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Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer (One Box) - All Black

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Designed for sport, the CYBEX ZENO multisport trailer gives you the revolutionary freedom to exercise in the way you’ve been waiting for—naturally and without limits. Its unique 4- in -1 multisport feature lets you enjoy being active in any season—whether you’re jogging in the park, cycling in the city, or skiing through the snow.


  • 4- IN-1 MULTISPORT TRAILER: Designed for sport, the ZENO lets you take your little one along for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re jogging, cycling or cross-country skiing, share your active lifestyle with your child while performing your best(sporting kits sold separately)
  • ADJUSTABLE CABIN HEIGHT: The unique adjustable cabin height of ZENO lets you lower the center of gravity to get the best performance and safety out of all towing modes
  • COMPACT FOLD WITHIN SECONDS: For quick and convenient storage, the ZENO can be easily folded into a space-saving package. Additionally, all wheels can be easily removed with no tools required, allowing for an even more compact folded size
  • REAR SUSPENSION AND AIR-FILLED TIRES: Air-filled tires keep the ride smooth while soft rear suspension absorbs all the bumps of the road—greater freedom for you and exceptional comfort for your child
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE PADDED SPORT SEAT: You child will stay comfortable, protected and supported with the ZENO’s contoured sport seat featuring soft and removable padding. The backrest supports an upright sitting position, while the padded 5-point harness secures your child
  • ADJUSTABLE, SILICONE HANDLEBAR: The rounded handlebar shape is ergonomically designed for efficient steering and can be adjusted to fit your height. It can be steered with one hand, leaving your other arm free to swing naturally for effortless jogging. The silicone grip is not only slip-proof, but also shock-absorbing and comfortable to hold even during longer jogs
  • MULTISPORT ADAPTER POINT: The Multisport Adapter Point allows for a speedy and secure transition between the different sporting modes
  • HANDBRAKE: The handbrake helps you vary the speed to meet your pace
  • 360 _ VENTILATION: Breathable mesh around the cabin creates 360__ of air circulation to keep the interior cool and comfortable. UPF50+ materials, an adjustable sun shield and a rain cover also provide protection outdoors
  • TETHER STRAP: Attached to the handlebar for additional safety
  • REFLECTIVE DETAILS: Reflective details give you extra visibility during dusk or dawn. When illuminated, they help you stand out and stay safe whenever you choose to jog
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE OPTIONS: The back pocket is the perfect place to stow small items and includes a special compartment for your smartphone. Pockets in the cabin provide storage for your child’s favorite toys
  • Only use in jogging mode with children at least 9 months old and who can sit up unassisted.
  • Available accessories: 2-in-1 cup holder, cycling hitch, thru axle, hands-free running kit, cycling kit, skiing kit

What's Included:

  • Multisport trailer, seat pack and rain cover


  • Measurements Assembled: 55”L x 27”W x 49”H
  • Measurements Folded (without wheels): 39.2"L x 22.8"W x 13.8"H
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs.
  • Multisport trailer seat can be used from 6 months to 55 lbs.
  • Only use in jogging mode with children at least 9 months old and who can sit up unassisted.
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New York, NY
Great except the front fixed wheel
May 13, 2024
I love how lightweight and compact this stroller folds down. Also a very smooth ride. The only CON I have is the fixed tire on the front, which requires me to lift the front wheel in order to turn, which prevents me from getting into the running high I love on my long runs. I wish there were an attachment I could at least purchase to have a wheel that swivels to make the turns much smoother.
Carmen C.
My man loves it
October 15, 2022
I love this and so does my son. Every time my sons sees it, se wants to get on, I alway see him lifting up his little feet. He's only 10 months, one of the best investment I have made for my baby.
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Really cool product idea
September 29, 2021
I was so excited to recieve the CYBEX ZENO Multisport Trailer to test as a member of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
As a mother of 3, I loved the idea of being able utilize it in multiple ways, as a stroller, hands free running so I can push the older one in a stroller in front, as a bike trailer.
I recieved the black/blue stroller seat, I love that it has mosquito netting, as well as a top cover that comes down halfway to block the sun from the kiddos eyes, the safety straps/buckle inside were slightly confusing on how to resize to fit each child. The front tire is extremely rigid and does no favors while trying to turn.
Both my 4 year and 17 month old love to ride in it, and seem quite comfortable.
I struggled quite a bit putting it together, I don't feel like the directions were very easy to follow(it was just a bunch of picture diagrams), it had a QR code to scan for directions on assembly, that only took me to CYBEX's website, I could not find the proper video anywhere, took me over an hour to assemble. When I tried to fold stroller to see how small it could become, it did not fold easily for me at all. Which honestly, could be my fault, as I've said I struggled with assembly and maybe I did not do so properly.
Overall, I really like the look of the trailer, I like that it has 2 heights, the hand brake is a cool feature, the seat itself is super comfy, it has refillable tires, I love that it has lots of places you can view your child inside if the top flap is down.
I'm just not sure that it is completely practical for me and my family, at it's price point.
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Smooth Ride
September 24, 2021
The Cybex Zeno multisport trailer is now my good-to stroller/trailer for all seasons! We are a big outdoor family and like to be outdoors all throughout the year. Living in the Pacific Northwest we have access to all 4 seasons and this trailer will adapt to all of them. I love to run outside and this trailer was extremely comfortable for myself and little one. It glides over bumps, turns easily with some effort on my end from the locked front wheel and is extremely sturdy. I can't wait to get the pulling running extension kit!

