Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Tea Set

This item is discontinued.
Time to share a pot of tea?with two pretty cups, a sweet cake (three stackable layers), and plenty of songs, sounds and fun phrases to go around! Introduce the delights of pretend play while helping baby learn about sharing, manners, colors, greetings and more. She’s sure to thank you!

Smart Stages? Tea Set includes Smart Stages? technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages? technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child! There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play?just slide the switch, or enter baby’s age for automatic level changes.

Smart Stages? Technology
Level 1 ? Explore ? 6M+: First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity
Level 2 - Encourage ? 12M+: Prompt baby though questions and simple directions
Level 3 ? Pretend ? 18M+: Imaginative fun and early role play


  • Sung songs, instrumentals, phrases and fun sounds
  • Includes Smart Stages? technology ? learning content changes as baby grows
  • Three levels of play offer fresh songs, phrases & sounds for your little one’s age & stage
  • Tilt the ?magic? teapot for tunes & sounds
  • Press teabag friend for songs & sounds
  • Bat at the roly-poly tea pot for wobble action
  • Sing-along songs & role-play phrases help baby learn about manners and sharing
  • Stackable, three-layer cake
  • Two cute cups
  • Teaches sharing, counting, manners, colors, greetings & more
  • Includes volume control for quiet play
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
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Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Fun Learning Toy
January 26, 2019
I searched for a toy for my grand daughter that would encourage her to use her imagination. I wanted something safe since she was 21 months old. She loved the buttons and the songs it played. She loved pouring the tea for her stuffed animals.
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Verified Buyer
Good job on this!
December 27, 2018
I don't have children. I am a teenager. I got this play set for myself because I like to write fiction stories with characters that are based on my doll and stuffed animals. My main character, Camille, has many social-emotional differences compared to girls her age, so this tea party set makes the perfect prop! She likes to have simple conversations with her mom's adult friends and younger children, and share snacks w/ them, rather than converse with other teens. I like the sweet, catchy songs, pouring sounds, and colorful lights. I also like that this toy encourages sharing. "Camille's" favorite Smart Stage is Level 3, since it is all about imagination. The most delicious cookie seems to be the pink heart! (yummy strawberries!) This set seems fit enough for a princess! I just wish it was a little bit quieter, but that's ok because I put tape and stickers on the sound hole. This set is much better than electronic toys that represent computers, smart phones, and other devices that can be bad. Keep in mind that some older children that have special needs can be playing with toys like this, too. I know that Sis the puppy would go well with this set, but I would definitely prefer LeapFrog's My Pal Scout/Violet as one of my characters.
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Québec, Qc
Verified Buyer
The sound is too loud!!!
December 27, 2018
This toy have no volume switch and it so loud than we don't play the sound on.
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Riverside, RI
Tea Party for 2
October 15, 2018
This product was bought for my son who was almost 2 at the time. He LOVES it! The songs are fun and upbeat while the lights are bright and eye-catching. The cookies teach shapes and colors, the teapot helps us learn colors, numbers, and more importantly...MANNERS. I love anything that helps with life lessons he will need. Let's face it, how many times do you tell your child to say something and they suddenly act like the piece of lint on their leg is the most important thing in the world. But when their toy (or television show or friend) tells them to do or say something, they do it without batting an eye. I'll take all the help I can get in raising a gentleman and proper human being.
As you can see in the photo, kids of all genders can enjoy this one!
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Verified Buyer
Where are the pictures of the boys playing?
October 5, 2018
I was looking to buy for my son because he would love this (and his favorite color is currently pink!). I am upset all these pictures are girls. What about the boys?
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Tea time!!
July 18, 2018
My child received this tea set for her 1st birthday and is now almost 2 and still enjoys playing with it! I love the different stages that have grown with her and it has been fun watching her develop with the toy.

