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Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat - Sully

This item is discontinued.
Help keep your growing child secure in this innovative convertible car seat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends your child ride rear-facing up to 2 years of age, so My Ride 65 keeps your baby rear-facing up to 40 lbs and forward-facing until 65 lbs. The seat is also LATCH-equipped, Side Impact Tested, and features convenient integrated cup holders.
  • Fits infants 5-40 lbs rear-facing in a harness
  • Fits toddlers 20-65 lbs forward-facing in a harness
  • LATCH equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation
  • 5-point, front-adjust harness
  • Dishwasher safe, removable cup holder inserts
  • Removable head and body support helps keep baby comfy
  • Dual cup holders keep drinks within your child?s reach
  • SafeSeat Engineering?- Engineered & Crash Tested to Meet or Exceed US Safety Standards FMVSS 213
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
Recommended Use:
  • Rear-facing for infants 4 to 40 lbs. (Some models rated 5-40 lbs rear-facing. Check the product instruction manual to determine the weight range for each model.)
  • Forward-facing for toddlers 20 to 65 lbs.
  • Weight: 15.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26" H x 20.8" W x 27" D
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Great Travel Car Seat
March 1, 2023
Great for traveling. Very sturdy and looks comfortable for my baby.
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Kirsten N.
Port Huron, Mi
Easy Install
February 28, 2023
Super easy to install. Very comfortable for my son (8 months). Slimmer profile so it fits easily in my car and very lightweight!
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Perfect for my son
February 28, 2023
Really good for the price and good quality for this price
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Grammy M.
Definitely recommend.Good quality and great price!
February 25, 2023
We needed to buy a car seat for our grandson for our car because he is growing out of his Graco infant seat.

I searched a lot online and decided to stick with Graco because I like what he has now and the reviews are good. I liked that this one was space saving as we have other grandkids that may need to fit in the backseat.

When I opened up I was impressed with the feel of the seat. It feels good quality and durable, but also comfortable. I love how as he grows you don't have to adjust shoulder straps, you just raise the head support with on lever and automatically adjusts! So much better than when my kids where small! The installation was simple to me and set right to where the level said it should be. Also the adjustment to tighten/loosen straps works very smoothly.

I look forward to trying my grandson in his "big boy" seat!

