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Nomi Tray - Coffee

This item is discontinued.
The Nomi High Chair is designed to be used directly at the dining table, so your child can join family meal time right from the beginning. However, in certain situations, a tray can be a valuable accessory.

The Tray easily attaches on the Nomi High Chair by sliding onto the Restraint until you hear a clicking sound. It is made from high quality, food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe and entirely free from harmful substances. The Tray by Evomove is available in White, Black, Coffee and Gray.

The Tray has not been designed to keep the child in the Nomi High Chair, be sure to use it in conjunction with the harness and crotch restraint.

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North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Must have for me
February 9, 2023
For me the tray is a must have. With how much mess a new baby starting solids makes, you want the tray. Maybe once she’s older I’ll pull her up to the table, but for now that’s a nope. The tray is easy to pull on and off, but I wish it was a little bit bigger so there’d be less chance of items falling off, and I wish the texture was difference so plates would stick to it, although I have a gut feeling the texture has to do with clean ability so it doesn’t stain. Somehow my white tray hasn’t stained which is a miracle considering some of my daughters silicone food ware has. So I do really appreciate that.
Seattle, WA
Not Quite Right
July 29, 2022
Grooves on the bottom make it difficult to clean. Easy to install on the high chair but does not seem to be very stable once it's on. I really wish there was a clear cover that could be removed on the top. And worst of all, none of that section please stick.
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Sarah C.
Long Island, NY
Nomi Tray
November 21, 2021
Easy to remove, dishwasher safe. Material doesn't allow silicone mats to stick.
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Great accessory, but not needed for everyday use.
October 8, 2021
I use my Nomi right up at the table, but the tray is nice to have so my son can sit in the kitchen while I cook and I can put toys on the tray. We also used it on his 1st birthday for his cake smash photo!
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Verified Buyer
good to use
September 18, 2021
it's good to to be used at the dining table and easy to clean, child can join our family meal time
Verified Buyer
Must have
October 9, 2020
Easy to use, easy to clean.
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Arlington, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Easy On-Off
July 5, 2020
I most appreciate the easy on-off! It's pretty big, so a big tip I recommend is washing it in the bathtub if you don't have a big kitchen sink. Ez-pz mats fit well on it - I also recommend spraying some water on the bottom of the mat to have it stick on the tray securely.
a A.
Dallas Texas
Verified Buyer
I love our new high chair. the Tray is great
January 1, 2020
Albee baby had the best price, the chair is amazing and this tray is generous in size and worth the price
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  • comfortable
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