We have gone from pressing buttons to hear our favorite song on repeat (you should see the videos! Quite the dance party! Haha!) to now having a tea party with mommy and our animal friends.
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Germantown, Md
Verified Buyer
She loves it!
January 7, 2018
My daughter got this tea set for Christmas and she loves it! No water needed, which is less mess for me. She pretends to pour various teas such as green tea. My daughter is also learning her shapes, colors and manners. You should definitely buy it.
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Verified Buyer
Sweet songs
December 28, 2017
My 18 month daughter received this as a Christmas gift. She enjoys the music and features. One downside is the volume is excessively loud and there is no way to decrease it unlike other FP toys. Has anyone else noticed this?
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Oklahoma City
Verified Buyer
Louder than a concert in your living room!
December 28, 2017
I applaud FP for making this toy friendly for the deaf and hearing impaired, but for the rest of us, this toy is a bit loud. With no discernible volume adjustment switch, I had to tape a piece of paper over the speaker, causing it to sound muffled and to vibrate ever so slightly. Older sister had a similar toy when she was younger, but either it had a volume switch or it wasn't hear-you-in-the-next-county loud. I like the toy, but am disappointed in the missing (or impossible to find) volume switch.
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La Habra, CA, United States
Cute fun learning toy
September 8, 2017
Received this as a review product and absolutely love it not only do children have fun but also learn shapes with where the little cookies go on the tray
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Nicholasville, KY, United States
Love the different shapes
September 4, 2017
When we first got the Laugh and Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set my daughter couldn't wait for me to open the box. She must have played with it for an hour straight, I'm sure I drank at least 30 cups of tea that day! She is a bit on the older side of the recommended age for this toy and mostly just wanted it on level 3, imaginary play. I really like that the shapes of the tea cakes aren't your traditional basic shapes, there's a rectangle, oval and hexagon. One draw back, is that we really wish there was a way to store the tea cups and tea pot with the rest of the items. Maybe if the tray were a bit larger and had a spot to set those as well. Overall, it's a fun age appropriate toy, that builds on a child's knowledge of shapes and helps reaffirm some polite manners. We recieved the Sweet Manners Tea Set for free in exchange for a review.
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Bath, NY, United States
Great Tea Set!
September 3, 2017
My granddaughter loves playing with the tea set! I like the different levels of teaching. The lights and sounds definitely keep her attention. There was a little frustration because the teapot would only make the sound of pouring one cup of tea and wouldn't pour the other cup until it stopped talking.
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Overland Park, KS, United States
Super Fun!
August 31, 2017
This tea set is so much fun for a toddler! It is wonderful for encouraging imaginative play, as well as learning. The sounds and music are cute and have a nice variety. Our toddler chooses to play with this set often and enjoys it every time.
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Fort Mill, SC, United States
My son loves it!
August 30, 2017
My son loves playing pretend with his new teapot, and I like that it helps teach colors. I do, however, wish there was some way to keep the pieces all together, such as a plastic basket or something.
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West Plains, MO, United States
fun and helpful
August 28, 2017
My son (because yes boys can play tea party too) has been enjoying his new tea set, and has been inviting many of his trucks to tea parties. I love all the educational aspects of this. It has 3 different levels to help grow with them, I like that it teaches him about shapes, and bless this toy because I hear my boy using the word please now thanks to this tea pot. My son enjoys matching the various shaped treats, and telling me about their colors as well. It is also of good quality and durability because the tea pot itself has been tossed a few times. Overall, this is a great item for your kiddo it is fun, encourages imaginative play, as well as sneaking in learning aspects too.
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Sullivan, MO, United States
Amazing product!
August 22, 2017
We received the Laugh and Learn Tea Set about a week ago and my first reaction was WOW! My daughter is two almost three and of course has a short attention span between toys. This product on the other hand will keep her playing and interested for a good hour or more. I love that it's interactive and she loves that it sings and lights up, especially when she "pours" the tea into the cups. She thinks it's absolutely the greatest thing ever. So glad we got to try out this great toy! I also very much enjoy that it helps teach manners, they are so important and a great way to help parents teach at young age! One more great feature would be the "treat tray" it's great for the little ones to learn fine motor skills with the puzzle type pieces!
Once again WOW!!!
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Zanesville, OH, United States
Super Cute Set
August 21, 2017
This tea set is so cute! I love the sounds and songs that it plays. It definitely gets the imagination going. My child had hours of fun with it the first day. I also like the fact that it has different learning stages as well so it can grow with your child.
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Cincinnati, OH, United States
Wonderful manners
August 21, 2017
I love how well it teches them manners! Its also very durable, it has made it through 5 playdates already! I would highly recommend this! The songs are very cute. I hope it come in more than just pink! This actually keep his attention for a while!
Customer Images
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Miami, FL
Awsome Tea Set
August 21, 2017
This tea set is adorable and my daughter loved it as soon as I took it out of the box. I love that it has different levels and how it makes real life sounds, music and it changes colors. The size is perfect for toddlers and the material seems very sturdy for this slippery toddles fingers. My daughter does not stop playing with it and she is always inviting me to have tea with her. I love the simplicity and how it does not have too many pieces that will end up lost somewhere.
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Champaign, IL, United States
Love the lights and music
August 21, 2017
Our little one has just entered the pretend stage, she has been playing a lot with her play kitchen and dolls. She got this tea set at the perfect time. She loves having tea with mom and dad or one of her dolls or animals. Her favorite part is the sound it makes when she pours out the tea. She also loves all the songs, she does get mad that she can't hit the button again and skip the ones she doesn't like as much. I like how the lights change color to the color the toy is singing or talking about (it turns green when pouring the green tea etc) My only complaint is that is does not have a volume control, it's a little loud for me.
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Cleveland, OH, United States
Very Colorful and Interactive!
August 21, 2017
After receiving this in the mail, my son was very excited to help me open the box and pull this you out. I could barely get it out of the box fast enough for it to be played with. He has loved pretending to pour tea for my husband and I. He has also loved the assesories that come with the tea set. Overall, the product is a hit with my child.

