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Cybex Zeno Hands-Free Running Kit

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Experience the revolutionary freedom of hands-free running with the ZENO Hands-free Running Kit. Run naturally with no limits to your performance or enjoyment. Your child gets a front-row seat to watch you in action.

  • Innovative pull-behind design leaves your hands and arms free so you can run naturally
  • Includes: drawbar and adjustable padded waist belt

Compatible with the CYBEX ZENO multisport trailer

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Cool concept
September 29, 2021
I recieved this product to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
I was more than excited to excited to use this hands free running kit for my Zeno Multisport Trailer, having multiple small children I love the idea that I can pull one child, while pushing another.
The assembly directions could have been a bit easier to read, I guess I struggle with just picture diagrams with no words, but I finally figured it out.
I was impressed with how comfortable the harness was to wear and use
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Jogging Made Easy
September 10, 2021
The Cybex Zeno Multi sport trailer is a smooth and comfortable stroller. It is extremely light and comfortable to use.

I have tried some other joggers and the unit are mostly very heavy. The cybex is very light making it very easy to use when on a jog. The hands free running kit made our jogs enjoyable. The hands free running kit is a little bulky and understandably so for the safety of the kids. I did not feel extra weight of my child or the stroller. Switching between the three wheel mode and the hands free running mode is easy and simple. My kid looked very comfortable sitting in the stroller, thanks to the extra padding. He had a great time.
I appreciate the rain cover. It was a wonderful addition to the trailer especially during this covid time where we used it as an extra layer of protection for our kid. The sun screen/shield was also very thoughtful addition as it protects my kid from the bright light.

I had some issues with the product. The instruction were only pictures and it took quite a while to figure it out. It was hard to decipher. The instruction booklet provided a barcode presumably for a tutorial video. However, once scanned it goes to the Cybex's main webpage. I couldn't not find any tutorial videos on the site, only generic videos showing the stroller in use. The front wheel does not turn making the hands free more comfortable to use than the 3 wheel mode.

I would like to thank Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving us the opportunity to test Cybex Zeno.
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Cool hands free running option
September 9, 2021
I just tried out the hands-free running attachment for the Cybex Zeno mutlisport trailer. I was given this sporting kit to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I tested it out by pulling my 2-year-old son behind me for a run.

- I had never used a hands-free running kit before. It was nice to be able to have a natural stride while running with my son, without having to use my hands to push a stroller.
- The harness is comfortable. I was able to position it a little lower than my waist, just above my hips, which was comfortable for me. The padding was soft and it stayed in place
- I love that the trailer is versatile and can be used in many different ways.
- The trailer provides a nice, smooth ride.
- My son seemed comfortable and fell asleep during the ride.
- I got a few positive comments from other people while I ran on the bike path, such as "whoa, that's really cool!"
- This was a great way for our whole family to get outside and exercise. I ran with my son in the trailer while my 5-year-old biked and my husband jogged.

- The directions for assembly were provided only in images that were not very clear or easy to understand, so that part was a little frustrating.
- The running kit option takes a little more
time and effort to assemble after transporting in the car than the regular jogging stroller set up.
- The trailer and running kit fit comfortably in the trunk of our midsize SUV, but may not work in a smaller vehicle without at least partially folding seats down, which can be tricky when you've got a car seat as well.

Overall, this seems like a great child transport system that can be used in many different ways. The hands-free running option was somewhat unique and made for a very comfortable run.
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Great for anyone who loves to run
September 5, 2021
I will have to say, I was skeptical at first about whether or not I would like the running kit attachment. When I first saw it, it kind of made me feel like a horse pulling a buggy, but I have to say it has ended up being my favorite way to run with my two year old in tow. My hands being able to move freely is huge for me. I love that I can bring my child along without sacrificing my running form, like with a traditional push jogging stroller. The kit is very comfortable, my only critique is I wish the waistband went slightly smaller. It was still a little big even when tightened all the way. The kit is quick and easy to assemble and my toddler loves going for rides. By the end of our runs he is usually sound asleep. I highly recommend this running kit for anyone who is into running. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this kit!
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Nothing like it on the market
September 5, 2021
There really is nothing like this on the market. Great way to take your kiddo with you while getting out for some exercise. Very different from your standard push stroller, instead you get to pull the stroller. Fairly compact attachment and easy to remove front wheel to replace with this running attachment. It did take some getting used to having a stroller behind you instead of in front. Also have to be mindful to take wider turns since you are now longer. Best for use on straight running paths. My son did get a kick out of being able to see me while on the go. Easily adjustable so that me (5'3") and my husband (5'11") could modify to fit our bodies.

Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for gifting me this running attachment!
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Great for active parents
September 4, 2021
First of all thank you to the Stellar product testing panel for sending me this product. My husband has used this hands-free attachment at least 10 times now probably a little more and he loves it says it's super easy to attach and adjust and it makes it much more enjoyable for him to run pulling the kids behind him in the trailer instead of pushing them he's 5'11 and 200ish pds for reference. I've used it about 5 or 6 times for my morning runs I'm 5'10 and 140 pds and it's very comfortable and easy to use and maneuver with. I've never used a product like this before and was a little skeptical but it's amazing we're getting in longer runs each time we use it and the kids love being able to see us while running. I was worried about how comfortable this would be to use or if we would even get much use out of it but it's very secure and comfortable and you're able to adjust it quite a bit to get a good fit it was a little weird when first using it but we quickly got the hang of it and we've been using it weekly since. 10/10
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Fun and easy
September 3, 2021
Ok I received this from Stellar Testing and I gotta say I was a little be nervous about the design of this. I definitely thought I'd feel like a horse pulling a carriage. And I did! But I felt like a majestic horse and really enjoyed the having my hands free! It's amazing how much running posture you lose when you have to keep your arms down pushing a stroller and this quickly remedied that. It's also a fantastic way to train as you'll be pulling extra weight - which makes those hills a little more interesting, but again so much easier than pushing a stroller. And let me tell you about my workday. As a stay at home dad, having the ability to walk with the cellphone in one hand, and an afternoon cocktail in the other, all while taking my kid for a walk is a powerful thing to do! I'd highly recommend this running attachment if you're going with the cybex stroller, as it's almost a no-brainer with the ease and comfort it offers.
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5 Star Hands Free Running Kit
September 3, 2021
I was so excited to try out the CYBEX ZENO Hands-free Running Kit! It fits perfectly with the CYBEX ZENO. The assembly instructions were relatively easy to follow, though I wish there were some text descriptions (I had the same feedback for the ZENO itself). The QR code for an instructional video did not work. Aside from that, once the hands-free running kit is assembled, it is really easy to use. The ZENO is designed such that it's really quick and easy to swap out the various kits. Everything feels safe and secure. I love being able to run hands-free. It's a nice alternative to the traditional running stroller, which I feel always affects one's running form (I also have a BOB running stroller). I hope to have the opportunity to test out the cycling and cross-country skiing kits too, since my family does those too. The only other company I know that has a hands-free running option does not convert to a regular stroller, so I see the ZENO and the hands-free running kit as a step up because of its versatility and the great CYBEX reputation. I received this product as part of the Stellar Testing Panel.
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Not for me
September 3, 2021
I'll start by saying that this is very sturdy, well made, option for someone who is active and wants to bring baby along. Set up was pretty simple and quick. My baby seemed to get a kick out of being able to see me run, I even heard a few giggles back there. I found it was comfortable, but I think a smaller framed person might have trouble getting it tight enough and may not find it as comfortable. I'm sure there are definitely people out there who might prefer this over a jogging stroller, but it was not for me. I did not feel as in control as I do while pushing a stroller. For example, stopping would take a bit more; rather than just coming to a stop, I would have to kind of hop a couple steps after wanting to stop. And I couldn't get past feeling a bit silly with this attached to me. I'm sure, if you can get used to that feeling this would be a preferable option for some people-I just preferred my traditional jogging stroller. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to try this out!
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Worth a try
September 2, 2021
This is actually is a great option for those like me who don't like to push a jogger or prefer to be hands-free. Its a great way to change up the training routine and work different muscle groups. It came together well and was easy to adjust between my wife and I. For reference I'm 5'10 and 170lbs. It may feel a bit clunky for smaller framed folks. The quality is top notch: strong, durable, yet lightweight enough for running. It can be a bit bouncy when changing pace but that's to be expected. Worked well for our 18 month old and 4 year old. They found it highly entertaining. Thanks to the Stellar Panel for letting me try it out!
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Smooth Ride
September 2, 2021
This stroller is a super smooth ride! It's so versatile and I love using it for hands-free running!! It did take some getting used to regarding assembling it, but after a few times of doing it, it was like second nature. Being able to be hands free while running with my kids is such a huge benefit and the fit is so comfortable! Overall this is a great product that we use daily! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller.

