Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Bouncer

This item is discontinued.
​Give your little one (and your arms!) a break with this super comfy baby bouncer. A deep seat with super soft fabrics, plush newborn insert and supportive head rest help keep little ones cozy as they bounce, play or soothe. A removable mobile with two adorable, hanging puppy toys and up to 20 minutes of music make playtime interactive and fun. When playtime is over, calming vibrations help soothe tiny ones as they snuggle into the extra comfy seat. Where development comes into play? Sensory: The overhead mobile with cute hanging toys captivates your baby's attention and encourages eye tracking, helping to strengthen developing visual skills. Security & Happiness: A soft cushioned seat, plush fabrics, and calming vibrations help soothe your baby.
  • ​Deep & extra-cushy seat with soft, supportive head rest and newborn insert
  • Removable mobile with 2 hanging puppy toys
  • Calming vibrations & 20+ minutes of music & sounds
  • Adjustable 3-point restraint
  • Lightweight design & non-skid feet
  • ​Removable, machine-washable & dryer-safe seat pad
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Willow Grove, Pa
Very nice
February 6, 2019
Very nice bouncer, good quality materials. Very wide though probably not good for small areas like small bathrooms. To big to carry from room to room
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Definitely not a "luxury"!
November 3, 2017
Do you like to shower? Or brush your teeth without interruption? We hadn't ever bothered with a bouncer, because we had a swing, but with new foster babies in the house, it seemed worth trying it out. I wish I had found it sooner! Small enough to sit on the bathroom floor so I can keep track of the baby, the music and vibrate features keep them busy long enough to allow me to take a shower and get ready for the day, which can make all the difference. And unlike our swing, this easily packs in the car for trips. It is soft and sweet, and blends into the decor nicely. If you have the choice- get this! Babies love it, and so does mama!
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Norfolk, VA
Soft fabric & easy to clean!
November 2, 2017
It was relatively easy to assemble which is always a plus! I loved that the fabric was super soft and it was easy to spot clean when needed. The only downside is the mobile being flimsy. Great product overall!
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Apollo, PA, United States
Cozy place for baby!
October 23, 2017
This bouncer is great! It's a nice size and so soft. I like that it does not have a bar that goes from side to side for the characters that hang down because I always seem to hit the baby's head on it when I am getting them out. This one hangs down from behind and is easier to maneuver around. The bounces has a vibration setting as well as white noise and nursery rhymes. They turn off after awhile so they are not continuing forever if you forget to hit the button which is also nice. Definitely a great product!
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Holloman AFB, NM
Best bouncer I've used!
October 19, 2017
This bouncer is the best one I've ever used! I love the vibrate feature along with the different music and sounds and the cute mobile! It definitely keeps my baby entertained and I would highly recommend it! It is also very durable and easy to put together.
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Southern California
Perfectly cuddly
October 19, 2017
I love the color and design of this bouncer. It is perfectly soft for a baby. It is safe for babies-infants. I put the baby in for soothing, and 7 mins later the baby was sound asleep. The sounds and movement was the perfect combination for a baby to fall asleep. It also keeps the baby busy, staring at the hanging moving/hanging dogs. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective bouncer.
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St. Louis, MO, United States
Great sounds!
October 17, 2017
I received this Bouncer about a month ago and it is amazing! The sound on it is the best, compared to anything else I have. Also it's super soft, and my baby just loves to sit in it!
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Nashville, TN, United States
Quality bouncy chair
October 16, 2017
This snuggapuppy bouncer is so cute!! My almost 2 month old loves sitting in it and I love having another safe place for him to sit while I'm cooking, cleaning, or looking after the other kids. It's super fluffy and comfy. I like that it has a deeper seat. It seems to contain a wiggly baby better. My only complaint is the "toys" bar keeps falling down. There has to be a better way to keep them up.
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Morgantown, WV, United States
Happy and Content Baby!
October 16, 2017
We own several different swings and we keep going back to this one! It's not as heavy duty so it's so nice to be able to move this into different rooms around the house, even the bathroom! The baby is snuggled inside and the rotating toys keeps his interest...long enough for me to take a shower or make dinner. The design is very adorable and gender neutral with the puppy so if we ever decide to have more children, we can use this again. Our 5 month old even naps in this swing! I think it's the angled design that he prefers rather than laying flat inside a bassinet or crib. We only let him nap in it, we haven't tried bedtime yet. Overall, great design and versatile. We haven't traveled with it yet but because it's so light, we can definitely bring this over to a friend's house to keep the baby entertained!
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Perfect for baby!
October 16, 2017
So happy to have received this bouncer! My baby loves this! I am so thrilled because he is super picky and hated similar products from other top brands. But he will sit in this one for a long amount of time and be happy and entertained. It's so comfortable for him with similar padding to his Fisher Price swing that he also loves. Love that the vibrate has auto off so we don't waste battery. The seating is so easy to remove and machine washable. Love it!
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Mias m.
Manchester, NH, United States
Best bouncer ever!!
October 16, 2017
I got this for my son who is 2 months old and he loved it!! All noises and sounds it makes. The vibration kept him calm. It's the best one I've had. Wish I had it when i had my daughter!!
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Cadillac, MI
Cozy and cute
October 16, 2017
The bouncy/vibrating chair is very soft.and extremely cute. The music is enjoyable for both my daughter and myself and the battery life seems to be wonderful. My daughter adores the mice and loves to kick so they bounce all over. Its simple to wash and still keeps its fluff. My daughter also loves the fact she can reach her feet to play with while in this chair. I am always looking for products that wont cause my daughter to have a flat head and the cushioning on this is great so I don't have to worry about flattening if she takes a nap in it. I believe this could be a 5 star if there was something to cover the plastic part by her feet where the batteries go or if maybe that part was moved to the side if the bouncer. But its still a wonderful product that was well made and will laat for a long ime.
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De Pere, WI, United States
Nice bouncer
October 16, 2017
We've really been enjoying this bouncer! My daughter is extremely comfortable in it and she loves looking at and trying to reach the mobile toys above her head. I do however wish that it took AA batteries and not a C battery