The trailer is made of high quality lightweight materials and has many convenient inside pockets for my little one to place his water cup, snacks and a small toy. He loves riding in this trailer and the side windows allow him to look out at the world around him. Also, this trailer is very well ventilated which makes me feel better using it on hot summer days. The trailer comes with a convenient rain cover so we can still go out if it is raining, which tends to happen a lot where we live.

To switch between modes it couldn't be easier or faster! It is so simple I can do it one handed or by using my foot. At the push of a lever button I can switch the trailer height from a running stroller to a bike trailer. My son especially like the multi angle large handle so he can push it around and I really appreciate the grip size, material and handbrake.

I love this trailer and it's many uses but I knocked it down a star as it was difficult to assemble on my own. I struggled to zip on the internal seat and canopy. The fabric doesn't stretch so it took some strong arming to get it on and zip it up all the way. Due to the difficulty of putting it on, I highly doubt I will ever take it off.

This trailer is what I would consider a medium size but collapses down so small I will be able to easily store it on my shelving unit or in my car.

Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to test and review this trailer! It is now a staple in our outdoor adventures!
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Fantastic stroller once assembled
September 16, 2021
As part of an active family, I was excited to receive the Multisport trailer as part of the Stellar Product Testing panel. The design of the stroller is amazing- incredibly sleek and I absolutely love the teal and black colors. The stroller seemed easy to put together when I unboxed it, but some of the tabs and zippers were a little difficult for me. But, once it was assembled, it's incredible! The interior is really roomy and I love how secure my daughter is in the straps. I also really love that the straps themselves are cushioned and comfy for her. The handle is really easy to operate and I really like the sturdy braking system. It was also awesome that it comes with a rain cover!! The handling is great- we have a very hilly neighborhood and this handled really well even in the steepest of hills! I love that there are so many attachments that you can add on for various sporting endeavors (without having to have a separate stroller for each). This stroller is now our go to for neighborhood walks!!
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Awesome and fun sport trailer
September 14, 2021
I received this product as a member of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. We were excited to test it out with our kids (3 years and 15 months) and the five point safety harness was comfortable - and SAFE! - for both of them. They both seemed secure while being towed around. The rear suspension feature is also amazing, as it makes the ride less bumpy for them and actually enjoyable. We are using it primarily to trail our bike right now, though for sure in the winter my husband will try it while XC skiing. Right now, it is aspirational to think of wearing it as a trailer while I run!

We have limited garage space and the fact that this whole kit can fold up and be stored with a smaller footprint is great product design in my mind.

We have no complaints thus far with the product aside from something pretty superficial - we don't love the teal color although it's great for visibility. It's another amazing way for us to get to enjoy the great outdoors with the kids, and we're grateful to have access to it!
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Jogging Made Easy
September 10, 2021
The Cyber Zeno Multi sport trailer is a smooth and comfortable stroller. It is extremely light and comfortable to use.

I have tried some other joggers and the unit are mostly very heavy. The cybex is very light making it very easy to use when on a jog. The hands free running kit made our jogs enjoyable. The hands free running kit is a little bulky and understandably so for the safety of the kids. I did not feel extra weight of my child or the stroller. Switching between the three wheel mode and the hands free running mode is easy and simple. My kid looked very comfortable sitting in the stroller, thanks to the extra padding. He had a great time.
I appreciate the rain cover. It was a wonderful addition to the trailer especially during this covid time where we used it as an extra layer of protection for our kid. The sun screen/shield was also very thoughtful addition as it protects my kid from the bright light/

I had some issues with the product. The instruction were only pictures and it took quite a while to figure it out. It was hard to decipher. The instruction booklet provided a barcode presumably for a tutorial video. However, once scanned it goes to the Cybex's main webpage. I couldn't not find any tutorial videos on the site, only generic videos showing the stroller in use. The front wheel does not turn making the hands free more comfortable to use than the 3 wheel mode.

I would like to thank Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving us the opportunity to test Cyber Zeno.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Versatile Multi Trailer
September 4, 2021
The multi-sport trailer is the ideal stroller for a active mom who loves to jog, run or walk and loves to take her toddler along. It's versatile enough to use in a variety of ways and easy to assemble, fold and store away. My son enjoyed the ride in this comfortable, fashionable and sporty trailer. My favorite feature was the multi-use option as you can push, pull, wrap around the waist, or clip it on a bicycle and off you go.

Thanks to the Stellar testing panel  for affording me the opportunity to try this product. It has been a gamechanger for my active lifestyle.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Versatile Sport Stroller
September 3, 2021
I was so excited to receive this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This multi-sport trailer is such a versatile stroller that allowed me to hold myself accountable for being active, even with the baby in tow.