One critique is that the sayings are a little to redundant. I know that is the point and how most toys are, there is only so much they can program, but while using the you on level 2, the teapot continued to day say the same exact saying everytime my son did a certain action, which was frequent. It became hard to listen to.

Even though the saying can become a little much, it can easily be over looked with how much my son has loved playing with his new addition to his you collection.
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Sar C.
Connecticut, United States
Love the light up features!
August 21, 2017
My little one loves playing with the Sweet Manners Tea Set! The best part is the light up feature with sound effects when pouring a cup of tea. With three levels of games for matching and learning, this won't be easily outgrown.
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Weslaco, TX, United States
Amazing manners
August 21, 2017
My child absolutely loved it. Didn't understand that the shapes were goodies, but understood that it was shapes and had a special placement on the tray. My child kept offering everyone in the house the cups it came with and asking if we wantes tea. It was adorable. And very perfect timing, since we have began teaching manners. And he repeats the tea kettle, which is great. His manners were okay before this, and now they are really good. My child is always saying "more please" and "thank you" more often. This was an amazingly perfect toy!!
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Kansas City, MO, United States
Great toy for younger kids!
August 21, 2017
Overall this toy is sturdy with a lot to offer but didn't seem quite challenging enough for my son. It's nice that is has 3 stages with different music and phrases and that it lights up. He wasn't terribly interested in the tea pot till he saw the lights which kept his interest for a little bit. He did enjoy matching the candies and cookies in the shapes on the tray for a few minutes as well. Mostly he liked to play pretend with the cups and food though! It keeps his interest for a 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day but it doesn't challenge him or keep his attention much longer than that.
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Newington, CT
Fun and interactive
August 21, 2017
My son loves his play kitchen, so I thought he might like this tea set. He loves it! He enjoys the pouring sounds and pours us tea. He also loves to "spill" the tea on the floor and then "clean it up." There are 3 settings, but they don't seem that different to me. The changing colors are cute, and so are the cookies. We are working on naming shapes, and this tea set is a fun way to practice! Though the set may appear to appeal more to girls, my 2.5 year old son really enjoys it.
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Omaha, NE, United States
Great fun way to teach manners and shapes!
August 20, 2017
I got this toy not that long ago and my daughter loves it! It's great for learning shapes and manners. My daughter says please and thank you for everything now. She has fun and learns something at the same time. She sings along with it every time it sings which I think helps her memorizes her manners and shapes faster.
Customer Images
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Los Angeles, CA
Lovely tea set!
August 20, 2017
This tea is set is perfect for toddlers (18 months and older) who are learning to say please and thank you, my baby is 21 months and immediately she learned these manners and also learned how to serve coffee/tea. She loves all the three stages of the music when it plays, she can listen to it all day. She uses the spoon to even serve herself or her dolls. The only thing I think it would have been nice to adjust is the volume, there's not a high or low button. But this doesn't mean that it's too loud, no, simply some other toys do have that option.
Customer Images
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Oklahoma, United States
Sweet Manners Tea Set
August 20, 2017
I chose this for my son because his cousin has a similar tea set that he loves to play with. He absolutely loves playing with the tea set and pouring tea for mommy and daddy.
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Milwaukee, WI
Great for pretend play!
August 19, 2017
I received this tea set to review from the company and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It sounded a little too baby-ish, but it turned out to be great! My son loves playing kitchen so this is a good addition. I love that the "cakes" are different shapes and fit into matching compartments. The teapot is cute and I like that the spout lights up. There are different settings so you don't have to listen to the same few phrases repeatedly, which is good for parents' sanity! What I don't like is that the teacups have two holes in the sides. It seems pointless and weird. I can't figure out a reason for it.

