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Walker meets highchair. The Spoon walker combines these two essential products into one to provide the perfect balance of eating, playing and learning to walk! Practical and good-looking, the Spoon will blend perfectly into your kitchen and home decor.

For meal and snack time, the Spoon comes with a super-sized tray that has a removable insert that can be wiped clean or put in the dishwasher for convenience. Once mealtime is over, there is lots of room for play! The extra-large tray has plenty of room for all your child?s favorite toys. The bright white color and high-gloss finish give the Spoon premium styling that cleans up easily.

As your child learns to master walking, you will feel confident using the Spoon with its ultra-wide base that provides unparalleled strength, stability, mobility and safety. The wide base ensures that little fingers won?t get pinched on the side of the tray if your toddler bumps into a wall. The seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable, and is made with 600D material - combining luggage grade toughness with a soft and padded high seat back.

The Spoon has three height positions that are ideal for a child who can sit upright unassisted, up to 30 lbs and/or 33.5 inches tall. Built with steel reinforcement, oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads, the Spoon meets or exceeds all government standards in compliance and stair safety. Still, Joovy always recommends using a gate to keep stairs out of reach.

The Spoon folds flat for easy storage and travel. All Spoon walkers come out of the box almost ready to go ? you only need to install the seat pad. The Spoon is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free. JPMA certified.

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Killingly, CT
Verified Buyer
Simply love Joovy baby products....
February 23, 2024
Both my grand children absolutely love this walker....easy to clean, nice wide removeable tray, and wide bumper which prevents injury to baby & cabinets, sofa etc...Love the durability, and design......nice choice for parents & is an added plus.....we also purchased the playpen (Joovy 2)....excellent, attractive & classy design !
  • Excellent product......
  • absolutely none !
Yes, yes, yes!
February 13, 2023
Our little guy looooves his Spoon Walker. I think the best feature is the large tray. You can attach suction toys, teethers, wooden blocks (really anything) and he is entertained for quit a bit. My favorite time to use it is when cooking meals. He can hang in the kitchen and explore while mommy gets some things done ;)
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Amazing Walker!
August 7, 2022
We absolutely loved this walker. I was very hesitant because off all the negativity around walkers but if you find one that fits your child correctly and you do not leave them in it for long periods of time, it is great! My son loved zipping around the house in it, I knew it would not tip over, it was easy to clean and you can raise and lower it. My only regret is that I did not buy one sooner!
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It was great BUT
August 2, 2022
I love the color (I purchased the gray one) but my baby is nine months now and his knees bend when he's walking in it now he loves it but it looks like it'll give him bowed legs if he keeps on using it and I'm sad because I like the slick design but now I have to look for another walker to help him walk. Normally babies start walking at 12 so I feel like it should last a lot longer than nine months
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Hopkinsville KY
Clasp under stoped working.
March 26, 2022
Is there anywhere to fix the height adjustment clasp? The walker just started folding and won't stay up.
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Loved it, for 2 months. Not for tall babies
January 20, 2022
We loved the Joovy walker and specifically bought it because of the brake, tray, and height specs. Unfortunately, it says it's rated to 33" but it's really only advised for 6 1/2 - 8 1/2" inseam. Looks like we are in the market for a new walker.
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October 11, 2021
Perfect purchase my daughter loves her Joovy Walker, I especially love how easy it is to store.
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Verified Buyer
Perfect for my guy!
May 26, 2021
We are so happy with the Joovy Spoon! The simple clean colors, detachable tray, multiple heigh options, and washable fabric has made for a great experience for our son. We did have an issue with ours and working with customer service was a breeze! We had a new one delivered within a week and our guy is back to roaming the house with ease. I could not recommend this walk we or this company more!
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Verified Buyer
This has been an amazing staple...but now it's not
May 25, 2021
This has been out goto for a busy household to be able to prep meals while having my little guy "spoon" about! However this week he has managed to climb out even on the highest setting. He is only 29" tall and 11 months 19.5 pounds. We can use this if we are watching him like a hawk and our hands are free but no more "getting things done while he is in it" not mad...just wish there was a higher setting so he couldn't leverage his way out!!
