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Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller - Duke

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The Graco Modes Duo double stroller is extremely versatile! With 27 riding options, from infant to youth, you can configure this stroller for the best fit for your growing family. The Graco Modes Duo Stroller accepts TWO Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seats, connecting with a secure one-step attachment. It has a standing platform and bench seat for your older child, and two reclining, removable seats that allow for stroller customization. Convenience and comfort features include locking front swivel wheels for increased maneuverability, extra platform wheels, one-handed standing fold, and pivoting child?s arm bar with cupholders. The Graco Modes Duo Stroller helps you get the most out of every ride!
  • 27 riding options for two children from infant to youth; accepts two Graco SnugRide Click Connect Infant Car Seats
  • Two removable, reclining seats can be positioned multiple ways; built-in bench seat gives your big kid a place to rest; both front and rear seats hold up to 50 lb
  • One-hand standing fold, folds with seats on or off; locking front swivel wheels for superior maneuverability; one-step brakes make stopping, and going again, quick and easy
  • Extra-large storage basket holds your travel essentials; parent cup holder for on-the-go convenience
  • Features two removable arm bars with two cupholders each; convertible 3 or 5 point harness grows with your child
Recommended Use:
  • Child Occupancy Max: 2
  • Child Weight Range:
    • Front Seat: Up to 50 lbs
    • Rear Seat: Up to 50 lbs
    • Bench Seat: Up to 50 lbs
    • Standing Platform: Up to 50 lbs
  • Open dimensions: 42 H x 25.5 W x 46 D
  • Folded dimensions: 50.5 H x 24 W x 19 D
  • Basket capacity: up to 10 lbs
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Love this
February 22, 2023
Love it. I’ve used it for 5 kids now-it’s a beast and an amazing price
  • Multiple configurations
  • Huge basket
Best Uses
  • Best stroller for large families
  • Heavy
Tampa FL
October 9, 2022
I wish I had done my research before purchasing this stroller. We have the Graco modes single stroller and love it, but this double stroller is not the same. The seats are small and look so uncomfortable. My 21 month old is so slouched in the seat. I have tightened the back of the seat so many times, but I can never get her fully upright. These seats are so cheap compared to the seat in the single stroller. The thing I can't stand about it most is that I can't get my diaper bag under the seats or get something out of the diaper bag without removing a seat which is so incredibly annoying. I wish we didn't spend so much on this stroller because I would love to buy a different stroller.
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Richmond, CA
Twin mom approved!
August 28, 2022
I swear by graco products for my kids, and when I found out I was having twins I decided on this stroller as soon as I saw it. Had the duoglider years ago while doing daycare, and didn't like it then, so I knew not to go that route this time. Loved that the car seats snap right onto the frame and had options to face them other ways as they started to grow and notice the world. Same with the toddler seats, love all the options. It can be a little noisy with the back wheels when walking on uneven surfaces, but easy to tune out. My twins are almost 2 and we still use this stroller almost daily. They have plenty of leg room, and it holds everything we need, plus big brother's stuff, and when we go shopping we can throw stuff in the spacious basket. It's on the bigger side, but it's sturdy and worth the money for all the options and durability.
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Philadelphia, PA
Super noisy its actually embarrassing to use
August 18, 2022
Do not buy this stroller I cannot stress to you enough . The two small fRont wheels are so noisy. I thought it was just mine , I was praying it was something on my end . Nope. Please read all reviews . My 12 month old and my 2 year old cannot take a nap while pushing them in the Philadelphia city area because how loud this stroller is and it's ashame. but I won't use it just because the noise is unbearable not joking moms. It was pricey too I bought the whole click connect car seat for my son when he was born to go with it . I'm pretty angry and disappointed. Do you think graco will fix this or give me a diff model. Probably not . So now I'm a Mother of two kids under the age of 2 Andi don't work , I'm single stay at home mom stuck with this loud

stroller. literally, heads turn to see what all the noise is when I'm out in public pushing my babies. Its awful. I'm upset. Nowi don't have a double stroller. I don't have the means to buy a new one . This one plus their cr seat that connects to it took all my savings before my second baby was born . Very disappointed I wl never buy from graco again
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New Mexico
Loud and hard to use
June 4, 2022
We bought this for my 2.2 toddler and my new baby, we love all Greco we have the jogger and the car seats so we thought it was a safe bet to buy this doble stroller but it's been a bad experience. It's bulky and heavy but we expected that being a double, but the noise with the little back wheels and it's very hard to direct, also no support on the wheels so baby was shaking all the time by any little hole in pavement ( almost a smooth surface) I'm disappointed to say that this stroller it's not a good product and it doesn't reflect the quality we grew acostum with the brand
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Another failed graco double stroller
April 20, 2022
This is my second attempt at a double stroller from graco. Unfortunately this stroller does not meet my expectations. Footrests do not lock, seats don't recline completely unless they face a certain direction, this stroller is LOUD because of that extra set of tiny wheels, the basket on the bottom is incredibly difficult to get into unless one seat is removed, and mine came missing the parent cup holder. No reply from graco when I reached out for assistance.
