids how to pedal too! P really is too small to pedal still (poor kid!!!) but he loves to ride along, put his toys in the rear basket, and be able to keep up with the rest of us walking/on bikes. It sure beats sitting in the wagon... What we love: - Freedom to get the youngest of children on a bike AND moving quickly - An adjustable parent push handle that you can easily steer with and is extremely (and surprisingly) durable - Quality made and well- thought out: Injection-molded wheels on urethane treads, included bell and rear basket, and "baby surround arms" that are easily removable. - Footrest for kids that are too short to pedal - Ability to disengage wheels so they can spin freely (and not catch on your child's legs) - Stable and durable - When kids do start pedaling, the bike pedals smoothly and really helps kids learn (J has been testing this....) - Comes in 4 different colors (orange, pink, green and black) What we aren't so crazy about: - When, as a parent, you are steering the child, they can ALSO steer just by moving the handle bars. I am STILL surprised (after daily use for 2 weeks) when suddenly we are going the opposite direction I intended. This can easily turn into a power-struggle, depending on the personality of the child. - Assembly is definitely required (though this is certainly not limited to this bike!) - The price isn't cheap....though I DO think you are getting what you pay for in the Tricycoo. Per our request, a Tricycoo was generously provided to facilitate this review thanks to Joovy. However the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own
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Joovy is a perfect Busy Mom Solution!
By Meagan P.
from Yakima, Wa
on December 29, 2011
The Joovy Tricycoo is everything that I want in a children's product: -Well made from quality materials. -Adjusts to grow with my child -so I don't have to constantly buy new products to upgrade to. -Super fun! -Versatile: The Tricycoo rolls quietly across hardwood or tile floors, perfectly on carpets, and can still handle bumpy gravel paths too! -Stylish - we get SO many compliments on this when we go on playdates to the park! And, while it states that it's for kiddo's as young as 18 months, my little one fits perfectly at just 16 months - so with the cool features that can change and adjust as she grows, we are getting an incredible value!
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Love Love Love the Tricycoo!
By Sheneq
from Houston, Texas
on July 17, 2011
I spotted the Tricycoo at the ABC Spring Conference in Fort Worth in April. It was so cute that I had to let my son try it out during the show. After testing it out, I soon realize that it is great for balance and coordination and really grows with your child. I love that the Tricycoo comes in neutral colors! I get so sick of looking at primary colors all the time. This was a nice change. He tried it out and fell in love with it so much, that I had to purchase one and take it home. The Tricycoo works exceptionally well for a small toddler. It is perfect for that in between the stroller and big traditional tricycle stage. You can lock the petals so that your little one can just go for the ride. The removable side bars called "baby surround arms" are super handy for starting out and your child is still working on balance. Start off using them and remove them when they are no longer needed! The Tricycoo comes with an adjustable handle so you can push and override your child's steering. It also has pedals AND a foot rest. The great thing is that you can lock the pedals or remove the footrest depending on your child's level and abilities. Ringing the bell is a favorite of mine. It is an old fashioned bell that adds a classic touch to the Tricycoo. The large rear basket is great for long walks or taking a walk to a park for a picnic. The only think I wish is that there was a cup holder attachment for a water bottle somewhere. The wheels on the Tricycoo are extremely durable and designed to be more quiet than others. I love that the wheels hold up on those not so smooth neighborhood sidewalks! The Tricycoo feels stable and sturdy. It is safe, fun, simple to use and a learning tool. I'magine that! What more could you ask for!
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Buy a Tricycoo, you will love it!
By Shannon
from Grand Rapids, MI
on July 12, 2011
I love Joovy products, love them! This is no exception. Great to put together. We actually took this Tricycoo to the trails near our house the other day. It was easy to push her around in and she loved every second. And, so many people asked what I had my daughter in. It is adorable! Here are some of the features on the Tricycoo that I really like: The handle in the back is removable. But while attached, you control the direction of the Tricycoo. When it is attached, it overrides what the child can do. The parent controls it all. There is a footrest that my girl rests her feet on now, but when she can pedal on her own this can be removed. There is a "basket" behind that can fit a lot of things. My girls originally packed it full of their baby dolls, but when we went for a walk, we put in our waters and keys to the truck. Last but not least, THE BELL! She loves it. And all the Tricycoo's come with it!
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What an awesome toy
By BabyDaddy
from San Jose, CA
on May 11, 2011
I love the product. My kid loves riding around town in Tricycoo and she also loves looking at the pics of the product (don't ask me why though I like the hottie mom pushing the Tri:).
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