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Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Excellent customer service and sturdy product
March 24, 2021
This product is very sturdy and I really like the safety features. Additionally, my representative was soooooo helpful! I had a crazy incident that led to our walker breaking and I was so sad because it was pretty expensive and our baby didn't really get a chance to use it. Carrie (our representative) was so helpful and was able to send a replacement. You have no idea how much this means to me. I truly appreciate our representative as well as Joovy for excellent customer service.
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Santa Ana, California
Verified Buyer
Baby loves this!
January 20, 2021
I wish I found this sooner! After buying a high chair for baby to eat in, I realized after many attempts that she didn't enjoy being in it. I got the spoon after trying to find an alternative for my little one to enjoy eating in. It's been a lifesaver ! Not only does my baby enjoy being fed and eating finger foods on here, but she also enjoys sitting and playing with her toys while in the spoon too! I love that it's multipurpose for feeding, play and safely roaming/ cruising around the house. I highly recommend this and also love the wide tray+removable option ! Thanks Joovy for creating such a great product !
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Grandma G.
Aurora, Colorado
Verified Buyer
November 22, 2020
I wanted a very simple walker, not one with all the toys, for our grandson to use at our house. This walker is outstanding. My retired aircraft mechanic husband said the instructions were very well written and the walker was ready to go in a few minutes. Our daughter brought our 5 month old grandson over for a "test drive". On the lowest setting he could just barely push himself backwards but he figured it out very quickly. He was laughing and squeeling the whole time. We laughed non stop. Worth the price!
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Middletown, NY
Verified Buyer
Love the large eating and playing area.
October 16, 2020
Baby is 4 months and he loves it already.
I especially love the large multi purpose tray area. And I like that it does not come with a stationary today. We can put whatever you on it and then when can put food as well.
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Palisade, CO
Verified Buyer
Perfect! No frills.
September 16, 2020
Such a terrific basic walker with a giant tray for toys or snacks. And the removable tray insert is genius! Rolls smoothly. Wipes clean. Seat is soft and comfortable. No sharp edges.
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Interior L.
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Love our Joovy Spoon
September 6, 2020
I'm an interior designer and I think most walkers and seats are terribly ugly. Why are there so many fake plastic colorful things stuck on every surface?! I looked a long time for a clean, easy to use walker. I like how I can use the surface for eating as well asl playing. Sometimes I throw ice cubes on the tray and watch her bat it around. I also can put cut out pieces of paper under the removable tray for added holiday fun. Can't wait to bring it out again for baby #2!
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Atlanta GA
Our fave walker!
August 27, 2020
We love, love love this walker. As parents of two under two, we discovered this walker with our first. He absolutely loved rolling around the house with it! With our second, he started loved using it earlier and it's become his favorite place to to hang out, wander around trying to chase his big brother, and chow down on his puffs. As a mom I love that the Spoon Walker is so easy to adjust, clean and move. It's also great for smaller homes and fun outside too!
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mount airy
Verified Buyer
Love it
August 26, 2020
I searched many walkers for my baby. I didn't like the ones who had for my older son when he was a baby. I have the joovy highchair and absolutely love it so when I found out they also made a walker I was excited. I wanted one where I could change the toys out so he wouldn't get bored of the same thing all the time, this is one of the main reasons for picking this one. The tray is huge and I can change out what he plays with. And when he starts eating it will be great when he needs to eat or just snacks. My baby is 5 months and all he wants to do is stand. He loves this walker. He can't walk great in it yet but he just stands and plays in it most the day until he is tired. They only thing i would change is make it a little smaller but even knowing that it's pretty big I'd still buy it. it was also very easy to take apart and clean. Even my 2 year old gets in it haha
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Destin, Florida
Verified Buyer
July 24, 2020
My 7 month old loves this walker. Great on our tile floor. Plenty of space to add toys, etc.