I definitely recommend for someone not looking to spend a fortune but still have a nice quality seat that doesn't take up tons of room and I would suspect it would be great for plane travel:)
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Union sc
Graco car seat
February 16, 2023
We love our Graco car seats. Always so easy to adjust when they grow. Easy to install and are a good looking design.
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Emily B.
Chicago, IL
Affordable, safe and convenient
February 14, 2023
I was looking for a seat that would be easy to install for switching cars when needed and affordable but still safe. This checked all the boxes.
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B M.
Safety and comfort
January 31, 2023
Sturdy and comfortable for the baby, brings peace of mind to mom and dad
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San Jose, Ca
Light and convenient!
January 20, 2023
This car seat was great for travel! We took it on the airplane and unfortunately it did not fit rear facing but we quickly moved it to forward facing. It was light weight to fit in a car seat back pack bag and we were able to easily move around the airport as needed. It was also super easy to install in a car in less than a minute!
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Jane W.
Tucson, AZ
Cadillac Carseat
December 13, 2022
I am in love with this carseat. I bought it for my granddaughter and I wish it was around when I had children. I call it her 'cadillac' carseat complete with a cupholder. She loved it the minute she sat down. She is 1 year old but she was dancing and smiling. Thanks Graco!
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Nana L.
New York, NY
Cheaply made.
December 13, 2022
Would not buy again. Can't adjust the recline. The rear facing is laying way back.
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Good for this grandma
November 28, 2022
As a first time grandmother this car seat meets all my requirements. It is safe, comfortable, easily adjustable, easy to install, and parent approved by my granddaughter's parents. They are even a little envious that their car seat is not this nice!
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Norma T.
Good, Sturdy Product
November 13, 2022
Was purchased for my year old grand daughter. Was shipped and received timely. Set up was easy and the car seat seems very safe. She is still able to sit rear facing dueto her size.
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November 12, 2022
So good! Fast delivery, really good discount price, amazing product, 10/10!
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Pacific Northwest
No complaints
November 3, 2022
This car seat is for trips out with our 1 1/2 year old grandson. The ordering and delivery process went smoothly, fast and easy. At first glance, the car seat looks sturdy and comfortable yet it's not very heavy. Grandson promptly fell asleep our first trip out in it. I guess that's a good sign.
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Kueni M.
Juneau Alaska
Car seat with a purpose.
October 11, 2022
It's all that I need from a car seat. It serves the quality, weight, safety and space. Easy and effective.
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My fav
August 17, 2022
I absolutely love this car seat I bought it for my son and daughter as soon as they were out of the infant carrier and I absolutely love it! My son is now 5 and it still has plenty of life and room for him to grow which makes me feel at ease.
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Ariel E.
Great seat
August 11, 2022
Great seat! My son loves it! Fits well with other seat.
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Love this carseat
July 17, 2022
It's comfy and safe and it has NOT ONE BUT 2 CUPHOLDERS! My son falls asleep and I don't have to worry about his head falling to the side
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Car Seat for little ones who hates every other Car
July 11, 2022
I just recently purchased this for my 2 year old and he absolutely loves me just as much as I do. I love the face it can be front or rear facing, with incline positions. He has a texture problem where every breaks his skin out and this seat has the most absolutely soft, comfortable lining with an insert that produces extra comfortably. Seriously the FIRST cars seat he doesn't scream when he's going for a ride. Highly recommended!!!!
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June 29, 2022
Our vehicle was in a serious accident and this seat withstood the impact all around. We will continue to buy these seats!
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Perfect for multiple Littles in the car!
June 29, 2022
We have 3 car seats in a row in our car so I needed something slim to fit in the middle for our youngest. This seat is perfect! It fits wonderfully between the two seats. The one downside is that it has the old school clasps to attach to the car anchor instead of the easy buttons.
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June 21, 2022
I love how comfortable my daughter is in the Graco car seat, simply sensational. Great security, note 100 super recommend
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Best car seat for your money
June 15, 2022
We love Graco car seats. We had this one for my 1st kid and I loved everything about it. Especially the five point safety harness, ease of installation and the ability to grow with your child instead of needing to buy 3-4 car seats!
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June 11, 2022
I love this carseat and so does my daughter but I can't get the carseat to tighten for the life of me!! Im using the seatbelt method. Please someone help me
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Great Choice
June 4, 2022
It is easy set up and fits well in a compact car. Great quality. Something I wish I would have gotten initially to save money, but definitely was a great purchase.
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Carol J.
Just what we needed
May 11, 2022
We live in the city and don't own a car so we needed a car seat that was relatively lightweight and easy to use in taxis. We've only used this a handful of times but so far so good! It was easy to strap into the car and our son seems comfortable in it. Happy with our purchase!
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Convertible car seat
May 9, 2022
Great for my toddler son, also used it for when he was higher. I feel confident that this is an amazing car seat to recommend to new mothers
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May 3, 2022
excellent car seat, has cup holders, adjustable, safe, good fabric, totally recommended, has excellent safety, good quality
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Nic G.
Good seats
April 10, 2022
I bought 2 of these for my grandsons. I love how easy they are to install and the cup holders are very convenient. These seats will adjust as they grow so i wont have to buy another car seat
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Great car seat!
April 9, 2022
It works well and is not as bulky as my Evenflo car seat, he seems to be comfortable in it and it is safe. Hats what matters are he most.
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Carseat for grandmas car
March 31, 2022
I am a grandmother and bought this carseat so we didnt have to keep switching out. It is sturdy, lighterweight, and easy to install. Perfect for my needs.
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super good quality
March 21, 2022
super cute can't wait to used with my baby girl
material really good and can't complain had always used grace product for my boys and now for my little girl
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Andalusia, AL
Love it
March 12, 2022
Love it. Great car seat on a budget and looks really nice in the car.
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Concrete, WA
Great space saving, safe, and comfortable car seat
February 6, 2022
This is a great convertible car seat that saves space yet fits great in the car as well as with other car seats. My 8 month old fits great in it and seems quite comfortable and will grow with him as he gets older.
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Great For Travel
February 2, 2022
This seat is great. We got this for a travel seat, and it fits in every rental car and great in a plane seat. My son HATES every car seat and seems to hate this one a little less.
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Slim lightweight car seat perfect for travel
February 1, 2022
The Graco Contender Slim has a narrow footprint. It is very lightweight and it was very easy to install on my own. I was able to test it with each of my daughters in both rear and forward-facing positions and I found it to be quick and easy to convert. I have two other full-sized car seats, one a Graco reclining seat and the other is from another brand. In comparison, the Graco Contender Slim has slightly less padding than either of the other two. I'm sure this helps to keep down the weight. The fabric, is smooth and seems like it will be easy to clean. I did not use the infant insert padding due to the size of my daughters, but it seemed to be well padded and made of a similar smooth and easy to clean fabric. The Contender Slim is several inches more narrow than the reclining seat, and just slightly slimmer than the seat from another brand. The Contender Slim is much lighter than either of them. This makes it my choice to travel with on our next trip, whether by plane or rental car. The Contender Slim also comes with a removable cup holder which can be placed on either side of the seat. I was given this seat to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Contender slim
February 1, 2022
I received this product as part of stellar product testing panel. My 7 month old baby is currently using the Contender Slim car seat. It was extremely easy to install and my child seems to be quite comfortable in it. It has room for him to grow so that's a very important feature for our family. I really enjoy how light it is and how easy it is to transfer from my boyfriend and my vehicle as well. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends with babies.
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Narrow but still big
February 1, 2022
Thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me the Contender Slim in exchange for my honest feedback.