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Must for multiples
April 8, 2022
Having two babes in less than two years can be a lot. The last thing I needed was to chase a toddler with a baby in the stroller. This was a great solution. Both could ride while mom walked, shopped, or while we were sightseeing. If you have more than one kiddo and they're the same age or close in age, you'll love this stroller.
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Don't get it
March 24, 2022
This is great until they out grow their infant car seat. Good for outside but not for malls or crowded places. Not good in the store.
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So versatile
March 24, 2022
This stroller is amazing. It checked all my boxes and is so versatile. It is big, so it doesn't replace my daily stroller. I think the noise everyone is complaining about is the little wheels in the back from the platform make a noise when they hit the cracks in sidewalk. They sound kind of like a scooter. Overall we are very happy with all the options. It's a little hard to fold up and it is quite heavy with both seats in it.
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Very versatile.
March 3, 2022
I am a mom of 5 oldest is 18 years old down to 10 months. This makes my 4th double stroller. The pros for me are the seats versatility. And the basket underneath. I currently use this for my 5 yr old and 10 month old. We use it everywhere and pack everything in it. I don't mind it being bulky.
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Sanford Me
Modes duo stroller
February 27, 2022
Easy to use great for two! Love all the different ways our babies can sit
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E K.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Extremely versatile!!!
January 30, 2022
super easy to use and put together. Also transforms for toddlers who want to sit on the back and stand! Love it!!
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Fayetteville, AR
Noisy and bulky
January 5, 2022
Kinda wish I had went with something else. Doesn't fit in our Jeep Compass unless we take both seats off. Very noisy and hard to turn and push.
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So many ways to pick!
December 13, 2021
Love how we can switch things around and the bucket let seat fits as well! But super disappointed in the sound! Anyone know how to fix the noisy stroller??
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Convenient but yes, it's noisy.
November 1, 2021
I was so excited when I found this stroller used at a good price.

First, the good:
- versatile. Many positions depending upon age and stage of the kiddo.
- fits in the trunk of my sedan.
- good carry space.
- lots of cup holders

The bad:
- so noisy! I thought it was maybe because I got it used but nope.
- the brake is broken. Probably the fault of the previous owner but I can't find any way to fix it or replace the part (help!).
- the toddler seat is a little small. If my kiddo was a little chunkier she wouldn't fit (she's small to begin with)
- no snack tray option for the toddler.

Overall I'm satisfied with it but if I had paid full price I would have been rather disappointed.

I still would like to fix the noisy wheel, if I can. Walking on asphalt is very loud.
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Bmom 2.
Baltimore, MD
Good stroller
October 7, 2021
I was hesitant to buy this stroller because of all of the reviews saying it was "too noisy" and the seats being small. I went ahead and got it anyway because I needed a nice double stroller. So far, I love it. It's no noisier than any other stroller I've used so I'm not sure what others are talking about. It drives nice has plenty of room for both of my kids and has a great sized storage basket. The only negatives for me are I wish the sun shades were bigger. They don't go down far enough to keep barely any sun off of my littles which is disappointing. Also, they have a small bar with a cup holder for each seat and I wish it would have been a nice sized tray instead of a bar. Besides that I love this stroller and we use it all the time.
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Las Vegas
It's too loud !!!!