I used this stroller during my morning jogs, and then again with an awesome attachment that turns it quickly into a bike trailer. This made family bike rides so much more fun for the baby, keeping her completely protected from all of the outdoor elements. She is 16 months old and found the ride so comfortable she actually napped for most of the ride.

The trailer was not the easiest piece of baby gear to actually assemble, and I did not find the instructions to be totally clear, but with a little patience I was able to figure it out and it was totally worth it.

The best part about this trailer compared to others I've tried is how quickly and compactly it folds up. The trailer itself folds quite flat and with the quick snap on/snap off wheels it fits easily into my hatchback car.

I definitely recommend this trailer for anyone who is looking to stay active with your little ones in tow!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Expected more but still good
September 3, 2021
I was so excited for the Cybex Zeno to arrive. I monitored the tracking consistently and anxiously awaited its delivery. Perhaps this led me to putting it too high on a pedestal? However when it finally arrived I was over the moon and began reading the manual to put it together. Or I suppose it would be more appropriate to say I flipped through the manual as there are no words but rather photos that can be a little difficult to decipher. The assembly of the stroller was definitely a bit tedious. The colors were BEAUTIFUL though and I was so excited I just pushed through until it was all together.

Once assembled, it was gorgeous. My almost 4 year old was itching to climb in, even though we got this with our 1 year old. She was so excited about all the pockets on the inside where she could put snackies or a water bottle and some toys. She also raved about its comfort. I had to literally pry her out to allow my 1 year old to try. He seemed rather content in it as well, although he seemed to get a bit warm and fussy when we utilized it in stroller mode during our jogs or family walks.

My primary complaint with the stroller is the front wheel is fixed. I know this is common with jogging strollers but with the way this one is set up, it was really difficult to maneuver. There is also a small white dial on the front wheel, that you are given no description for. When I was assembling the stroller, I turned the dial to see what it did and just left it. However, when I was pushing the stroller it kept pulling left SUPER hard. It was awful. A couple walks later I remembered the dial and it was then that I discovered it aligned the front wheel to pulling straight rather than angled. At that point it was ao easy to push my husband was able to do it with one hand while holding the leash of our 11 week old puppy with his other hand.

One really great thing about this stroller however is its fold. It is pretty simple and quick to collapse it to about 1/4th of its size. You do need to take the wheels off, but that is a 30 second process as it is literally a push of a few buttons.

My favorite aspect is the additional features (turning it into a hands free running trailer or bike trailer). You do need to buy additional pieces but it solves the issue of that troublesome fixed front wheel.

I was lucky enough to receive this product in exchange for my honest review from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

Overall, this is a good buy but can definitely use some tweaks and updates.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
I love how this trainer moves so smoothly
September 2, 2021
I love using the Cybex Gold Zeno Multisport Trainer. It has definitely made my exercise routine more convenient and enjoyable. I love this trailer for its multifunction capabilities and the ease and comfort it provides.

I was excited to read about the multifunction uses to this trainer and that you aren't just limited to one type of use. The trainer allows you to use it as a push jogger, biking, hands free running, and even skiing. The ability to use one trainer for multiple uses makes it so convenient to use while still enjoying an active lifestyle. The only problem is that if you want to use any of the other functions you have to buy the accessories. For right now, I use the trainer as a push jogger.

I love using the trainer as a push jogger. The trainer is lightweight and I was amazed at how well it glides. The one feature I wish this trainer had was a swivel wheel. It just doesn't maneuver very easily if I need to make a tight turn or move the trainer quickly. Luckily the lightweight design doesn't make it very difficult to lift and move where I need it to. I just wish it required a little less effort.

The handlebar on the trainer is adjustable for varying heights. It also locks and unlocks into place effortlessly. The trainer is equipped with both a hand and park brake. The park brake clicks and unclicks easily. The trainer is not limited to one position either. It has the option to be converted to a lower center of gravity depending on the type of terrain or multifunction use. The process of transitioning back and forth is fluid.

The spacious seat, cushioned interior, padded straps, and shock absorbers makes for an enjoyable riding experience. The first exposure my baby had while on a ride in the trainer put her to sleep. This was a bonus for me! This positive experience will definitely make me want to use this trainer regularly while maintaining my exercise routine.

The trainer has a unique design. I love the transparent windows on the sides and top of the trainer. I just wish they were removable or unzipped to allow better ventilation. You have the option of leaving the cover of the trainer open or closed. This is reassuring to know that I can protect my baby from weather conditions if needed. The trainer is also equipped with a black out cover that can be used if my baby falls asleep. These are both convenient options to have available. While not in use, both covers can be rolled up and stored in a pocket. I love that there is a designated place to hold them when not in use.

Another thing I love about this trainer is that I don't have to worry about it being heavy or bulky. I was surprised how compact this trainer was when folded. Once ready to use, there are safety features located on each side of the trainer to ensure it has been assembled correctly and is safe to use.

I have had so many positive experiences while using the Cybex Gold Zeno Multisport Trainer. I would definitely recommend this trainer! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this to try.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Pros and cons
September 2, 2021
I was so excited to receive this product from stellar product testing panel because I'm a big fan of the cybex brand. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for this opportunity!

