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Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogging Stroller - Azalea

Share Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogging Stroller - Azalea

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Item # 1934925

Graco's jogger is the ultimate crossover stroller, combining all the comfort & convenience features of a traditional stroller with the performance & maneuverability of an all-terrain jogger. Air-filled, rubber tires provide a smooth ride for baby and a lockable front swivel wheel offers parents an easy transition from strolling to jogging. Locking the front wheel provides added stability while jogging while unlocking the swivel wheel allows for extra maneuverability on daily strolls. In addition, this jogger features the one-second FastAction fold for easy storage and transport – perfect for parents on-the-go!
  • Accepts all Graco® Click Connect™ infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension
  • Locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging
  • Multi-position reclining seat for baby's comfort
  • Deluxe parent's tray features a unique smartphone cradle for your phone or MP3 player, 2 deep cup holders and a covered storage compartment
  • Extra-large, expandable canopy with peek-a-boo window keeps your child shaded
  • Extra-large storage basket to hold all your essentials
  • Reflectors for added low-light visibility
  • Child’s tray with cup holder pivots or removes for no-fuss stroller entry
  • Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child
Recommended Use: For child up to 50 lbs


  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Open Dimensions: 40" L x 24" W x42" H
  • Folded Dimensions: 39" L x 23.6" W x 15.3" H

Review Summary
376 Reviews
37% (138)
24% (90)
15% (57)
8% (30)
16% (61)
1% Recommend this product (2 of 376 responses)
By Janelle B.
Great jogger!
May 22, 2019
Really happy with this stroller so far. The height is perfect, car seat snaps in perfectly, and it looks great! We have put lots of miles on already. My only complaint is the cell phone holder as it is too small for current phones. It needs to be upgraded but my phone fits in the cup holders. Overall I would recommend this stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jim
Great product
May 3, 2019
Great product and fast shipping!
By Joel M.
If you're actually running, it's awesome
May 1, 2019
My wife and I bought this for our first born, about a year and a half ago. I've run with my son in this 5-7 days per week for the last year or so, about 3 miles per run. Yes, I get it, the front wheel is difficult to steer, but if you're running up and down hills like I am, you want to have the wheel somewhat stiff so that you don't have the stroller run into the road. Pro tip: when the front wheel sticks, I do a 'wheelie' for a second and the front wheel realigns to make turns easy again. Overall, great bearings, runs straight, good grips so that you can push the stroller from any handhold you want. Overall, not much to complain about while running. I would suggest a better attachment mechanism to the runner, as on some hills it feels like it's pulling away from me. When I'm not running, the stroller performs well, but a few things are less convenient than some other strollers made for cruising around town: the cupholders splash at any bump, it's relatively heavy and bulky, it's somewhat top heavy with the baby. All in all, if you're looking for something that you can use to run with, this is it. If you're not going to run, then it's not the right stroller for you.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By BenjisMom7
So disappointed!!
April 29, 2019
I really wanted to love this stroller seeing as my husband and I are big walkers. I didn't want a stroller with plastic wheels because we are always out and about (outdoors). Well, this stroller is not easy to maneuver for me, especially me being 5'. It's also super heavy for me! I dread going for walks now without my husband. That being said, my husband is 6 feet tall and still we have trouble steering because of the front wheel lock! I'm so disappointed with this stroller. Moreover, I really wanted to love it because it's graco and everything we have for our little one is Graco! But now I don't believe I will be purchasing another graco product, especially a stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By gparknative
Good stroller but faulty folding mechanism
April 24, 2019
We received this stroller as a gift for our daughter about a year and half ago. The stroller worked great for the first year, but right around the time the warranty ran out the pull up folding strap stopped working. Eventually I took the seat apart and found that the brake cable had somehow broken within the frame, and since the frame is assembled with non-screwing bolts it's impossible to repair. Otherwise a decent stroller, but the failure of this essential feature is a dealbreaker for us.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Aly D.
Front wheel issue makes it challenging to use
April 22, 2019
The reason why I give this two stars instead of one is because it works fine for jogging. However, for an everyday use stroller it is terrible. The front wheel makes it impossible to navigate stores and restaurants. If you'd like a multipurpose stroller, this is not the one you want. It only works well walking or running in a straight line, forget successfully navigating around a store, park, restaurant, etc. I feel like a clumsy momma who doesn't know how to push my child in a carriage when I'm using this. It is pretty embarrassing to take this stroller to public places. Overall, this is disappointing and frustrating. I would have hoped that product testing would've caught this issue since it is such an impediment to using the product. Not worth the price since you'd need a separate stroller for daily use. And who really wants extra baby stuff lying around the house. One good stroller should be enough.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By GHJohnson
21st Century Stroller!
April 22, 2019
We purchased this stroller to have one for our first grandchild when he visits. This is the most wonderful stroller. It's easy to handle, has a smooth ride that puts our grandson to sleep every time! The extra storage options are a plus. We love the quality and durability of Graco products. Thank you!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By JMikeStew
Baby tray snapped off
April 16, 2019
I have used this stroller less than five months and the baby tray snapped off. The piece that the tray is supposed to hook on to cane right off so now my car seat can't connect. I keep calling the help line but I always wait at least 30 minutes and have yet to have an actual person answer and talk to me.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By PDX_Dad
Not a great stroller
April 12, 2019
I would not recommend this stroller.