I was given this product free for the purpose of my honest review.
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New York, NY, United States
Oh baby!
October 16, 2017
I'm so happy with this sweet snuggapuppy bouncer my baby can relax and play , it's easy to clean and the thing we most love is the mobile it's just amazing !
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Singer LA
so cute and my baby loves it
October 16, 2017
My baby loves relaxing in the snugapuppy bouncer. It feels so soft I can imagine how comfortable it must be. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. I love that my baby can enjoy his bouncer why mommy cleans.
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Clearfield, Pa
Better than swing!
October 15, 2017
My daughter loves the snug puppy bouncer, she likes to sit in it and watch football with daddy!
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Hebron, IL, United States
Snugglepupp bouncer
October 12, 2017
I have been using the bouncer now for a little over one week now. I just love it so much.( so jealous of the baby lol). The seat is so soft and the puppy mat just hugs my precious boy. Love the design of the fabric. The other thing I dislike is the mobil doesn't move.
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Singer, LA, United States
My granddaughter loves it
October 12, 2017
My grand baby absolutely loves her snugapuppy bouncer. We can't go anywhere without it. It's so easy to pack up and bring with you. I think it's the motion and softness of the bouncer that puts her to sleep. She looks at the mobile quiet often but it doesn't hold her attention for very long.
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Middletown, OH, United States
Absolutely adorable
October 12, 2017
We have had this bouncer for a couple weeks now and I really like it. I love that it's not the typical yellow or green that you see with everything gender neutral. The pattern is really nice and the newborn insert is absolutely adorable and so soft. My little one looks so cozy and comfortable when he's in it and I guess that he is because he is all smiles. The removable mobile is just awesome. He likes to coo at it for a bit while I am getting things done around the house but if I need to take it off for any reason it snaps in and out very easily. The mobile is positioned high enough and at an angle that makes getting baby in and out a breeze. The bouncer was very simple and quick to assemble and feels very sturdy. It is much larger than most bouncer seats but really allows for baby to snuggle in so there is no slouching over when they don't have a lot of control with their little heads. There is a vibration feature and you have the choice of nature sounds or soothing music, both are very pleasant for baby and won't drive you nuts after hearing them over and over. After twenty minutes they will automatically shut off which I think is great in case baby falls asleep.
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Los Angeles, CA, United States
Love it!
October 12, 2017
I received this bouncer a few weeks ago now and use it daily. My newborn loves it.

It came nicely packaged with easy to follow instructions. There was some assembly, but it took less than ten minutes ( including the time to find the screwdriver!). I absolutely love the neutral grey fabric. It works wonderfully for both boys and girls. It's extremely soft, especially the puppy portion of it. I like that it's child friendly and interesting for the baby to look at, but blends into the overall look of my family room without standing out like a sore thumb with bright, obnoxious colors like most baby toys. The seat is at the perfect angle; not too upright where the newborn's head flops forward. I've also noticed it helps lessen his reflux and spitting up if he sits in it after eating.

