GB Idan Infant Car Seats


Weight Capacity:
4-32 lbs

Height Capacity:
Up to 32"

Seat Weight:
10.4 lbs

26.4 x 17.3 x 14.96
What's Included:

Infant insert, base

Linear Side-impact Protection
The L.S.P. System reduces the forces of an impact in combination with the energy absorbing shell.

Removable Inlay
Removable and softly padded for a near lie-flat position for premature and newborn babies.

Adjustable Headrest
The height-adjustable headrest is designed to adjust as the child grows and the harness guides make fiddly threading in and out of straps a thing of the past.

XXL Canopy
The extra-large UVP50+ canopy slides over the shell of the infant car seat and provides ample coverage and protection.

The safety of the baby and newborn is our highest priority ? the baby car seat gb Idan is a perfect combination of highest quality and safety standards and clean, elegant design. Functions such as a Linear Side-impact Protection or the energy-absorbing shell are all aimed at offering maximum protection in case of an accident. Developed by some of the leading safety experts in the industry, the Idan is a comfortable and trustworthy companion for any journey.