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Nomi Highchair - Gray/White Oak

This item is discontinued.
Nomi easily transforms from a raised bouncer for your newborn

The Nomi High Chair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from approximately 6 months until around 24 months and then into the teenage years and beyond as the Nomi Chair.

Around 24 months, when your child can climb in and out of the Nomi High Chair without help, simply remove the crotch restraint and the harness and it has now become the Nomi Chair.

The Nomi Chair can also be purchased separately for children 2 years and older.

The wooden stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the Nomi. The unique shape ensures that the sitting height and depth are always perfectly matched to your child when you adjust the height of the seat and footrest.

The stem is made from sustainable wood produced in Europe. The unique design of the multi-layer steam-bent veneer provides maximum strength and flexibility.

The stems are natural products and each stem is unique in its marks and character, depending on where the tree has grown and how old it is. As with all natural wood products, there may be variations in color and character from one stem to another, especially over time.

The Nomi High Chair easily adjusts, seamlessly and without tools, to meet the changing needs of your baby from starting solids, through toddlerhood, the teenage years and beyond.

You can adjust the seat and footrest by turning a knob, which is easily loosened and tightened by hand. This means that you can quickly adjust Nomi to match the changing needs of your child-or to fit visiting children of varying ages and sizes. The tapered shape of the stem provides added safety as it prevents the seat and footrest from sliding, in case you forget to tighten the knob completely.

Start by positioning the seat so that your child's elbows are at table top level; then adjust the footrest so that the thighs are level and the feet are resting flat with lower legs at a 90 degree angle. The unique design of the stem ensures that the depth of the seat and footrest are always correct.

Bring the child up to the table and the floor up to the child's feet with the footrest. A solid footrest is the foundation for all movement and healthy motor development.


  • THE CURE FOR FIDGETING - The Nomi Chair brings your child up to the table and the floor up to their feet, so they are always comfortable, like you.
  • When sitting in either a booster seat or an adult chair with dangling feet, children get fidgety and uncomfortable, making it hard for them to focus on their meal.
  • Now imagine sitting in a chair like that with no place to rest your feet for every meal for 9-11 years! This is what it feels like when kids sit in booster seats or adult chairs with dangling feet, like when you sit on a bar stool and can’t reach the footrest!
  • Not just for meals - perfect for all activities, homework, crafts, coloring, games, or just spending time with family.
  • Scandinavian design by world renowned seating expert - Peter Opsvik.
  • Manufactured in Europe with environmentally responsible components.
  • Nomi’s lightweight (11 lbs.) and sleek design makes cleaning a breeze, you can even hang it on the table edge to clean underneath.
  • Seamless adjustment of the seat and footrest with no tools required.
  • Can be used from 2 years through teenage and beyond. Supports up to 330 lbs.


  • Dimensions: 23.2" W x 20.5" W x 32.9" H
  • Capacity: Up to 330 lbs
  • Product Weight: 11 lbs
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Atherton, CA
Verified Buyer
Gorgeous, easy to clean
June 21, 2023
This high chair is absolutely gorgeous and very sturdy. Fits into a very small space, super easy to clean, and doesn't stain easily. A keeper!
North Carolina
Verified Buyer
All in all, good.
February 9, 2023
I do really like this chair, and especially loved the bassinet attachment as a newborn/ young baby. Now that my daughter has started solids, I don’t love how dirty the straps get and wish the tray was a little bit bigger, however it doesn’t clean odd well other than the straps. The high chair is definitely sturdy and the adjustable footplate is awesome. The chair looks great in my kitchen, matches my table. It’s something I’ll have for years and always sits outs which justifies the cost for me.
Highly recommend
October 30, 2022
The white oak & navy combo high chair & navy tray is beautiful in person. It it is a soft navy. We pop off the tray & rinse & wipe it in the sink. The plastic wipes off easily. The legs are very low to the ground and I have not found them to be a trip hazard. It does not take up much space either. Another plus was when a friend with a toddler visited recently, I removed the high chair and tray and adjusted the foot rest and I instantly had a toddler chair.
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Seattle, WA
Influenced, not worth it
August 26, 2022
I really love the low profile look of the design. The seat is a much better fit for our baby than the first high chair we purchased elsewhere. I can tell she's so comfortable and supported. I also LOVE that the design allows the chair to hang from the table to clean underneath! The high chair lost points for me because I had to buy the tray separately. The tray is also textured so my suction plates/bowls won't adhere to it. I considered returning for those 2 reasons but spaghetti night had already happened in it ;) Great chair, but I wouldn't buy it again.
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Dallas, TX
Function Meets Fashion
August 12, 2022
Absolutely love the Nomi! My child is enjoying having his feet secure. We went from an Ingleside to the Nomi and it's been a game changer. Plus is looks amazing with our dining set!
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Seattle, WA
Overall Would Not Recommend
July 29, 2022
Two stars go to the look of this chair and the ease of assembly.