We bought this stroller 16 months ago and tonight the cable that folds it broke. So it will no longer fold. We were tempted to abandon it on the side of the road because of other issues we have had with it and this being the last straw. Unfortunately we don't have another stroller for our child so we disassembled it enough to fit it in our car which was no small feat. Other issues are the tires go flat quickly. If you are not on top of it you will end up struggling to push your child anywhere. Our tires were flat within the first week of owning it. The front tire does seem to have a mind of its own. Took a while to get used to steering it. The cup holders that attach to the handle will not stay on and I have had to chase them bouncing through a parking lot multiple times. If you don't have a large vehicle this stroller is not for you. The folding mechanism doesn't always work on the first try and obviously breaks.

Definitely would not buy Graco products again if this an example of their quality.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By LauraM2226
Love my stroller!
April 8, 2019
I bought it 5 years ago, still use it. Take it off road, jogging, walking, took it all over Hawaii 5 times now. Take it to the horse pasture. No issue at all. The front wheel makes it easy to maneuver. Not a bumpy ride. Overall amazing stroller!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kristen01
Somewhat good stroller
April 7, 2019
My mom bought this travel system for me. We have gotten great use out of it but not great for running at all! When I run with it the front wheel wobbles out of control like crazy. I love the height off the ground though. Definitely not good for shopping though.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By rd13
phone holder
April 4, 2019
wish the parent phone holder would fit my phone. Haven't used the stroller yet as baby isn't here!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Paiger
So easy to use!!!!
March 28, 2019
My mom got this for me and I am so happy that she did!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By LaFergs
Awesome jogger!
March 27, 2019
We love this jogger! We had a Bob one before and it was fine, but this one is more maneuverable and has better storage underneath. It is also way easier to fold up and store. It is a bit heavy, but all joggers are kinda heavy, lol. And it's roomy on the inside for the kiddo--my five year old even fit in it comfortably.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jakeb19
March 25, 2019
The front tire has gone flat on us two times while we were far from home on a run. On the second time it we had no choice but to push it home and the whole thing is unusable now. The back right is flat now where it sits in the garage. Please save your money and do not buy this
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Taylor
Escondido California
Great product
March 21, 2019
Love everything about the stroller minus where you can put your phone it doesn’t fit newer iPhones. Only the first and second generations of the iPhone. Other then that my daughter is so comfy in it.
By Jaimiller
Problems with front tire
March 14, 2019
I got this as a gift for my baby shower. I loved the stroller until I started using it. The front tire doesn't work at all. If I do use the stroller I have to walk with the stroller tipped back so that I am only using the back tires. The stroller started to not work after the 3rd or 4th time out. Very disappointed
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By cessiaapj94
Great Features!
March 12, 2019
We received this as a gift and I absolutely love it!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tclaire
Glad I'm Not the Only One
March 12, 2019
I am relieved to see that I am not the only one with major issues relating to the front wheel. This started about 3 months after purchase. Initially, the front wheel began to squeak exceptionally loud, then it would randomly lock up. Now the stroller cannot steer straight at all and the front wheel locks and spins all over the place when it's not locked. I am so heartbroken over this.

