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Dekor Diaper Dekor Mini Diaper Pail - White

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The Dekor Mini is a convenient, easy and sanitary way to dispose of dirty diapers. With a contemporary and truly hands free design-just Step on the Pedal and drop the diaper in. The unique trap door system helps to prevent odors and germs from escaping, and the scented refill is more economical to use than the leading brand.
  • Hands Free Disposal
  • Saves You Money
  • Keeps Smell in the Pail
  • Exclusive ABS Plastic Doesn't Absorb Odors
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Holds up to 25 newborn diapers before emptying!
  • Dékor Mini is best suited for: those with smaller nurseries, grandparents, one pail upstairs and one downstairs.
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Colleyville, Texas
Verified Buyer
Perfect size for Grandparent's House
June 21, 2023
This diaper pail is a smaller size but is perfect for us as grandparents. It contains the smell well and I like that the bag is "self made" so that I can dispose of however many diapers are in it at the end of my grandbabies' visit.
  • Variable bag size
  • Good at containing smell
Great diaper pail for small spaces.
September 30, 2020
I have been using this diaper pail for months and I love it. We live in a 2 bedroom small home with our 2 children who are both in diapers. We need small yet might and the Dekor mini hands free diaper pail is an all in one.
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Smaller than expected
August 20, 2020
This is much smaller than expected... I thought it held 50 diapers but it only holds 25. I might just save it and use it in the baby room and stash it in the closet.
  • Hands free
  • Compact
  • Has a lock
  • Small
  • Have to buy disposable bags
Great diaper pail!
August 19, 2020
I got this to dispose of my baby's diapers. I was tired of throwing them out daily to our main garbage can outside to avoid having any smells in our home. I am so glad we got this. It's been such a life changer. It is so easy to use and it is also easy to change the bags. now I don't ave to keep going outside to throw the diapers each time we change the baby.
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cincinnati, ohio
very convinient
August 8, 2020
this is must have when getting ready to welcome a tiny little human. Specially the first 3 week when they have to get change so often. its an easy set up its big enough to store lots of dirty diapers but also small enough that it can be stored anywhere in the house.
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Nashua, NH
August 4, 2020
This item is perfect for small spaces or for grandmas house. It's about half the size of other genies and the design is nice. It works well in controlling the odor of diapers and it holds a decent amount.
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Glenwood Springs, CO
Keeps smell in, great size
August 2, 2020
I'm on my third baby and this is my first diaper pail! I have never wanted one before because we use mostly cloth diapers and we would take a long time to fill up a full size diaper pail. So this mini is just right for us! It is very effective at eliminating any smell, and has a smart bag-tying system to make replacing the bag quick and easy. The step feature functions well, and the diapers slide into the pail easily. I knocked off 1 star because I don't like the proprietary need to only use their brand's refill bags (which are expensive). I may come up with a way to use my own bags after this roll runs out! Other than that, very happy with the small size which fits nicely by our changing pad.
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Genius!! No yucky smells!
August 1, 2020
I recieved this for my honest review, and I personally think every mom needs one. I hate waste, and love the fact that you can "personalize" it to your families preference. For example if your like me and don't like keeping the diapers around or you want to "take the trash out" before the bag is actually full, just cut the bag a little shorter and there is no wasted bag. Its such a neat concept. The bags are super easy to install also, my fourteen year old daughter does it for me all the time.
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Fwb, FL
Best product
August 1, 2020
I highly suggest the Dekor mini hands free diaper pail! This product is so high end and so sleek looking! It is very affordable but offers such cleaner, safer and better looking product all around than your traditional diaper pail. As a mother of two and a preschool teacher I love that this product is hands free! No need to constantly touch it and also the littles can't easily get inside of it! I love this idea for parents and even schools! I highly recommend this product.
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Love That It Transforms
July 30, 2020
This mini diaper pail is actually perfect for a baby or toddler room that is on the smaller side.  I like that I can take out diapers daily and keep the bag small instead of using a grocery sack.  The cutting tool was neat to have attached to the door and after a few bags I really got the hang of it.  This cut so quick and straight and I was shocked at how sharp it was.  I bunched up the bag and it cut entirely through it with no trouble. Also having a step pedal to open can free up having to touch the top lid each diaper change which keeps it cleaner in general. 