Recently I've been getting into finding ways to involve my kids with my workouts and this has been just the thing I needed! I have a three year old and a one year old, both have really enjoyed the extra outdoor time we spend together thanks to the Cbyex ZENO Multisport Trailer. After having some time to really use and get comfortable with this product, I've been able to compile a list of pros and cons from my experience.

When I received more than one box I was immediately intimidated but the assembly was pretty easy! There were no small parts or crazy tools that required me to have my husband put together. The whole thing took me maybe 15 minutes.

This trailer is sleek! It feels like such nice quality, strong frame and such nice material for the cover. I felt so professional looking while running with this trailer!

The shocks/suspension are far superior than any other running trailer I've ever used! It was such a smooth ride for my child on our rocky trail that at one point, my little one actually fell asleep!! It's so nice to push while running too because of how smooth and light it feels.

The attachment for hands free running is life changing!! It took some getting used to and definitely felt weird at first but it took no time to figure out and get comfortable. I really liked this attachment because I was able to get such a better/harder workout! It felt so good to go for a run with my little one and not have to constantly hold onto a stroller/trailer handle.

Living in Florida, it is extremely hot all year round and I had to bring two stroller fans for my child because the cover does not provide enough ventilation and my child was sweating halfway into our trail. When completely closed, it looked like a sauna for my kids.

The front wheel is locked and while you're running it's not as noticeable as when you're just walking but even trying to use this in our neighborhood where there are numerous culdesacs and round turns, it was not easy with a locked front wheel. This trailer would be so much easier to maneuver if the front wheel wasn't locked.

Only one child can fit and while this isn't a big deal, it did create some fights between my kids on who got to go with mommy for her run. It would be nice if two kids could fit but then again, I can't imagine running with the hands free attachment with two kids, haha!
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I love this trailer
September 2, 2021
I received this Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer and I absolutely love it! It is very versatile and unique. I have taken this trailer so far to the park, jogging, and for long walks. I love how easy it is to use, setup and takedown is a breeze, it's light and I can store it very easily. My baby is 10 months and had a great time sitting inside. She seemed very comfortable, at one point even falling asleep! I get so many compliments and stares when I bring this trailer out, everyone wants one! My favorite thing about this set is the wheels, they make the ride smooth and are big and flashy. I want to thank the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the chance to test and review this product at no cost!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great versatile trailer and stroller
September 2, 2021
I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to try it out!

- Nice sturdy frame
- Soft padded seat that seems comfortable for my 2 year old
- Easy to fold and disassemble/reassemble to transport in the car.
- Options for various attachments to use for different activities.
- Great color scheme
- Smooth ride
- Easy to roll over bumpy terrain
- Fully adjustable handle that allows you to find the most comfortable height (my 6'5" husband really appreciates this!)
- My son commented on the "window." He seemed to enjoy his view out the side.
- Zip down netting to keep bugs away, fold down sun shade, and a rain cover were included - great versatility for different conditions.

- Directions for assembly included only images, no written directions, and the images were not very clear. It was a bit challenging to put together for this reason.
- The stroller tended to veer towards the left slightly. We adjusted the front wheel and were able to reduce this effect, but it still had a slight curve
- It's a little bit hard to steer when walking, but easier while jogging.

Overall, we are really enjoying this jogging stroller! The biggest negative is just that the directions for assembly were not very clear, which made it take longer than it should have to put together. Now that it is assembled, it seems like a great product that will help us to be active outdoors, which is something our family loves to do!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Awesome for multiple kinds of uses
September 1, 2021
Overall I really enjoy using the trailer. It pushes very easy and was easy to maneuver. I used it for running and walks around town. After I got the front wheel adjusted it tracked well making one handed running very easy. I am concerned that a left handed person might struggle with this as the brake and safety strap are designed for right handed people. Raising and lowering the handlebar and trailer height was very easy and intuitive. It took me a few times to understand how the trailer folded, but after that it was easy. Storing it in my small garage was no problem. My daughters really liked the trailer for runs and walks. The back doesn't recline so they did struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position when they were tired. The design of the front of the trailer made it difficult for my 2 year old to get in and out on her own. We had to help her. I really loved the sleek minimalist design.
I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Versatile for an active lifestyle
August 31, 2021
We received our CYBEX ZENO Multisport Trailer as part of the stellar product testing panel. First this stroller is very well built and has a chic design. With that said, the best thing about this is the overall versatility of it, I am more of a walker and my partner is a runner/biker. It meets both of our needs to still be active and take our little boy with us on adventures out. Our son enjoys sitting in there and doesn't bounce around. It was a little difficult to put together from the directions but found a video that helped. Then it was smooth sailing (literally), easy to store inside the closet and open for use!