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Verified Buyer
Does not have a good lock
June 23, 2020
I bought this for my daughter who is now 9 months old. Their was supposed to have a lock on the walker so it couldn't go over a step. My daughter not only went over a step but the walker flipped over ! Thank God it was one step and not a flight of stairs! She is ok, but I will not be using this walker again!
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Winston Salem, NC
Verified Buyer
Amazing Walker!
April 14, 2020
We bought this because we had heard so many other parents rave about it! It definitely did not dissapoint. Our little one was so happy to be able to walk around the house. I also enjoyed the wide tray because it made it easy to give little snacks and to put out toys for her to play with. Overall awesome walker!
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Sunnyvale, CA
Verified Buyer
Poor Wheels
April 9, 2020
I hate leaving bad reviews & really wanted to love this waker, but the front wheels are awful. They continuously get stuck not facing forward & my baby is basically pushing locked front wheels across our hardwood floors. I am surprised more people aren't having this problem, because it's pretty bad :-/
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Wanted to love it
April 3, 2020
I was so exited to get this yesterday, as so many people have told me about it, but it's made very cheap! I can't believe how cheap the wheels are.. they barley move. I'm so disappointed in this. For something so expensive. The name on the walker is already flaking off, when we opened the box.
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Greensboro, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
So happy we found this!
December 31, 2019
After debating whether or not to purchase my daughter a walker,I finally came to the decision that I would. My pediatrician is against them and this being my first and only child, I of course wanted to follow his every advice. However, after speaking to several other mothers along with the fact that almost all of us adults grew up using walker, I decided to get one. But if I was going to get one, I wanted it to be the best of the best. And after all of my research, The Joovy walker was voted #1. So I purchased it and my 8 month old little girl has been enjoying it since Christmas which has been about a week now. She LOVES it and I love it. The large tray on the front prevent her from being able to open low cabinets. It was easy to assemble and it's very easy to retract either to put away or to carry with you. It's easy to keep clean especially with the removable tray. I love the simplicity of the look. It allows my little girl to work on walking and to take in everything around her rather than being distracted by all the gadgets and toys it could've come with. She has plenty of those to play with on her swings, rocker and play area. I think they nailed it with this design!
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New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Wheels are terrible!
December 14, 2019
The front wheels on this walker do not turn properly and are always stuck in backwards or sideways position forcing my son to plow rather than roll. Even if you spin them they go right back. Very aggravating. Like the side rails to prevent driving off a cliff, but they are too low and not suitable for hardwood floors if you have an area rug, as he either pushes up the rug or gets stranded. Wouldn't but ever again mainly for the wheel issues. Surprised the wheels are so cheap.
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New york
Verified Buyer
Better than walkie talkie walker
October 11, 2019
I registered for the walkie talkie walker because I liked the language feature. I received it at my shower and opened the box when my daughter was ready to use it- it was made of cheap plastic and I couldn't spare time to put it together, not to mention is cost more money than the spoon!. So I packed up and ordered the spoon. The quality of the plastic And fabric seat it so much better, the tray is large (good for eating and for lots of toys), the only assembly was to pop in the wheels and seat. The removable tray is useful when meal time gets messy! Bottom line-
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Fort Worth, Texas
Verified Buyer
My children love this thing!
August 3, 2019
My kids both love this walker. They can move fast and still be safe. My daughter is actually able to walk and still climbs in and runs through the house in it!!
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Denver, Co
Verified Buyer
Super Walker
June 25, 2019
We have tried multiple walkers - and this one is by far the best built. But I dont understand how they did the height - because a lot of kids outgrow it so fast, his little legs were bowing bc it was too low since he was so tall. I know Joovy says they build it for the 90th percentile at 18 months, but I just don't see how if so many parents are wishing it was taller. Would love a taller version!
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Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Lives up to the Hype!
May 13, 2019
My son is 5 months old, and he's been using this walker for almost a month. He took to it immediately! The big tray is great for toys, and the adjustable heights are great-- the lowest setting is perfect for him right now. He has a bouncer with tons of bells and whistles, but he hands down prefers this! We're very happy!