Otherwise, I find this chair mostly frustrating and far too expensive for the quality. It's incredibly light weight which seems nice at first until my son pushed against the table and the chair moved almost a foot from the table (very scary, actually). Since then I've been really nervous to leave him alone, even for a second, while he's in the chair.

Second, the height of the chair is just so that it tucks nicely under our table with a 1/4" gap. Which seemed nice until my son's fingers got jammed in that gap. Another awful experience.

The straps are impossible to clean and such a color that shows every stain.

Lastly, putting my baby into the high chair is nearly impossible without the help of another adult. It's so difficult to get his feet together and they have to slide down and just the right angle. It just doesn't work.

Again, I love the look of this chair but functionally just isn't there.
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Verified Buyer
Stylish and well-made
July 17, 2022
It just elevates our dining area instead of making it clunky and overrun with baby gear. The chair is expensive but a well-worth splurge as it will grow with the kid and is definitely architecturally more interesting than our adult chairs!
, Bronx, NY
Verified Buyer
Love Nomi!
May 28, 2022
I was looking for a highchair that was both functional but also attractive. So many highchairs are too bulky. Luckily I found the Nomi. At first I was surprised at the cost but decided to purchase it since it had so many great reviews. The discounted price from Albee was a definite factor in buying it here. I was not disappointed. My son loves it! It's easy to use and adjust. It fits in our dining area perfectly! The fact that it will grow with him and he will be able to use it for many years is a definite plus. The quality is great! I highly recommend this! You will not regret it!
  • Style
  • Quality
  • Color and finish options available
  • Accessories available
  • Price
Easy clean up
April 25, 2022
This is the best high chair!! My favorite part is the clean up! So easy
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Leah A.
Verified Buyer
Love this highchair
April 21, 2022
This is my second Nomi highchair that I have purchased from Albee and, safe to say, that we love it. The whole unit is so light weight and easy to move around and the foot rest is easy to adjust. The downside of this highchair is that the tray isn’t included and the price tag isn’t modest but I lucked out with 20% off each time since Albee baby offered that discount which was nice. Since the chair also grows with your child, it will last a while and the cost will be spread out over time.
January 21, 2022
Everything arrived as expected, the chair is extremely easy to put together and adjust. I saw mixed reviews about the harness system, but I find it straightforward and simple. Purchased this highchair after searching unsuccessfully for anything similar with a fully adjustable foot plate, as recommended on the Baby Led Weaning Podcast. Hundreds of other highchairs are on the market, yet nothing else compares
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Worth the investment
December 21, 2021
I learned about this high chair from a baby led weaning podcast and decided to invest in it when I learned about the importance of a footrest. I also also saw it is light enough you can lift it with one hand. We had been using a fancy high chair I had purchased used, and my baby didn't seem to fit it well. It was also hard to clean and heavy. When we got the nomi chair, it was like night and day! My daughter is noticeably more comfortable in the nomi. I'm not sure if it was the footrest or a combination of the footrest and other things. She loooves being able to turn around and look behind her, and hitting her feet against the footrest. We use it with the tray most of the time, but I appreciate having the option to bring it to the table. It is very adorable (albeit very messy) when the baby has a seat at the table like the rest of the family. The chair is also very easy to wipe down and clean, at least compared to the other high chair I had been using. The old high chair is now relegated as being the thing I drape the splat mat over after the meal is done. Based on my limited experience of one other high chair and the nomi, if you can afford the nomi, I highly recommend it. I am very happy with it! I just wish I hadn't wasted my money on the other high chair!
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Happy baby happy parents :)
December 17, 2021
My daughter loves her chair and we love all the the detail and thought process behind the functionality
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Verified Buyer
Love it!
December 8, 2021
Love this highchair! Looks great in my kitchen and my little really enjoys it. I love how easy it is to adjust. Only drawback is food can get stuck in the wood groves fairly easy.
Sarah C.
Long Island, NY
High chair
November 21, 2021
I love the chair, seems very ergonomic for my son. Love that I don't need tools to adjust the foot stool. Only negative is I have food place mats that stick to the counter, and based on the material of the clip on tray, the place mats don't stick. Otherwise super happy customer!!
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Morgan hill, California
Part of the family
November 20, 2021
I love that baby sits with the family. Beautiful, easy to clean and hooks onto table so I can clean beneath the chair. I'm excited this chair will grow with our child.
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Great investment!
November 19, 2021
Works great for BLW because it easily adjustable. I got white and so far it cleans up easily, even with tomato based sauces. I like that you can prop it onto the table to clean underneath. I did not get the tray to go with it, but I like how the footrest is large so it actually catches some food that is dropped. Small enough that it doesn't take up so much kitchen space.
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November 18, 2021
The whole chair is great the adjustable parts as she grows, she can sit with us at the table but I really like how she has support on her back.
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The best!
November 13, 2021
Sleek, functional, safe!! 100% worth the investment. Can't recommend it enough.
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Best high chair on the market!
October 8, 2021
I had a Tripp Trapp my mom got for my oldest son and I loved the idea of it, but it's so heavy and food gets stuck in the crevices of the wood. Nomi was designed by the same designer, but it's new and improved. I love that Nomi just wipes clean and it's so light so you can easily hang it on the table to clean underneath. I got the Nomi High Chair for my younger son, and then ended up getting the Nomi Chair for my older son because we loved it so much. Highly recommend!
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Austin, TX
Verified Buyer
Excellent Quality, Style & Prompt Delivery
October 6, 2021
This high chair is wonderful. A beautiful modern, clean design that incorporates into a piece of furniture in our house. The product is high quality and the service and support from Albee has been outstanding!
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Quality Construction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Light weight and easy maneuverability
  • Price
Verified Buyer
we love it
September 20, 2021
it’s light and textured, and the black wood goes well with the decor, adult can sit!!! amazing
Bernd C.
Washington DC
Verified Buyer
Best high chair out there
September 2, 2021
Just simply love the chair. It’s super ergonomical for baby. You can see her feat rest nicely. The foot tray catches a lot of the food before it hits the floor and is as easy to clean as the tray.