You can even use it as a way to keep him entertained while you are outside as there is plenty of room for a few small toys to keep him entertained. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that on a hot day it does get pretty warm inside. We added a portable fan attached to help with air circulation. Excited to take it out on a bike ride as a family together come fall!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
An Athlete Parents New Best Friend
August 31, 2021
The Cybex Zeno Multisport trailer is truly unique and a game changer for anyone who is a serious runner. I have six kids all under age 10 and being active is very important to me, so having a stroller available that can meet all of my needs while being extremely versatile is a must! I run every day at least 2 miles and go biking or take walks to parks with my keeps multiple times a week too, so we are out and about a lot! I used this to run with my 18 month old who is small for his age as well as my 3 and 5 year old and various times and they all fit easily and didn't feel pinched or squished! And the baby, while petite, didn't move around and was completely secure in the strapping system. There are many features to highlight, so I'll explain the pros and cons that I noticed while using this Cybex multisport trailer:

1. The stroller comes nearly fully assembled, so there are no tools or screws or adjustments to the frame needed, it just pops together
2. Transitioning from one attachment to another is very easy! one lever or button and one pops off and the next attachment pops on
3. The frame is very sturdy and I love that it comes up around the child so even if it tipped over (God forbid!) the baby would be protected on all sides (also keeps toys, blankets, and cups inside!)
4. I love how the screen and shade are integrated into the cover so they don't get tangled and they are easy to tuck out of the way
5. The straps are very easy to adjust for different size children and don't require any un-strapping or movement of equipment
6. The attachment wheel/running belt are securely affixed (this is huge for me!) by the locking mechanism with multiple points of contact
7. It comes apart and packs up compactly for easy storage or hanging on the garage wall
8. The color scheme is neutral and appealing (I have teal)
9. I love how easily it transitions from the raised height for stroller to the lowered height for running (which is novel compared to any other stroller I've tried and makes running easier)
10. The running attachment is easy to set up and fits various heights. It was definitely a different feeling than running while pushing a stroller and takes some time to get used to, but my baby loved being able to see me in front of him and I could easily look back and check on him. It also kept my hands free to check my pace and speed and focus on my training
11. The suspension is great! My baby didn't even feel any of the bumps in the sidewalk or as we crossed parts of the running path!
12. When using it as a push stroller and running it flows beautifully!
13. The shape of the handle makes it ideal for one handed control while running
14. The handbrake and the adjustable height handlebar (that tucks away easily when not needed or storage!) makes it very easy to accommodate runners of any size or hand position preference.

1. HARD to get the cover on the frame (and directions are hard to understand)
12 There are parts of the pictorial directions that are just plain hard to figure out (see attached photos)
3. There are snaps in the base of the seat cover that don't actually snap into anything on the frame
4. Sometimes it's hard to unfold (pull up) without knocking it into your shins. The directions also were not very clear on how to do this (it was hard to decipher)
5. I wish it came with a bike attachment as I didn't get to try that but would have loved it
6. The running attachment definitely takes some getting used to. It takes a few strides to stop it bouncing behind you and you have to keep an even pace or else it starts bouncing again. It was definitely nice to have the option to pull instead of push, but it did feel like a weight constantly pulling you back and not the freedom I usually feel when running. And if I had to speed up or slow down to avoid cars, etc., it bounced forward and backward and it completely messed with my stride and I feel like it made me tire out faster.

Overall this is an amazing option for anyone who wants to stay active and bring their little one along! It has unique options, high end finishes, and quality materials that will definitely hold up to long training and keep your little one comfortable while you work out. You might have to deal with an adjustment period as you get used to the new features of the running attachment, but having the option to push or pull is a game changer for those in training. Thank you Stellar Products Testing Panel for letting me try this new design multisport trailer!
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Versatile Trailer
August 31, 2021
Overall, this trailer lives up to the hype. It was easy to set up, and everything had redundant reinforcements, which made me feel like my kiddo was super secure while riding in it. The wheels are super smooth, and the shocks are absorbent. Both my kids love to ride in this, and bicker over whose turn it is. It's easy to fold and store, and transitioning from a push trailer to the hands-free running trailer is fast and easy.

Using this hands-free is my preferred way to run. The strap around my waist is comfortable and adjustable, and the handling is flawless. I am especially excited to be able to use this cross country skiing this winter!

My biggest complaint is that in the three-wheeled pushing configuration, it is hard to make small adjustments and turns while you run. You really need to pull back off the front wheel to turn, which makes it hard to keep the trailer running in a straight line if your road is at all sloped.

Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this to me to review! This has become a frequently used item in our active lifestyle!
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Athlete Must Have
August 30, 2021
I am in love with the Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer. This stroller/trailer can literally do it all! I love that having young children doesn't mean I have to give up my athletic ways. I can still run and bike with my kiddo safely tagging along. It was so easy to assemble, use, and store. Both of my children really liked this stroller. They said it was super comfortable. They really loved the net that protected them from bugs, dirt, and the sun! It maneuvered well on our uneven dirt roads near our house.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller.
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Toddler can run along with style
August 30, 2021
I was given this stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and let me tell you, if Cybex is looking for a spokesperson they may want to talk to my toddler. He was even more excited than me to get it - he told everyone about it. I mean, everyone. All of our neighbors, everyone who works or shops at the grocery store, friends and family. He thinks it is just about the best stroller. And it is really great.

