Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center 1G00SWP

This item is discontinued.
Graco? has over fifty years of commitment to helping parents and children enjoy the wonder of each new moment together. We've spent thousands of hours on research and spoken with countless moms, to find out what calms a baby. The sweetpeace? Newborn Soothing Center is a result of that research and a learning we want to pass on to you. Soothing is an art. It's also an instinct. We'll show you how this product can help to nurture and soothe your baby through five of your baby's senses. Sweetpeace? has a motion with 4 seating positions that create 4 distinct sensations. Not only does motion effect your infant but also the 3- recline positions and 6-speeds create options for your little one. The seat is removable and can be used as a carrier or set of the floor next to mom or dad and be rocked. Your baby is used to hearing low frequency sound in utero. Sweetpeace? recreates those sounds that baby is familiar to hearing like the heart beat, white noise and underwater sounds. There are sleepy songs for quiet time and up-beat songs for alert time. Touch is synonymous to the security of the womb. Your sweetpeace? will provide you with a swaddle blanket that gives your baby a feeling of security. The 5-point harness provides gentle ventral pressure that reassures your baby like a hug. Newborns need visual simplicity. The calming neutral colors of sweetpeace? contribute to a soothing environment. The canopy can be adjusted to control light and limit visual stimulation. Mom's scent calms baby. By infusing the swaddle blanket with your scent your baby can be calmed with that familiar aroma of you. As if this wasn't enough you can also use your Graco? infant car seat in place of the sweetpeace? seat if desired.
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Tara 3.
December 3, 2008
I can not say one bad thing about this swing. It is a little more expensive but it is worth it! We bought this with our third child and I wish we would have had it for the first two! If your baby is sleeping in their carseat when you get home you just switch out the sweetpeace seat and press on and it continues to let them sleep which is a blessing! It has alot of room and she looks so comfortable compared to our older graco swing. I love that it plugs in and doesn't need batteries unless you want it to vibrate and I know some say it is loud but I don't think so the baby has never seemed to mind. Definately a must buy!
Lena V.
This is a great Item!
October 30, 2008
This is a great item for baby! It is very natural and covers many different ranges of what your newborn may want. This is going to be a lifesaver! Highly recommend!
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