The Contender Slim is a convertible car seat suitable for riding rear facing or forward facing in a 5 point harness. Rear facing has a weight limit of 40 lbs with the child's head at least one inch below the headrest adjustment handle, forward facing limit is 65 lbs and 49". While these height and weight limits would allow for extended rear facing, the maximum upright angle allowable by the seat is still at a fairly significant recline, moreso than I believe would be comfortable for an older toddler. The seat has clear instructions printed on the side, which is a convenient quick reference for using the seat.

The Contender Slim is narrow, but like other convertible car seats, front to back it is fairly large. There's really no avoiding that. Our family drives a small sedan and a small SUV. The seat in either vehicle was not narrow enough for the middle seat to be usable with a car seat on either side. I'm 5'3 and it was difficult but not impossible to drive with the seat rear facing behind the driver's seat in the sedan, and ok in the small SUV. My partner is 6' tall and could not drive with the seat rear facing behind the driver's seat in either vehicle.

Installation in either car was easy and straightforward enough with either latch or seat belt. The seat is lightweight which made it less of a hassle to move from car to car. If I could change one thing it would be to include a built in angle adjuster. The instructions say to use rolled up towels to get the seat installed at the correct angle if needed, and that was a big hassle finding the right size towel and right roll thickness. This alone would make me less likely to move the seat once installed.

The high sides of the seat make it difficult for me to lift my 20 lbs one year old up and over into the seat, particularly in the higher small SUV. It was less of an issue for my taller partner.

Once seated, it was easy to buckle the harness and tighten it, and equally easy to loosen and unbuckle. The shoulder straps adjust in height with the head rest which is such a huge bonus.

The one year old seemed happy riding in the seat, but due to her limited vocabulary, I asked my almost 7 year old who was within the height and weight limits to try the seat forward facing. She said it was comfortable and she liked the head rest. Her only complaint was that the high sides made it difficult to move her arms. She approved of the cup holder (which can go on either side).