-the manual was very easy to follow so set-up wasn't bad
-the shocks were great
-the design looks sleek, I absolutely love the design and the color choices
-the place for my son is comfy, able to stretch out, and plenty of pockets for him to put things.
-I love the sun shade, rain guard, all of those details to keep the little one comfy
-the pockets for my stuff! There is a nice tight pocket perfect for my phone. It's secure enough that it won't slip out while running. There's another pouch I loved for my keys. It cinches closed so lots of different sized items could fit in there.
-the attachments! I really want to try the cross-country skiing attachment
-when you are running on a paved route it is beautifully simple, it's not difficult to push and run at the same time

-it doesn't do turns or tight curves well. This stinks for me because I have to cross a round about via sidewalks to get to the running trail. The awkward maneuvering around turns got tiresome.

Overall, it is a great piece of equipment!
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Go for the Gold
August 30, 2021
The Cybex Gold Zeno multisport trailer is a wonderful product. The build quality and materials are outstanding and high quality. I particularly love the safety features on this product. There's a red light on the back for better visibility. There are front and back reflectors. The seat is very secure and nicely enclosed. I used this product for push running and for biking. My front wheel came slightly bent, so it really wasn't ideal for running as it felt like it needed a wheel alignment. If I had the attachment for hands-free running that would be preferable for me. I like to be able to turn, and the front wheel is in a locked position. The hands-free running attachment would solve this problem for me. I also used this product for our family bike rides. Everything attaches rather nicely and it is a very smooth ride. It's hardly noticeable that the trailer is even attached. It maneuvers very well, which is especially good for tight spots. If using this product when it's warm outside, be warned that it is very hot in the stroller and the airflow is insufficient. My son was soaking wet with sweat. However, if you use this during cold weather, this will definitely provide sufficient warmth. I'm sure this would be really great for cross country skiing. In spite of the couple of things that weren't ideal for me, it is a very well made and easy product to use. I love the ease of using the breaks and taking down/setting up the trailer. I would definitely recommend this product, as long as you keep in mind the heat within the stroller and that the front wheel does not turn (these were the reasons for me removing a star). Well done Cybex. I received this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.
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For the sporty and active families
August 30, 2021
Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this product to review we really like it! We have used this a few times the past few weeks in a couple different ways and it's so awesome my husband has pretty much stolen it from me completely. From it being delivered to setting it up only took about 10 minutes instructions were clear and easy to follow the zippered shell was a little hard to get on by myself but other than that set up was a breeze. The first time we used this my husband wanted to try it out with the hands-free running kit so we set that up and he went for a 2 mile run pulling our almost 3 year old they both loved it my son thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen wouldn't even get out of it after they came back and my husband really liked it he said it was very comfortable and not hard at all to run with it did take him some getting used to but he said he gives it 5 stars and will keep using it for runs each week . The second way we set this up was as just a stroller, we all went on a family jog it was very easy to maneuver and control and very smooth ride for the kids they all took turns riding in it and said it was great and comfortable. Favorite feature has to be all the different options you are able to use this , you can go running as a stroller or running hands free with the attachment, cycling , even skiing which is crazy and we'll definitely be trying out this winter, we've never had a product like this before and will definitely be using this a lot. The only thing I don't like is the compactness of this in order to get it as small as possible you have to completely take it apart which is fine if you're not planning to use it a lot but if you're using it a lot you'll need to have dedicated space it which is a bit of an annoyance but not horrible . Overall I'd give this a 9/10 perfect for active families, comfortable and luxurious definitely worth the money if you're in the market for a product like this the only thing I took a point for was the compactness of it I wish it folded up smaller without taking it apart .
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Trailer for active parents
August 30, 2021
2 part review, thanks to Stellar for sending us this stroller to test!

The stroller itself is fantastic. My husband is an avid cement runner and thinks the Cybex is fantastic. Our son enjoys going fast with Papa and his Papa enjoys how smooth the stroller is to push and has great shock absorbent. It's also great for casual strolls where we can steer with one-hand instead of neding to push with both hands constantly.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend the bike attachment but I admit that his is perhaps just how we feel. At first, we were absolutely hesitant of putting him so low to the ground (he was previously on a seat behind us) and behind one of us when we couldn't comfortably see him. It feels like we need some sort of side mirror. Our son was hesitant as well because he was riding alone without one of us chatting with him. We have all gotten more comfortable with the attachment over the last few weeks.

