Jane 2016 Rider Stroller - Black

This item is discontinued.
The term luxury can carry some serious weight with it, not only in the expectations it holds, but also in the price it commands. The Rider was designed in a way that says luxury in every way, shape and form while managing to stay humble at the same time. From the beautiful European style to the patented technological advancements, this stroller is the peak of affluence while not commanding the luxurious price point that one might expect. It's the core of what we believe is the real revolution. You get everything you need like a beautifully designed basket that folds down within the extremely strong and sophisticated frame, to the bassinet that will comfort your baby on an afternoon stroll, all included in the same package. This is the new way to do luxury.
  • Folds with seat facing both directions
  • Includes the Micro Bassinet
  • Patented Long Shock Absorbing Suspension
  • 3 position recline beginning at 4 months
  • Upgrades from 2015 model include the extended canopy, plush insert and storage pocket
Details & Specifications:
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Open (with seat): H 33.46? - 43.31? x W 23.62? x L 36.61?
  • Weight (with seat): 28 lb
  • Open (without seat): H 33.46? - 43.31? x W 23.62? x L 36.61?
  • Weight (without seat): 22 lb
  • Close Measures: 24.41? x 23.62? x 14.96?
  • Rear wheels: 10.47? diameter
  • Front wheels: 6.49? diameter
  • LSS System (Long Stroke Shock absorber suspension)
  • Water-resistant
  • Shields from the winds
  • Breathable
  • Hard-wearing and does not stain
  • Anti-Uva / Uvb Upf 50+
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Frisco, TX
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and functional stroller with couple flaws
October 10, 2017
Its a very good sturdy and well build stroller. The baby sits high up and the chair looks and feel very comfortable. However the basket on the bottom is extremely small. I didn't care for the size of the basket at first but the more we use it the more it become annoying especially when shopping.
Edinburg, Tx
Verified Buyer
Stroller envy
May 20, 2017
In love with this stroller you can't go wrong and we constantly get compliments everywhere we go.
Best Uses
  • Everywhere but most of all it's also a great alternative to a high chair when eating out due to the height.
Naples, FL
Verified Buyer
October 28, 2016
Husband and I both love the style of the stroller! So simple to operate, comes with a microbassinet and attachable shopping bag. If you're concerned about matching the colors of the aluminum with your car seat, it's a perfect match to the Nuna Pipa! Jane and Albee also offer great customer service.
Verified Buyer
Very convenient
June 7, 2015
I wasn't sure about the purchase at first because of the negative reviews but I'm very happy with it and so is my daughter. Very comfortable and spacey for her, high so when we go to the mall she doesn't need to stretch to see around. Thank you, you have made my baby a happier baby.
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Good Product
April 23, 2015
This time, you can get this item with good price. And, the jane rider is a good stroller, have efficiency and nice appearance. Additionally, the item include many accesoories (e.g. bag, rain cover, cup holder)
Miami, Florida
Verified Buyer
The best available in the US.
September 2, 2014
The so called best country isnt the best on everything, Europe is lighting years ahead on both strollers and car seats. On picture its just nice, but when you see the engineering on this stroller, the fabric details and quality, its simply the best. Better than some that are more expensive.
Los Angeles, CA
Compliments all around town on the chic Rider
August 15, 2014
Having owned an UppaBaby Vista for my first child with the intention of it being my one and only stroller since it can grow once I have a second, let me tell you the reason why that didn't work and why having one stroller for multiples (unless twins) is only really good in theory.When you look at strollers it all looks great when there isn't a baby/toddler in the stroller and you are testing them out empty. Once you have a baby/toddler only then do you really test the functionality.The UppaBaby never seemed heavy to me until I had had a baby and was constantly lifting something or juggling multiple things, only then do you realize that it IS a heavy, cumbersome stroller. Also, having add-on seats for multiple kids looks nice and seems feasible when you see an empty stroller, but once you place kids in it and try to maneuver it then it is an entirely different ballgame. Pushing a stroller with a 30lb toddler and then another one is VERY heavy. Also, your toddler more than likely will not like sitting in a stroller with a baby. In sum, some of the features that sold me on the Uppa ended up being the same reasons why I gave it away and turned to Jane.MY LOVES:- the fabric! Very easy to wipe clean. Truly seems stain resistant unlike others that state same.- super easy assembly, no tools, seriously done in 5 minutes!- like having the front wheel lock option- LOVE the suspension option- Smooth ride for baby- adjustable handle bar- design of bottom frame bar eliminates tall, average or short people from hitting foot/shin on the bar no matter the stride length- biggest plus for me is the placement and complexity of the break.
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