Overall this seems like a seat that would be easy to use correctly, which is the most important for safety. I'm hesitant about its longevity as a rear facing seat, and am not a fan of the high sides as a small person trying to get my ever larger baby in the car!
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Great car seat
January 31, 2022
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this car seat. The Contender Slim car seat is a perfect upgrade for my one year old. The slim design is perfect when you have more than one car seat in the van. I am able to fit it in the backseat with another car seat and there is still space for my big girl to fit on the seat. I love that this car seat is made with the easily adjustable straps so as your baby grows it is a breeze to adjust for their size. All you have to do is press a button and slide it to the correct position! The extra cushions that come with the car seat is my favorite feature! This car seat works for babies of all ages & sizes and you don't have to worry if they will be comfortable!
The one thing that I do not like about this car seat is the top chest buckle. Everything buckles and unbuckles perfectly but the top does not stay in place very good. The strap is not tight enough through the buckle and it slides down after awhile and does not stay where it is supposed to for safety recommendations. I would imagine if you had a real wiggly baby in the seat that it would slip down pretty quickly on them.
Overall I am happy with our new car seat and would recommend it to a friend. We went on a long road trip so I was able to get many hours of use out of it.
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Good slim option for small kids
January 30, 2022
I was so excited to receive this Contender Slim from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. My 3 year old currently rides in a regular contender, so I was curious to see how they would compare. I was pretty impressed, right out of the box. The fabric is really nice (and machine washable!), it's very intuitive to install, and adjusts easily even when installed(a must for us when 2 differently sized kids may ride in the seat). It's definitely slimmer, which is good if you need the extra room in a back row, but does make it somewhat less comfy for a bigger kiddo to ride in. Our (big for her age) 3 year old prefers her old contender, and said it's "ok, but too snuggly." That makes our 1 year old its primary occupant, and she seems to be quite happy in it.
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My new favorite car seat
January 30, 2022
The slim design does not take away from the comfort. The seat is spacious and so comfortable. I really liked the adjustable head support that grows with your kiddo. This car seat definitely takes up less space than most car seats and is great if you have other children still in car seats. Install was incredibly easy after reading the directions. It was also simple to move the car seat from one car to another. My favorite feature is the cup holder! No more fishing around the back seat trying to find a dropped cup. I'm so glad this car seat can grow with her and become facing forward when she's ready. It's already a family favorite and replaced the car seat we were previously using. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this car seat.
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Fine slim car seat
January 30, 2022
This convertible car seat is similar to other Graco convertible seats I've used in the past, only it is slimmer, which is handy. I love the complete infant insert, so I can feel comfortable with a younger baby using it. I like the zero-rethread harness adjustment. The only thing that I dislike compared to my other Graco convertible is that the lever to loosen the buckle straps is harder to use. It's the same as in my Graco infant seats; you reach in the little spot and push down. But my other Graco convertible has one that you reach in and lift up, and it's just much easier. But that's my only complaint on this seat. I received this seat for free evaluation through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Its a Contender
January 29, 2022
As a mom of three, I have used many different brands of car seats and the Graco Contender Slim is by far the lightest and easiest to install. I can carry it in one hand, which makes it great for travel. When adjusting the recline, all you have to do is flip the bar one way for forward facing and the other way for rear facing. The slim design allows us to fit three car seats across the bench seat of our Mazda CX-5. I love the simple black and grey fabric. I do find it hard to tighten the harness when rear facing. My favorite feature is the movable cup holder because I can place the car seat anywhere in the back without worrying about the cup holder being in the way. If you need to squeeze this seat in the middle of two other car seats, you can simply take the cup holder off. I received this car seat from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. All opinions are my own.
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Great car seat
January 29, 2022
This car seat is much slimmer than our previous car seat, which is very helpful as we have two children and it was impossible to fit a third person in the back. I love the removable cup holder as well!

We're currently using this car seat for our four year old and will eventually use it for our one year old when she outgrows her infant car seat. Our four year old fits perfectly with room to spare. He was very excited to use this new car seat!

My husband found the installation to be relatively easy other than having to rethread the bottom strap from rear facing to forward facing. Setting up the straps and head rest to fit my son took no time at all. I love the adjustable head rest, making the shoulder straps very easy to move up and down as my children grow, without having to rethread them through the car seat. I also love how easy it is to tighten and loosen the straps from the front of the car seat instead of from the back.

My favorite part of this car seat is the ease of use and also the longevity of it. We will be able to use it for years to come as my son gets older and then for my daughter as well.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this car seat.
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Perfection In A Car Seat
January 29, 2022
This no-frills convertible car seat has everything you could possibly need. As the name suggests, it is slimmer yet still a worthy contender compared to other car seats. The design is minimalistic so it looks great no matter what style you're going for. The cushions are very plush, I know I don't have to worry about my child being uncomfortable. The slim form is great, it leaves me with more room in my backseat without sacrificing comfort or safety for my child. You can really tell that this car seat is sturdy is built to last just by the way it feels. The car seat was a breeze to install, it is so light and the instructions are very clear. There is nothing about this seat that I would change. I feel at ease knowing my child is comfortable and safe while riding in the Contender Slim. I received this car seat as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel to test and review.
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Great for multiple seats across
January 29, 2022
We love this car seat. It was incredibly easy to install which is always a selling point for me when it comes to car seats. It is a skinny car seat which is great for fitting multiple seats across! Even with it being a narrow seat my two year old has plenty of room and isn't cramped at all! Thanks to Stellar Review Panel for providing me with this seat!
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Slim and comfortable
January 29, 2022
I had the opportunity to review the Graco contender slim and WOW am I impressed. Lightweight, slim, easy to work with latch and straps and totally budget friendly. The worst part of convertible car seats to me has always been the difficult to move them in and out or switch from rear to forward facing for my baby and big kids. I had no issues and this was super easy to work with. Overall, super impressed! I have a Graco 4 Ever DLX and have had a Graco Contender. In comparison, ease of use and quality, I would definitely rank it up there with my DLX even though it's half the price. Significantly slimmer base than our Graco 4Ever DLX giving us plenty of space in the back seat but it didn't sacrifice comfort level at all.