September 29, 2021
Bought this stroller and it's just too loud,especially the smaller wheels on the back,how do I remove them ???help ,otherwise this stroller is NOT recommended
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Pittsburg, PA
No noisy!!
August 24, 2021
Overall I love how versatile the stroller is, it's great for an infant and toddler. But I can't get over how noisy it is, I actually is, it's embarrassing! I even starting using two separate strollers ( which is a big inconvenience) but it's much better than having to push a stroller that makes so much noise you can't even think.
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New Jersey
Way too noisy and seats run small
August 15, 2021
We have had this stoller for about 9 months now and I wish we had read more reviews prior to purchasing. I would rather walk with my 3 year old and take our single stroller for my 1 year old than push this thing around the local streets. The skateboard wheels under the rear platform are not meant for pavement. They make so much noise on pavement you really can't enjoy a walk around the neighborhood. This is a mall stroller at best. I have researched ways to remove the wheels and have come up empty handed. Beside the noise, the seats run small. My 3 year old is on the small side (30th percentile) for height and weight and just fits in the seat at 31lbs. I couldn't imagine trying to fit him in a seat another 15lbs from now.
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So versatile
August 5, 2021
I absolutely love the stroller and how versatile it is. I can use it with my previous graco car seat. my oldest loving being able to ride on the standing portion but he is already to tall for the seat which was really a disappointment since I got in for both of my children to ride together. It is also very noisy which is probably the worst part for me. I really hope Grace keeps this product but it definitely needs some improvements.
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love it
July 22, 2021
i totally love it it's super easy to use and have plenty space for my baby's
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Verified Buyer
May 22, 2021
I was gifted this stroller when having my second child. All the features and capabilities of it are excellent. However, after getting it assembled I realized it wasn't going to be practical for what I needed. At nearly 50 lbs, it would be an excellent option for someone in a flat neighborhood who plans to store it in the garage and simply use the opening and closing feature. For someone who needs to haul it in and out of the car and use in a hilly neighborhood, this is a workout to say the least. Especially when you add the weight of the kids to the already heavy stroller. It definitely cannot be used for a while after a c-section. It is an excellent concept for a stroller, just very impractical for how I need to use it.
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Verified Buyer
April 23, 2021
I love the concept of this stroller, but it's terribly impractical. The plastic wheels are so loud, you have to yell to talk to anyone. It's also not great on gravel or imperfect concrete. The noise keeps me from enjoying this stroller. It badly needs real air tires.
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April 22, 2021
I freaking LOVE this stroller! It is so easy to work, fold, change! It is a little heavy, but as my husband ways tells me, you get what you pay for! BUY this stroller!
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Buffalo, NY
Verified Buyer
Garbage wheels
April 10, 2021
I bought this stroller when i was pregnant with my daughter and have used it max 5 times. After the FIRST USE the wheels are destroyed and full of stones from our walk on asphalt. I wish there were "all terrain" rubber replacement wheels to lengthen its use. Otherwise it's very versatile and we love it.
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Auburn IN
I love this
March 15, 2021
This thing rides so smoothly! My 2 yr old and baby fit great in here. There is plenty of space in the bottom for our stuff. Only thing I would want is the seats to lay back farther, the shades to go farther forward, and a space for parents stuff to go. Still love it though and we get stopped to get told its so cool.
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Verified Buyer
Too small
March 14, 2021
So, I have a 4 month old and a just turned 3 you. She's 30lbs and 36inches. She is too small for the seat. She can only sit on the rest one but can't lean back. Selling it so I can buy a different one that has bigger seats. Super disappointed
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Verified Buyer
Easy to use.
March 11, 2021
I have a one month old and one year old. The one year old loves being able to sit in the chair or bench and the ease of being able to move and change seating arrangements is so convenient. I am not happy with the size of the chair. My one year old does not fit comfortably under the top rail of the chair. We had a Graco single stroller and loved it so we stuck with the brand but not happy with the double. The stroller is very loud due to the two back smaller wheels but that is manageable for me. Overall I would not purchase this stroller again due to the seat not being advertised for the correct size child.
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Miami Beach, FL
Verified Buyer
Extremely Noisy!