I do really like the click to connect aspect of this jogger. It really is nice, especially in the beginning. Now this has become more of a hassle and I don't look forward to outings where I need a stroller. Frustrated that I have to shell out money for a new stroller now.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Rainbow M.
March 10, 2019
My husband and I tested out strollers and we loved this one. It is a great jogger with a lot of neat features. We got the entire travel system and we love the carseat and the ability to go from car base to stroller frame so easily! However, it is so heavy it is almost impractical if you need to take it in and out of the car frequently. It would be great for a family who could just wheel it into a garage and not have to lift it! But my biggest complaint is the front tire. It gets stuck to the point that I have to just tip the entire stroller back and steer that way. It's ridiculous. The lock on it doesn't even do anything. I'm not sure if it needs to be replaced...but considering the few times it has been used, I'm not sure why it should need to be fixed. I've gotten so fed up with it that I want to give it away and buy a different stroller because I don't even want to use it anymore. I have seen quite a few reviews that have the same complaints. If it was just the weight, I would deal. But not being able to steer is just not an option for me.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By melpol
March 8, 2019
I wanted to love this, as I wanted a super functional jogging stroller, and liked that it worked with our carseat. The steering is SO. BAD. though. It's unbelievably challenging to maneuver. So bummed that we will probably have to get a different stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By MollyBzy
March 2, 2019
We've been using this stroller for about 6 months (plus 2 years nannying). It is a good stroller for the most part. Certainly has some pro and cons. My biggest complain is the smartphone holder. This stroller must have been designed for the first very iPhone because it is TINY. I was surprised when I bought this stroller 2 years after my nanny-family bought theirs and it was exactly the same. So now I have to put my phone in the bottom basket or in the seat with my son.

Pros: easy to maneuver, folds and holds itself upright, has longevity, nice storage basket underneath.

Cons:heavy, the smartphone tray on top is completely useless, quite large.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Debo11216
Front wheel issue
February 27, 2019
I bought this stroller a few months ago and am extremely disappointed! We took it out for a spin and the front wheel has major issues! It won't steer properly. It'll throw us to the left or right. I had to drive it around on just the back wheels to be able to go in the direction I wanted to. Ever since then, we have not been able to use it. I do NOT recommend this jogger. It's more of a headache than any help which is so sad because I loved the look of it and my son loved sitting in it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By JackieE
had it for 2.5 years and it's been great.
January 18, 2019
When we were looking at different strollers I specifically wanted a jogger that had a larger front wheel for running. I am a distance runner and it was very important to me. Plus our sidewalks in the city are terrible. It's been great and I have put a ton of miles on it, traveled through the airport with it for over 20 flights, and it's held up great. Yes I have to put air in the tire from time to time but I have to do the same thing with my bicycle, my sons basketball or anything else that needs air. I haven't had any issues with the front wheel giving me issues as long as it's not locked. We're about to have our 2nd child and I'm looking for a toddler attachment so we can just keep this one. Would buy again.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Megan F.
Excellent for tall kids!
January 9, 2019
We got our first back in 2014 when my oldest was three. I had about a mile and a half to walk to his occupational therapy, and he was very tall and had outgrown all of our other strollers. (Wore size 5/6) it was perfect for trips to occupational therapy, long walks, the occasional trip to the San Diego zoo, and fit very well in both of our vehicles. When our surprise baby was born in 2016 we were gifted a new one, and it was awesome. Even after a C section it was easy to maneuver into and out of the back of our SUV. The only trouble I have ever had with it was when my toddler figured out how to unbuckle it and get out.