The baby likes the vibration of the seat. The music and sounds are pleasant and a good volume level. Admittedly, I don't use those features as much as just the seat itself. But when we use them, they are enjoyed. The baby loves looking at the mobile. It's cute and catches the baby's eye.

Overall, I love the bouncer. It's aesthetically pleasing, functional, and the baby loves it; the perfect combination for baby gear.
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Lancaster, NY
Soothing and soft
October 11, 2017
We got this from FP to review, love it. The fabric is soft and the babies loves relaxing on it
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Myrtle Beach, SC, United States
Excellent quality and so soft!
October 10, 2017
Love this bouncer! I've been using it for about a week and here's what I've found. First, it was pretty simple to set up and since it is a gender neutral design, this item can be used for any future siblings (score!). Second, the quality seems to be very durable and strong. The plush head/body support is so so so soft! Lastly, it must be as comfy as it feels because my little one happily sits in it while awake and napping with the vibrating feature on.

Overall, this bouncer is a win. It feels so great to have a safe place to put my baby so I can free up my hands and even take a shower!
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Princeville, IL
So cozy!
October 10, 2017
I got the chance to try this bouncer out for my 5 month old and it is amazing. We have been using one that 4 years old and this one is SO much better. My sons loves the music and vibration on the seat and also loves trying to grab at the toys hanging above his head. He has never liked to spend much time in a bouncer, but this one is different. This bouncer is so soft and comfortable that he will sit in it and play for long periods of time. I would definitely recommend this bouncer to anyone looking for a way to entertain their little ones!
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Many, LA
We love it
October 10, 2017
I am very pleased with the Fisher Price deluxe bouncer. It was very easy to assemble and was ready for use in less than 10 minutes. My baby looked so snug in comfy in his new bouncer. Everything is removable and washable which is so important. The calming vibrations and light music puts him to sleep every time. We love it.
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Houston, TX, United States
So cute and soft!
October 9, 2017
The Snugapuppy is so adorable! It is much larger than standard bouncer seats you see these days. This fits your baby just snug as a bug. The material it is made out of is so soft and warm. The modes you can set will keep your baby at ease so you can get things done around the house. The mobile is just extra and so sweet. This item is super easy and fast to set up.
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West Seneca, NY, United States
Soft and Cozy
October 9, 2017
I received this for my 2 month old son and it has quickly become his favorite. The cover is soft and easy to remove for washing. The mobile is simple, cute and best of all is positioned so he can be easily slipped into the bouncer. It is light enough to take from room to room so he can bounce happily anywhere. The music, sound, vibrating, and bounce is gentle. It is a perfect height for my 18 month old to safely play with her brother. My daughter had a Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer that was very similar and she enjoyed hers too!
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Mankato, MN, United States
Cute Bouncer
October 9, 2017
It took about 10 minutes to put together. There was a little confusion over which way to put the little feet as the directions said the pegs went one way but the picture on the box showed them the other way. I've been using it for over a week and have a few recommendations: 1) The puppy ears flop over onto my sons face. Put snaps that fix them to the main cover but still allows the puppy to be removed. 2) Make it so the toy canopy swivels so it's easier to put the baby in and out. 3) Add a mirror to the bottom of the canopy so baby can look at himself. I got rid of my other bouncer because of the added music and nature sounds feature this one has. I would recommend it but think the added features above would make it perfect.
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Omaha, NE, United States
Love it!
October 4, 2017
I received this seat for my 7 week old daughter. We love it!! It's so cute and soft! When you place baby into the seat, they snuggle right into it. She always seems to be calm when we place her into the seat. The vibrations help soothe her, but she's an even bigger fan of the light bouncing it does. It will bounce when she moves, or we can lightly tap it with our feet/hands and it works to soothe her as well. The hanging toys aren't right in her face like with other seats either. I don't have to move them to place her into it, or to pick her up from the seat. It has 2 different sounds to be played also, nature and lullabies.
We had a seat similar to this with our other daughter, but it had her upright so much that she would have to slump to the side since she was too little to support herself. This seat is laid back enough so that's not an issue, but they can still see around them.
Set up was a bit of work at first, but nothing you can't get through by following the instructions.
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