P.S. I wasn't able to capture photos while in motion, but I've included standard setup photos!
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Fun attachment
September 2, 2021
Ok let me be the first to say I thought this would be a bit silly. At first I felt like a horse pulling a chariot. I have to say though- the hands free running kit for the Cybex Zeno is incredible! It's so nice to be able to run and take my child with me. While I have used the trailer as a jogging trailer and pushed it while I ran, it's so nice to not have to worry about it while I run and pull it along. It is surprisingly super comfortable and easy to assemble! My daughter laughed the entire time and loved being able to see me while I ran! One thing I would love is if they had a double version so I could take my youngest! A huge thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this item to test and keep!
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Great Accessory
September 2, 2021
I love this hands -free running kit! My biggest complaint about the multi-sport trailer is that it's hard to turn, and this solves that problem. The harness is comfortable and is clearly super secure, so I don't have any fear that my kiddo is going off on a rogue adventure. It works different muscle groups to pull the trailer instead of pushing it, as well, so it's great to mix up your workouts by switching back and forth. The harness is a bit fiddly to change the size - honestly, because it's so secure - so that's the reason I took off a star. My husband and I are different sizes, but switching it back and forth is annoying. Regardless, we both love this accessory, and we can't wait to use it cross-country skiing this winter. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this my way!
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Game Changer for Running Parents
September 1, 2021
The Cybex Zeno Multisport trailer running attachment is truly unique and a game changer for anyone who is a serious runner. I have six kids all under age 10 and being active is very important to me, so having a stroller available that can meet all of my needs while being extremely versatile is a must! I run every day at least 2-3 miles and go biking or take walks to parks with my keeps multiple times a week too, so we are out and about a lot! I used this to run with my 18 month old who is small for his age as well as my 3 and 5 year olds and various times and they all fit easily and didn't feel pinched or squished! And the baby, while petite, didn't move around and was completely secure in the strapping system. There are many features to highlight, so I'll explain the pros and cons that I noticed while using this cybex multisport trailer running attachment:

1. The stroller comes nearly fully assembled, so there are no tools or screws or adjustments to the frame needed, it just pops together
2. Transitioning from one attachment to another is very easy! one lever or button and one pops off and the next attachment pops on
3. The frame is very sturdy and I love that it comes up around the child so even if it tipped over (God forbid!) the baby would be protected on all sides (also keeps toys, blankets, and cups inside!)
4. The attachment bar to the running belt are securely affixed (this is huge for me!) by the locking mechanism with multiple points of contact
5. Itt comes apart and packs up compactly for easy storage or hanging on the garage wall
6. It easily accommodated both my 5'8" frame and the husband's 5'11" frame for running
7. I love how easily it transitions from the raised height for stroller to the lowered height for running (which is novel compared to any other stroller I've tried and makes running easier)
8. The running attachment is definitely a different feeling than running while pushing a stroller and takes some time to get used to, but my baby loved being able to see me in front of him and I could easily look back and check on him.
7. It also kept my hands free to check my pace and speed and focus on my training
8. The suspension is great and makes it easily to move to different surfaces while running comfortably. My baby didn't even feel any of the bumps in the sidewalk or as we crossed parts of the running path!
9. There is an easy to maneuver lock on the waist belt connector to make sure it stays secure

1. The waist belt seems to be made for medium to larger frames. I am 5'8" and 125 lbs and I had to cinch the waist belt completely up on both sides to get it stay securely on my midsection and there was no more room for tightening, so if you are petite or slender, it might be an issue.
2. The running attachment definitely takes some getting used to. It takes a few strides to stop it bouncing behind you and you have to keep an even pace or else it starts bouncing again. It was definitely nice to have the option to pull instead of push, but it did feel like a weight constantly pulling you back and not the freedom I usually feel when running. And if I had to speed up or slow down to avoid cars, etc, it bounced forward and backward and it completely messed with my stride and I feel like it made me tire out faster.

Overall this is an amazing option for anyone who wants to stay active and bring their little one along! It has unique options, high end finishes, and quality materials that will definitely hold up to long training and keep your little one comfortable while you work out. You might have to deal with an adjustment period as you get used to the new features of the running attachment, but having the option to push or pull is a game changer for those in training. Thank you Stellar Products Testing Panel for letting me try this new design multisport trailer!
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Neat concept
September 1, 2021
Thanks to Stellar Product testing panel I was able to try out this handsfree running kit. At first you feel a bit funny, like a horse pulling a cart, but then you realize how easy the run becomes. You can have a longer stride, your arms are free to move and the jostle was less. Overall it's a relief on the shoulders and makes my run much more interesting
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