The wheel issue some have had was a problem with our first, but not the second one. It's been the favorite stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By SayJF
Folding Mechanism
January 6, 2019
I bought this from Babies R Us before it closed completely last year only had it for 6 months and within the first 3 months I couldn't get it to fold anymore the mechanism is broken. Sadly I'm gonna have to throw it away since I can't take it with us when we move.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By SoAmy87
Easy assembly!
December 22, 2018
I was impressed at how quickly I was able to assemble this stroller and didn't need any tools! The stroller was mostly assembled in the box and it took less than 30 minutes to put on the wheels and the accessory trays. I especially like the fast action fold feature that doesn't leave the accessory tray sticking out and in the way. The stroller folds mostly flat and stands folded.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Cameron
Missing a Strap
December 17, 2018
I bought this in 2015 for my first daughter. It was missing a strap when it arrived. Since I used it primarily for its click-connect functionality with her car-seat, I let it go. Now, as I prepare for our 2nd child, I went to order a replacement and I see that it's not available. I wish there was another option. I would hate to buy a new stroller for something I should have addressed with the manufacturer 3 years ago.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Masonk
Nice but not perfect
December 15, 2018
We received this stroller as a gift and it works well for the most part so far. It's easy to put together and rolls steadily. However, little details make it something I probably wouldn't have bought myself. The cell phone holder is very conveniently located but doesn't fit a standard I phone which means I have to place it in the basket underneath and use that space for nothing (waste). It also has 4 cup holders but they also aren't big enough to hold the phone and not big enough for some containers. Probably the worst part is that the shade doesn't go down far enough to block the sun most of the time and there is no extender on it. I always have to cover with a blanket which seems like a silly feature not to get perfectly for a stroller primarily used on nice sunny days.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dione
Looks good, but functions poorly
December 12, 2018
I bought this stroller one year ago for my son when he was born. Right off the bat, I felt as though the steering was off. I thought using it more would help me "learn" it but over the past year, the steering has gotten worse.