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Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Love love love this Joovy Walker!
May 1, 2019
I bought this for my 7 month old and he loves it! We live in a one story home so for me there isn't much risk with him maneuvering around the house! I love the design and simplicity, a lot of times baby gear is over colorful and loud, this is a personal choice for me.
  • Easy clean up, removable top makes it super easy to clean after a feeding or snacking.
Verified Buyer
We bought THREE!!
February 12, 2019
My son absolutely LOVES this walker. He zips around the house with ease, and let me tell you- if we didn't have this, I don't know WHAT we would do. My son is super busy and advanced for his age and this walker helps him get around safely. We love it so much we bought three-one for us and both grandparents' houses! You will NOT regret this purchase!!!
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St Augustine Fl
Verified Buyer
Cruisin Babes
January 22, 2019
I bought this for my super active daughter. She's 9 months old and I'm a stay at home mommy so this helps me out a lot, all day she'll just run around the house in this. And I'll hear a THUMP! I'll look around for her and she just gives me big smiles, she loves running into the chairs in our house. Any suction bowls stick well to the tray. The wheels are awesome and turn easy. This walker is worth the hype.
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Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
Great but quickly outgrown
January 18, 2019
My daughter is just under 28 inches and can easily crawl out of this. Was great while it was safe but without a way to buckle her in the seat it is too expensive for using such a short time. Bummer.
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Sandy L.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
My 4 month old loves it
December 5, 2018
He just sits in here for about 20 mins. a day but it keeps him occupied.
Customer Images
  • It's nice looking and my son loves it for about 20 mins. but that's all his toys right now
  • Don't they say Walker's are not healthy on babies joints, well I'm seeing the pediatrician next week so i will find out for sure than.
Compton, California
Verified Buyer
November 21, 2018
It is very easy to clean, completely stain resistant, and very convenient
Christine J.
Toms River NJ
Verified Buyer
Loving this walker!
October 28, 2018
Obsessed with this walker! My son loves being in it. Assembly took about 10 minutes. The best part? The HUGE tray that I place all of his toys on. I also have fed him here too! It's so great. If you're hesitating to purchase listen to me and buy it!
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Verified Buyer
Glides smooth and perfect eating space!
October 27, 2018
I received the blue walker a couple months ago and it's been absolutely amazing! The eating space is the greatest thing, it's big enough that he can eat without dropping food but not too big to where he's in the way. The tray comes off so washing everything is so easy. The walker itself glides amazing. My son could turn it and guide it just a day after it came in the mail. Would 100% buy again!
Customer Images
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Santa Monica
Verified Buyer
A must have
October 10, 2018
Our 6 month old has been using the Spoon walker for a month now & he loves it! It's a wonderfully made product and easy to clean. I couldn't believe how quickly my son took to it & I was so excited to see him take his "first assisted steps"! It's freat for feeding, cruising around or just having a safe place to put baby in. I like to have my son in it when I prepare dinner so he can see easily & from a safe close distance while I turn on the stove etc. this was not possible before we had the Spoon. It's a wonderful product that I'm sure we will continue to get a lot of use out of it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone & have friends who have also purchased the Spoon.
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Nampa, ID
Verified Buyer
Absolutely Satisfied
October 7, 2018
What caught my attention the most about the Joovy products was how simply simple they were not to mention how compact they are! I personally can't stand baby products with wonky colors and a million toys attached the them I own a spoon and a nook my son loves them and when they arrived my husband assembled them quick and easy and was very impressed with them as well. I will always buy joovy products! I was having a small a week ago issue with my Joovy Spoon but a customer service representative named Rachel helped me fix it in no time! I will always buy from Joovy and continues to expand my products from them. I will always recommendthe Joovy brand to all moms I know! Thanks for creating such amazing products!