It’s super light weight.
  • Would be nice to have it be higher adjustable
  • The belt buckles take some getting used to putting on. Best to learn with a non fussy baby
New York
Verified Buyer
Modern Highchair
April 30, 2021
Beautiful/ Modern high chair that matches with our dinner table/chairs. Much better looking chair than the strokke TT. It’s super light and easy to clean. Love the highly adjustable seat and footrest. Definitely worth the money
Customer Images
  • Lightweight, easy to clean, modern looking, adjustable seat and footrest, long lasting
  • Price
Shaina T.
Space Coast, Florida
Verified Buyer
Beautifully designed, we LOVE it!
February 28, 2021
This chair is gorgeous. We love the Anthracite color, after originally wanting black and finding it out of stock. Our 6 month old just got her first food introduction in it, and she enjoys being able to wiggle around in the chair with plenty of support for her feet. I love that it will grow with her for so many years to come. Easy to set up too! We also bought the cushions for it in grey, and it fits our design aesthetic much better than your typical high chair. We also considered the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, but found out the fellow who designed that one designed this Nomi chair after that one. It's so lightweight and I love that it can slide onto the edge of our table and be raised off the ground so we can clean the floor after messy feedings.

This is worth the investment if you care about quality, design and sustainability.
Customer Images
  • Lightweight, gorgeous design, easy to adjust, high quality materials and craftsmanship, color fits in with our aesthetics
  • Price.. but it's worth it and we had a coupon that helped
Louisville, Ky
Verified Buyer
Finally an easy to clean highchair
February 28, 2021
Finally an easy to clean highchair! This chair is light weight, modern and sleek looking and fits into your regular dining decor. It promotes ideal posture with 90* at the hips and at the knees with feet flat on the footrest. I highly recommend this chair!
Verified Buyer
Our Best Baby Purchase
January 28, 2021
This was a big investment. But we really wanted our baby to sit at the table with us. And this is so lightweight, takes up so little room. We have more than gotten our monies worth. It can be taken outside for al fresco dining (the tray is worth purchasing, the pads are not), can be moved room to room to keep mommy/daddy company. It has already grown with our little guy. Just love it. If you are able to spend the money, it is worth it.
  • Grows with baby; lightweight; stylish
  • Expensive (but worth it if you can afford it)
Great highchair
December 23, 2020
eye pleasing design, sturdy and robust structure, light weight and easy to keep clean. this one is the second one we bought (for our second child) the first one looks as new after 3 years!
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Caitlin S.
Verified Buyer
Worth the money!
December 11, 2020
We LOVE our Nomi highchair. Perfect for the baby to come sit at the table and be a part of everything. She loves to be sitting with us. It was worth every penny!!
  • Baby can be included in everything because you pull it right up to the table
Davisburg , Michigan
Verified Buyer
Great highchair
August 18, 2020
I bought this highchair because of how it keeps baby aligned.
However, it isn’t that easy clipping the belt in and the straps are narrow and thin that don’t really keep baby supported. Also every time my LO gets I have to scrub the straps in the seat after.
Also, the anthracite color is charcoal not a matte black.
Love Nomi.
July 20, 2020
I love Nomi. My little ones love it so so much. Thank you for designing such a unique high chair babies.
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Aleksej S.
like it
July 6, 2020
light chair, nice design and smart ergonomics. i think Nomi is the best baby chair on the market without any compromises.
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Boston, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and practical
July 1, 2020
This chair is beautiful. It's lightweight and sturdy. Haven't had a child sit on it yet but we put a lot of pressure on it with our arms and felt sturdy. It's compact and easy to be moved around. We got the anthracite/walnut and it's worth the extra money for the walnut color. The chair looks like something from a fancy scifi movie. The only reason why I took one star off is the scuff marks on the plastic. It looks like it already came this way. For $400, I would expect to see the plastic to be more durable.
  • Look
  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move
  • Scuff marks
Ana B.
Amazing product
July 1, 2020
Amazing product. My daughter loves it! And not only, it is truly the best high chair you could by for your little one!
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Anders G.
Parents Best friend