Originally we bought it to use with our snugride car seat and wanted to stay in the Graco universe. My husband also thought the wheels would be more durable. Overall, it's too heavy to load and unload from the car and is pretty useless because the steering of it is such a bother (tight corners in stores are a nightmare). We'll probably end up having to get a new one. I'd say, stay away from this stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By H2HRental
Love this stroller
November 13, 2018
Thought it is a bit heavy, it is great quality! I rent out this stroller to families traveling to my area and every last one has LOVED it. I wish I would have had this throughout my early parenting days (4 kids). I would add an infant insert and make this perfect for babies even without the great carseat option.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By BreeM
Cell phone
September 29, 2018
My cell phone doesn't fit in the cell phone holder or in the cup holders. Makes me sad I was excited about the cell phone holder
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By KKonrad1229
Always issues!
September 22, 2018
I bought this a year ago. We rarely use it because its difficult to maneuver. The front wheel lock always slides down & locks the front wheel making it almost impossible to use. The tires are constantly flat also & I have been unable to find a replacement. I wanted to love it!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mark2
Front Tire Issue
September 18, 2018
I've had this stroller for a a few years now and it has served a good purpose. It's good for off-road (parks, uneven terrain) and has lots of room for my child. However, I recently had the same issue that other reviews have mentioned. The front tire valve tore wide open when I last attempted to fill it. I've been riding mountain bikes for years and have never experienced that. I think Graco needs to work on the inner tube quality. Unfortunately, the parts are not easy to find or I wouldn't be writing in. Other than the tire issue, the stroller has performed well for all applications and light jogging. If you are in a hilly area, the stroller does weigh a good amount - just a little extra resistance to add to the workout.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dewee
Front Wheel issues
September 12, 2018
Front wheel sticks, makes it hard to maneuver stroller one handed through door ways.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By AmesLee
Both back tires flat again
September 4, 2018
I like the stroller with the exception of my two back tires going flat for the 3rd time. I have been trying to find replacement tires online but am having a hard time. I had to put slime in them the last time because of where I got both flats at the same time(Thankfully there was a NAPA store around) which has now ruined the tires completely. Can you tell me where I can order the replacement tires? Please and thank you!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By April485
Same Issues as everyone else
August 22, 2018
I received this as a baby shower gift 2 years ago. Have had constant issues with the front wheel locking on it's own, it's so frustrating! It's great for jogging in my opinion except the canopy doesn't come down far enough. It provides minimal protection for the little one and the canopy on mine will not stay in the forward most position. Recently both cup holders on the top have decided to pop out every time I fold the stroller. This has resulted in both of them being lost. As mentioned before, the cell phone holder isn't large enough to actually hold anything bigger than an old Nokia flip phone. I loved this stroller for the first year, and the compatibility with the car seat Click Connect. After you put a little use on it, it starts falling apart.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By ashlynn
Front Wheel Issues
August 15, 2018
I bought this, and it was okay in the start but now the front wheel won't turn and its so annoying to have to push. We hardly use it so there is no reason for it to breaking.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Ohana
Always get flat Tires
August 8, 2018
I bought this storoller almost 2years ago when my little brother was 3 years old . I only liked the fact it was easy to fold it but, every time we go for run , the front tire didn't keep us going straight and back tires got often flat..even though it was just the flat concrete roads.
I fixed tires twice and but I got tired of dealing with this storoller. I kept it till now I have a baby . Hoping I don't have to buy new storoller since this purchase was more than what I would have spent . So I put the air in the tires but in 2days tires are flat.. I regret not returning this back then right after I purchased and noticed I didn't like how it performed.. for the price I can't recommend it . I like Graco products in general in fact I own so many of their baby products are great . But this.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By FrustratedCustomer
Third time I've had to replace the wheel
August 7, 2018
I enjoy the majority of the features for this stroller but it just isn't very good for jogging. The handbar is too high even for me at 5' 8". the canopy doesn't go down as far as it should to adequately stay in place, and worst of all i have had to replace one of the back wheels 3 times because that's the only way to fix a flat! I don't use it on rough surfaces or in any excessive way and it only gets used once a month at the most(because it is so bulky, we only use it when an umbrella stroller strictly won't work). i should not be getting flat tires that often. I check and make sure the pressure is not too high each time we pump it up, but nothing seems to help the wheels last any longer.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By TexMexDex
Easy, straight forward use
August 1, 2018
Simple and easy to use! Previously had an IronMan running stroller for our first child, and have experienced this to be a much better design. Only complaint: top compartment for the parent is so small you can't fit anything in it. I'm working to modify and rig it to hold more items.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Shala
July 26, 2018
I Received this as a baby shower gift, I was so excited when I received it. It really is beautiful but it's not functional. The steering makes it impossible to make any kinds of turns. It constantly gets stuck and is really more work using then carrying my son. So disappointed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Shay91
July 25, 2018
I brought this 3 months ago the front wheel is horrible very good looking stroller but front wheel is awful
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tee77
Roaming Jogger!
July 17, 2018
I used this stroller to jog for the first time this evening. I couldn't tell a difference with the front wheel locked in place. The stroller roamed like a puppy on a leash for the first time. Other parts of the stroller works fine for me. It's the roaming aspect when I am trying to jog.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Eli 2.
Great folding
June 11, 2018
I wish the steering on front wheel was better at handling and maneuvering and less heavy when folded to carry. I only gave it two stars because when it's folded it saves space.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sbass
I wish i could love it but...
May 26, 2018
About the third time I used it the steering just sucked. It was hard to make it turn the way i needed it to and the front wheel started locking for no reason. I seriously dread having to use it now..
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Front wheel doesn't turn
May 8, 2018
We bought this stroller in October and loved it. But in the past 6ish weeks we haven't been able to use it because the front wheel constantly locks up and won't turn. We have to keep moving (straight) because if we stop the stroller it locks up and we have to lift the front end up to get going again.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jewlsx2
It was defective
May 8, 2018
I bought it for my new baby and when we put it together the part were the cup holder attaches too was build in backwards so we canot attach the cup holders to the handle
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Ka1321
Terrible canopy/ major sun issue
April 22, 2018
I just bought this stroller a few days ago, took it out 2x and now I'm trying to find another stroller that has an extended or regulated canopy to control the sun out of my daughters face. I have to hang blankets to keep the sun out of her eyes.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Seanshine
The front wheel of this thing is a nightmare!
April 9, 2018
I purchased this stroller almost a year now.. a few months before my son was born. My partner twisted my arm and insisted that a jogger stroller was the way to go even though I wanted a model more modern. As the other owners have stated, the stroller is absolutely great with its Click Connect counterpart, the car seat! However, once your child can sit upright and your transitioning you find that steering is unbearable. On my stroller in particular, it appears the front tire locking mechanism keeps slipping into place. This causes steering issues and real annoyance when you're trying to swivel the already bulky stroller through aisles or narrow sidewalks. I feel like a sucker for buying this! Now we're stuck with it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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