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Somerville, MA
Verified Buyer
Great Walker
September 30, 2018
Bought this for my niece and my sister loves it. The tray is large so it keeps different toys and all good option for snack time
Rhode Island
Verified Buyer
We liked it but our Doctor told us to return it!
June 24, 2018
We purchased this for our son for Christmas. We liked the clean design and adjustable height. Upon our 6 mos check up our pediatrician said not to use it and to return it as there are alot of risks including damage to the child's neck!!

When I called customer service to do so they said they are legal in the US and no refund would be given.

Disappointed as we had no idea!!
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Hal S.
Verified Buyer
Big tray table!
June 1, 2018
My son loves this because he can have all of his favorite toys on the try in front of them. We tried other walkers but he got frustrated that the toys were stuck in one place. Easy to clean and store!
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Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Awesome baby walker, simple and stylish, well made
May 22, 2018
We saw the Joovy Spoon as #1 in the baby walker reviews at so we took the plunge. It was a little more expensive than the other walkers we were checking out, but the style, safety, and comfort seemed unparalleled. And we totally lucked out - our 10 month old absolutely loves this baby walker, and we love the big removable tray, the simple colors and styling, the high-back seat, and the fact that it can fold up into a pretty small footprint. Overall, recommended by several websites, but also by me, a mom of 3!
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Shakopee, MN
Verified Buyer
Great walker
May 12, 2018
The best walker that I saw in market. Very safe, we love it. I do not regret buying.
Zar P.
Verified Buyer
Too short too quick.
March 1, 2018
I love the design, simple and clean look. I purchased this in November 2017 and starting Feb (writing this review on March 1st 2018), she is just too tall for it at 8 months old going to be 9 months tomorrow. For 3 and a half months of use, it is kinda dissapointing, I paid $97.79 for it. This walker is just getting too short too quick.
We have short carpet and some rugs, as you can see in the picture I had to remove the panels/skirts at the bottom so she can cruise easily on any floors. (Rugs, carpet, tiles and wood floors )
She can go really fast in this walker and when she let go and just let it cruise after that, she ends up dragging her toes and top of her feet, which is not good, un less she has her shoes on like in the picture.
I gave 2 stars because, I do like the design, my daughter loves it too being able to move easily but I'm not happy how short it is at the tallest setting. 3 and a half months of use and now I have to look for a taller walker, pretty dissapointing.
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New York, NY, United States
Verified Buyer
Amazing walker & company!
January 22, 2018
The Spoon is light, folds to be almost flat, has a huge tray for the endless amounts of toys and snacks (which comes off for easy clean), and has an adjustable cushion seat that come off to wash away the mess. I love how it's not bulky and how it's sleek color matches my homes interior. My twins love it!
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California, United States
Love it
July 3, 2017
I love love this walker. Great on our carpet and floor. Easy to clean and easy to take out to was. Love that it can be folded and fits almost everywhere. I take it when there's a big room for my son to walk. I taken it to chuck e cheese and it's the best. Great product. I am one very satisfied customer.
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New Hampshire, United States
Great walker
June 29, 2017
In love this walker. I'm not going to lie I was so excited when I got it due to it matching my house decor (gray and white). I love the design and that he can eat in it. We just brought it on vacation and I'm so happy we did it double as a toy and eating spot. He loves running around in it but the shape also keeps him far enough away from walls etc to keep him out of trouble.
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Ship to canada
May 17, 2017
Hello was wondering Why can't you ship to Canada??
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Arlington, TX, United States
The perfect walker!
April 27, 2017
I purchased the joovy spoon about a week ago and my 5mo loves it! She mostly just hops around in it but it's adorable! I love the look as it is not an eyesore like other walkers. The tray is perfect for her toys and we love that it is removable for cleaning. My brother and sister in law came over with their 7mo and are getting one as well! I cannot wait for our other Joovy items to arrive! Great products!
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JuJu B.
Chicago, IL, United States
April 13, 2017
I bought this for my four month old granddaughter, and she absolutely loves it! Very easy to put together and use. Easily glides on my hardwood floors, and does not cause any scratches. Great product!
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