My favorite feature was how light it was. We have plans to fly later this year and I was really dreading bringing their car seats but this seat is a game changer. I'm not too concerned now about it and am hopefully it'll be even easier to navigate the plane aisle and seats with it's slimmer design! I received this for free as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.
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Excellent car seat for space saving and safety
January 29, 2022
Huge thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for changing my life with this car seat! This car seat is everything!!!! I have a six month old, and a 2 year old. With their car seats, my 11 year old had such a small amount of space to sit between them, we hardly go anywhere because of it, and definitely not on long car rides. This seat is so slim that he finally has enough space to ride comfortably, and move around freely in his seat. This car seat has so many great features too. It's a black color, gender neutral, and looks gorgeous. Obviously safety is most important, it's impact tested on the front, sides, and rear, as well as roll safe testing to ensure optimal safety. It is tested for extreme temperatures of hot and cold. It has an 8 position head rest for as your child grows, has a dishwasher safe clip on cup holder, and the belts are designed for easier installation and fitting. It has a 5 point harness that you can use for babies as small as 5lbs. And it goes all the way up to forward facing 65 lbs!!! It being a transitional carseat works for babies of all ages, well into toddler-hood!! It has all the bells and whistles. It's so great that we decided to replace our other car seat for out older baby to this same exact one, and the amount of space it made is UNREAL!! Highly recommend this seat!!!
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lightweight easy to use car seat
January 29, 2022
Like everything Graco, this is a great reliable car seat! As a mom of 4, I did really love how lightweight it is. Sometimes we have to shuffle a car seat between cars and it's nice that it's so light, it makes switching it feel less of a burden. My only complaint is that it didn't feel as expensive as some of their other products. We have 3 Graco slim fits, which feel really sturdy. The contender does feel safe, just doesn't feel as HIGH as quality. This seat is slim, I would say slimmer than our slim fits so would be a great seat for a middle seat to squeeze between two other seats. I did not like the cup holder it had, if a cup holder is of HIGH priority to you, this seat wouldn't be for you. I think this would make a great second seat to move between dad's car and grandparent's cars, etc. Thank you stellar panel for this item to review!
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Contender Slim delivers on versatility
January 28, 2022
As a mom of 4, I was grateful to receive the Graco Contender Slim car seat from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Graco is a brand that I have used for years, and in my experience their car seats have been consistently durable and high quality. We were looking to replace one of our expired models and also are transitioning another child out of an infant car seat in the next few months, so this product arrived at a great time. The Contender Slim is marketed to be a long lasting convertible, as it provides options for children 5-65 lbs, with rear and forward facing options, removable padding for infants, and an adjustable head rest. I love that this seat can potentially replace both an infant seat, for those who don't mind transferring babies to a stroller or carrier from the car, and also a high back booster once your baby is a big kid. I feel like that weight range alone is quite significant, as you could potentially save yourself a few hundred dollars from purchasing 2 extra seats. The impact on the environment is also of note here- if you can keep one seat for years rather than recycle and replace, you are reducing waste and energy.

As far as size- "Slim" is in this car seat's name, and it lives up to that. For those looking to squeeze 3 across, or just make the most of the room in your car, this car seat will work. The model that we were replacing was actually another slim car seat, so for us that size difference was not noticeable. However this is definitely a true slim seat, as it is 18.9 inches wide per the specs. Our slim high back boosters for our oldest children are 19 inches, and are made to fit 3 across in a back seat, so I feel confident that if you had 3 of these Contender Slims, they would also fit. We have been there!

As far as downsides- one possibly important item to note is the cupholder location. The model that I received came with one detachable cupholder, and there are spots on either side of the seat to attach the cup. However, once that cup is installed, you lose at least 3 inches on whichever side it is placed on. So if you feel that your child needs a cupholder and you are still trying to fit 3 across, you might want to double check your car's specs. I don't mind leaving the cupholder off the seat, but I wonder if Graco considered an option to pop it in the front where you wouldn't sacrifice space? This product also is marketed as "lightweight". I wouldn't really agree with that, as it is still over 16 pounds, but I guess it is significantly better than some of the other Graco models that are listed at over 20 pounds, if that matters to you for travel.

The last item I wanted to mention is the manual. Man, these have come a long way in recent years! The directions are basically foolproof, with multiple suggestions to check for possible mistakes in installation and fit. Overall, I think the Graco Contender Slim is a great option for anyone looking to save space and money, by a reliable brand, that will grow with your child (and reduce waste!)
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