Regardless, our son looks like he's very comfortable in the stroller and can still wear his helmet without trying to take it off. It's got a nice padding for those bumps along the way.
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The Creme de la Creme
August 30, 2021
Ok, let me start off by saying I received this product as part of Stellar testing panel. I am a moderately serious runner, running 3-5 days a week for anywhere between 5-10 miles per day. I have two children 3.5 and almost 2. Let's talk about the stroller. This thing is slick - the design far exceeds the cheap look of many other strollers we've owned in our parenthood. The fabric and the stitching is clearly above the rest. The wheels are huge which allows for a smooth ride whether pushing as a stroller or towing the running attachment. I'll admit at first I felt a little bit goofy strapping it to my waist and running, but as soon as I felt the freedom of hands-free running with my kids, it couldn't bother me less. The wheels ride smooth and are as gentle as can be, but nonetheless it does add a bit of an extra work out to the run. In that sense, it's a great training tool! The only thing I would change about this stroller is to allow the front wheel to pivot so that it is a bit easier to maneuver turns when walking the stroller. When not running, it is also great to go for a hands free walk to carry that cocktail a little bit easier :) . Other than that, the waist band is super comfortable, its made with the highest quality materials, the kids love it, and I love it too!
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Smooth Ride
August 30, 2021
This stroller is a super smooth ride! It's so versatile, converting to use for running hands free (which is amazing), biking or as a stroller! My kids are so comfortable in it, that they never want their rides to end and argue over who gets to go in. I do find that the stroller is easy to fold, but it is a bit bulky and cumbersome to store. Overall this is a great product that we use daily, especially for hiking the trail by our house! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller.
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Sleek Multipurpose Stroller
August 30, 2021
The CYBEX ZENO Multisport Trailer is such a sleek looking stroller combo! We love the maliblue color as it stands out when on the go. Stroller came in multiple boxes with the frame separate from the canopy and does require a fair amount of assembly- it was doable but had some tricky steps. For such a high end product, I would have liked more of the assembly to have been completed for me. At least that's only a one time step.

Pros for the stroller configuration: 1) adjustable height makes use of stroller comfortable for me 5'3" and my husband 5'11" 2) my 17month old loves riding in here and tries to climb in on his own when we go into the garage- he did fairly quickly figure out how to get his arms out of the harness but at least you can zip it all the way shut so you know he is secure inside 3) likely the real benefit of this stroller is the 4-1 capability that allows you to take it jogging, cycling, skiing, etc.

Pros for the hands free running kit: my kid got a kick out of being able to see me while on the run. It does take some getting used to having the trailer behind you, taking extra wide turns, etc. but was nice to be able to run hands free.

Cons: We were not a fan of the fixed front wheel which requires you to tilt the stroller back onto the hind wheels to make any turns. If you are primarily navigating in straight-always this shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller.
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Nice but could be better
August 30, 2021
First off, I recieved this as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Now to the details. This stroller has a lot of nice features. The adjustable height of the handle, the quick release of the front tire, the disk brakes. We did both biking and walking with this. Biking was nice to know baby couldn't throw anything on the ground. Walking was nice and light.

However, when using as a bike trailer it is loud, the baby certainly still got gravel from the bike in his face with the screen in place, it's hot in side (very hot actually), the front tire is locked straight which makes turns unpleasant. I'm thinking it might have nice warmth in the winter but I've bought a fan for the summer since it's hot. I probably wouldn't buy this for the reasons stayed above but will continue to use like for biking only as the locked front wheel is annoying.
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A trailer that does it all
August 29, 2021
I've been using the Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer for a few weeks now and am loving it! I've been using it with my newly turned two year old and he climbs in with no encouragement needed because of how comfortable it is for him. One of my favorite features is that the handle bar is adjustable! This is a game changer as my husband prefers the handle to be much higher than I do when he runs. The whole trailer is designed so well and so elegantly. Even without reading the manual, it's very intuitive to figure out how to fold it down. It's very easy to break down and fit well in my car trunk. So far I've used it as a jogger and a bike trailer. I've been out biking more with my kids the past few weeks than I have in a year. The cycling attachment is easy to use and attach to the bike. The ride is so smooth and never felt unsteady or rough. I love this trailer and cannot wait to get the ski kit for winter!

There were only a few things I think could be improved. It would be nice to have the option of unlocking the front wheel for when you're using the trailer as a stroller. It can be difficult to take corners with the locked front wheel. The instruction manual for assembling the trailer has no words and is all diagrams. Most of the diagrams are fairly easy to follow but I did get hung up on a few. I wish there were some written instructions as I'm more of a verbal person. But, my husband had no trouble following the pictures and we had it assembled in about 30 minutes.

Over all, this an outstanding trailer and we got so much attention and questions on the trail today because of how sharp it looks. The blue color we have is beautiful.

Many thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me the opportunity to try out this trailer.
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Great product but rough assembly
August 28, 2021
I was given this stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and I'm excited to be adding it to our arsenal of transportation options for our baby. It's smooth to operate, and I like that it has a higher setting for use with jogging as well as a lower (more laid-back) setting for walking. I also appreciate the large and thin tires (almost akin to road bike tires) that make it particularly well-suited for running. It seems to absorb shock pretty effectively. From an aesthetics standpoint, I got the blue / teal color and really love it. It looks sharp and appears to be well-made.

One thing I don't like as much about the stroller is that the handle is pretty small / narrow. I'd prefer that it be wider to accommodate both of my hands more easily when walking or running. The wrist strap is a nice feature though to allow your hands to leave the stroller handle momentarily and still be attached to it for safety. My other complaint is that it took me an hour and a half to assemble the stroller, and some of the zippers were particularly difficult to zip shut as part of the assembly process. I had to enlist my partner to help me once or twice, and one of the zippers even broke when we were trying to connect the back piece of fabric onto the stroller. I wish that a bit more fabric had been used to allow for more "give" when assembling it.