Overall, I would have purchased this toy. It's currently my son's favorite and anyone who comes to visit us is immediately "served tea" by him.
Customer Images
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Minnesota, United States
Cute and fun!
August 18, 2017
My daughter loves her new tea set! She likes the songs and lights. I love that the cookies are different shapes her to learn while she plays. The songs have colors and numbers, too! My only complaint is that it is a little loud, I wish it had multiple volume settings.
Customer Images
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New York, NY, United States
Firts tea party!!!
August 18, 2017
Oh wow I just love this tea set has everything , keep my kids very busy because have a lot funny parts I really recommend this beautiful toy !!!!
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Troy, MO, United States
Great toy!!
August 16, 2017
I got this toy last week for my boys. They love toys that play music and interact, so i figured why not. Huge hit!! They dance when you press the tea bag and it plays music. They love that the spout lights up when you tip it over. I couldnt be more happy with this toy!
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Gouverneur, NY, United States
Amazing toy!
August 15, 2017
I got this about a week ago and my son has been playing with it non stop. He has been learning his colors, how to say please and you're welcome even more. We love how when you pour the tea into a cup it makes an actual sound. Especially great that there are 3 different stages and each stage teaches something different. 100% recommend!
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Topeka, KS, United States
Fun for Everyone!
August 14, 2017
I received this product in the mail last week and my son and niece love it! My son loves to "make coffee" for us in the morning. So when I saw this product come available to rate and review I thought it might be a hit. It sure was, he really enjoys makes tea and coffee for the whole family. My niece is 5 months old but loves the lights and listening to the music when it plays. I really enjoyed the feature that it has three different levels of learning options for the kids to pick from. It has survived at 20 month old boy accidentally dropping it and being slightly rough with the pieces. The one thing that I would suggest is that it would be nice to have a product like this that was more gender neutral in colors. It is definitely geared towards girls, but my son loves to pretend and play with this toy. It doesn't bother me that it's pink and girly but I could see where this product would primarily be purchased for girls. My son overall loves this product and we have played with it everyday since we received it! I would recommend this product to other families in the future.
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Keli O.
Marion, OH, United States
Loved but not lasting
April 7, 2017
My one year old got this for Christmas but by April it stopped working even after the dreaded battery change. She loves the teapot out of all her toys but we are disappointed with its duration. I would not recommend this to parents who want something that lasts.
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Wellington, OH, United States
Grows With Little Ones
September 13, 2016
I love that you can change the setting on the teapot. My granddaughter doesn't care, she just loves it! I like that the cake layers can be stacked inside the bigger layer, this takes up less room and makes it easier to find the pieces. My granddaughter loves that she can stack them 2 different ways, and she can use them in her water table or to clank together. She likes her pretend tea cups and so do I! I just wish they hadn't made holes in them to attach them to the packaging. It takes away a little from her fun.
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Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Great gift
August 12, 2016
My daughter got this as a gift for her 1st birthday and loves it.
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A favorite in our house!
March 1, 2016
I was surprised to see such a negative review, this is a favorite with my girls (age 1 and 2). They like to play with the cake just as much as the tea pot. I wish there was an option to turn off the songs so that just the pouring sound came from the tea pot.
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My little girls face lights up!
July 28, 2015
My 6 month old girl thinks this singing tea pot is so fun, the flashing teabag and English accent amuse her, and she likes to rock it until the "pouring tea" sound comes out. We then pour a tea for each of us and pretend to drink it and she copies! The colors are bright and match her other fisher price toys and the plastic used is thick and withstands the throwing around it must endure when she gets too excited! We love the smiling faces on the pot and cups and the way you can nest or stack the cakes to help teach "in, on & under". The songs are catchy and amusing.
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