June 27, 2020
The High Chair is a Master piece !!!! MY twin Boyd have been Living in Them since they where 6 Months Now they Are 2.5 and still eat , relax ,watcth tv from Them. We simply love it , and every time friends give birth our present is a nomi.
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We love the Nomi high chair
June 22, 2020
We love the Nomi high chair. It looks great, is really good quality and works fantastically for our daughter. It was a little tricky to put together (with the harness) but, now that it's done, we couldn't be happier with it.
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Excellent experience
June 21, 2020
The product is as described. Beautiful and well designed. Definetely worth it.
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Definitely recommend
June 17, 2020
After one week of having Nomi at home, me and my little one can only recommend it!
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nomi has been an essential for us at home
June 16, 2020
my daughter has been using nomi since birth for 3 years and we absolutely love it! the footrest design really allows her to move freely and makes meal time very pleasant; she could easily sit through for over an hour while standing up to take food placed on the table whenever she wants. i remember once we were dining out and she sat on a highchair without footrest, she told me that her thigh wasn't very comfortable (pointing at where her legs dangle on the edge), so i truly believe that it does make a difference. its big surface area also allows her to climb up and down very easily. at home, she would also drag her nomi to kitchen to help us cook (wash vegi) and be very proud of herself being great help (we are, too!). when we go on long vacation overseas, nomi is amongest one of the essentials that we always bring. we've recommended nomi to many friends and all of them are super happy with their own nomi < 3
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My little girl loves it!
June 16, 2020
My little girl loves it!! It's perfectly matching our decor and my girl sits so comfortable in it!
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Barbara R.
Cool high chair
June 14, 2020
Nomi is beautiful, safe and comfortable. Our baby is happy!
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Bart D.
No doubt this is more than a high chair!
June 12, 2020
We bought this high chair for the extra safety meassures that was build in. We know the high quality that the product gives us. What I didn't realize is that the high chair on his own looks like a modern art piece.
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Birgitte M.
Best Highchair
June 10, 2020
Due to the great success of buying the complete chair for the first grandchild, we have now bought for the family's first twins. A costly affair, but based on the fact that the children have good chairs from baby to 10-12 year olds, with the opportunity to sit right at the table.
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For the modern household
June 8, 2020
Nice design, the ability to put together the individual elements (wood type and color) is great. The high chair fits perfectly in our living room / dining room. The assembly is easy, the high chair is assembled in a few simple steps.
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Very happy
June 7, 2020
My granddaughter has now been able to use the high chair at the table and we are all happy with it.
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C T.
Nomi high chair - exceptional design and quality
June 5, 2020
Design, workmanship and product concept are absolutely consistent.
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Christina H.
Love it!
June 5, 2020
Love it and more to the point our daughter loves it which is unusual for her.
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Cindy H.
The best highchair!
June 2, 2020
Really nice highchair which is both nice and practical! We have been using ours for almost 4 years and have of course bought one more for future little sister. I can not choose which feature is the best, because there are so many! The practical foot plate? That it is super easy to clean? That it is safe and almost impossible to overturn? That it is easy for our daughter to climb up and down? That it can be adjusted so that it exactly fits the child who is to sit there? That it is actually beautiful? That the Evomove people are super committed and helpful? I highly recommend it!
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Cindy O.
I love this high chair
June 2, 2020
I love this high chair! comfortable for baby, high quality and looks amazing in our home.
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Claire M.
5 stars
May 31, 2020
It's stylish, light, easy to move around and clean, with all the qualities I was looking for!
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