Because my baby is not yet 6 months old, we haven't been able to test out the stroller with her in it as of yet, but I'm excited to use it to run with her in the future, once she's old enough.
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Best Multisport Trailer for Active Families
August 28, 2021
I LOVE the CYBEX ZENO Multisport Trailer! We are an active family and have tried a variety of running strollers and multisport trailers from brands such as BOB and Burley. This one beats them all in terms of function and fashion! Safety and functionality are our top priorities, so it's an added bonus that the ZENO is so stylish.

I have only used the ZENO for running so far. If feels lightweight but also secure and safe. My daughter saw me assembling the ZENO and was excited to go for a ride. I appreciate the adjustable handle height so my husband and I can each pick the height that feels most comfortable for us. I also like the handbrake on the handle, which my BOB does not have. The ZENO folds up compactly, especially if you remove the wheels, which are quick and easy to put on and take off.

We currently use our Burley trailer for biking and cross-country skiing, but I can see us switching to just the ZENO if we get the other kits/attachments.

My one complaint is that the assembly directions were sometimes hard to follow. The manual uses only pictures so it can be used in many different countries, but the downside is that it lacks written explanations, which would have been helpful for a few key steps. I could not find an assembly video from CYBEX, but I was able to find a few demo videos from Europe, so I was able to figure out a few steps that I had gotten stuck on.

Overall, the ZENO is a wonderful product, and I look forward to spending lots of active miles with my daughter!

I received this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Great for an active family
August 28, 2021
If you have an active lifestyle, this is for you. Having a child will not slow you down! I love the idea of being able to take this on just about any adventure. Baby seemed to find it comfortable and was totally content and happy to be along for the ride. I was happy to see him staying dry, safe, and able to take it all in. There were compartments inside the cabin for his toys and necessities that we found to be very handy. The adjustable cabin height, I thought, was pretty awesome and sets this apart from other similar items I have tried. The handlebar adjusts to accommodate drivers of a wide range of heights. A couple things I would change, however; I wish it had more storage for larger items and I wish the little windows on the sides opened up. I also wished the tires were wider and more rugged. But overall, this would be a great option for a family that enjoys getting out and participating in many different activities. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller!
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Amazing for outdoor adventure
August 28, 2021
Thanks to Stellar Product testing panel I was able to test this amazing stroller out for running, walking and just a stroll around the park. Pushing the stroller on a hike was a breeze! I even used the harness attachment and strapped the stroller on a run back to the woods. The rough terrain is no match for the shocks on this stroller!! Then you add the ventilation and plastic cover to keep out the elements and you are set for all sorts of adventures.
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Great jogger with so many fun attachments
August 27, 2021
The Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer is a joy to run with. Not only is it well-made a sturdy, but it is fashionable and eye catching! Many parents stopped me to ask about it. It is comfortable for my 2 year old to ride in and she absolutely adores it! She calls it a space ship and thinks it is so fun to go fast. The padding through the seat is comfortable for her and she likes the shade panel. Cybex is such a high end brand and we love the Malibu Blue color. We love how many different attachments can be used with this trailer. We can't wait to purchase the bike trailer attachment and go on even more family adventures. The fact that we can swap out the seat cover for other colors is also so fun. The one thing I would change is having the front wheel the option to be unlocked and mobile. Having a fixed front wheel is a common feature in jogging strollers but the jogger strollers I have have the option of the first wheel being mobile. I really like the feature of having the front wheel being mobile as it is easier to move around when not running. My husband who is 5'9" really loves the hands free running attachment. Overall, we love how safe, fun, multi-use, and luxurious this jogging trailer is. Thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me this jogging trailer to test and review!
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Utah, USA
Not enough ventilation
July 21, 2021
My baby is constantly overheating in the Zeno, even with the after market stroller fan I put in the trailer to blow aie directly on her, and a mesh seat cover I put under her. The plastic windows on the sides do not open and they need to be mesh. I can't believe i wasted so much money on this product!
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Boise, ID
A game changer in parenting
July 4, 2021
The Zeno Multisport Trailer has been a total game changer for my husband and I. As first time parents, nothing truly prepares you for the lifestyle change that comes with bringing a little on into your life. The Zeno Multisport Trailer has been the number one purchase that has kept us moving, breathing fresh air, and keeping pace with our friends and family. The Maliblue is a beautiful color and we appreciate that it is a natural color while still being highly visible. The trailer takes a little bit of work to set up the first time but once it is together the use is very intuitive and smooth. Everything came packaged well with detailed instructions. We LOVE this trailer. So far we are using it mostly as a push behind jogger but are excited about the ability to pull, bike, or ski with it as well. The ability to use one trailer for all of these uses is perfect for our active lifestyle. I think my husband might even be running MORE now that we have this because he loves to get our little one outside as much as possible. Not only is this trailer helping us stay healthy and active, but it is also allowing us to instill a love of the outdoors and activity in our whole family. For a smooth ride, stylish design, excellent safety features, and versatility the Zeno gets a 5/5. Hands down best on the market.
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