March 9, 2021
There are numerous flaws with this stroller. All the wheels are complete garbage, though they turn nicely. The four main wheels are cheap plastic and become pitted from little pebbles and plant debris after little use. The stupid little wheels under the platform are a nightmare. Every break in a sidewalk causes the little wheels to smack down which in turn makes a huge clang when the platform smacks down. The storage basket hangs very low. If you put one narrow item down there, it will drag directly on the ground. The stroller itself is quite rickety and will make noise just being used even on a smooth surface. The peek a boo window has good visibility, but with no clip, snap, velcro, or even a magnet to hold up the flap, you just have to keep lifting the flap if you wish to use it. The cup holder intended for the adult to use cannot support the weight of a drink. I had a 16.9oz water bottle in it and when going over a sidewalk gap, the cup holder fell off in sync with the loud clang of the standing platform. Do not put more than 3oz of weight in there. I can't recommend using the platform at all. A kid could fall off after crossing over a little sidewalk gap when the platform crashes down. The cup holder bar that attaches in front of the toddler seats has a 'sticky' release. Sometimes you have to shove the little button in and really pull up for it to come off. I keep one hand holding the stroller down while the other pulls so as not to lift up the stroller. When the stroller folds, it still takes substantial space as it cannot stand on its own. I typically don't fold the stroller. The side straps of the harness should be further apart where they go through the seat. The toddler seat canopies do not extend forward enough, so if you're in a sunny area get your kids sun hats and sunglasses. I complained to Graco about these problems only to be told the defects were not their fault, but that I just prefer the stroller to be better. Buyer beware!
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Verified Buyer
Too small
March 1, 2021
My 2 yr old is too tall for seat now I have my 7 week old baby in car seat attached to it,but 2 yr Olds head hits bar? I'd rate a 0 if I could . Graco let me down this time.
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Des Moines, IA
Verified Buyer
Versatile, but noisy and difficult to maneuver
February 14, 2021
This stroller is incredibly versatile with lots of sit/stand options and compatible with car seats. However, like many others have commented, the wheels are incredibly noisy. To the point where it is difficult to hear your toddler speak while the stroller is moving. And the wheels are configured awkwardly making it difficult to maneuver. Feels more like driving a bus.
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Verified Buyer
Very stiff
February 6, 2021
Without any suspension and small hard weeks, you baby feels every small bump on a road.
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Verified Buyer
The noise if unbearable
January 6, 2021
I loved this stroller when I bought it because you can change the seats for the kids to face each other and you didn't need any extra to snap a newborn seat in but the thing is so loud. I can't walk outside with it and forget about side walks any bump the thing sounds like it's going to fall apart. A shame because it's so expensive and I feel like I just wasted my money!
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Momma S.
Easy and Nice
November 28, 2020
Easy to put together, and plenty of space for a car seat and another child to ride. Love the seating options and so do my kiddos!
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Verified Buyer
Way to noisy!
November 10, 2020
I bought this stroller and was so excited because I own the Graco jogger and love it! So I figured I would love a Graco double stroller. NOPE! It is WAY to noisy. I thought I loved it when I would playing around in our house on the wood floor. But once you go outside with it it's terrible. So then what's the point. It's just an expensive noise maker. Disappointed. All my other baby products are graco! I was surprised this was such an expensive bust and waste of money.
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Los Angeles
Verified Buyer
November 9, 2020
Just bought it and the Click Connect from my SnugRider's toddler seat doesn't Click Connect into the Modes Due's base.
Can't believe it, just don't know what to do.
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Piqua OH
Verified Buyer
October 30, 2020
I hateeeee how noisy it is where the toddler would stand like it's absolutely embarrassing, but I do love all the different ways the seats go although I do wish the seats were bigger for my toddler :(
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Mommy k.
Staten Island, NY
Verified Buyer
Prefect for twins!
October 21, 2020
Researched a bunch of double strollers, we choose this one. However wish it had an add-on triplet seat.
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Perfect for my two kids
October 1, 2020
Perfect for my two kids .
I just love shopping and carry my kids in this
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Temecula, CA
Verified Buyer
Love the stroller but it's so noisy.