I had to still apply pressure on the diaper once it was on top of the trap door.  Unless the diaper was heavily soiled I could not get it to drop on its own.  Yes it was hands free in the sense that I did not have to touch the lid but dropping the diaper on the trap door and pushing on the diaper made it not completely hands free in my opinion.

I do think it is a commitment to have to buy these exact bags to fit this system.  Having it be just the bags and no extra refill waste is great and the little arrows to tell you when its time for new bags is a good visual.  I like multi use baby items because I can continue to use it as they get older.  With this, the panel was suppose to come out and be able to be used as a normal trash can.   The panel took a bit to get off with the five clips but once I pushed two in at the same time the others just came out.

Overall it is a great diaper pail that can transform into a trashcan when your child is out of the diaper stage.
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Grandma n.
Harlan, IN
Love this so much!
July 28, 2020
My son has a brand new baby boy and this is a perfect gift for him. Anyone that has kids knows how annoying it can be to get baby off the changing table, carry a nasty diaper and put it in a grocery bag and carry it to the outside trash so it does not stink up the house. This eliminates all that hassle. Put it next to the changing table and simply step on the lever then the lid pops open and you can drop the diaper in and the lid closes keeping the stink at bay.
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Conway sc
Great product
July 27, 2020
I really love this product. I love that it's small as not too big. Don't take up much room. I love that is easy to use and is very convenient versus trying to walk all the way in another room just to throw a diaper away. I also love that it is odorless you don't smell the diapers at all and I like that it has a feature where you can unlock the trash can so that the babies don't stick their hand in it. I also I also love the fact that is just easy to remove the bag once it's full. The trash can is made out of plastic it's okay. I also like the fact that when you open the trash can part where you take the trash out that it gives you directions for it oh how to do it. The only thing but I wish you didn't have to do with tie a knot on the new bag once the diaper bag is full I would have preferred to just be able to rip and go. This product I would definitely say is worth paying for and will help a whole lot.
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Perfect secondary diaper pail!!!
July 24, 2020
The Dékor mini diaper pail is the perfect addition for any household that could use a secondary diaper pail. Our newborn sleeps in the bassinet in mom and dads room and the mini is perfect for morning and bedtime diaper changes. The pail is sealed off pretty well to keep odor in. There are gasket seals on all openings that are great keeping odor in. The white color fits nice in our white tiled bathroom. Note that this review is for the mini and should not be used as a main diaper pale if you don't want to always be discarding full bags. The "continuous" bag that the pail is equipped with is a cartridge full of one large and long bag that when pail is full, you use the internal cutting Tool and tie off the bottom of the bag for the next filling cycle. Just tie up the used bag and discard as normal. You get alot of diaper bags per refill and they are not that expensive compared to normal kitchen trash bags.....AND you have the benefit of an odorless diaper waste pail!!! I would recommend the Dékor mini diaper pale to any family needing a secondary diaper pail, or even at the grandparents.
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Hartford ct
Love this mini diaper pail
July 24, 2020
This miniature diaper pail is the perfect product to have when you have a new born. I absolutely love it. It's great quality and very convenient and easy to use. My favorite feature is its absolutely hands free. I would definitely recommend this product. You can also use it from a pet trash pail if you do not have a child in Pampers. Easy to change the bag it opens from the bottom.
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July 23, 2020
This diaper pail is good as a secondary pail, but I prefer the diaper genie as our main one. This one doesn't hold as many diapers but it does work well at eliminating any stink. I would say this is great to keep in a second room. I have 2 kids who share a room but don't always nap at the same times so it's great for when I need to change one without disturbing the other.
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Gulf shores al
Spills and smell
July 23, 2020
Okay so at first I liked it it was good it cut the bags good it was easy to use drop the diaper in cut the bag tie the bag you know deal with the dirty mess but it doesn't stop the smell and the flaw that I found with the design was the button to lift the lid up and put more bags in if you have active kids it's not worth it my son knocked it over not hard or anyting crazy and the whole thing just Spilled out on the floor so like I was saying it easily spills and does not cover smells
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Mount Airy
Love it
July 23, 2020
I was hesitant on this as we never liked the other one we had. I love that it's small and you can lock it from opening. It hides the smell of the diapers. I also love you can open it with your foot. I love this product and it's far better than other like products I've tried
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