September 22, 2020
So I was so excited to us this. We just got it in the mail and went on a walk tonight. I walk on the street since I hate walking on the sidewalk where I have to watch for mail boxes and the dips from the drive ways. Anyways, this stroller is SO LOUD. I can't really hear my little when she is talking to me when she is sitting in the front. It is a little heavy but what can you expect it is a double stroller. I will try to go for another walk or maybe see if the small wheels can come off because I don't know if I can deal with the loudness.
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Tampa, FL
Verified Buyer
Loud and Shaky!
August 29, 2020
This is a great stroller until you have to walk on ANY surface that's not completely smooth! We just want to go for a walk down the road and the babies are literally shaking because if the back castor wheels! It's so loud and so unfair to the babies that their peaceful walk ends up being a loud and shaky experience. I feel like I can't even use it. Please someone tell me there is a way to remove the back wheels?? Otherwise I'm afraid this is a complete waste of money, which was really expensive to begin with! I really felt like my infants shouldn't be shaking so much in a simple stroller ride it was so heartbreaking to see my poor babies like that. Graco please fix this!
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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Verified Buyer
August 21, 2020
This stroller is hands down the worst purchase ever made. It is so noisy. You can't have a conversation with someone right next to you while pushing it because it is so noisy. I can't hear anything when I am pushing this stroller. I can't even hear my children when I am pushing this stroller. It was very expensive and I am extremely disappointed. I own many Graco products, and am hesitant to purchase one again.
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Kelly B.
Long Island NY
Verified Buyer
August 18, 2020
I wanted to love this stroller. It's the perfect price and the options for seat positions is great. I have a 2 month old and a 3 year old. I can't use the brand new stroller because of how noisy it is. I can't hear anything my son says and the 2 month old can't sleep in it. Such a shame because this stroller has so much to offer but that is a big design flaw to get past.
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Not airport friendly
July 21, 2020
You'll have to check it at the airport. Too big. Not for walks outside, too clunky and isn't smooth over bumps on sidewalk. Good for shopping.
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Verified Buyer
Love this!
July 7, 2020
I love it! A little hard to assemble but it is a great product! Well made and easy to use and change the seats around when needed!
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Bpt Ct
Verified Buyer
Amazing product
July 1, 2020
Best purchase by far, felt like it was made specifically for me
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Castroville ca
Verified Buyer
Great stroller
July 1, 2020
Bought this about a month ago very useful easy to put together and maneuver, the only down side it's that's it's really heavy ... I'm glad I bought it tho very useful while outdoors with 2 toddlers
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Federal Way, WA
Verified Buyer
Great but also not
July 1, 2020
We bought this stroller during Graco's sale last month. The shipping was rather fast, so that was a huge bonus! We were pumped to start using this stroller for our 2 kiddos (2.5 years and 2 months)... Assembling the stroller was a piece of cake and the instructions were super easy to understand.
My main complaint with this product is how flipping heavy it is! I'm a petite 95lb and have a Jeep Grand Cherokee- there's no way I'm able to lift this thing in and out of my back hatch without help, so we now have to find a lighter double stroller to use when I'm out alone with the kids. My other issue is the wheels... They're plastic. Clearly not meant for our lifestyle of all-terrain, at least not long term.

Overall, this stroller will work for our daily neighborhood walks and while family outings to paved/indoor activities. It's maneuverability for being so large is pretty awesome though, I will admit! We do love how many different options there are for the seats and the bench seat in the back for when our 2.5 year old doesn't want to sit in her seat. And the storage space underneath... Just wish it wasn't so heavy.
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Moselle, MS
Verified Buyer
Love this stroller!
June 30, 2020
I love this stroller but it is super heavy. I do wish it was a little lighter but pretty much any double stroller is heavy. It's really sturdy and I love how there is so many different options for them to ride in it. Thank you graco!
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Spring, Tx
June 28, 2020
We just got this stroller today as we are expecting our twins in October. It was so easy to put together, use with both car seats in it, very stylish, easy to push around & easy to fold. It is a little heavier than my Fast Action fold stroller, but we went from holding 1 baby to now holding 2 twins so we nedded a bigger stroller. Love it so far and our boys arent even here yet!
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from Williston nd asked:
March 6, 2020
What does it weigh
25 lbs.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on March 8, 2020